They call me Dr. Love…(7)

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-This is a combination of two different chapters.-

I took Brianna by the hand and led her out of the bathroom, into Kays room.

How did this all happen again? Why was I now fucking her 16 year old sister?

Oh well. I didn’t really care.

We resituated Kays bedsheets as best we could, picked up our clothes, walked out her door, turned down the hall, and made our way to Briannas room.

Brianna walked over and turned her TV off.

I sat down on her bed and she joined me.

“What a night…” she sighed.

“It’s been something else.” I said.

I laid my head down on a pillow. Brianna laid next to me. This gave us a chance to stare into the darkness at each other.

I ran my hand over Briannas hair. She breathed deep.

I moved forward and planted a kiss on her forehead. I round my hand from her hair down to her chin. I lifted her head and planted a small peck on her lips.

Her mouth opened wide. How could I resist? I opened mine more and we connected.

My cock started to stiffen.

Our heads turned and pushed against one another. Our tongues swirled together.

I got closer and ran my hand down to her ass. I gave it a few squeezes. I used my hand position to lift her leg up, slightly. I began to press forward, my cock just touching her pussy lips…

“I can’t, Bret.” She said.

“What?” I asked, surprised.

“I’m just a little sore, that’s all.” she said. She let her head drop, ashamed.

“Hey, that’s alright.” I said, reassuring her. “You can just let me know when you’re ready.”

Brianna smiled at me and pushed her head into my chest.

We laid like that for a long time. I had no plans of leaving. It was just Brianna and I in the empty house. Who knows what time her dad would get home from the bar? He’d just pass out anyways. Kay wasn’t due back until much later that night.

With my arms wrapped around Brianna, we fell asleep.

I started having a very vivid dream. Kay was home. We had missed each other so much. She was celebrating her return the same way we’d said goodbye; with a blowjob.

God, how velvety her mouth felt. Her hot tongue swirling around my shaft. She really had missed me!

Kay started to disappear. She faded away little by little until she had disappeared. I felt my blowjob, but I couldn’t find my cocksucker.

I was so confused. I opened my eyes and looked at the early morning sunshine radiating into the room. It was just a dream.

I checked my surroundings and saw I was still in Briannas room.

I lifted my head a little and saw my cock sliding in and out of Briannas mouth. She was the cocksucker.

“Well good morning.” I said with a smile.

Brianna just gave me a half smile and kept on sucking.

I sat up and scooted against the headboard. Brianna adjusted her body so she was sucking from the side.

I used one hand to run over the top of her head, the other to rub her sore pussy.

I started bucking my hips in rhythm with Briannas slurps. She did have a talent.

Brianna brought her mouth off of my cock with a ‘smack’ of her lips. She came up and kissed me hard. It was a turn on. I could taste my cock in her mouth.

I pushed my legs so they dangled off the edge of the bed. Brianna stood between my legs and turned around. She started to sit. She must be all healed up.


I did penetrate Brianna. Just not her pussy. That’s right. I was balls-deep insider her beautiful ass once more.

“Fuck yeah.” I said.

“You like that?” Brianna asked.

“You have no idea.” I said.

Brianna began to move her lower body back and forth. I latched onto her hips to help guide her.

She escort numaraları started to bounce a little and I was obliged to help in this process.

I watched my cock move in and out of her ass like a red slip-n-slide.

I needed to be in control to get me there. I laid Brianna on her back. I stood off the bed and lifted her legs and started pumping once more. Every thrust sent Briannas titties bouncing up and down. Her eyes closed, mouth open, it brought back some memories.

I let her legs drop and continued my mission. I let my hands reach out and squeeze her perky tits, probably just a little too tightly.

Fucking Briannas ass, coupled with the wake-up blowjob, sent me off sooner than I’d liked.

I felt my balls tug as my cock shot off in Briannas ass.

“Fucking A.” I said.

Brianna just giggled.

I pulled my cock out and leaned over Brianna. I kissed her stomach gently several times.

I ran my finger in her slit.

“You’ll get that later.” She said.

“I’m sure I will.” I answered.

I laid next to Brianna. What was I going to do when Kay came home tonight?


Part 2

As sunlight filled the room, I got my first perfect look at Briannas naked body. We’d been fucking in relative darkness, and I wasn’t really seeing straight when we had been in the shower.

God she was beautiful…

I knew I should probably get home and sit around all day waiting on Kay. That just seemed like the right thing to do.

“You look tired.” Brianna said.

“‘Cause I am.” I said.

“Me too.” Brianna replied.

I lifted my head and looked at the clock. It was only 8:00 a.m. I laid my head back down and ran the previous night through my head. I was a lucky guy.

I felt a strange pride. There were two beautiful girls that wanted nothing but me. Two beautiful sisters whom felt they loved me.

“Bret, when are we gonna be together again?” Brianna asked.

I didn’t know what to tell her. Kay would make it almost impossible for me to be alone with Brianna. Almost.

“I don’t know, Bri.” I said. “But believe me…whenever there’s a chance.”

Brianna closed her eyes and moved toward me.

“I love you, Bret.” she said.

“Love you too, Brianna.” I lied.

I didn’t love her. She was a very attractive girl and I was a very horny boy. I cared for her…but I didn’t LOVE her the way I did Kay.

I ran my hands up and through my hair, letting out a long sigh. I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

“Well…I think I’ll head next door.” I said.

“You’re leaving me?” Brianna asked, looking sad.

“It’s not that I want to.” I lied. “I’ve gotta get some stuff done this morning.”

“Fine.” Brianna said, coldly.

What did she expect me to do? Lay naked with her all day long? Fuck her a few times until Kay came home? I didn’t have time for that.

I stood and put my clothes back on.

“I’ll see you tonight.” I said. “As soon as Kay gets home.”

“Bret…” she called. “just promise me this wasn’t a one-time thing.”

“Awww. Brianna…no. Don’t even think like that. I care about you too much. It’s just complicated. Me and Kay. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t hurt you like that.” I said.

I walked back to her and kissed her long and hard. I kissed her on the forehead and walked out her door, down the hall, hit the stairs, out of the house and into mine.

I walked into my kitchen and saw mom making breakfast.

“Where’ve you been?” She asked.

“Long night.” I explained.

I told her I wasn’t hungry and went upstairs. God, I needed a shower…again.

I escort pornoları grabbed some comfortable clothes and went back downstairs into the bathroom. I stripped naked in front of the mirror. My body had been through a lot over the past 6 months.

I looked down at my cock. He really loved me these days. Poor guy. He needed a shave. Everything needed to be perfect for Kay tonight.

I was pretty good at shaving. Kay liked the feel of a smooth cock…as did Heather, Mindy, and all the other drunk whores I’d been with…and Brianna hadn’t complained.

I finished my shave and stared at my bald pecker. What a guy.

I got in the shower and let the hot water hit my back. It felt great. My body was exhausted. I’d introduced Brianna to a new world and she loved it. I’d inadvertently taught Brianna the art of making love. She got one hell of a crash course.

I got out of the shower and put some clothes on. I walked upstairs and collapsed on my bed. I took a long nap.

It was just one of those days. I woke up from my nap and couldn’t find a thing to do. Nothing looked good on TV. Nothing was going on at my house. It just seemed like the clock was working against me.

Finally, my agony took a pause. It was only around 6 p.m. or so when my phone went off. It was a call from Kays cell phone.

“Ugh…Brianna…” I murmered.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey!” I heard. It really was Kay this time. “Are you home?”

“Uh. Yeah.” I said.

“Come to your window!” Kay instructed.

I walked over to my window and looked across to hers. There she was, waving at me. She was really back.

“It’s so good to see you again, Kay.” I said.

“I missed you so much.” She said. “Come over!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. We said goodbye and I walked straight out of my house and over to hers.

Inside, I found her dad sitting in his chair.

“Bret…” he said. “How can I help you?”

Just then, Kay came down the stairs in a pair of short shorts with stripes that alternated from light pink to regular pink. At the top she wore a pink tank top…and I was pretty sure no bra.

“Bret and I are going to the movies, Daddy.” Kay said.

“Oh. Alright then.” he said.

I nodded to him and Kay followed my out the door. Just outside, she grabbed me and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her. I’d missed her like crazy. I ran my hands up and down her back. My love was back.

Quickly, she realized that someone else had missed her and was saying hello by poking at her crotch.

“Ha. Miss me much?” she teased.

“You have no idea…” I answered.

We walked over and hopped in the truck.

“We’re going to the movies?” I asked.

“Hell no.” Kay said.

“Then where we goin’?” I asked.

“Just drive and take me there.” She answered.

Good enough for me.

My cock being shaved couldn’t be the only thing to make this time special. I had an idea.

I headed out of town and hit some back roads. I made my way to a small path.

“Well, this looks familiar.” Kay said.

“It’s our spot.” I answered.

Sure enough, I had led Kay and I back to our secluded spot. Surrounded by trees, we were safe.

The first time it had greeted us with snow on the ground, restricting our love to the confines of the cab. This time, we got outside.

I popped my tailgate down and sat on it. Kay walked in front of me and started kissing me.

No hesitation.

I lifted the bottom of her pink tank top. I was right. No bra. I cupped her breasts as I sucked her tongue with every bit of passion I could muster.

I leaned back and tugged the bottom escort portalı of my shirt over my head, knocking my hat off.

We kissed again. Kay moved her hands to my crotch and began doing her best to get my pants ready for removal. She was a pro, though. It took no time at all.

I sat on my tailgate in only my boxers, my half-naked love in front of me. My boner was flying in the wind and I felt great. Kay backed off and slid her shorts down. Perfect shave.

She climbed up in the bed of the truck with me. She laid me back and straddled the bulge in my blue and orange striped boxers. She positioned her slit so that it pressed on the underside of my cock. The top side being smashed into my lower stomach.

I ran my hands along her sides. She looked like a goddess with the orange glow of the sun washing over her tan body.

She started to rock her hips back and forth on my cock. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. It was as evident as the hard cock being pressed against her.

I tensed my cock a few times. I could feel the tingly sensation of pre-cum oozing from my purple head.

Kay scooted herself back somewhat and kissed my stomach. Her kisses got nearer and nearer my waistband. Slowly, she curled her fingers underneath it and began to slide.

My cock sprang out as she rounded them down my feet. She ran her hand just above my cock.

“This for me?” She smiled, admiring the shave.

I just smiled back.

Kay scooted herself up again. She grabbed my cock and started to guide it.

She hesitated. I thought for sure the condom was coming. It always was.

But I was wrong. Apparently, Kay was just too horny to piss with it.

Kay directed me in and allowed herself to be filled with my lonely meat.

A change of pace, a soft moan escaped my lips. Kay repeated her rocking motion. She had a huge smile on her face.

I grasped her hips and started to help her fuck me. It wasn’t so easy. I had Kay lean forward a little, bringing her off the ground, so I could just fuck her.

I slammed my hips up and dove into her pussy.

I looked down and watched my throbbing cock slam in and out of her bald pussy.

I looked up and saw Kays tits swaying in my face. It was a good day.

Kay started to moan. It had been over a week since she’d gotten this pleasure. I wish I could say the same for myself…

I sat up a little and moved Kay onto all fours. This was my best way of fucking. It gave me the easiest access to her ass…if she’d ever let me go there…

I rammed myself into her pussy once more. A small ripple went out over his ass and up to her back with every slam.

I had brought my left arm around and had it tugging against her waist area. This gave each thrust that extra push.

I knew I was doing something right, as Kays pussy began to contract on me.

“Oh shit.” She said.

She was off. I had gotten all the sexual tension to release from her body.

I stopped pumping for a moment and turned Kay over. Her breasts glowed in the setting sun.

I lifted her legs and supported each in a separate elbow. I got myself lined up and moved in for the kill.

Kays pussy had a red tinge to it. We were creating some real friction.

“Oh fuck. This is so much better without the condom…” she said.

Well…if she liked that…

I pumped hard a few more times and I knew it was coming. My balls tensed…as did almost every other muscle in my body…as my sperm evacuated my balls, flowing into the pussy of the girl I loved.

I could feel my cock being surrounded by hot juices. My juices.

“Oh my God.” Kay said. “That feels so weird.”

Sweating, I laid down on top of Kay and began kissing her chest.

Slowly, my cock eased out of her slit.

“That was great.” I said.

Kay giggled.

“You know…dad should be gone now.” She said.

Sure. He was gone. But I knew Brianna was still there…

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