The Warlord’s Return

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Sasha stood still as a statue, absentmindedly watching the horizon. She was profoundly bored, and lingered silently several stories up on a roof-top terrace. A hot, arid breeze blew lightly in her face and gently set her wavy auburn hair aflutter. She had been there for a while with little else to do, and had spent most of her afternoon gazing far beyond the city’s high walls, where dry, scrub-covered rolling hills met a golden sky. Desi, her best friend among the other girls at the harem, was lying close by, prone and naked on a blanket, allowing the warm sun to caress her already tanned and supple skin. She toyed with her own golden hair where it fell in loose curls across the nape of her neck, and the gem encrusted plug she wore deep in her ass sparkled happily between round, fleshy cheeks.

Suddenly, Sasha spied a band of riders cresting the distant hills. They galloped down the wide dirt road in a tumult of dust and thundering hooves, their helmets and lances glinting. Her breath caught in her throat.

“He’s here,” she nearly whispered. “He’s home.”

Desi quickly turned her head, a faint half-smile upon her full, radiant lips.

“At last,” she said.

The harem’s foyer was a bustle of excitement as Sasha and Desi descended the final wide staircase. Sasha had not been the only girl to spy their lord’s return, and word had spread quickly. He had been gone close to a month now, and relief quickly gave way to anticipation in the knowledge that, as was his custom, he would doubtlessly ride straight for them. He would be in a fiery spirit, having likely won some great victory against an evil and vicious foe, and would have a thirst and a hunger, both for meat ale, and for woman flesh. All the girls would want to be with him on this joyous night; all would hope to help him celebrate in ways he would not soon forget.

The cavernous, ornately decorated foyer was awash with the gentle smell of perfumes and scented oils. Over a hundred beautiful, lithe, and scantily clad young women chatted excitedly amongst each other as they made their final preparations. Desi carefully slathered Sasha’s pale skin in an oily salve that left her looking wet and shiny. She paid special attention to her friend’s soft breasts, hoping the effect would help to hold their lord’s wandering eyes as he scanned the room, seeking inspiration. Sasha felt a flutter in her belly as Desi palmed her pink, sensitive nipples, and squeezed each of them lightly between her fingers.

“Hold nothing back,” Desi said as she kissed her friend lightly on the cheek. “You are his. He knows it, and you know it. Show him. Rest in that truth and accept your place, and perhaps fate will allow you to please him tonight.”

Sasha had asked Desi to choose their ensembles, seeing as how she was more familiar with their lord’s appetites, and she had kept things minimal. They both wore only a choker necklace and a long, thin loincloth that hung between their legs from golden chains. Where Desi’s bright white contrasted starkly with her tanned skin, Sasha wore black, which was more complimentary of her pale, milky complexion.

At Desi’s behest, Sasha had also agreed to wear a jewel encrusted plug in her ass, so they would fully match. It felt queer and cold at first, though eventually she became used to the feeling and it sent small, recurrent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine.

At length, the harem grew quiet as the thundering of hooves grew louder and closer. Sasha’s heart was aflutter as she tried to steady her breathing. She clasped Desi’s hand in her own and held it tightly as the tension in the room grew thick. Then, suddenly, the cobblestone street outside the harem doors was awash with armored riders.

He was unmistakable, even among his many subordinates. His mount was huge, wild, and black as night. The horse needed to be big, as the rider on his back was a huge, hulking man. He was armored in thick, dark plate, and his helm was crested with blood red plumes. He carried a large burlap sack flung over a shoulder, and held it high over his head as he screamed a maniacal, barbaric shout. His men followed suit, and as Sasha watched, the very building around her seemed to quake and shutter.

He dismounted quickly, his sack still flung over his shoulder as he approached the harem’s door. Sasha could feel the anticipation in the room as all the girls sucked in their bellies and smoothed their hair one final time. Desi shot her a sideways smile, and took a deep breath. In an instant their lord was through the threshold, his heavy boots echoing menacingly. He took only a dozen steps before he stopped mid-stride and removed his helm. He dropped the sack as well, and it hit the floor with a heavy wet thud. The sack leaked what appeared to be dark red blood, which seeped through the material and puddled slowly upon the floor.

Lillenth, the head concubine, greeted their lord with formal courtesy, and he in turn gave her a brusque, curt nod. His head bursa eskort was shaved close, except for a long, dark braid that sprouted from the back of his skull and hung halfway down his back. He was known to usually keep his face clean-shaven, though now he seemed to have grown a dark, matted beard that covered his broad chin and thick, muscular neck.

Sasha noticed that his breastplate seemed to be splattered with dried blood, but tried to avert her eyes. While her lord was always gentle and generous to his many concubines, she knew his reputation among his enemies was something else entirely. Now, he stood tall and fierce and proud, panting as he took in his surroundings. Eventually, she thought she saw the wild fury in his eyes dissipate.

“I have been gone from you for far too long,” he said to no one in particular as his eyes swept around the room.

“For too long, I have slept cold and hungry and bruised upon the hard, dried ground. My men and I,” he said, gesturing to his fellow riders, “have stained countless fields of battle with the blood of our enemies. These men have done many bold, glorious deeds in my name. Tonight we will all celebrate with you, my doves.”

He looked down at the dusty, bloodstained burlap sack.

“Here lies the remains of Senika the Wise, or so he was known among his people.”

He spat, and sneered. His men laughed lightly from where they had filed inside behind him.

“They called him Senika the Gentle, Senika the Just, Senika the Brave. Well I name him Senika the Dead.”

His riders laughed again and hooted their agreement.

“He told me that he would not succumb to my generous terms; would not submit to my rule. And now he is dead. His line is ended. And his village is a smoldering ruin upon the plain.”

He kicked the sack with his heavy boot and it toppled sideways. Out of the corner of her eye, Sasha noticed what appeared to be a severed human head as it rolled out slowly. She dared not look in earnest, and instead fixed her eyes upon her lord.

Suddenly, as he peered around the room, his eyes settled on Sasha. It took all of her strength to hold his gaze, and he approached her slowly until eventually he stood before her. He towered over her, his arms and legs tightly corded with thick muscles, and his chest as wide as a cask of wine. But he tenderly took her chin in his rough, calloused fingers, and gazed deeply into her eyes.

“Share my bed with me tonight, sweetling,” he said quietly. His bearded face was caked with dust and grime, and his fingernails nearly black with dirt, but his eyes were an icy shade of blue, and seemed to pierce through her. She felt Desi squeezing her hand with all her strength.

“Of course,” Sasha replied with a coy, seductive smile. “As long as my friend here can join us,” she said as she nodded toward Desi, and smiled. “And…as soon as m’Lord has had a bath.”

All was silent for a heartbeat, then two, until suddenly he started to laugh. His laughter was deep and rich, and reverberated around the room until many of his riders joined him. He turned his gaze towards them and shrugged his massive shoulders.

“This one is fearless,” he said, smiling broadly. “We should all be careful with her.”

Later, when the sun had long set and the day’s heat had dissipated, Sasha found herself naked and clinging to her lord on a wide feather bed. She was slowly feeding him grapes as Desi was laying prone and draped across his thick, muscular legs, playfully toying with his cock. He was only half-hard, but already he seemed as thick as Desi’s tanned, slender forearm. Sasha ran her thin fingers through the soft, downy hair that covered his massive chest before, on a whim, pinching his dark pink nipple. He smiled, and ate another grape.

He held Sasha tightly at his side and palmed her supple, slender ass with one of his thickly calloused hands. He had noticed the jewel encrusted plugs that both of them wore and he gently toyed with Sasha’s, sending waves of pleasurable warmth throughout her body. Soon, she could feel sticky wetness between her soft thighs as she planted shy kisses upon his freshly shaven cheek. Desi, meanwhile, was slithering ever closer to his now fully erect cock, and was playfully pulling his foreskin down to tease herself with glimpses of his broad purple head. Sasha picked another grape off the vine, but as she put it to his lips, he gently shook his head.

“Enough grapes, sweetling,” he nearly whispered, and pulled her in for a kiss.

His lips were warm and wet, and Sasha felt herself melt even further into his embrace. She was laying with her leg draped over his midsection and she pressed her body close, wanting to feel his warm, rough skin against her tender womanhood. Suddenly she felt him playfully flick her plug, and then he was pressing it rhythmically and with gentle force, making her tingle with need. She ground her slippery lips even harder against his side then, and he in turn bursa bayan escort sucked on her tongue and gently bit her bottom lip.

Her sudden climax caught them both by surprise. She shook and trembled against his warm, massive body, and ground her cunt against him with nearly all her strength. She drew ragged breaths as she clawed at his chest and buried her face against his thick, muscular neck. Her lord moaned softly as he held her close and deftly pressed her jewel encrusted plug even more tightly inside her. After what seemed an eternity, her climax subsided, and she found her pale skin covered in gooseflesh, and her head swimming. She raised her eyes to find her lord gazing upon her, smiling.

“That was beautiful to behold, sweetling,” he said with tenderness.

“Indeed,” Desi said from her spot near his loins. Her angelic face was perched upon his inner thigh, and she held the base of his rigid cock in her small, girlish first, so that it stood tall and proud like a castle turret. His length was as tall as her face, and she smiled brightly as she held it pressed against the side of her cheek. Then, without another word, she raised herself up on her elbows and took him into her mouth.

Sasha panted softly while she watched Desi work. Her beautiful blonde friend certainly knew how to service a cock. She sucked hard on his bulbous head, and ran the broadside of her pink tongue up and down his length, all the while stroking him with slender fingers. Her lord watched Desi through slits for eyes as she gripped his walnut-sized balls and took each of them in her hungry mouth in turn before releasing them with a soft, wet pop. Then he turned his icy blue eyes towards Sasha once more.

“Be a dear and service your friend, sweetling. I do believe she’s earned it.”

His voice was a near whisper as he took deep, steadying breaths.

Sasha felt her own breath catch in her throat. As a concubine, she had of course found herself intertwined with other girls before, but never Desi. Nervously, she moved from her lord’s side and crawled across the bed. She stopped short, however, of his expectations, and instead joined Desi at his cock. Her blonde friend smiled brightly, and together they placed warm, wet kisses and sultry licks upon its veiny length. Her lord said nothing, but Sasha could feel his eyes upon her. She knew what he expected of her, of all his subjects.

She took Desi’s beautiful face in her hands and kissed her. Her lips were sweet and sultry, and she giggled softly as she caressed Sasha’s tongue with her own. When they separated Desi gave a quick nod to her backside, as though she was beckoning her friend to do as she was bid. Slowly, Sasha bit her lip and positioned herself behind Desi, who cheerfully accommodated her friend by raising herself up on her knees. Her bald pink lips peeled apart slightly as she did so, and the metallic jewel encrusted plug sat firmly grasped by her tightly puckered asshole.

Sasha leaned in close, close enough to where she could feel the heat from Desi’s womanly petals upon her face, when suddenly she brought the flat of her hand down hard upon her friend’s soft, fleshy cheek. The slap made a cracking noise, and elicited a muffled yelp out of Desi right as she had just taken a mouthful of cock. The spank left a reddened hand print on Desi’s otherwise tanned skin, and their lord laughed quietly as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. Suddenly Desi turned her head towards Sasha with a silvery spittle hanging from her full, soft lips.

“That’s it, my love,” she said seductively. “I love a good spanking.”

Sasha frowned as she slapped her friend again, and again, until at length Desi’s soft, rounded backside was fully reddened. During that time, Desi’s soft womanly lips had begun to seep with a translucent sheen, tendrils of which had spilled downward to cling to the inside of her thigh. Sasha bent down and used the broad side of her tongue to lick at Desi’s womanly nectar like a cat at a warm bowl of milk.

Desi began to moan and sway her hips as Sasha worked. Sasha in turn pushed a thin finger into her friend’s sodden, sweltering cunt. She was so hot and so wet inside, and her body accepted Sasha’s digit easily, like a hot knife through warm butter. Sasha bit her lip as she pushed on her friend’s gem encrusted plug and gently massaged her insides. Desi began to moan in earnest now, and hungrily stroked their lord’s taut and throbbing cock as she pressed her face into his belly. Sasha then also began to pull on Desi’s plug. She would pull the teardrop-shaped piece of silvery metal just far enough that her friend’s tiny pink asshole would expand around it, before it would suddenly sink back into place.

Breathlessly, Desi raised up and pulled herself away from Sasha.

“My lord,” she said, gasping, “my dear Sasha is too accomplished at pleasuring a woman. But I would rather have my fun with your cock inside bursa ucuz escort me.”

He nodded brusquely, and Desi mounted him quickly; hungrily. Sasha watched from behind as her tanned, blonde friend positioned herself above their lord’s long rigid cock. Desi winced and gasped as she put her weight on him and slowly sat down. Though she was now wetter than ever, her pink, womanly lips had to stretch wide to accommodate his girth, and it was some time before he was firmly planted deep inside her. She palmed his chest with small, dainty hands as she slowly started to rock, her hair hanging down like a golden veil to hide her face.

Sasha moved back up to bed to lay once again at her lord’s side. All his focus was on Desi as he watched her with furrowed brow, painting lightly. Sasha leaned in to kiss him passionately, and he looked at her with glazed, drunken eyes. She knew that Desi would finish him quickly and was tired of watching her friend win all the glory. So she took matters into her own hands.

After kissing him once more lightly on the cheek, she swung her leg over his face and sat down. If he was surprised, he did not show it, and instead gripped her by the waist with his huge, powerful hands and pulled her harder onto his waiting mouth. Sasha gasped as he parted her tender lips with his wiggling tongue and pressed the tip of his nose into her jewel encrusted plug. Her cunt was tingling again in no time and warm, pleasurable sensations reverberated through her from head to heel.

Desi continued riding their lord like the stallion he was, moaning and cursing all the while, and she eyed Sasha with a mixture of wild excitement and utter desperation. They kissed hungrily, each of them diving deep in passionate waters. Excited moans, ragged breathing, and a faint, wet slapping sound filled the bed chamber as all three of them approached euphoria together.

Then, quite suddenly, he gripped Sasha under her arms and pulled her off of his face, nearly throwing her. She quickly moved down his torso and took Desi in a tight embrace as their lord sat up. As he did so, his taut and turgid cock slipped out of Desi’s frothing cunt and, with what sounded like a low growl, he pushed Sasha on top of her. In a matter of a few heartbeats, Sasha found herself laying on top of Desi upon the feather bed, both of them panting and adjusting themselves to their new position. He raised himself up on his knees and roughly grabbed Sasha by her slender hips. She yelped slightly as he pushed his thick, rigid cock deep inside her from behind, and took a handful of her auburn hair in a massive fist.

Sasha could see Desi watching her from below through as he started pounding her hard and fast. Desi took Sasha’s soft breasts in her hands and squeezed them, allowing her friend’s pink nipples to press hard into her palms. He pulled roughly on her hair as he worked with growing urgency; not so hard as though it might truly hurt her, but hard enough that thin tendrils of pain needled her scalp. That pain mixed inside her with the abuse her creamy cunt was taking, and soon Sasha felt another climax blooming inside her.

She gripped Desi tightly as her free fall began. There was only a split second of calm; enough time for Sasha to suck a little air into her lungs before the spasms began. Her body drew taut and rigid, and she quaked and trembled and gasped as she shut her eyes tight behind long, girlish lashes. Only a moment later, she could feel her lord’s cock rhythmically pulsating as he erupted deep inside her and filled her body with his warm, watery seed. She pushed back against him with all her strength, taking him as deep as she could as he pulled even harder on her hair. The jewel encrusted plug pushed ever deeper inside her as his abdomen pressed against it. She had nowhere to go, no way to release herself from his strength, so she molded herself to him again as best she could.

After a long while, she felt his grip upon her wavy auburn hair soften, and though his cock still spasmed softly, the torrent of his climax had seemed to subside. Sasha went limp, and as her lord released her hair, she collapsed on top of Desi who wrapped her arms around her and nuzzled her softly. After a time, he pulled his cock from her body’s vice-tight grip with a small, wet squelching sound, and Sasha gasped. Every cell of her body seemed aflame, and she panted softly as Desi slowly stroked her hair.

“I do believe,” their lord said softly, his deep voice echoing around the chamber, “that I needed that. Thank you; thank you both.”

“Of course, my lord,” Desi said sweetly with music in her voice. Sasha said nothing, and instead found what remained of her strength to slide off the bed and stand. He watched her with an eyebrow raised, panting slightly as she gingerly strode towards him on unsteady, shaking legs. Then, suddenly, she was wrapping her slender arms around him and kissing him with everything that she had left.

“M’lord,” she said softly as they broke apart. “T’was truly our pleasure.”

He laughed softly then, a deep, rich laugh, and turned his gaze from Sasha to Desi, and back to Sasha again.

“We shall have to do this again,” he said brightly as a smile formed upon his grim, weatherbeaten face. “And soon.”

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