Then and Now Pt. 02

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Part 2 – And Now

Chapter 1

In the years following my first encounter, I enjoyed a varied and good sex life with a number of men, some great lovers, others not so great. Surprisingly none rivalling my first time. Until now.

This all brings me to the present. I am now thirty something and I recently experienced a memorable encounter.

Gary and I met on an adult dating site. His profile sounded great and he was exactly what I was looking for. He was roughly my age, divorced with kids and just seemed to like the same things that I did. We started chatting online and immediately clicked. It was not long into our online conversations that our chatting become more sexual. These quickly became extremely candid with both of us starting to share experiences and fantasies that we had not shared before. I have found that when people are chatting online they tend to have far fewer inhibitions. This led to some very fulfilling cybersex.

I was single at the time, and was accustomed to masturbation as my only form of sexual pleasure. It was my first experience with cybersex. I was initially not that keen on the idea but soon found that it did seem more pleasurable to masturbate knowing that someone on the other side was masturbating too. From there we progressed to camming. Again a new aspect for me. It was so much better to see and hear the person on the other end of the camera and we both were enjoying some extremely fulfilling orgasms.

Fairly early into our discussions Gary had sheepishly admitted that one of his favourite fetishes was woman’s panties. He told me that every opportunity he would try to steal a pair of used panties when visiting friends and family. He would then rush home with them, and use them as part of his solo play. I was very curious, was it the touch and feel of the panties or their scent that got him off? After some probing he shyly told me that he simply loved the smell and taste of pussy and this transferred to worn panties.

Initially I was not sure how I felt about this aspect as I had never thought of dirty panties having any form of sexual connotation. We had been taught from young not to show our panties to the boys and always make sure that we were wearing clean panties. I still inspect my panties while sitting on the toilet to check my vaginal wellbeing. No sexual thoughts whatsoever.

Over the days that past I thought about this fetish a lot, the thought that a man would love my taste was actually quite flattering. I was always self-conscious about my panties and more specifically my juices soaked into them. After a few weeks of talking about this fetish I finally relented and agreed to send him a pair of mine. I wore them for my entire day at work. The knowledge of where they were going kept me aroused for the entire day and my juices soaked into them. I then made sure that I kept them on throughout that evening’s cam play, to make sure that they were complete soaked. After we had both cum I slipped them off and bagged them in a Ziploc bag. The next morning on my way to work I dropped them in the post.

After all the talk of his panty play and me having prepared a nice wet pair for him I was getting even more aroused at the thought of him using my panties while I watched on cam. I spent a lot of time imagining him with my panties pressed to his nose, stroking his beautiful hard cock. These thoughts made my pussy gush. That evening while playing alone in bed, I decided to try them for myself, and slipped them down my legs and brought them to my nose. I loved it!

Gary called me 2 days later and let me know that his parcel had arrived. He had resisted the urge to open the envelope and agreed that he would open it while online with me later that evening. After having my dinner and a nice long soak in the bath, I was lying ready on the bed with my camera on waiting for him to come on line. The screen flickered and his image popped up on my laptop screen.

“Hi beautiful.” he said.

I could see he was wearing a pair of pale blue cotton boxers and his cock had formed a tent in the front. I was wearing a satin, navy blue teddy, and had decided to leave my panties off for the evening.

“Take those boxers off,” I said, “I want to see you.”

He slipped them off and tossed them to the floor. I loved seeing his hard cock pointing skywards. I opened my legs and spread them wide so that he could see my arousal. I was neatly trimmed and my pussy was puffy and swollen, my juices glistening in the light from my lamp. Once we were both ready he reached for the parcel, opening the envelope, and finally unsealing the Ziploc bag. His fingers dipped into the bag and came out with my white panties between his fingers.

“They are still damp!” he whispered.

I didn’t reply but simply let my fingers roam down to my pussy and rub up and down my wet furrow. I watched as he flipped the panties over until he had the crotch between his fingers and brought them to his nose. I heard him groan as he smelt my pussy for the first time. His istanbul escort free hand grasped his cock and started to stoke himself. I could see his pre-cum oozing from the tip, coating his cock head. I knew that this was not going to be a long session. We were both simply too sexually charged. His pace quickened and my fingers speeded up to match his pace. He started to thrust his up and his back arched until with a cry I saw his cum gush from the tip of his cock, into the air and splatter onto his chest. Seeing him brought me over the edge and with a loud moan I stared to cum with him, my finger deep inside my pussy.

We both lay there for a while, both lost in our own pleasure. We chatted for a short while and then disconnected. As I lay in bed, still cupping my tender pussy I knew that we had to progress this relationship.

Chapter 2

A short while later Gary suggested that he come for a visit over the Thanksgiving weekend. His kids were going to stay with their mother and he would fly out to see me. Without a second thought I agreed, and dates were set. I would collect him from the airport on Thursday evening and he would return home on the Sunday. Everything was agreed and I couldn’t wait!

I used the weeks ahead to prepare for Gary’s visit. I went out shopping for some nice new lingerie. With Gary’s love of sexy underwear, and judging from the reception I got from the panties I sent him, he would definitely take a few pairs with him when he left. I also knew that he loved a shaved pussy so I would take time and make sure that my pussy was beautifully smooth and ready for play. I had established what he liked to eat and drink so there was no reason to leave the house unless we wanted to.

Leading up to his visit we spoke daily and while we spent a lot of time talking about the pleasure we could expect but it was almost as though we both getting a little shy discussing the specifics. Taking this from online fantasy play to reality would be a big step. I wanted things to take their natural course.

The day finally arrived. I woke early and tidied up the house. I did not want him to think I was a total slob. Once the house looked neat and tidy, I changed the linen on my bed. All white. Pure and clean. By the time I was done it was almost lunchtime and had time to enjoy a long relaxing bath before I headed to the airport.

I ran a bath and poured a generous amount of bath gel into the bath, a mass of soft silky bubbles. I walked naked through the house and poured a glass of wine and returned to my hot bath. I stepped in and sunk down into the bath, my wineglass in hand. It was fantastic to be able to lie back and relax for the first time that day. My mind was all over the place. Imagining how the rest of the weekend would progress. Without realizing it my left hand had drifted between my legs and was caressing my hardening clit. I closed my legs guiltily. My mind and my body were clearly not in sync. There would be plenty of time for that later.

I finished my wine, put down the glass and washed myself. I still needed to shave. I took particular care to wash my pussy thoroughly. Partly to make sure it was clean, and partly to make sure that the stubble remaining on my pussy would be soft and easy to shave. I had started shaving a number of years earlier and found that as long as I took my time and used a new blade each time, I did not suffer from ingrown hairs or razor burn. I lay back and carefully shaved every last hair from my swollen pussy. Once done I took care to rinse with warm, clean water and then got out of the bath and dried off thoroughly.

Getting dressed posed more of a challenge. I wanted everything to be perfect. I started with a light spray of Heavenly, my favourite perfume. I opened my lingerie drawer and pulled out the white satin and lace undies I had bought a few days ago. I had not worn them yet, but had made sure that I carefully hand washed them. Who knows whose grubby hands had been on them in the store? The panties were beautiful and thin, just covering me but leaving enough to whet the appetite. I pulled them up my legs until they fitted snugly over my pussy. I was anticipating the pleasures to come and could feel that my pussy lips were swollen and tender. It would not be long before my juices would start to seep out and moisten the fabric of my new panties. Gary would like that! I pulled the bra on and adjusted the straps until my small pert tits were cupped perfectly. I could see my nipples were hard and clearly visible through the lace. I rubbed my hands over my breasts. My knees weakened as they rubbed my sensitive nipples. This was going to be a great day. I just knew it!

I almost wished it was summer. I would have loved to wear a short skirt and flimsy top. I would have given the truck drivers an eyeful of my damp panties. I ended up in a pair of tight blue jeans and a white cotton sweater. The raised seam of my jeans pressed firmly against my pussy.

Eventually I was satisfied that everything was ready escort bayan and I was looking my best, I headed to the airport. Traffic was heavy with the crappy weather and thought that I should have probably left a little earlier.

Chapter 3

I arrived at the airport with minutes to spare. Fortunately, the flight arrival time never takes into account waiting for baggage. I parked the car and walked quickly into the warm airport building. I didn’t have long to wait before I could see people starting to walk out of the arrival gate. Eventually I could see him walking from a distance. He looked even better in the flesh than the pictures I had seen of him. My heart fluttered.

He walked straight towards me and as he approached, dropped his bag onto the floor and took me in his arms. He didn’t say a word. His lips were soft and warm. I felt really safe in his warm embrace. We kissed and hugged in the middle of the airport building, completely oblivious to the people milling around us. I could feel him pressing against my jeans. I could picture his hard cock. I could not wait any longer and broke embrace.

“Let’s get home.” I said breathlessly. I took him by the hand and led him out of the terminal building.

The drive home seemed to drag. He sat sideways in the seat with his hand on my leg. His hand was gently caressing my leg with his fingers moving up my thigh until I could feel him brush my pussy through my jeans. I could feel the wetness building up in my panties. If I had not been wearing jeans I would have spread my legs and given him free access my pussy!

By the time I pulled into the driveway I was almost beside myself. My panties were drenched. I felt sure that my juices would soon start to ooze through my jeans too.

Chapter 4

We wasted no time getting into the house. I was still kicking the door closed when he pulled me into his arms for another kiss. This time we didn’t hold back. Our hands caressing as we kissed deeply. There was no mistaking the size of his cock. I could feel his hardness pressing into my stomach. As he kissed me he started to undress me. He wasted no time in stripping me to my underwear. When he knelt in front of me to pull my jeans down his nose was so close to me it was brushing my panties. His face moved between my legs and he nuzzled my pussy through my panties with his mouth.

“I think we should find the bedroom, why not lead the way?” he said, his voice gruff with desire.

I took him by the hand and led him to my room. As we walked his hands explored my ass. I loved his sensual touch.

I sat down on the bed facing him and helped him undress. Shirt first, then his trousers. He slipped his shoes and socks off and was soon standing in front of me in his cotton boxers. I could see his hard cock straining against the thin fabric. A small damp spot had formed on the front. I slipped my fingers in the waist band and slipped them down his legs. His large cock sprang free. It was so nice and big, I would have guessed about 7 inches long but at least an inch and a half thick. His foreskin was partially pulled back and the purple head was just peeping through. His arousal was obvious. His pre-cum sparkling like a diamond in the dim light of the room.

Without a word I opened my lips and pulled his cock into my mouth. As he slipped in, I savoured the taste of his juice and enjoyed the smoothness of his head as I took him all the way into my mouth.

He had enjoyed tasting my pussy from my panties, but for me this was a pleasant first taste. His cock was hot and I could feel it twitching as I ran my tongue around the head of his cock. As I sucked him I could feel his balls tightening. I took him deep into my mouth and could feel him gently pushing deeper. I slipped my lips back up his shaft and wrapped my tongue around his cock head. I ran my tongue back down the underside of his shaft until my mouth reached his heavy balls. I took them in my mouth one by one, rolling my tongue around them. I loved that they were shaved smooth. My hands reached up and slowly pulled his skin back until his cock head was exposed and dripping his juices. He reluctantly pulled his cock away from my mouth, lifted me up, and gently lay me down on the bed. I lay back looking at him. I could see his hard cock swing freely as he knelt down between my legs and his mouth slowly settled onto the lips of my pussy through my panties.

His warm breath brought back memories of that first time all those years ago. His tongue started to run up and down the length of my pussy crease over my panties. The feeling of his tongue pressing against me was fantastic but I needed more. I needed to feel his tongue on my bare pussy.

I reached down and pulled the lacy fabric aside, giving him free access to my swollen pussy lips. I could see my large clit was peeping from between my lips.

“You shaved,” he said and slowly opened my pussy lips with is tongue.

My juices started to flow freely onto his warm tongue. The feeling as his Bostancı escort tongue probed into me was heavenly. He started to run his tongue up and down my furrow and over my sensitive clit. After a few minutes he knelt and slipped my panties off in one fluid movement. He lay down again and went back to work on my pussy.

I was writhing around on the bed, riding his tongue. Trying to push it deeper inside me. Gary slipped his finger between my lips, his mouth now working on my erect clit. His finger wormed its way into me until I could feel him deep inside me. As his finger rotated inside me I could feel him slip a second finger into my pussy, it filled my pussy. He had his palm up, the tips of his fingers massaging my G-spot until with a loud scream the biggest orgasm of my life rushed over me, squirting my juices into his waiting mouth and leaving me gasping for breath. I felt faint from sheer ecstasy.

Gary continued to suckle gently at my clit while he slowly extracted his fingers from my pussy. I was so wet from my orgasm and I could see my juices coating my thighs and my cream was oozing down my ass and onto the duvet. As he lifted his head I could see my juices on his face and mouth. I helped him up until he was lying on top of me. I kissed him hard and savoured the musky taste of my pussy on his lips.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my wet pussy. His hips moved forward slowly and I could feel my pussy start to stretch as his thick cock eased into me. As he gently pushed his cock all the way into me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him tightly against me. Filling me completely. We started to slowly rock in unison, his cock slipping gently in and out. The pleasure I had enjoyed just minutes before, was returning quickly. While his hips kept up a steady rhythm his finger massaged my nipples. I love my nipples being rubbed hard as I near orgasm.

I really wanted to be on top. I love it when a man can lie back and just enjoy while I ride him with wild abandon. I hugged him close and motioned for him to roll me over. He immediately understood and rolled over until I was lying on top of him. His cock had not moved an inch and was still buried deep inside me.

I lifted up until my breasts were swinging free. He took my hard nipples into his mouth. It felt so good as he sucked and nibbled me. I started to ride him hard, his cock slipping in and out my wet pussy in long hard strokes. I could feel his body tense up and realized that he would soon be pumping me full of his hot cum. This was such a turn on and quickly had me racing to meet his orgasm. I lifted my hips until his cock was almost slipping from my pussy before firmly thrusting it in to the hilt. Deep strokes. The friction on my clit and his sucking and nibbling on my nipples soon had the walls of my pussy quivering and my orgasm was just seconds away. My loud cries of pleasure seemed to spur him on, and plunged his cock up into me meeting my downward thrusts. I heard him breathing heavier until with a loud groan he pumped me full of his hot cum. The hot feeling filling my pussy pushed me to my second orgasm of the day. I could feel his cock twitch and pump the last few drops of cum into me.

We lay in a tight embrace and I could feel his cock softened inside me. Blocking his cum from oozing from me. I lay on top of him. Quietly reflecting on how sexually compatible we were. It was like we knew exactly what the other wanted without asking.

We eventually rolled off each other and lay on the bed, our bodies intertwined. Just enjoying the feelings of sexual satisfaction in the dim light. I eventually disentangled myself from him and got off the bed. I was sure that by now he would be as thirsty as I was. I reached for my silk gown.

“Don’t, I want to enjoy the sight of your body.” He said

“Let me put my panties back on, I am streaming.” I answered.

I picked up my discarded panties from the floor and pulled them up my legs, over my hips until my pussy was snugly covered. As walked from the room to the kitchen to get the bottle of Champagne from the fridge, I could feel our combined juices oozing from my pussy adding to the moisture already soaking my panties.

Chapter 5

When I returned to the bedroom he was lying in the same position, the only difference was that his cock seemed to be returning to life. I could see it was partially erect but thickening quickly. For me this was unusual as most of the lovers I had been with didn’t seem to have these powers of recovery. I passed him the champagne to open and knelt between his legs holding out the glasses. I saw him glance down and his eyes widen as he saw the wetness on my panties. I immediately saw him harden. He wasted no time in pouring the Champagne and putting the bottle on the side table. I knelt astride him and let my silky panties rub against his hard shaft.

We both drank our champagne quickly. Both ready to carry on our sexual marathon.

“I want to lick your pussy again” he whispered.

I did a double take. My panties had trapped in all of our juices and once removed my pussy would be once again oozing. Shrugging off my initial surprise I simply slipped off my panties. There was nothing about that this amazing lover that would surprise me anymore.

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