The Visit Ch. 06

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The Visit: The End For Now

They slept. During the night, as Andy woke and snuggled closer to Gene’s sleeping body, she wondered if this wasn’t the best part of the visit. Sleeping beside a loving man, holding him and having him hold her. She thought about how well they enjoyed their time together, how they talked and laughed and told each other secret hurts and triumphs, feeling wonderful to finally share them with someone. Then she would move even closer to his warm body, inhale his special sweet scent and sleep again, feeling safe and secure for the first time in years.

Gene woke throughout the night too, marveling at his incredible good fortune to have Andrea in his life. He looked at her sleep-soft face, felt her fullness against him, and wanted to gather her into his arms and never release her. He kissed her softly and disentangled himself, sliding from the bed. He went to his huge suitcase and dug deep inside, pulling out the box he had packed so carefully. Opening it, he once again saw the pretty blue jelly vibrator. It was called a ‘Blue Dolphin’ and was soft and cool to the touch. He bought it for Andrea long ago, and had planned to present it to her when he arrived. But she had been so shy and frightened, he just kept it a secret. Now, with her emerging sexuality, he wondered if he shouldn’t offer it to her. He was well aware that this was their last day together, that he had to leave that afternoon and continue his trip west. Just the thought saddened him. Now, he needed to decide about the toy, should he give it to her or keep it until another time? As he considered, Andrea stirred in her sleep, reaching for him, calling his name in her sweet voice. He put the box down and hurried back to her before she really woke. He cuddled her against him and heard her sigh as she drifted back into sleep.

When he woke next, Andrea was gone. He turned and found her sitting on the chair, holding THE box. Oh, no! He still wasn’t sure if he wanted to give it to her, if it would embarass her. He quietly watched her from nearly closed eyes. She had opened the box and was examining the toy, holding it to her cheek, lightly running her fingers over the realistic surface. One reason Gene had chosen it was for it’s remarkable resemblance to his own cock, thick and wide, with distended veins.

Andrea seemed very interested in the new goody. She dug into the box and pulled out the batteries and inserted them. She turned the little black switch and it throbbed to life, scaring her and making her jump. Gene almost laughed, but stopped himself just in time. Andy kept looking at the dolphin, holding it first to her face, then her neck. Looking at Gene, checking him, she held it to her naked breast, against Porno 64

her nipple, which quickly distended. Watching, Gene found himself excited and ready. God, he loved her and he loved watching her bloom right before him!

Andy turned off the vibrator and brought it with her into the bed. She slipped it under her pillow and snuggled up to Gene, once again inhaling his fresh scent. She kissed his back and shoulders. She placed her arm over him, her hand flat on his naked flesh. Her body had begun humming when she found the vibrator and now she wanted to share it with her lover. Gene appeared to continue sleeping, no matter how much she rubbed against him and sighed.

Retrieving the toy, she placed it between her breasts, against his back. Then she turned the switch and again the little machine began buzzing. Still he pretended to sleep, wanting to see how far she would go to wake him. He could feel her nipples hardening against his skin, hear her breathing quicken. She kissed him, gently at first, then taking small nips from his shoulders and neck. She called his name in a voice that refused to be ignored.

Andy was getting frustrated. She wanted to play, with Gene and with the new toy. Her hand slid down his tummy, finding his engorged and dripping cock. Then she realized he was teasing her and she smiled. She moved her body away, gently pulling on his right shoulder and easing him onto his back. She nearly giggled at how well he continued to sleep. She turned off the vibrator and started kissing his body. She began at his neck, that little curve she loved so much. She worked her way down his shoulders until she found his excited niplets. Here she lingered, sucking and licking, making Gene squirm with pleasure. She could see his cock, bobbing and dripping. Suddenly, she hungered for the taste of him, the feel of him in her mouth. She continued her journey down his body, moving happily toward her reward.

Andy climbed between his legs, just admiring the beauty of his engorged dick. She nuzzled down into the curlies, inhaling that musky scent that inflamed her. She could feel his cock throbbing against her hair, and his fingers were massaging her neck, inciting her further. Finally, she couldn’t wait any longer and lifted her face to him. She began to slowly lick the length of his shaft, up the tender underside, feeling that little seam. Her tongue reached the V where the shaft meets the head and she slurped there, whipping her tongue into a frenzy of activity. She hummed against him, and felt him respond. His hips moved against her face, his fingers gripped her flesh harder. Then she had the idea. Searching around on the bed, she found the new toy and brought it down under Konulu Porno her chin. She placed the vibrator against the base of Gene’s cock, holding it against his taut balls, then switched it on. Immediately, she could feel the electric hum all the length of his erection, feel the deep vibrations.

Gene gasped. When he ordered the toy, he was thinking of Andrea, not himself. He had never even imagined her using it on him. His hips were thrusting now, his cock dripping sweet precome. Andy lifted her mouth, taking as much of his length as possible. She looked up. Gene had piled pillows under his head and was watching her carefully as she pleasured him. Andy felt a surge of absolute desire. She had always been a private person, having sex with her husband in bed, at night, in the total darkness. Now, knowing that Gene was watching every move she made, watching her pink mouth slide up and down his beautiful cock, taking it in deeply, drove her to incredible heights.

She wanted to perform for him, make him as insane as she felt, watch him lose control. She began doing all the things she had only fantasized about before, moving her mouth and tongue in intricate ways, fulfilling every desire he had. She mouthed him, sucked him down with a voracious suction, lightly nibbled, dripped angel kisses. She lingered, flittered, barely grazed and ate like a ravished woman. All the while, her hips were moving up and down and her pussy ached to be touched, but she couldn’t stop what she was doing, couldn’t release his delicious cock.

Then she had another idea. She took her right hand and slipped his blue present between her legs, applying the tip to her aching clit. The cool jelly felt good inside her hot pinkness, and she just enjoyed that. Then, she boldly went one step further. She twisted the black knob and felt the vibrator throb to life against her hardened nubbin. God, the sensations! At first, she kept very still, just enjoying the buzzing against her hungry clit. She continued to suck on Gene, enjoying his reactions, knowing he was watching her, knowing she was being very wanton.

Then, her hips began moving of their own, rubbing her inflamed inner flesh against the textured blue toy. The vibrations against her clit were almost too powerful, too overwhelming. She moved against it, while her mouth continued hungrily to consume Gene’s cock.

Then, she felt it. The telltale signs that her orgasm was approaching. Her legs closed around the vibrator and she stopped wriggling, every fiber in her body tense and ready. She lost awareness of his dick, concentrated instead on that impending explosion between her legs. She sucked hard and held it, her free hand gripping his Porno İndir taut balls. She couldn’t believe how quickly she had arrived at this point, how much she needed to come…NOW!

When she came, her entire body spasmed and seemed to burst. Her mouth remained locked around the base of Gene’s cock, sucking it deeply. Her hips went crazy and she needed total fulfillment. She reached between her legs and gave the vibrator a nudge, feeling it slip into her hungry cunt. Moving her hips just a little pushed the toy deep inside her flooded pussy.

Gene watched happily as his shy little lover fucked the vibrator. he watched her hips riding it, heard her muffled moans around his cock, saw the flush cover her cheeks. Her hands, gripping his hips, became hot against his flesh. She looked up at him, her eyes glazed and unfocused. Andy released his cock long enough to say, “Come in my mouth, please, Gene, come for me now!”

This was new. He had the impression that she was not thrilled by that particular aspect of oral sex and now she was begging for it. Gene was, after all, a very excited male, not feeling very introspective right now. It took little more than her hoarse voice asking him to come to drive him over the edge and he shot powerfully into her hungry mouth. It seemed his cock pulsed forever and he could hear his proper little Andrea swallowing repeatedly.

As his cock softened, Gene felt her sweet mouth, sucking and cleaning him, licking and kissing him gently. He felt totally drained and content. He pulled her up to him, wrapping his arm around her and holding her close.

They talked dreamily of other days, other nights ahead. Then it was time for him to pack and get ready to leave. It was so difficult, leaving Andrea. He hadn’t expected to fall in love with her over these days. But he had. And she loved him too. His heart was nearly bursting.

When he was ready and they were both properly dressed, they sat on the side of the bed, just holding and softly kissing each other. Andy was crying and Gene comforted her. Then they had to go, to drive to the airport, to separate.

The drive back was so different. They held hands and talked about the future, making promises. Then they fell silent, dreading the moment of his departure. At the airport, a flustered Andy took the wrong turn and entered the parking garage and had to circle up 8 floors before she could start exiting. But even that was only a short reprieve. All too soon, they were at his terminal and Gene climbed out of her car, reaching for his bag. There was nothing left to say. They had made all their promises already. Another kiss would break her heart and Gene knew that and refrained.

Despite his sadness, he waved jauntily and entered the terminal. Andy entered the constantly streaming traffic to head back home. Less than five minutes later, her cell rang and Gene said, “We will meet in Florida in a month, no matter what. I love you, Andrea. Remember that.”

THE END….for now.

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