The Visit to the Clinic

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The bell above the door rang and I looked up and saw you standing there dressed in a two-piece striped suit. You approached my desk and gave me your name Rosy O’Toole you said in a very business like manner. I asked you to take a seat and I would come over in a few minutes. You sat in one of the easy chairs and crossed your legs. The base of your skirt rose slightly but it was still quite long. I smiled as I handed you a clipboard with a questionnaire attached, you took the board and started to fill out the form.

There were two other ladies in the waiting room, one around forty-five, quite slim and dressed casual; the other was around thirty-eight and was severely overweight. The door opened and your name was called. You were led into one of the cubicles and told to strip all of your clothes off and put on one of the paper gowns. The door closed behind the young nurse and you began to disrobe. You looked around and took in the sterile, void environment. As you removed your underwear you could feel the draughts coming from under the gaps at the base of the doors, you felt your nipples become erect and harden. A slight tap at the door and a young doctor stood at the foot of the bed. He only looked about twelve years old, don’t they all! He sat in the chair and told you to sit on the bed. He asked all of the usual questions about drinking, smoking and your menstrual cycle.

A female nurse came into the room and smiled politely, “do you need me doctor?” he shrugged his shoulders and asked you to lie down on the bed and place your feet in the stirrups. He turned away from you and went to scrub his hands. The nurse helped you to get comfortable and lowered your feet into the stirrups. The paper gown slid up your legs exposing your pubic mound. You could feel your face blush and looked up to se the nurse staring at your vagina. The doctor turned around, saw the look on Alanya Escort your face, and asked if you wanted the nurse present or not. Still immensely embarrassed you simply shook your head. He gestured for her to leave as he reached for a stool with wheels and a pair of gloves.

He moves back to the bed and takes your arm to take your blood pressure. He listens to your heart and pulls the chair next to your head, sits down and explains what he is going to do. When he has finished he asks you again if you want a female nurse present, once again you shake your head. You are starting to relax a little now. He stands up and puts his hands under your jaw line and feels the glands, he slides his hands down your neck; wow! Your neck seems very sensitive and you feel a warm tingle in your vagina. Your try to focus and think of data needed for next weeks meeting. His hands move down to your shoulders and he unties the front of the gown and places a blanket over the lower half of your body. He gently feels and inspects your breasts, instant erection of the nipples and yet he is nowhere near them. He moves his hands to the sides and touches the outer edges of the breasts. What started, as a tingle is now a fully blown raging flood between your legs, maybe he’ll think its just nerves.

He moves closer to the nipples and lingers over inspecting them. He strokes them and pinches them slightly. Your breath is coming in raging torrents. Your eyes are shut and your feeling hot. He moves down your stomach and then moves the blanket and pulls the chair to the foot of the bed. You look down between your parted legs and all you can see is the top of his head. You watch as he puts his gloves on and reaches for the lubricant. His head comes up slightly and he says that he doesn’t think he’ll need any of that. His head lowers and you can hear him taking a deep breath between Alanya Escort Bayan your legs; he must be able to smell your sex. You twitch despite your minds protestations. A slight chuckle can be heard as you feel one of his hands rest on the inner thigh of your left leg and the fingers of the other hand are positioned at your entrance. He pushes slowly and enters your inner sanctum. You breathe deeply as you try to remain calm.

He moves the hand from your thigh onto the top of your pubic bone and presses slightly, as he does he starts to moves his fingers inside you. You panic as you feel the warm waves come from nowhere and wash over you. You shout out that you are sorry, he tells you to relax as it happens many times. You try to ride out the storm quietly but his fingers are touching you in ways that you didn’t know could get to you. As soon as the first finished, the second, third fourth and fifth followed in quick succession. He withdrew his fingers and told you to take a deep breath. NOOOOOO, but his finger slid into your puckered hole and continued to piston inside you, he still pushed on your tummy as a new sensation took control of you and it was then that you realised that you were coming so hard that you were ejaculating all over the table and onto the floor. Several minutes of orgasm merged into a mind-blowing experience. He withdrew his fingers and went across to the sink, removed his gloves and scrubbed his hands. When he turned around you could see that his white coat was covered in your come.

He moved up to your face and told you that you had doe very well. He left the room only to re-enter in a matter of seconds with a kidney shaped dish. He took a sample of your blood and said he would be back in two minutes. You asked if you should dress he shook his head and smiled. As he walked out you thought to yourself that the old Escort Alanya bastard who used to work here never treated you like this, to him you were just a slab of meat. He came back and told you that the tests had come back clear so if you wanted to continue all that was left was the shave. You exhaled deeply, pointed to your vagina, and said ok! He asked once again if you wanted a female to shave you. You perched yourself up on your elbows, said it’s not natural for a woman to touch another woman in that way, and said that he should shave you. Warmth, then pressure and rubbing. It felt different.

It was then that you realised he didn’t have any gloves on and he was rubbing the soap into your pubic area, quickly he reached into another dish and started to shave the outer lips and then gradually make his way to the inner ones. The feelings that were stirring deep inside you were prime-evil, much stronger than lust or being extra horny. When he shaved around your clitoris you came like a rocket but he carried on regardless. When he had finished he wiped your pubic area down with a warm face cloth and dried it with a towel. He reached down with his hands and admired his handy work, but not half as much as you did. He stroked you until you were near orgasm and then calmly lowered your legs from the stirrups and gave you a card to hand to the nurse. You sat up in a state of confusion and delirium. You dressed in a dressing gown opened the rear door and handed the card to the nurse. She smiled knowingly at you and led you into a warm scented room where the fifteen men were waiting to help you realise your fantasy of being gangbanged.

The nurses smiled once more and said enjoy. She also reminded you that your husband wanted you to put on a pair of knickers as soon as you had finished and keep them on till he got home where he wanted to sniff them and shag you (he’d only been able to last about two minutes maximum for years but he did still pay for your little “treats” once in a while), you smiled back at the nurse and said in I’m not out in three hours start without me. You turned and closed the door as you shouted come and get it boys!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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