The Young Couple Next Door

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My wife, Barbara and I had been retired for four months when a young East Indian couple moved in next door. Like Barbara and I they had been born in the UK and came to North America with their families when they were in their mid teens. Our kids were grown and gone and Padam and Chandi were yet to start a family. We quickly became friends and enjoyed many visits to each other’s home to chat about the old country over mugs of tea in our kitchen.

At first I thought it was my imagination but as time passed I became convinced that Padam was more than interested in Barbara than just as a neighbour. I noticed many times that he would stare at her ass as she stood at the kitchen counter making tea and his gaze would follow her if she left the room. I mentioned this to my wife but she thought I was being silly. “What would a thirty-something guy with a lovely wife want with me?” she said and dismissed it.

Barbara underestimated herself; she was 58, an ash blonde with a firm figure, large breasts and curves in all the right places. She looked 10 years younger than her age and I couldn’t blame Padam for leering at her ass as she bent over the sink; I had done it a million times so I knew what he was thinking. I had done my share of subtle ogling of Chandi also and had jerked off last summer while watching her in a tight t-shirt and a pair of very short shorts in the garden from my bedroom window. I had imagined fondling her smooth, light brown body, kissing her ample tits and fucking her. I visualized what her pussy would be like; jet black pubic hair with a wet pink gash beneath, of licking it then easing my cock inside her and giving her a good, hard drilling. I fantasized splashing cum over her face. . .streaks of white over her perfect, dark skin. . .ah, well, the musing of a horny, old guy I thought, it’s never going to happen. I wondered if Padam had jerked off to images of fucking Barbara and it made me horny.

Chandi turned 33 on August 9 and Padam asked if he could hold a surprise birthday party for her in our yard. We have a pool and hot tub and the weather was sunny and hot so a pool party made sense and we agreed. It was a beautiful afternoon and about thirty guests attended. Most were in their thirties and I admired several of the young ladies in their bikinis. Chandi wore a one-piece bathing suit that still gave a strong hint of the luscious body beneath. I noticed that the white wine was running low so I went inside to collect a couple more bottles. I went into the family room that gave out into the yard and climbed the stairs to the kitchen. I took two bottles out of the wine cooler and was just about to head back outside when I heard a noise. It sounded like sighs coming from the living room and I went to investigate. I had bare feet so I didn’t make any noise and peeked around the doorway. Barbara had her back to me and was in a passionate embrace with Padam. His hands were mauling her ass over her bikini bottom and they were kissing. She suddenly broke away, “We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s wrong,” she said.”

“I want you so badly, from the first time I saw you I’ve wanted you,” he pleaded.

“I find you attractive and I would like to but I have a husband and you have Chandi. We must get back to the party; people will wonder where we are.”

“But you’re so wet and your pussy feels so good, let’s go upstairs, no one will miss us for a while.”

“I want to but no, we mustn’t, we’ve gone too far already.”

She moved and it was then that I saw that her bikini top was pushed up exposing her breasts and Padam’s swim shorts were to one side and his cock was out and very erect. They must have been involved with some pretty heavy fondling I thought and quickly made my way back to the yard. I put the wine down a dived into the pool, partly to think and partly to hide my erection. I swam to the far end and clung to the side. There was no doubt I was excited by what I had seen and thoughts of Padam having sex with my Barbara had me very aroused. There was also no doubt that Barbara wanted to get fucked by our neighbour. I watched them come out of the house with more towels as if nothing had happened but I’m sure Padam looked over to Chandi, smiled, raised his eyebrows and gave her a slight, but definite, nod. Did she know what he planned to do when he went to help Barbara with the towels, or was it just my imagination again and wanted it to be that?

The party wrapped up about 9:30 and by the time everyone had left and we had cleaned up it was 11:30. I crawled into bed beside Barbara and cuddled up behind her with my super hard cock between her legs. We always slept naked and often went to sleep like this. My erection throbbed and my heart raced as I said, “I saw you in the living room earlier with Padam.”

“Oh,” she relied then there was silence.

Barbara and I Alanya Escort don’t consider ourselves swingers but we do have a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with a Mark and Patsy, a couple we have known for many years. We get together several times a year so I have seen Barbara with another man but had never considered anyone else or someone of a different skin colour until I had seen Padam and Barbara kissing and fondling. It had excited me and obviously done the same for her.

“It’s alright,” I whispered in her ear as I squeezed her big tits, “it made me very horny watching you with him and I want to see you fuck him, would you like that?”

“I had never thought of him that way until today but he did get me very aroused. His cock felt nice and he’s a good kisser but there’s Chandi.”

I told her what I had seen and what I thought.

“You’d like to have her, wouldn’t you?”

“The thought has crossed my mind more than a few times but first we need to see to you right now,” I said and eased my cock into her very wet pussy.

Barbara and I agreed on a plan and the following Saturday morning I peered out of the front bedroom window and saw that both Padam’s and Chandi’s vehicles were in the driveway. “Both cars are still there, I’m going to call now,” I called to Barbara.

“I’m ready,” she replied excitedly.

I went downstairs and picked up the phone, “Hi Chandi, is Padam home?”

He’s in the shower, can I have him call you in a few minutes?” she offered.

“Sure, is he busy the morning?”

“No, we have nothing planned.”

“Please have him call me when he is out of the shower.”

I hung up the phone and told Barbara to relax. Padam called about 10 minutes later and I asked if he could give me hand with a job that needed doing. He said he would be right over and I told Barbara.

“What’s up, neighbour?” Padam said as I closed the front door behind.

“I need your help, it’s up in the bedroom,” I replied in a matter of fact way.

I led him up the stairs, down the hall and opened the double doors into the master bedroom. Barbara was leaning back against the headboard of the bed. The red basque came up to just under her tits and they overflowed invitingly. Her black stocking-clad legs were spread wide, fully exposing her, wet pink pussy and red stilettos completed her outfit.

“Well, that’s what you wanted, go and get it, fuck her,” I said to Padam.

He looked stunned and mumbled something and turned from Barbara with his mouth open.

“Go on, give her a good fucking, she wants you to.”

He blinked and gulped then seemed to understand what I had said.

“Are you serious?” he spluttered with amazement.

“He’s serious, now come over here,” Barbara said.

He went to the bed and Barbara directed his face between her legs. She caressed his jet black hairs as his tongue worked on her. He mauled her tits and pulled on her nipples causing Barbara to moan, “Oh, yes, be rough with me.”

He knelt and rammed his fingers into her pink gash as she helped him out of his shirt and unbuckled his pants. She pulled his underwear down and his erection sprang into view. Barbara moaned as she took hold of it and began jerking it. He straddled her chest and his cock was in her mouth in an instant. She made humming and slurping noises as she sucked his cock. I was as hard as a rock watching Padam’s rich, brown dick in my wife’s mouth and his fingers in her gaping, wet vagina. It was time for me to get some of the action and I stripped off. I’m nicely endowed with a thick, nine inch cock and when I knelt beside Barbara’s head Padam looked at it and remarked, “What a nice big cock, I’d love to see that in Chandi.”

“So would I, my friend, so would I,” I said as I pushed it in beside his. After a while I ate my wife while Padam continued to feed her his dick. “She’s more than ready for your cock, give it to her good and hard,” I suggested and rolled to one side.

Barbara moaned, “Oh yes, yes, fuck me, stick it in.”

Padam hooked her legs over his arms, spreading them wide. I watched his brown cock slide all the way into my wife’s wet pussy. His big, loose balls smacked against her ass as he began to pump strongly into her. It was so erotic to see my wife getting fucked; that brown dick drilling her pussy and listening to her cry out through one orgasm after another. Her hands clutched his ass, helping him to slam into her. He fucked her hard for about five minutes then emitted and load groan as he gave Barbara a giant load that overflowed her pussy and ran down her ass onto the bed sheets. While Barbara sucked him dry I mounted her and soon filled her with more cum. We lay on either side of her and she toyed with our cocks as we kissed and mauled her tits and fingered her pussy and clit.

Padam had a Alanya Escort Bayan quick shower and before he left he said he would talk to Chandi about having us over for dinner. Barbara and I went upstairs and showered together after which she lay on the bed and I gave her a good dose of her favourite dildo.

“Padam’s cock looked so fucking horny in your mouth and pussy,” I said as we ate supper later that day.

“It felt good too…different somehow…perhaps it’s just that he is from a different ethnic background and a colour. He’s new and exciting and I couldn’t stop climaxing,” Barbara said smiling then added, “I’d like to have him again in different positions, fucking me doggie and riding on top of him.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind coming over again to help me with another job,” I said with a laugh.

It was on the following Tuesday evening when Padam called and invited Barbara and me for dinner on Saturday, “Come over any time after four, dinner will be around six, we’ll have fun,” he had said and hung up.

The ‘fun’ comment was interesting, what did he mean? I hoped he meant what I thought he meant and that was fun with Chandi while he had fun with Barbara.

It was raining heavily on Saturday afternoon as we prepared to go next door. Barbara looked very horny in black stilettos and stockings. Her very short skirt exposed the stocking tops and garters and she was braless beneath her white, silk blouse. We donned raincoats and I held the umbrella as we hurried across the garden to Padam and Chandi’s front door. Padam and welcomed us in and after taking our raincoats whistled when he saw Barbara’s outfit, “Wow, do you ever look sexy!” he said.

“I’m glad you like it,” she replied, lightly rubbing his arm.

“I do have some bad news,” Padam continued, “Chandi had to attend to a family matter and won’t be home until tomorrow. All is not lost, however, I will be preparing a delicious meal for you both.”

He saw the disappointment on my face but I was still looking forward to seeing Padam fuck Barbara again although my thoughts of enjoying the delights of Chandi’s body had so suddenly disappeared. We sat on the stools at the kitchen bar counter and drank a glass of wine and made small talk.

I could see that Barbara was horny and she reached over and rubbed Padam’s thigh. He didn’t need further encouragement; he came off his stool and put one hand around her waist and the other on her right breast. They kissed and Barbara massaged his crotch as his hand went down between her legs. I undid a few more buttons on her blouse and exposed her tits. I tongued her left breast and Padam sucked her right then my fingers joined Padam’s in her pussy. We both finger-fucked her then I rubbed and pulled on her clit.

“Put your legs up on the counter,” I said to Barbara, “I’m sure Padam would like to taste your pussy.”

I went behind her and she leaned against me and spread her legs wide on the countertop. Padam got into position and as there were no panties to move he had unhindered access to her wet, pink cunt. I mauled her tits as Padam worked furiously on her pussy and it wasn’t long before her first orgasm of the evening swept through her in series of violent shudders and screams.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Padam suggested breathlessly.

“That’s a very good idea,” Barbara replied equally out of breath.

We made our way slowly up the stairs. Padam and I were on either side of Barbara fondling her tits, legs, ass and pussy. Halfway down the hall we stopped to kiss and maul my wife and she began to remove our clothes. Padam and I took the hint and stripped off allowing Barbara to jerk our erections then we carried on to the end of the hall. The house had the same layout as ours and the double doors to the master bedroom were closed. We stopped briefly for more intense fondling then Padam pushed the doors open. It suddenly went very quiet as Barbara and I looked to bed.

“Turnaround’s fair play,” Padam said with a loud laugh, I wanted to come upstairs right away but needed an excuse. I was so pleased when Barbara started on my thigh but couldn’t resist eating her pussy when she spread her legs on the counter, it looked so horny.

“Chandi was leaning back against the headboard, the same as Barbara had done. She wore white stilettos, stockings and a garter belt that was perfect against her rich, smooth, brown skin. Her legs were spread wide and she was toying with her pussy with one hand and feeling her breasts with the other. I could her black aureoles and large nipples and the jet black hair above her pussy and my cock throbbed uncontrollably. Her body was every bit as alluring as I had imagined and I couldn’t believe that I was about to enjoy it.

She looked over to us and said, “Padam told me all about your big cock, Ian, Escort Alanya and now see it I know why he was so excited to see you fuck me with it. Come up onto the bed with me, Barbara.”

Barbara removed her unbuttoned blouse; her tits were fully exposed so it was redundant and joined Chandi on the bed. They played with themselves while Padam and I stood at the end of the bed and stroked our erections. Chandi reached out and fondled Barbara’s tits then her hand moved down to her pussy. It must have felt good because Barbara closed her eyes and began to moan softly. Chandi then knelt between Barbara’s legs, giving us a beautiful view of her ass and pussy and began to eat Barbara. My cock throbbed violently as Chandi’s fingers spread her own pussy lips apart and I saw the pink gash set against brown skin and black pubic hair.

“Oh my god, look at that, isn’t that lovely?” I murmured.

“It certainly is and would look even better with your cock buried in it. Get up there and fuck her.”

I didn’t need a written invitation and climbed up onto the bed. I lay on my back between her thighs and brought her sweet pussy down onto my face. Her clit was erect and flicked it with my tongue and pulled on it between my lips. I heard her low moans as she pulled away from Barbara’s pussy and she was becoming wetter by the second. My erection throbbed almost painfully and increased when I saw Padam climb onto the bed and heard Barbara gag.

I suggested we change positions and I moved Barbara so her ass was at the end of bed. Padam stood between her legs and pushed his cock into her. I had Chandi climb on top of Barbara in a sixty-nine and watched my wife eat her second pussy (I had seen her with Patsy many times). Padam was thrusting at a good pace while Chandi licked his cock and Barbara’s clit. My wife looked up at me, smiled and spread Chandi’s pussy lips wide. My cock had never been harder or looked bigger as I lined it up with Chandi’s cunt. Barbara licked the underside of my dick and my balls. I fondled the lovely brown ass and fingered the pink pussy then Barbara held my cock and rubbed it between Chandi’s pussy lips. I pushed in and found she was tight and she moaned as I forced my cock deeper, stretching her like never before but her moans were of pleasure, not pain and it spurred me on. Within a minute I was all the way in and giving it to her hard. As far as I could tell she had stopped licking Barbara’s clit and her husband’s cock and cried out each time I pumped into her. Barbara was getting a steady pounding and she whimpered from one orgasm to the next but still rubbed Chandi’s clit and watched my cock thrust in and out. Padam talked to Chandi, obviously excited by seeing her getting fucked by another man, “You like Ian’s big cock don’t you? Take it, take all of it you fucking slut.”

“Ooh, yes, it feels so good, deep inside me,” Chandi cried in response.

Padam looked at me and pleaded, “Fuck her, Ian, fuck her with that big dick and fill her with cum.”

I was about to do just that, I held her hips and pulled her hard onto my cock and she screamed through a climax as I splashed a huge load into her pussy. Padam was so excited by this that he ejaculated and filled Barbara. I pulled my cock out of Chandi and Barbara sucked on it then put it back in Chandi’s gaping cunt. I pumped her some more then Barbara sucked me again. Meanwhile, Padam had joined Chandi in eating my wife and she climaxed yet again.

We disentangled and Padam went downstairs to get dinner started. Chandi, Barbara and I went to the master bathroom where the shower enclosure is big enough for the three of us. It was so erotic to fondle their soapy bodies and have them play with my cock. I was already becoming hard again and Chandi said how much she had enjoyed it as she stroked it. It was the biggest cock she had had inside her and hoped to have it there again after dinner. I said that I enjoyed fucking her and was sure she would feel it deep in her pussy again. Barbara and Chandi then knelt down and shared my very stiff erection.

Padam had dinner well under way and went for a shower when we three arrived in the kitchen and commented on how good his cooking smelled. He was indeed an excellent cook and we enjoyed a wonderful meal filled with erotic talk of cocks, pussies, tits and fucking. Padam and Chandi both told us how much they were attracted to older people and we had not disappointed. After the table was cleared we went to the family room and sat on the large sofa. It wasn’t long before pussies were being licked and cocks sucked. Padam and I began by fucking our wives then changed over and gave the ladies a second load of cum.

Before Barbara and I made our way home I mentioned our friends, Mark and Patsy and said how erotic it would be for the six of us to get together. Padam and Chandi were all for it and very excited about the prospect of that. I told them I would arrange a meeting soon but I didn’t mention that Mark had a bigger cock than mine. I wanted that to be a nice surprise for Chandi. . .and I sure Padam will be thrilled to see her fucked by two big cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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