The Welcome Committee

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The fat drops of water hit the window. “Plop, plop, plop.”

This was his first night in his new apartment. “Plop, plop, plop.”

Wasn’t rain some kind of bad omen? “Plop, plop, plop.”

Tim turned around, rustling the sheets as he faced the dark window in front of him. He looked at the stack of boxes with his clothes. Then the stack of boxes with his electronics. Then he stared at the drops of water against the backdrop of downtown Philly. He threw a pillow over his face. Sleep would not come tonight. He might as well make good use of the time. His hand slithered under the sheets and into his boxers.

“Plop, plop, tap.”

He stopped and immediately looked at the window. Two dark figures were standing on the fire escape.

“Tap, tap, click.”

The window latch popped open. Tim shot up but could do nothing but stare at the opening window. The figures came inside, closing the window behind them, and flicked on a small lamp standing on one of the stack of boxes.

“W-Who are you?” said Tim.

“Does it matter?” said one woman.

Tim thought for a second. “W-Who are you?”

“Like she said, does it matter?” said the other woman.

Tim sat still as the women began to take off the long, dark trench coats that were soaked from the rain.

The woman to the right had beautiful olive colored skin could be compared with nothing except the emerald color of her eyes. A few strands of her straight, shoulder length brown hair lay across her smiling ruby red lips. She wore a snug white t-shirt, with a happy face in the center of it. Her breasts clung to the fabric of the shirt, making the happy face seem like one lucky guy. The shirt lead to a long, black skirt that flowed across her large hips down to her ankles. Her feet were adorned with leather boots that reached to her knees, as you could see through the two slits in her skirt.

The woman to the left had snow colored skin and straight, jet-black hair that hung to the middle of her neck. She had bright blue crystal shining from her eyes and soft pink lips. She wore a skimpy tank top that allowed the curves of her breasts to be easily seen. Her baggy cargo khakis clung far below her belly button, revealing the top of a g-string thong. A pair of ice blue sneakers poked out of the bottom of her pants.

“I’m new here. I-I just moved in” said Tim, as the women began to walk closer to him.

The two women laughed.

“We know that. And we’re the welcome committee. My name’s Jen” said the woman with the olive skin.

“And I’m April. We both want to extend our gratitude for moving into this fine building”

“W-What are you doing?” said Tim as the women sat at each side of the bed and began to pull off his sheets. “What is going-” said Tim, abruptly stopping, realizing that his hand still lay in his boxers.

“I see you got started without us” said Jen, smiling at the Tim’s boxer tent. “I was, uh, just…” He was abruptly interrupted çayyolu escort by April’s tongue entering his mouth. As the woman passionately kissed, Jen slid down the bed and pulled out Tim’s cock. “My oh my. That’s nice” she said, gripping it with both hands. Meanwhile, Tim’s eyes darted between the two scenes, not knowing which to pay attention to.

At once, both women released their grip. “I apologize for our wet clothes. Its really coming down out there. We should take them off” said Jen. “Yes you are right. Let me help you with that skirt” said April. She scurried across the bed and proceeded to pull down the skirt, revealing Jen’s red g-string. “Thanks. Now I know those pants are tough to get off.” said Jen, as she tugged loose April’s baggy khakis. “Hey! You’ve got the same undies as me!” said April, surprised. She bent down to take a closer look and began rubbing the fabric, pressing into Jen’s crotch. As she tinkered with Jen’s cloth, April reached into her own g-string and began feeling around. “You’re right! It’s the same thing!”

Both women then turned to the open-mouthed Tim. “Let’s hurry it up Jen!” said April, as she quickly pulled off the woman’s t-shirt. Her abrupt pulling caused Jen’s breasts to bounce up and down, bringing a giggle to her face. She then repeated the action on April causing the same effect on her friend’s breasts. They both giggled wildly, taking turns bouncing each other’s breasts.

A switch inside Tim’s brain clicked. “Who the fuck cares who these women are!” echoed through his head. A hand reached toward his throbbing cock and began rubbing it. The women noticed and Jen said “Shame on us! We’re leaving out poor Tim!” She slowly pulled down her thong and tossed it across the room. She then climbed over Tim and removed his hand. The olive skinned girl did the same, then slowly lowered herself onto his cock. She moaned slightly as she pressed herself down, not stopping until his entire length was in her. “Ahhh” she said, with eyes closed and a smile. April was not to be left out. She pressed Tim down to the bed and jumped on his chest. She then stradled his face. After a few seconds of Tim being completely motionless, April shouted “Well! Eat me!”

Tim began to dart his tongue in and out of her pussy, creating soft moans to come from her mouth. Meanwhile, Jen rocked back and forth, rubbing Tim’s sides as she went. Every few moments she would reach forward and grab a handful of April’s breasts. April pressed her pussy deeper into his face, causing his nose to enter her. She began to moan louder, adding pants as she grabbed onto Tim’s hair. His tongue worked furiously now, fueled by the girl’s sounds. His tongue grabbed hold of her clit and began rolling it in his mouth. After every few rolls, he would blow into her pussy, causing a shiver to run through her body. His mouth then grabbed a firm hold on her clit and began to wildly suck. April could take no longer. Her hips rhythmically cebeci escort swayed back and forth. Jen moved forward and began to furiously kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. April’s sounds excited her as well. She began to press up and down harder and faster as her friend’s voice increased in volume. April tilted her head back and let out a long, loud moan as she came all over Tim’s face. At the same time, Jen squeezed April’s breasts and let out a soft moan as she too came.

“Ohh! Its my turn!” said Jen, as she slid off of Tim’s cock. April reluctantly pulled herself away from Tim and began to move lower. Jen came up and began to kiss all over Tim’s face, sucking his lips and cheeks. “Oh April you tasted nice today. Mmm, mmm.” Jen then proceeded to flip herself around. She placed her knees beside Tim’s head, giving him an upside down pussy to work with. The rest of her faced his cock, which she once again gripped with both hands and began to furiously rub up and down. “Hey!”said April “That’s mine now!” Jen grinned and removed her hands, allowing April to have her chance at riding the cock. Tim felt the juices from her orgasm run down his cock as she ever so slowly slid down. He then began to kiss Jen’s pussy lips passionately. He then allowed his tongue to lick the lips. His fingers got involved too, as he spread her open and sent his tongue into her sweetness. Meanwhile, April rode his cock like a lunatic. She swirved and rocked, flailing around like it was a fireman’s pole. She then leaned as far back as his cock would allow, fully showing the union to an awaiting Jen. Jen then licked up Tim’s cock and around April’s pussy. After her frantic fucking, she removed herself from his cock and presented it to Jen. She immediately deep throated it and firmly rubbed Tim’s balls. After a few seconds of this motion, she handed the cock back to April, who began her antics once again. At Jen’s end of things, Tim was softly nibbling on her clit one second, then wildly sucking the next. With each of his oral motions, Jen licked at the cock-in-pussy. After a few more moments of sucking, Jen sat straight up and came on Tim’s chest, causing April to pull forward and lick it up.

From the moment April slid off Jen’s skirt, Tim could have burst. He had never, ever seen this much. He had only made love to one woman before this and he came like a bullet each time he was with her. But now two girls were on top of him and, although he felt like exploding, he was able to “hold” it in.

But Tim’s thoughts stopped as the girls moved on to more activities. Jen threw herself over the bed and lay with her back against the end of the bed and her legs bent on top of it. April had positioned herself on top of Jen’s head, putting each girl face-to-pussy. Each immediately began to gently suck each other. After awhile, April removed herself from the tongue fondling and motioned for Tim to come over. He quickly crawled across the çubuk escort bed. When he arrived, April lifted Jen slightly, revealing her asshole to Tim. Muffled underneath April’s pussy, Jen said “Fuck me in the ass, baby” and let out a slight giggle. Tim positioned himself and lay his cock over Jen’s ass. He had never done it “back here” before. He didn’t know what to expect. He didn’t have time to think anymore. April grabbed his cock and began leading it into Jen’s pussy. Tim adjusted himself as he slowly began to penetrate her. A slight shiver went through Jen’s body as April stared at the process, with a wide smile across her face. Tim pushed further, causing Jen to moan softly. April returned to licking, but never tore her eyes from Tim’s cock. He continued to push in, farther and farther, as Jen moaned louder and louder. Finally he stuck his cock fully inside of her and did what would come natural to any man: he began to fuck her. He thrust himself in and out of Jen’s asshole, pounding it harder and harder. April was excited and was frantically sucking Jen. Tim kept pounding, in sync with Jen’s moaning. April then began to lick along with them, turning the three into a rhythmic fucking machine. April then grabbed on to the base of Tim’s cock and pulled it out. She then plopped the cock into her mouth and began sucking. Her tongue enveloped the cock as she moved back and forth with her head. She then took all but the head out and began sucking it like a lollipop. Realizing the center of attention had changed, Jen slid off and joined April’s side. She removed her hands from the cock, allowing Jen to place one hand on his shaft and another on his balls. Jen strangled his cock, fiercely rubbing up and down, as her hands massaged his balls in circular motions. At the same time, April pressed her lips against his head and then sucked as hard as she could, almost begging him to come. The girls then switched placed, each mimicking the previous movements perfectly.

This was it. He held it in when they undressed each other. He held it in when then straddled him. He even held it in when he was ass fucking one of them. But this was it. He grabbed hold of the base of his manhood as the hot cum rose in his cock. The girls released their grip on his cock, but still held on to his balls. He closed his eyes and bent his neck back. The girls firmly squeezed his balls. His cock jerked up. The hot juice exploded from within him. His steady stream shot out all over the girls open mouths, down their faces, and onto their heaving breasts.

Tim held on to his cock even after he had finishing coming. He had just experienced the most mind-blowing orgasm ever. He sat and stared as the girls licked each other clean, moving their tongues over every inch of the wet area. They then stood up, put their clothes back on, and gave Tim a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for everything, hun.”

“Yeah this had to have been one of the best.”

“W-who are you?” said Tim, the familiar question resurfacing after the intense experience.

Both of them laughed as they headed back out into the rain.

“We told you already.”

“We’re the welcome committee.”

Tim eventually lay back in bed and stared at the window. Rain wasn’t a bad omen after all.

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