The Year of the Cat Ch. 27

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100% Fiction. All sexualized characters are adults.

“Oh, man…” Matt exhaled, rounding the corner of the second flight of stairs. “It’s good to be home, huh girls?”

“It sure is!” Janice said in deep relief.

Tracy followed the couple, somewhat subdued by her homecoming. “I miss Kendra already!” she pouted.

“She’ll be moving in soon, sweety.” Matt answered, placing his key in the front door lock. “She’s just got to go back down south to pa-“

He was immediately alarmed by the unlocked front door swinging open without any resistance.

“What the hell?” Janice exclaimed. “Who left the door unlocked?”

“I specifically remember locking up before we left!” Matt gulped. He set down Bubsy’s cat carrier down on the steps, quietly. “Stay here.” he whispered.

“Gracie, are you in here?” Matt called out, recalling he had lent their downstairs neighbor the extra key in order to water Janice’s plants. When no response came, he tiptoed into the apartment, his ears listened intently for a sign of activity. Matt noted that nothing seemed out of place or missing. Silently sliding a large chef’s knife from its block, Matt stealthily and cautiously searched the apartment room by room for intruders.

“Looks like it’s clear.” Matt called out to Janice and Tracy, who stood peering into the apartment with visible apprehension.

“Did my camera equipment get stolen?” Tracy said, frantically racing to her room. Her personal items appeared to be undisturbed.

“It doesn’t look like ANYTHING is missing.” Janice said, her hands wringing nervously.

Just then, Matt and Janice heard Tracy scream.

“TRACY?!” Matt took off in a mad dash for her room. Once he crossed the doorway, Matt saw Tracy staring in mortified terror at something in the underwear drawer of her dresser. He leaned over to see a sealed envelope nestled in with her bras and panties with bright pink letters written across the front reading: ‘For my Goddess: Katie Cupcakes aka Tracy Anne Paige.’

“There’s no way it could be from Kendra, could it?” Janice gasped.

“I don’t see how. She was headed back to Louisiana when our paths split.” Matt answered.

“W-who’s been in my room?! In my clothes?!” Tracy shuddered. “What is this?!”

“Don’t touch it!” Matt exclaimed when he saw Tracy’s shaking hand reach out for the mysterious message. “I’m calling the police.”

“C’mon, Tracy…” Janice said, stepping forward and gently taking her hand. “I’m booking a hotel. There’s no way we’re staying here tonight.”

“Fuuuck!!” Tracy blurted out, almost in tears. “I didn’t think… that something like this could happen!” She began crying in earnest, her hands covering her face.

“It’s okay, darling.” Matt said softly, taking her shaking body into his arms. “We’re here with you. You’re safe.”

A pair of dower looking police officers showed up to the apartment after a long, tense wait and took Tracy’s statement as well as the evident envelope to examine and attempt to glean an identifying fingerprint.

Gracie came upstairs to investigate the commotion. When she had been apprised of the situation, she gasped in shock.

“He… he told me he was the REPAIRMAN!” she cried with a shaking voice.

The policemen jotted in their notebooks as Gracie gave a thorough description of the alleged perpetrator.

“Oh dear…” The elderly woman dabbed tears of shame from her eye with a handkerchief. “I would never purposely…”

“Of course you wouldn’t!” Janice interjected. “We know that! Just… next time, give Matty or me a call if you’re not sure about someone.”

Gracie nodded, silently in understanding. “…I’m so sorry!”

“There ain’t much to file… seein’ that nothing was stolen.” the officer said as he exited the apartment. “But we’ll get back to ya if the lab catches a lead on that letter. Nighty night.”

“Thanks.” Matt sighed, closing the door.

“Our hotel room is ready for us to check in downtown.” Janice said, the bags under her eyes revealing the extent of her exhaustion. “Let’s go get some rest.”


No word from the police arrived the next day. Matt spoke with the apartment landlord about changing the locks and adding another deadbolt to the front door.

Even after the added security measures had been installed the persistent sense of paranoia remained within the household.

“Why don’t you girls stay with your mom for awhile.” Matt suggested. “I’ll stick around the apartment to keep an eye on things.”

“I’m scared to leave you by yourself, baby!” Janice said, hugging his arm.

“I’ll be fine.” Matt smiled. “I’ll probably be the last person our stalker friend will be expecting to meet… if they had the actual audacity to show back up.”

“But what if they DO?!” Tracy fretted.

Matt leaned over, reaching behind the couch and pulled out a large wooden baseball bat.

“I’ll teach ’em a new meaning of the phrase ‘Home Run’!”

Janice chuckled. “Okay, ‘Slugger’!”

“I’ll call you if I hear anything from the cops.” Tracy said, coming forward with her head Maltepe Escort bowed and arms outstretched. Her humbled embrace was warm, but held back. Matt rested his cheek on the top of her head.

“I’m so sorry for all of this!” she whispered.

“Stop that. It’s not your fault.” Matt answered softly. “You aren’t responsible for the way people react to your website.”

Tracy sniffed a tear away as she turned towards the door, head still bowed in defeat.

“Love you, baby. I’ll call you later!” Janice said, leading Tracy to the stairs.

Matt blew a kiss to his fiancé. “Love you.”


Tracy hung her phone up with a pale pallor to her face.

“That was the detective.” she said to Janice as she sipped her morning coffee at the breakfast nook of Linda’s condominium, which overlooked the harbor of the Elizabeth River.

“Did they find the creep?” Janice asked anxiously.

Tracy forlornly shook her head ‘no’. “They couldn’t find any fingerprints on the envelope.”

“Did they tell you what was inside?”

Tracy shuddered. “Only a hand written letter filled with crazy stalker talk…This guy was completely OBSESSED!”

Janice winced, feeling a chill run up her spine at the thought.

Tracy’s brow furrowed in deep contemplation. “I’ve decided. I’m gonna shut my FAN page down.” she finally said in a defiant tone. “I don’t want to put myself out there like that anymore. Not if this is the price.”

Janice quietly nodded her head.

“… and…” Tracy took a deep breath. “I think that I should move out of the apartment.”

Janice gasped, as a pang of sadness struck her heart. “No, Tracy!” she said, her voice cracking.

Tracy solemnly nodded. “Janice, it’s not safe for you. If this guy found me, then others probably know where to find me too. Besides… the time is right; You and Matty are getting married… Kendra and I might be starting a new life together.”

“We can still do all that without you having to move!” Janice insisted.

Tracy quietly took her sister’s hand and held it. The silent moment seemed to settle the decision. Tears began to stream down Janice’s cheeks as her sorrow descended.


Matt paced the length of the apartment in boredom. Since their return from the Outer Banks, three nights ago, there had been no further trespasses. Taking a pause to cast his eyes around Tracy’s room, Matt was startled by a sudden ‘bing’ sound emanating from Tracy’s computer.

He leaned over and activated the monitor on her desktop. A small message window had opened on the screen displaying a single sentence from an unknown sender.

“Did you receive my gift to you, my Goddess?”

Matt felt pinpricks of sweat on his forehead immediately form. His mind raced to determine the next steps he should take. He quickly pulled out Tracy’s desk chair and sat down before the keyboard. Taking a deep breath, Matt extended his fingers over the keys.

“Time to take a page outta Bobby’s playbook.” he muttered.

“I did.” Matt typed. “That was pretty fucking brazen of you- breaking into my apartment. I would have called the cops for your sick stunt… if it didn’t thrill me so much!!”

“I knew you would like it.” the stalker replied.

Matt had to chuckle, delightfully surprised that his bait had been taken.

“Those words you wrote… and the thought of you going through my things has been soaking my panties for days.” Matt typed.

“Speaking of soaked panties…” the stalker replied. “I take it you haven’t found my ‘tribute’ yet.”

“There’s MORE?!”

“Yes. Check your dirty clothes hamper.”

Matt gulped. He stood up, crossing the room to Tracy’s clothes basket overflowing with worn garments. A pair of her pink panties were laid out on top of the pile, covered in a pale crust of dried semen.

Matt winced in disgust. He quickly sat back down at the computer. He nearly gagged as he typed his response.

“You filthy little shit! I can’t stop sniffing our aromas mixed together. I demand fresh cum… not this dried up shit.”

“I can be there in ten minutes, Goddess.”

“You will arrive here in precisely 60 minutes… or you can forget anything.”

“Yes, my Goddess!” he stalker typed before the session window closed.

“Got you, fucker.” Matt growled as he dialed the number for the police detective.


Tracy and Janice sat on the plush living room sofa with their mother, watching a television program.

“Mom…” Tracy said, casting her eyes over to Linda. “It’s the ‘Golden Girls’… do you have to be completely naked?”

Linda had the large bowl of popcorn rested on her bare belly as she lounged in reposed comfort. Her long legs were propped on the ottoman, her huge breasts hugged the large bowl, keeping it nestled in place. “My house… my prerogative. Deal with it, Missy.” she responded, not looking away from the screen.

Just then, Matt’s number appeared on Janice’s cell phone. “It’s Matty!” she exclaimed, quickly answering the call. “Hey baby! Are you okay? Anadolu Yakası Escort You’re on speakerphone with Mom and Trace.”

“I’m great!” Matt’s cheerful voice spoke over the phone. “I can’t say the same for our stalker buddy, though.”

Tracy gasped. “Tell me they got him!”

“He’s in police custody right now.”

“WOOO!” Janice cheered to the room. “He’s outta here!”

Tracy and Linda both exhaled a breath of relief. Tears began pooling in Tracy’s eyes as she hugged herself, huddled over.

Linda ran a comforting palm over her daughter’s back. “It’s okay now, honey.”

“But, for how long?” Tracy fretted.

“We’ll see.” Matt replied. “The evidence they have against him is pretty hard… and crusty.”

“Wha-” Tracy recoiled.

“You don’t wanna know. Just… w-we’re all doing laundry when you get back home.”


The following day, inside their own apartment, Matt and the sisters were busy folding their clean laundry from the huge pile of dryer fresh clothes laying on the living room floor.

Janice smiled as she smoothed out the fabric of a laundered T-shirt across her vast bosom. “It’s nice that things are getting back to normal… Huh, Trace?”

“I guess.” Tracy sighed. “I still get creeped out every time I go into my room, though.”

“It’ll pass.” Matt said with a smile. “‘Time heals all wounds’ after all.”

Tracy lowered her eyes to the floor. “That’s an easy thing to say, but I still think it’s best if I find another place to live.”

Matt and Janice traded a concerned look. Though it had remained unspoken between them, they were both aware of the potential financial burden that Tracy’s departure would cause, especially if Janice was forced to resign from her job, as she feared.

“Are you sure, Tracy? I mean… now that you’re closing down your website… what are you going to do for income?” Matt queried.

Tracy shrugged. “I have time to figure that out. I’ve earned enough to live on for awhile.”

Janice shrugged. “Good for you, girly!”

Tracy chuckled, cupping her enormous breasts with her hands and giving them a gentle jiggle. “In the end… I guess these were my very own ‘Golden Girls’.”

“I’ll say!” Matt exclaimed.

Janice’s sad eyes lowered to the pile of clothes, her heart quietly breaking.

Matt cleared his throat, in hopes that it would dispel the anxiety in the room. “Hey! Uhh… we’re gonna have a birthday party for Kendra when she finally gets here, right?”

“Absolutely.” Tracy nodded.

Just then, Janice blinked in sudden realization. “Wait! Honey… I can’t believe I’ve never asked this before: when is YOUR birthday?”

Matt chuckled as he blushed. “Oh! Hehe… it’s kinda funny. I don’t actually know.”

“You don’t know?!” the sisters exclaimed simultaneously.

Matt laughed in response. “Yeah, my birth records got all messed up while I was in the orphanage. My adoptive folks, Mr. & Mrs. Turner, actually let me pick my own birthday! Since my favorite holiday was Halloween at the time, I chose October thirty first.”

“That’s my favorite holiday too!” Janice cried.

“Me too!” exclaimed Tracy. “I love Halloween! I’ve already been thinking of the costume I want to wear!”

“Well, we can’t NOT have a party now!” Janice said, resolutely. “Your birthday costume party is gonna be off the chain this year, honey!”


Later, that evening in their bedroom, Janice assisted Matt in making the bed.

“We’re gonna be okay, honey.” Matt spoke, attempting to reassure Janice’s unspoken concern. “I’m starting work tomorrow with your mom and everything is gonna be fine. I promise.”

Janice held up her left hand to display her brand new, sparkling, diamond engagement ring. “Just remember, if times get real tough: this will fetch a good price.”

Matt was stunned. “What?! No! I’ll clean toilets full time before I let that happen!”

“Baby…” Janice cooed. “It’s just a ring.”

“Nuh-uh!” Matt shook his head. “It’s not just a ring… it represents our love!”

Janice chuckled. “I could be wearing a rubber band instead of this ring and not love you any less than I do already.”

“But…” Matt stammered. “You deserve that ring… and so much more!”

“Relax, honey. I was just thinking hypothetically.” Janice’s graceful smile shifted to a lustful gaze. “Let’s talk about what YOU deserve, instead.”

Matt blinked in confusion.

“Mom got me a birthday present from Dee Dee’s.” Janice said with a seductive wink. “Well, actually I think it’s a present for both of us. Want me to try it on for you?”

Matt gulped, feeling a dryness in his throat. “O-Okay.”

Janice grinned as she patted the clean sheets. “Get out of your clothes and sit that fine little tushy on this bed while I go slip it on.”

Matt’s heart was thumping in his chest as she departed to the bathroom. He quickly disrobed and climbed into position, sitting up in the center of the bed, naked.

Minutes passed. Matt found that his hands were shaking when he İstanbul Escort heard the bathroom door open.

“Hope you’re ready for this!” he heard Janice’s voice announce.

Matt’s wide eyes watched her saunter out into the bedroom wearing her familiar silk robe. A smile graced her tender lips as she stood before the bed, facing him.

The worries of the last few days faded from Matt’s mind as he watched Janice slowly undo the loose knot at her waist.

When the silk robe parted, Matt was presented with the most intentionally sexy item of clothing he had ever seen Janice adorned in.

The pure white lingerie set she wore contrasted with the deep tan of her shining, smooth skin. The straps from the garter belt were secured to two thigh high stockings, showcasing her long legs and framing the thong style, frilled panties.

Janice smiled as she turned slowly to show her toned ass cheeks on full display. Their gorgeous roundness jiggled when she gave herself a brisk slap on the buttock for Matt’s amazed pleasure.

The patterned lace corset she wore covered the area right above her hip bone, up to the bottoms of her breasts. It was pulled tightly to her waist, accentuating Janice’s curves even more than nature had already bestowed. Ribbons of silk were tied in a complex and beautiful array up and down the corset, leading Matt’s eyes up to the grandest of spectacles: her vast, round breasts.

The built in cups of the sexy lingerie piece were absolutely enormous, decorated with ornate lace flower blooms. Despite their grand size, Janice’s huge tits filled them to capacity, only able to contain approximately half of her immense volume. The supporting cups and shoulder straps provided a lift to her enormous orbs, creating two cascading, round giggling globes of soft flesh that seemed to leap from their confinement. When she brought her upper arm in close to hug her bosom, Janice’s grand canyon of cleavage surged outwards, her ballooning tits pressing into her chin and cheeks.

Needless to say, Matt’s cock was solid and pointed to the ceiling as he observed the stupefying beauty before him.

“Holy fuck…” he croaked.

“Apparently this lil’ number put Dee Dee’s skills to the test.” Janice chuckled with amusement at the gobsmacked expression on Matt’s face. “I take it that you approve!” she cooed, unable to keep her eyes from glancing at his solid, flexing shaft.

Matt nodded vigorously with his mouth hanging ajar. “Approve?!” he exclaimed. “I would buy Dee Dee a brand new car right now, if I could.”

Janice smiled demurely as she bent forward and began to crawl onto the bed towards Matt on all fours. Her head dipped low as she approached his rigid cock, dragging her tongue up the entire length of his erection, until her lips met his swollen head. There, she reached out and grasped Matt’s girth laden dick, swirling her tongue around the shining purple tip which was already leaking precum.

“Mmm, baby!” Janice cooed. “I’m so excited to be your wife! I’m gonna be the best you’ve ever seen!”

Matt shuddered with ecstasy beneath Janice’s sweet attention. “Oh damn…” he breathed. “I’m going for the ‘ultimate husband’ award for you, baby! One day… you and I won’t have a care in the world, I promise you!”

“I believe in you, honey.” Janice responded, as her loving gaze shifted into a smoldering stare of lust. “Now… it’s time to fuck your fiancé’s brains out.”

Matt’s face lit up with a grin. “Yes, honey!”

At this point, he would have normally had Janice nude within a few seconds of tugging on her loose fitting pajamas, but the fabric contraption Janice wore tonight had more complexities than a three piece suit. Matt’s eyes asked for assistance from her as he attempted to navigate beyond the multitude of straps and fasteners keeping her extraordinary garment in place.

“Oh, this isn’t easy to get out of in a hurry.” Janice chuckled. “Here… there’s a secret entrance.” She reached down between her legs and undid an unseen snap. Her panties instantly became crotchless as the material dangled in front of her bare, wet vagina.

She then climbed forward over Matt, straddling his hips. Janice took his hands and guided them to her ornately encased breasts. His shaking palms glided over her décolletage, caressing the vast, bulging overflow of gorgeous mammary fat. Janice’s hand dipped within the massive cup and lifted her astonishing left breast from it’s meager confinement. Matt licked his lips as he regarded her gorgeous, pink, circular areola hovering before his face.

Janice suddenly bent forward, pressing her nipple between his lips and engulfing Matt’s entire face in warm softness.

“Mmmph!” Matt gleefully moaned as his lips latched on to her massive tit, sucking with passionate fervor.

Janice repeated her maneuver on her right breast, pulling it from it’s beautiful, lace cradle. She then began rocking her hips back and forth, dragging her dripping wet pussy up and down the length of Matt’s cock.

“Let’s do it ‘doggy style’ tonight.” she whispered directly in his ear. “I want your dick stuffed as far in me as I can take!”

Janice raised herself up and got into position on her hands and knees, her bulbous ass and pink snatch facing him. The sight was too gorgeous for Matt to resist bending forward and giving her pussy a long, wet kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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