There Goes the Neighborhood Ch. 01

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That Friday started out like most others. I rode my bike to my friend Myra’s house. It was about an hour since school had ended but I didn’t have to attend. As I had finished much of my classes for my beginning senior year, I rarely had to attend and often looked over the scholarships I was offered.

I gave a knock on the Jackson home side door. After a few seconds, Audrey Jackson, Myra’s mom came to the door.

The first thing I noticed were the protruding perky 42D breasts almost spilling out of her shirt. Though having noticed many times before, I had recently been finding it harder to resist them. They were so firm and yet so soft. They jiggled just barely when she walked. And her ass… oh her juicy ass! Like two plump hams. I wasn’t exactly sure why I thought of them. I just did. Constantly.

“Hello Kyle” Audrey said happily, “How is your mother?” I stared for a few more seconds before saying “Oh… she’s fine. At home right now.” I had to tear my eyes from those breasts and maintain eye contact. She nodded and bit her bottom lip a little as her eyes seemed to travel down toward my leg for some reason.

She seemed to break out of some trance and clapped her hands and exclaimed “Oh! I’ll be late for work.” She grabbed her purse and kissed my forehead as she began to leave. As she walked faster, I thought her breasts would jump from her straining bra. She gave me another one of those funny looks Alanya Escort and left after a swift goodbye. I watched her butt jiggle as she went out the door.

Myra then walked in. “Hey Kyle!” she said happily. We headed to her room to play video games. Myra looked almost exactly like her mom with auburn hair and light freckles. She was my best friend who was a girl but constantly played football with me and my friends. She was also very attractive but of course I never told her.

We played video games like always. After we finished, she turned to me and sighed. “Hard to believe this is our last year together. With you going to Yale and me to Berkeley.” I nodded. Though we had known for a while, it still seemed hard to imagine I go through college without my best friend.

“That’s part of the reason why I invited you over.” She said, trying to figure out what to say, “I know a lot of girls liked you this year and I’m sure even more will while you’re at Yale.” She paused again, biting her lip. “I… don’t want us leaving high school as virgins.”

I had watched porn before many times. I jerked off at least 5 times a day and yet I always was rapidly producing cum. “How would we not?” I asked, “No one in school likes either one of us.” She moved her hand to my semi-hard cock. “I like you Kyle.”

Myra placed her hand down the waistband of my shorts and had started rubbing my Alanya Escort Bayan dick. Not knowing what else to do, I did the same to her. It felt moist and I stuck my fingers in.

Myra moaned and rubbed faster, my cock soon overflowing her hand. However, she grabbed in and guided it back and she moaned loudly. She pulled off her shirt. Her boobs were similar to her mother’s, not as big but just a intriguing at least 34G. As she kept jerking me off, I started sucking. Soon the room was full of moans.

After my shorts were all the way off, she started sucking my dick. She moved her tongue over the tip and I couldn’t help but moan as I felt pressure build in my balls. She couldn’t get very far without gagging but it felt amazing. She pulled from it with long strands of saliva coating it.

I pushed Myra back and pulled down her pants and underwear. I saw that her area there seemed very wet. I pushed in and we both groaned. The feeling was incomparable. I kept pushing as my legs went weak and I supported myself on my hands.

I pushed harder to which Myra gripped hard on the edge of the creaking bed. I remembered from health class it was called an orgasm. After a few minutes, her vagina tightened around my dick and I felt the pressure in it build and I screamed more from pleasure than pain. I forced my way through. At one point, she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Yes! Yes Escort Alanya Kyle!” she yelled repeatedly.

I kept hammering inside her and was hypnotized by the fast rhythmic slap of my balls against her vagina. Myra then gently pushed me onto my back. Imitating the woman and sat on my throbbing dick. The wet softness of her insides felt so warm and inviting. I pull her down all the more and she screamed more and more.

“YES!” she screamed loudly. We both kept screaming as she leaned back until she finally just kept riding with her mouth open but no sound coming out. Finally, she learned back forward and kissed me and we forced against each other harder each time. Myra wailed under the incessant pounding and began to cum. “Kyle…” she said sounding almost out of breath “…it…feels… so g-good!”

I wanted to agree but I was barely in that dimension anymore. She bounced up and down and I yelled out as a sharp sensation traveled through me. My world then exploded in what felt like a large blast of energy. My dick shot load after load into her. She then started shaking a little until she fell back resting on her palms, breathing heavily. I watched her chest rise and fall as my dick throbbed inside her. We made eye contact and we were feeling the same thing. Absolute happiness.

Myra kept sliding up and down with my dick coated with liquids. As the video ended, Myra fell over and kissed me. It was long and sweet. She gripped my softening dick and stroked it fast and I stuck my fingers in her. We groaned into each other’s mouth as the sensations died down. We kept kissing until we heard someone clear their throat.

“Well, what do we have here?” Mrs. Jackson asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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