Then and Now Pt. 01

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This story is fantasy. I have had help from a female friend to give her perspective.


Part 1 – Then

Chapter 1

I grew up in a small farming community. My parents were staunch Catholics and any talk of sexuality in our house was non-existent. Like so many kids in conservative households this only made me more curious about the pleasures on offer.

I was a late bloomer. Towards the end of my teens, shortly after my 18th birthday, I realized that certain things created a strange, but pleasant feeling in my body. When reading erotic parts of novels, I took from the local library, these feelings seemed to intensify. I also found that after reading these my panties would become quite damp. It wasn’t urine, but rather a smooth, clear substance with a musky, pleasant odour. I was not able to ask my mother what this was and really wasn’t keen to face the ridicule of my friends so I remained ignorant.

This feeling continued until on one of the occasions while I was reading a particularly erotic part of a novel, I could feel the warm tingling feeling intensify until I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer. I slipped my hand between my legs and tentatively touched myself. Everything came alive! It was as if I had a magnet between my legs, pulling my hand onto my panties. My hand slid over my panties. My fingers tracing a line up and down my lips until they reached the bump at the top of my slit. I could feel my wetness oozing through my panties. My fingers caressed my hard little clit. A feeling of intense pleasure started to wash over me. I was beside myself with pleasure. As the feeling increased I could feel an urge to pee and quickly stopped rubbing myself. I lay back on the bed, breathless and bewildered. First the intense pleasure, then the urge to pee. My mind was in turmoil.

It wasn’t long after that that some of my friends at college started to talk about similar feelings and I expect that it was the age where we were all starting to explore our sexuality. During one of these discussions I picked up that the desire to wee appeared to be the forerunner to an orgasm. I could not wait to get home and put this to the test.

When I got home I was relieved to see I was alone, my brother was out with friends and my parents were still at work. I rushed up to my room and locked the door behind me. I quickly stripped down to my underwear and lay on the bed. My panties were wet; all the erotic thoughts in my mind had made my juices flow. I started by rubbing my hands over my breasts. Each time I rubbed over my hard little nipples the feelings seemed to intensify. While rubbing my nipples with one hand my other moved down to my panties, rubbing up and down my slit. The wetness from my pussy soaking the crotch of my panties. I slipped my panties off and tossed them on the bed. My fingers traced their way quickly through my soft pussy hair and down onto my slit. My clit was super sensitive. My fingers moved down my slit my finger slipped between my lips and into my pussy. As my fingers explored deeper, the palm of my hand came to rest against my hard clit. The waves of please intensified. I could feel the pressure building, until with a mind numbing sensation I experienced my first orgasm.

I lay in bed day after day exploring my sensitive pussy, always dreaming about the boys I was in daily contact with. They formed a big part of my regular masturbation pleasures. I had also started to use my panties as part of my masturbation ritual, often enjoying my sexy fragrance while my hands did their sexy work.

On hindsight I am surprised that my mother never mentioned my masturbation habits as she must have known, from the many damp spots on my sheets and saturated panties in the laundry basket.

Chapter 2

My first experience with a boy happened a year or two later. I guess bursa sınırsız escort I’m one of the lucky ones whose first experience was really pleasurable. Peter was a few years older than I was and I had a huge crush on him. The mere sight of him around town was enough to make my heart beat faster and my pussy to tingle with excitement. In the normal fashion, I got the schoolgirl network to let him know that I was keen on him and it wasn’t long before he phoned to invite me on a date.

The Friday night in question soon arrived and I was waiting for Peter. I had taken trouble to dress as sexily as my parents would allow. In those days this consisted of conservative white cotton panties and bra, all covered by a pale blue dress. He came into the house and introduced himself to my parents. They liked him instantly. This however, did not prevent my father from giving him clear instructions on the time I needed to be home!

As we walked out to the car I was so excited. My first date! With the guy that I wanted most. He was tall and well-built, with a mop of dark brown hair. Like all sportsmen he had a confident air about him.

That date passed without any major incidents besides a deep, passionate kiss when he dropped me at home. I think that he didn’t try anything more on the first date made him even more desirable. On the one hand I was desperate to go further, but on the other, ecstatic that he appeared to respect me so much.

Chapter 3

It was not long into our dating that things started to progress. He invited me over to his house. His family was away for the day, visiting family. He had managed to stay at home. I was promised a fun filled day. At that point I was very keen for things to progress further but still remained a little apprehensive.

We arrived at his house. He had a room at the back with a bedroom and lounge all in one. He held my hand and walked over to the couch. While I made myself comfortable, he put on music and walked over to the fridge in the corner. He took a bottle of champagne from the fridge and slipped the foil off. He flipped the cork with a pop and filled 2 glasses. I was apprehensive about drinking, my parents had the occasional drink but liquor was not a big thing in our house. Peter walked over and handed me a glass.

“Enjoy.” He said, clinking glasses.

I had never tried champagne before and cautiously sipped at the drink. It was wonderful! The bubbles caressed my mouth. The subtle flavour lingered, as the ice cold liquid slipped down my throat. Peter sat next to me and put his hand on my bare leg. I had chosen to wear a pair of shorts with a tight white top. The warmth of his hand got that tingling feeling coursing through my body. I didn’t want to have a champagne glass in my hands much longer, so I drank it quickly, and put the glass down on the table. He followed suit and turned to face me on the couch. He pulled me into his arms and our lips met. I could taste the champagne on his lips. They were soft and cool. His tongue slipped between my lips and we kissed deeply, our tongues intertwined. I was so ready for this!

I could feel my nipples were hardening and feel my moisture seeping through my panties. As we kissed his hands started to rub up and down my back until they slipped under my blouse. His warm hands against my skin felt charged. His hands started to work their way around my sides to my front until they touched the bottoms my small breasts. His fingers slipped under my bra, inching up until they cupped my breasts. I could feel my nipple pressing against his palm.

“Why don’t we move over to the bed where we can be more comfortable?” he asked huskily.

I was too far gone to object and stood up. He pulled me closer and we kissed deeply. I could feel his hardness pressing against my belly. I shivered with anticipation. bursa üniversiteli escort He broke our embrace and guided me to his bed.

We lay down on the bed, our arms entwined. His knee slipped between my knees until it pressed firmly against my pussy. I could feel my panties pressing against my swollen lips. As we kissed he went to work removing my bra. He sat up lifted my top and bra off together, freeing my small breasts and exposing my firm pink nipples. He wasted no time in leaning down and taking my nipple into his mouth. It was as though there was a link from my nipples directly to my pussy!

His efforts soon had me grinding my pussy against his leg, wanting more. It was time for us to get naked. He untangled himself from me. I reluctantly let him go. I was enjoying this too much to want to stop. He knelt between my legs, his hand undoing the button of my shorts, pulling down my zip and exposing my white panties. I was embarrassed that he would see the wet spot clearly visible on my panties. At that stage I was not aware that wet panties are a real turn on for most guys!

He pulled my shorts and panties off together, my panties momentarily sticking to my wetness, and then springing free, and I felt the cool air on my pussy.

“Take your clothes off.” I whispered. I didn’t want to be the only one naked.

He stood and slipped his off his and unbuckled his belt. I was apprehensive about the large bulge I could see in his shorts. I didn’t have to wait long. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and slipped them down his legs. As his cock freed itself from the confines of his underpants, I was definitely a little concerned! It was about 6 inches long but really fat. So far the only thing that had been in my pussy was my own fingers and they were significantly smaller.

His hands started to caress my legs, working his way up until he reached the sensitive skin at the top of my thighs. This was what I wanted, needed. I saw him lie down, his mouth level with my pussy. Could this be it? Oral sex! I had seen it referred to in novels but few of them were specific enough to fully explain what I could expect. Apart from the pleasure that female characters in these novels seemed to get from it. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my pussy lips and it was quickly followed by the smoothness of his lips. It was obvious he had done this before. His tongue slipped between my lips, going up and down, until he reached my sensitive spot. Initially my slit was so sensitive I wasn’t sure if this was going to be as pleasant as I’d hoped, but as his saliva and my juices started to coat my clit, I started to really enjoy the sensation. It wasn’t long before I could not help myself and started to grind myself against his waiting mouth. His tongue slipped into me. It is impossible to describe the sensations I was feeling. How could anything so good be wrong!

As he tongued my pussy I could feel his fingers probing below until they slipped between my folds, and into my wet, juicy, pussy. I could feel his fingers moving inside me, probing the walls of my pussy. By now I was writhing with pleasure. His mouth never left my clit and it was not long before I felt that familiar rising wave of pleasure until, with a loud cry, my orgasm washed over my body.

It felt a little awkward as I felt the warm pleasurable feeling, slowly ebb away. Looking down and seeing Peter lying between my legs, his face turned up and watching me. My Catholic upbringing told me that this was dirty. My body sending a very different message. With a gentle kiss on my swollen pussy he lifted his body up and crawled up the bed until he lay next to me. I rolled over and kissed him on the mouth. I could taste my juices coating his lips. It was good.

As we kissed my mind bursa anal yapan escort was racing. Where did we go from here? It didn’t take me long to make up my mind. I had willingly made the choice to go this far and the only route from here, would be to explore everything I could in the time allowed.

I had read about giving oral sex in my novels. I had prepared myself for it before, but now that I had seen the size of his cock, I was not so sure. I found it hard not to, onsidering the pleasure he had just given me. Without debating it further in my mind, I broke our embrace and moved down until my face was level with his cock.

I kissed his smooth skin, nuzzling his soft pubic hair. I could see the head of his cock standing up proudly. A drop of clear fluid oozed from the tip. I slipped my mouth over the head of his head and took him into my mouth. The incredibly smooth feeling of his cock head will always be in my memory. I could taste his pre cum oozing out. I found the taste to be quite bland and a little salty, not unpleasant at all, and not what I had expected. As I sucked him gently my hands wrapped around his shaft and down to his balls. His hands rested on the back of my head and as he thrust his cock into my mouth he put gentle pressure on my head downwards to meet his cock. As I got the hang of it he released my head and covered my hand with his. He guided my hand up and down his shaft in a jerking motion. I could feel his cock start to throb, his juices now flowing freely. With a loud groan, and little warning he started to cum into my mouth. I was just ignorant and kept sucking and swallowing until I could take no more. His cum dribbled down my chin. The taste was really not bad. His cock started to shrink until it slipped from my lips and dropped to his stomach. He lay back with his eyes closed.

“That was great,” he said “was that really your first time?”

“Yes. My first but not my last.” I answered quietly.

He helped me up and embraced me against his body. Our lips met and we kissed deeply. Our juices coating our mouths and lips. We had not been kissing long when I could feel a stirring from between my legs as his cock started to thicken once again. I realised that this would be the moment of truth!

Very soon his cock had swelled until it reached its hard state once again. He started to wriggle his hips around, his cock head probing my pussy. I felt it penetrate my wet lips and slowly slip into me. It did occur to me that most girls described their first time as a painful experience and was ready for this.

I could feel his size slowly pushing into me. It felt warm and huge. I was worried that he would not fit. He didn’t rush it at all. He slowly inched himself into me while at the same time fondling my breasts and kissing me deeply. After a while, with little discomfort, I realized that he was completely inside me. I could feel his pubic hair rubbing against my pussy. His pubic bone pressed against my sensitive clit. He started to slowly slide his cock backwards and forwards, in and out. I was so wet from my earlier orgasm the experience was unexpectedly good. I felt a slight burning sensation at the start but that quickly passed, replaced by a growing pleasure from deep inside. That familiar feeling returned and it was not long before I was meeting his slow thrusts with harder thrusts of my own.

It was like we were riding a pleasure wave. The pleasure was so intense and with each thrust I cried out. My pussy felt hot and wet, I could feel his cock throbbing as he pushed deep inside me. With a loud cry I came for the second time that day. Peter started to thrust more urgently. Pumping in and out. I could hear him gasping until with a loud moan I could feel his hot cum squirting deep inside me. His cock jerking and twitching as he came.

We were pretty dumb and made no effort to use any protection. It was pure luck that I did not fall pregnant. The upside was that my introduction to sex can only be described as wonderful.

These first experiences were firmly imprinted in my brain and each time I think of them I get very horny and mostly can’t resist slipping my hand into my panties and rubbing my pussy.

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