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He was watching TV quietly, occasionally sipping from His glass of water she had placed on His table earlier. Sounds from the kitchen told Him she was still busy with chores. she looked happy at dinner earlier, the meal she had prepared was quite good and His words to her made her smile. Turning off the TV He crossed the room and glanced in, seeing her at work, she did not see Him and He went to the closet.

His toys were where they should be, she knew how He wanted them stored after she cleaned them. Taking the larger bag He went to the table. He also found His digital camera and checked to see it was working properly. He laid out a few things, remembering past fun they had given them both.

He turned as she entered the room, Master, her words soft and pensive, your slave has completed her chores. Kneeling, she was at His feet. Touching her hair, she looked up into His smile. My pet, He said, kiss Me as He guided her to His lips. Their kiss was long and sweet. Their lips parting, His hand combing back her hair, He took in her beauty.

Now standing before Him, she glances over to the table and sees His bag. pet, His words, stand over here for Me, guiding her near the window. His hands finding the zipper of her dress. When it was open He was in front of her and Hr slowly lowered it from her, across her soft bra and down her body till it fell from it’s own weight to the floor. Wearing now only her bra she waited silently, His eyes inspecting her, turning her slightly to catch the remaining sunlight on her skin.

Unfastening her bra, it was gone and her beauty gloried before Him. His fingers trailed slowly over her skin, tracing a line from her neck down her chest and across her left breast. His fingers caressing the nipple as her breathing changes, His fingers move under her breast and cross diagonally her stomach and moving across her waist and follow down her right side toward her pubic mound.

her legs opening more to His touch as His fingers slightly illegal bahis part her lips as they move to her thigh and trail down, His body kneeling down till His fingers pass behind her knee and down her calf. Now on his knees, he kisses her inner thigh and licks her pussy causing her to move uneasily on her feet. He spreads her with His fingers and licks her clit, and tastes her juices .

Rising he goes to the table and returns with the camera. Studying the best angle He takes several shots and again takes her in. He returns to His bag and moves behind her and kneels. Spread yourself for Me pet, He says and her hands reach back and pull her cheeks apart. His fingers enter her cunt at the same time as His tongue massages her asshole.

He kisses her there, now sucking, now probing as His fingers slide in and out of her pussy. A moan escapes her and she hurriedly controls her sounds but He has not admonished her to be quiet. His tongue is trying to force it’s way in her ass and His fingers are fucking her while she pulls her cheeks apart. Suddenly He stops and she sighs as she waits for Him, Still spreading herself for Him.

The cool sensation of the lubricant on His finger as He pushes in on her little pucker and He slips in, He pauses His finger and asks her how she likes His finger in her ass. yes, Master your slaves ass loves you there, fuck My ass Master, please Sir. His fingers enters her further and soon can go no more and He pumps it into her till He slips it out.

The first cool bead is pushed into her ass and a smile shows on her face as He works another into her, some are larger and some smaller but all connected by a chain. The sensation almost make her cum but she knows He has not allowed her. When they are all in only a finger sized ring is left to dangle from her ass. He licks around her asshole, tongue flicking the chain around. you do well, slave He says, as He rises . Link your fingers together behind your neck, He tells her casino siteleri as He retrieves His camera.

From behind and in front of her He takes more photos of her and her little metal tail. Bringing His bag and setting it in front of her, she wonders what will please Him next but the wait is not long. He sets several colored plastic clothespins on the floor. With the first in His hand He teases her skin by dragging it across her. Carefully kissing a spot on her throat under her chin He pinches a flap and places it there.

The sensation registers with her and He grabs another, with a kiss He pinches a flap and sets the pin. By the third pin she realizes He is following the same line He traced earlier with His fingers. Each pin is first a kiss as He follows across her breast, the one on her nipple brings a sound from her and He tells her to be quiet, a kiss on her lips and He takes the next pin.

The line of clothespins now stretches from her neck across her chest, up her left breast, on the nipple and down across her belly and nearing her pubic area. Another kiss, a pinch and the bite of the pin. The pins on her right side pussy lip make her call out and again the admonishment and the kiss as she resigns herself to His will.

The pins follow down her inner thigh and cross behind her knee and down her calf. He stands and inspects His slave, He kisses away her tears and takes photos from different angles, telling her how beautiful she is. Satisfied with His work He begins with the first one and takes it off, kissing the spot and throwing it into the bag.

At her nipple He takes extra time, sucking on it as the pain burns with the returning blood. One by one they come off as her body trembles, her pussy is on fire as His tongue strokes her swollen clit. Finally the last one is off and more photos taken before He stands before her.

He takes her hands in His pulling them apart and returns them to her side. With a tender touch poker siteleri He rubs soothing lotion over each spot in turn. Kneeling before her, He spreads her pussy and His tongue cradles her aching clit, He sucks it, nibbles on it and licks it. her moans begin and He tells her it is OK for her to talk to Him, Master , please may i cum Sir?

More moaning and His fingers find their way into her, Not yet My pet as He concentrates on her clit, her moans louder, her fists tight and body screaming when He says Now bitch, you may cum and her shudders begin with His tongue and fingers still working, as her body rejoices, His finger finds the ring and the beads start coming out as she screams in ecstasy, orgasm upon orgasm as He buries His face in her pussy.

her hands find His head and push Him tighter into her as she convulses. Master, she cries loudly as the orgasms continue and the beads are now on the floor. He pulls her down and pushes her back on the floor. He pushes down the elastic band shorts He was wearing and His cock is hard and ready, honey is oozing from the tip as He grabs her legs and draws her to him.

With a leg over each shoulder and hands over her thighs He enters her, there is no pretense, He wants her and His cock slides into her hot aching pussy, bending her up He plunges in again and again. Pinch your nipples , whore, He tells her and her hands obey Him. Shudders wrack her body as she cums again and His cock pounds into her, fucking her pussy wildly as His breath comes harder.

Suddenly His cock is out of her and His cum is shooting on her pussy and stomach. her hands rub it on her pussy and back to her lips as she savors His taste. He leans back and she crawls around and with determined care licks every bit of His cock, catching any remaining cum and just enjoying His feel in her mouth as she sucks Him dry. you do well slave, He says when I regain My strength I will take your ass.

Thank you Master, my ass will please you, it wants your cock too. Turn your pussy to Me slave for these fingers have not tired and your body needs to feel their touch. With that He slid into her, enjoying her soft feel as He toyed with her. you give Me great joy, slave your pussy is so sweet tonight. yes Master, her words…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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