The Wedding Date

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Big Tits

This is a slightly revised version with minor corrections. Thanks for your comments and feedback, keep them coming! Many thanks to NaughtyCaress for her help in editing!


“Whatcha reading Anna?”

She almost dropped the novel from her hands. David from risk-management was standing over her desk. She knew he spent his lunch breaks with some other junior managers and a bunch of girls who adored them. Why was he here?

“Oh hello, David, was there a problem with the report we made last week? We were really rushing to make the deadline. I was just reading something while a report was processing.”

“Nope, no problem with the report and you can do what you want on your lunch break. But you haven’t answered the question.”

“The question?” she frowned.

“Yes, what’s that book you’re reading?”

“Oh, it’s just a new novel I bought,” she said, assuming he was just making small talk.

“What’s it about? Is it something I should read?” He asked.

She eyed him suspiciously. He didn’t seem like the reading type, and yet his voice sounded genuinely interested. She felt flattered by his interest, but feared it was just the lead-in to some joke.

“It’s about a girl whose sister is found dead. The police say it’s suicide but she doesn’t believe it. She starts investigating her sister’s life and finds she was a different person than she thought. She also meets a good looking guy who knew her sister and helps her, but I’m guessing he has something to do with the murder.”

“Girls that are different than they seem at first glance, I like that,” he said with flirty eyes.

She tried not to blush as he looked at her. He seemed to hesitate for a moment and she realized that David was actually nervous too.

“Say, I’m looking for tips for reading, can you maybe come over tonight and give me some good hints, maybe some books I can read?” David looked at her sheepishly.

She was flustered for a moment. Why on earth would he need her to come over for tips on books? It almost seemed like he was making a pass at her, but she knew she was not his type. David was always dating some blonde, long legged secretary or receptionist, preferably straight out of school, and it never lasted long before he switched to the next. The rate of new twenty two year old girls starting every month was high, but barely enough to keep up with David’s pace. It was a source of many jokes and stories between colleagues. On the other hand it wasn’t like she had anything other to do then crawl on her couch with a fleece blanket and watch reruns of Desperate Housewives. Yes, she liked to read a lot, but she could also appreciate some trashy entertainment after a long working day.

“Sure, I can bring you some nice books,” she said as casually as she could muster. She looked away, because she knew she would blush again if he looked her straight in the eyes.

“Great, I’ll text you the address, swing by around nine!”


When she got home she was a whirlwind. She put a meal in the microwave and jumped in the shower to wash the sweat off from a long day. Ugh, the ride on the subway had been the daily nightmare of being packed between sweaty people who had had endured the same long work day as her. She could swear some of them had never heard of a deodorant.

Dressed in just a towel she munched her meal while contemplating what she would wear. She was still in doubt as to what David’s intentions were, so she wanted to wear something that didn’t scream “It’s a date!” but still gave a subtle message that she was available. Was she? David was definitely not her type personality wise, but it was hard to deny he was very good looking. Tall, broad shouldered, with a boyish face that made him seem younger than his twenty nine years. Although she found him too loud and childish he seemed like someone with whom you could have a fun time, someone who would make you laugh. But not someone you could have a deep conversation with.

She made her way to her bedroom and opened the underwear drawer. After a moment’s hesitation she took out the pair of sexy undies she had bought as a treat when she got the news that the internship in London was hers. She had bought them for dates but since she had moved to the city not one boy had asked her out. She had worked almost continuously, and hadn’t really met anyone outside of her colleagues. She had noticed her co-worker Denis had eyed her, and while she didn’t especially fancy him, she had thought about dating him. It seemed better than spending every evening alone. Some nights she just wanted so badly to fall asleep in someone else’s arms and not wake up in an empty bed.

All this time she had saved this set, after all she wanted it to look all neat and perfect as if she had just bought it when a boy would first lay eyes on them. If David’s intentions with her were purely platonic there was no chance he would see her underwear and she wouldn’t be embarrassed by seeming too eager. She had no plans whatsoever to let him get her out of her clothes, but well, a girl has to be prepared, and if it came to that she wouldn’t be wearing some boring mismatched pair!

She admired herself in the yenibosna escort mirror while she adjusted the underwear. Her boobs weren’t very big, but she liked how the brassiere pushed them upwards making them seem rounder and perkier than they really were. The panties were cut high, emphasizing her slender legs. She turned around and saw how the back was hardly more than a thong, leaving her buttocks almost completely uncovered. She bit her lip as she thought about a boy watching her like that. A shiver ran down her spine, but she reminded herself there was no time to lose. She put on a skirt that was long enough to seem decent but still allowed her legs to attract lots of attention. Above it she wore a creamy white top that fit nicely without showing the lines of her brassiere. She fixed her make-up, enough to make her look better, but not so much to make it obvious she had put it on. Brushing her curly hair she eyed her book shelf. She tried to pick some books that were genuine pleasers and would seem like a good starting point if he really wanted to read.


Right on time, she left the Uber car at an impressive looking modern tower near Canary Wharf. She knew David was from a good family so it came as no surprise he would live somewhere nice. A shiny elevator took her up to the seventh floor. When he opened the door she gave him a peck on the cheek before entering. The apartment was very classy, full of modern furniture that matched perfect. The living room seemed enormous to her in a city where people paid fortunes for a few square feet.

“Wow, David, your apartment is really impressive.”

“You like it? I’m happy, I put a lot of work in it to find the right kind of combination for the interior. I didn’t want any Ikea, so everything is designer.”

She walked through the room towards the window. The whole side was glass and gave a magnificent view on the docks.

“Impressive, right? It’s what made me fall in love with this place. You can sit on the couch if you want. I have a nice bottle of Merlot open if that’s all right for you?”

“That’s perfect!” She said.

He disappeared to the kitchen while her eyes lingered on his tight butt, clad in jeans, until he was out of sight. She was sure the wine would be better than the cheap bottles she bought at the supermarket around the corner. Yes, she had to admit, a glass of wine late at night was one of her vices. She sat down on the comfortable couch. It seemed so clean white you would think it had never been used. But still, she assumed this was where many of the blonde girls at work had been seduced by David. She imagined him sitting down closely beside them with a glass of wine, putting his arm around them and pulling them close for a kiss.

Her train of thoughts was broken by David walking in with two glasses of ruby red wine. Instead of sitting down close to her he gave her the glass and sat down on the other end of the L-shaped couch. She brought the glass to her lips and could tell by the nice aromas it would be good. She sipped from her glass and her taste buds confirmed her expectations.

“The wine tastes wonderful.”

“I’m glad. I really don’t know anything about it, I just asked in the shop for a good Hungarian wine.”

“Oh, it’s Hungarian? It’s sweet you went to that trouble.”

“Well, it’s not like there’s any good English wines, and the guy told me Hungary is the next Australia. I honestly didn’t even know they made wine.”

She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at his ignorance. Let’s keep the evening nice and friendly.

“So David, I brought you some books.”

“Ah yes, the books. How do I say this? I didn’t really invite you here for the books.”

She felt a little silly, her hand already in the bag to take the first book. She had known there was something fishy going on. She looked at him trying to see what he was thinking. All she saw was that he tried to hide his nervousness behind his boyish smile.

“So why did you invite me, David?”

“I have a request. And it’s actually about books, in a certain way. But let me explain first. I’m a bit like the black sheep in my family. All of them have these great careers doing impressive things. My older sister Pauline writes literary reviews for the Guardian and travels around the world to write travel stories for their magazine. My cousin Simon is a director who shoots documentaries about serious subjects, and every member of my family does something like that. Only I am a junior manager at a financial company. It seems about every month some cousin or old school friend is marrying and I always took the girls I was dating along. But at the last wedding I found out something terrible.”

“Oh god, what was it David?” she asked, concerned.

“My friends think I’m shallow and only date girls for their looks. I told them it was nonsense and that I had a connection with each girl I dated, and it was just a coincidence they all looked good. They all laughed at me. Apparently my dates had been the source of jokes for years.”

“How cruel,” she said, leaving out they made the same jokes about him at work.

“Worst of all, şirinevler escort I complained to my sister and she told me to think and be honest with myself. Why was I dating these girls? I couldn’t believe that she thought I was only interested in their looks. So I swore I would prove them wrong and take a girl that would impress them.”

“Did it work?” she asked as she took another sip of the red wine.

“The next wedding is in ten days. I’ve dated Kelly for a while, the new receptionist, but it’s just some fun, nothing serious. I thought I’d have no problem finding the right type of girl, but now I’m running out of time, and Kelly asked me what I was doing next weekend. Either I find someone else, or I have to take Kelly and prove my sister and friends right.”

“And that’s why you need books? To meet the right girl?”

“No, I think you are the right girl!” he said as he looked straight into her eyes.

“Me? You’re joking, right?” she said, blushing.

“You read lots of books, my sister will love that. You always seem to know a lot about what’s going in the world, and well, don’t get me wrong, I think you are a very beautiful girl, but you don’t exactly look like my former girlfriends.”

To be honest, he could throw any insult at her as long as they started with “you’re a very beautiful girl.”

“So you want me to be your date to the wedding?” she took a swig of the wine as she watched his face.

“Not exactly. I want you to be my girlfriend.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well yeah, if I bring you as a date it seems as a pathetic attempt to disprove my reputation, if I bring you as a girlfriend I can really impress everyone. We just have to pretend to be a couple for the weekend.”


“Yes, I know it seems odd, but come on, the wedding will be at Amehurst, a giant castle in Suffolk. Drinking, eating, dancing, enjoying the countryside! All you will have to do is tolerate me for two days.”

She emptied her glass savoring the fruity taste in her mouth. She wasn’t sure what to think of this. Her first instinct was to say no. It could go wrong in so many ways, and it felt like she was being taken advantage of but didn’t gain anything. On the other hand, if she didn’t do it she would probably spend another weekend on her own in her small apartment, what did she have to lose? There were worse things than pretending to be David’s girlfriend, and it did seem nice to experience life in the upper class.

“How would this work? We barely know each other.”

“I thought about that. We can make summaries for each other and read them. They will know we haven’t been together that long, so they won’t be suspicious if we don’t know every detail about each other, but we need to know the basics.”

“I see. And after the wedding? You’ll tell them we broke up?”

David’s face broke out in a broad smile. “Better! The wedding will be chock full of eligible bachelors. One by one fit young guys, lots of culture, fine families, you will have no trouble finding the boy of your dreams. All you have to do is realize that we are not meant to be together, take your pick and dump me. My family will feel so sorry for me.”

“David, I don’t think that will work, I can’t just dump you and pick another guy.”

“No?” David frowned as if that seemed incomprehensible. “Then you’ll just have to dump me afterwards. I’ll be so heartbroken when mama asks about you!”

She eyed his cute face and thought about everything he had said.

“This weekend I’ll write a summary about me, you’ll have it by Sunday evening. I propose we meet again on Wednesday. By then we can read each other’s text and ask any remaining questions, ok?”

“That sounds great Anna! I can’t tell you how glad I am you’re willing to do this.”

She blushed a little. “I should get going, I think. Tomorrow is a workday.”

David saw her out. At the door they said their goodbyes and she presented her cheek. David put his hand under her chin and gently moved her head until he faced her.

“If we’re gonna pretend to be a couple we can’t just kiss on the cheek. We might as well start getting used to it.”

She wanted to murmur a protest, but froze as his lips closed in on hers. She became aware of the strong smell of his eau de Cologne, no cheap body spray, but a nice manly fragrant. When their lips touched she felt herself melt, it had been so long since a boy had kissed her! It was just a chaste kiss on the lips, but it lingered a few seconds, and when his mouth finally pulled back her lips followed him for an instant before she came to her senses. She looked up into his green eyes.

“Bye, David,” she stammered, the butterflies racing through her stomach.

On the way back she couldn’t believe how she had reacted as a star struck teen when he kissed her. She found herself grabbing her phone to text him she changed her mind, but couldn’t bring herself to send it. Back at her apartment she willed herself to sleep so she would be fresh in the morning, but images of David kept dancing before her eyes. She could still smell his cologne and feel the touch of his lips on hers. Finally she admitted bahçelievler escort defeat and her hand crept to her nightstand. She found her little pink vibrator on the touch and slipped it under her pajamas to her pussy. She felt how wet she already was even before she switched it on. Her back arched in pleasure once the little buzzing toy touched her. She had a few go-to fantasies that usually helped her get off and she hoped they would do the trick now, but in every scenario the man was inevitably replaced by David’s strong body.

She resisted no more, giving in to her desire. Pressing the toy close to her she felt wave after wave of pleasure shooting through her as she imagined David making love to her, no strike that, fucking her like an animal. She bit her lip, afraid she was already making too much noise. She knew from experience the walls could be thin, as she had cursed the passionate rumps her neighbor had with her boyfriend late at night. She felt her body go rigid as her orgasm hit and let go of the toy as her body kept convulsing in ecstasy. She was panting on her pillow and the last thing she remembered was thinking she should put the toy away before she fell in a deep sleep.

The next morning, as she got out of bed, she was reminded by her escapade of the night before. Just seeing the toy lying next to her in bed gave her a familiar tingle in her pussy but she knew better than to give in, she was on a tight schedule to get ready for work. After she put the vibrator away she jumped in the shower. As her hands washed the soap all over her she remembered flashes of dreams she had that night. Every time she tried to grasp what she had dreamt about the vision blurred away again, but she could swear David was in it.

She got through work all right, and had the luck of not spotting David all day, so she could concentrate. She still doubted if this was a good idea. She knew David wasn’t the type of boy for her, and what she felt for him was lust, more from her long dry spell than from genuine attraction, she reasoned. Once at home she began writing her summary. She actually liked writing and had written some short stories before, although she had never dared show any to someone else. It was fun thinking about her dreams, her plans, her likes and her dislikes.

Some pleasant memories came back when she thought of childhood memories in Hungary. A tear rolled down her cheek when she remembered the day they told her Nana had died. Some things were vague, but fortunately she had been keeping a journal since she was a child. Before she left for London she had digitized the older ones, more out of sentiment than convenience. She could only shake her head at some of the things her younger self had written, terrible crushes on boys that turned out to be assholes. At other points she was amazed at how mature some of the things she had written at that tender age were.

The essay was getting out of hand and evolved into a sketch of who she was combined with a small autobiography. Once it was finished she started going over it again, rewriting some parts and improving the prose. She knew its only purpose was to give David a bit of background, but she enjoyed creating something she could be proud of. Sunday at six pm she mailed the sizable text to David’s private email, she had hardly left her keyboard for two days. She was very curious to read what he came up with. Cozying up before the TV to find some distraction she checked her phone for a message every now and then, but nothing came.

At eleven pm she woke up in front of the TV. A new show was playing, she must have dozed off. Her hand reached for the phone and her heart jumped when she saw she had an email from David.

“Hello Anna,

Thanks for ur text, I’ll read it. Almost forget about my text. Since I had to ditch Kelly for next weekend I had no choice but to entertain her this weekend. Wrote the most important down here, and attached a spreadsheet with favorite movies, music, games, etc…”

Really, a short text in a mail was all he could muster? She wondered if that’s what made her mad, or his admission that he had spent the weekend with Kelly. She had put all her effort in this and he had probably been out partying in clubs. What did that even mean ‘entertain her’, did he sleep with her? “Off course he did.” She thought bitterly to herself, never had he given any indication he would dump Kelly, and as a pretend girlfriend she could hardly object.

On Wednesday Anna stood before David’s door again. Reading his text and memorizing the most important facts was easy. His favorite lists had been a bit harder. Most of the names didn’t ring a bell, and she had to look them up. Mostly they didn’t appeal to her, and she doubted very much any of it would come up in conversation. She had chastised herself for her initial reaction on David’s mail and his weekend with Kelly. She had agreed to this on his terms, and she would go through with it as an adult, she had decided. David opened the door with a broad smile that melted any resentment away in an instant. Remembering last time, she leaned in for a short kiss on his lips as a couple would do when they met up. David seemed somewhat surprised but went with it. She noticed he was wearing the same cologne as last time, and the smell reminded her of what she had done when she came home. To clear her mind she quickly walked in, followed by David. She put in a little extra swing in her hips as she knew he could see her walk in her green dress.

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