The Wolf , Me: Our Reunion

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A little background: Years ago we met at a party and he ended up being the first boy I ever kissed. Being too drunk, we messed around more than I had intended, but I had no regrets, if you know what I mean. =)

Flash forward five years: We see each other again at my work. The first thing that comes to mind is how much I want to be with him again. Fantastically, we end up in a relationship of sorts –explicitly sex-only, no expectations. Best sex of my life! We are the most sexually compatible couple I know. Of course, I got attached and scared him off.

Months pass, and due to bad circumstances he goes to jail. This story takes place the day he gets out of jail.

He knocks at my door. The roommates are gone for the weekend, and I have the whole house to myself. As I go to answer the door, the thought that it could be him passes through my mind. He’s been in jail for two years, and yet I still think about him when I lie in bed. Late at night I wake from dreams of him, hot, horny, and missing him like I’ve never missed anyone before. I’ve been with several men since we were together last, but he’s in my thoughts several times a day. No, it couldn’t be him at the door.

But it is. I stand there with a bewildered look on my face. He’s a sight for sore eyes, and looks so different from when I saw him last. It’d been over two years since I had been able to touch him, and I couldn’t stop myself from giving him a huge hug, holding back my tears. I remember that hug like it was just moments ago, even though he’d been gone so long, he still smelled like he always did. That smell had never left my memory, shampoo and soap, and a manliness I can’t describe, and I melted the moment I breathed it in.

Then, suddenly, it was like nothing had ever gotten between us; the mistake I made, the escort bayan girl he left me for, the jail-time, they all disappeared, and it was just us. With my eyes closed, I revelled in the feeling of his strong arms around my waist. We both had one thing in mind –even if it meant making our relationship even more complicated, the both of us felt the overwhelming desire to get back what we’d lost so long ago. Us.

He shoves the door closed, and backs me up against the kitchen counter. It’s been so long since I felt the power of him, I’m drinking it up. I’m in heaven in his arms. As he looks at me, I look at him. His eyes are sad, and I feel an overwhelming urge to make him feel better. I brush his hair away from his eyes, and stroke his face gently, rememorizing it, in case this is all a dream. My thumb drifts over his soft lips, and I can’t contain myself any longer.

As our lips meet, I close my eyes to smell him again. Overwhelming feelings of desire sweep over me. I wrap my arms around him, run them over his back, and down to his perfect bum. He groans into my mouth as I squeeze him gently, and again as I slowly run my fingernails back up his back. I know how he feels, and my hips surge forward to meet his searching thrust. I moan as I can feel his hardness already.

I run my fingers through his hair, kissing him all over his face, down to his ears and his neck, and whisper that we should go upstairs. I grab his hand and pull him up the stairs. When we reach my bed I collapse onto it, pulling him down on top of me. As I wrap my legs around his waist, pushing against him as he caresses my body and kisses me with a passion I had almost forgotten, I realise how much my body had missed his. We fit together like we are made for one another.

His mouth moves away from mine, bursa vip escort moving lower until he’s nuzzling my breasts. I remember how much he loves my large tits, and smile silently to myself, anticipating what’s to come. (No pun intended.)

Our lower bodies still moving in sync, I begin to unbutton my top. The more skin I reveal, the more animated he becomes. I know what he wants. I want it, too. I’ve missed our ritual. He’s the only man I’ve been with who will take me this way.

I finish unbuttoning my top, and he immediately rips it away from my body completely. My breasts in my bra create a tight cleavage, and I can’t wait for him to fuck them. Losing any inhibitions I was still holding on to, I reach down and unzip his pants, pulling his hard cock out and stroking it with a newfound lust.

I flip him over and rip his clothes off. As I bend over to remove his pants, I allow his cock to rub against my tits: a tease for what’s to come. I straddle him, rubbing my pussy (already hot and moist) on his cock. Needing him to taste me, I push my tits together even more, and start teasing my nipples, knowing his reaction immediately. He leans up to a sitting position, creating a ripple of sensation from my clit that reaches from my fingertips to my toes. I moan in delight as he shoves his face in my tits. My head thrust back in pleasure, I feel him pull my tits out from underneath the lace, and begin to circle my nipples with his tongue. As he goes back and forth, the cold sensation of the air on my sensitive nipples causes me to rock even harder against his rock-hard cock.

Suddenly, I’m forced back on my back, almost sitting up against the wall. He kneels next to me, and I lick and kiss his beautiful stomach. He grabs his cock and rubs bursa elit escort his pre-cum onto one nipple and then the other. I shudder in delight, as I see the passion in his eyes. Then, the moment I’ve been waiting for: as I shove my tits together tight, he slides his cock into the center, until we can’t see it anymore. Then it reappears up at the top, and I look down and take the swollen sensitive tip into my mouth, licking and sucking with my own passion, so turned on by his arousal. He backs away and thrusts again, rubbing the smooth, warm skin of my tits all over his engorged penis, fast and then slow, pushing hard to the hilt when I take him into my mouth, teasing him with a warm, wet tongue, all the while my hands stroking his tight ass and occasionally cupping his balls, gently squeezing them, stroking them, feeling them tense up in anticipation of his near climax.

Finally I feel the tension inside of him reach it’s pinnacle, and I know he’s on the verge of cumming. Wanting his hot juices all over my nipples, tits, and even my face, I pull away and start stroking him, pushing all the right buttons and running my tongue up and down underneath his cock. Groaning with pleasure, he lets his cum loose, spurting first onto my tits, and then all over my face and into my mouth.

As his spasms subside, I take him into my mouth, cleaning him off, revelling in the taste of his juices. We clean up a little, and settle into our old cuddling position; him behind me, his arm thrown over me, cupping my breast gently. I let out a sigh, and relax into his embrace.

I lay there, glowing in the realisation that of all the girls he’s had and could have, he came to me first. He sleeps, and I lay daydreaming, anticipating the moment he wakes up from his nap and takes care of me the way I took care of him.


This was a first attempt. It’s loosely based on a situation that I’m going through right now. Be kind in your feedback, but please do give feedback, so I know how to improve on either my writing style or my story line. Thanks!


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