Thinking of You

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I imagine you, while I sit in my kitchen, performing a sexy dance for me, swinging your hips around in circles, slowly dipping, getting low, Wearing only my tie and a pair of red cotton booty shorts. You bend right over raising your hand in the air just to smack your ass, dropping low again just to stick your ass out as you raise back up, You know this turns me on, you know what your body does to me, You turn around and start to strut towards me, Removing my tie, peeling it from around your neck up, up through your breasts, Dancing around me with it as your prop before putting it over my eyes as a blindfold.

The next thing I feel is your hands on my belt, undoing my pants. You struggling to get my hard on out, as you release it you stop, I feel your hands move to my chest running along my shoulders, up the back of my head. You pull me in for a deep, deep kiss. As our tongues dance together you notice my hard on twitching, you start to tease me, tracing your fingers around my legs and pelvis, tugging at my pants to remove them, running your hands up my legs, to my inner thighs touching everywhere by my aching hard on.

I feel no more fingers, I only feel your tongue flicking the tip of my hard on, like your dancing across the tip, right florya escort before you take me in as deep as you can go, cupping my balls and bobbing your head faster and faster. All I can do is moan and try not to trust. Your lips wrapped tight around my shaft, sucking and teasing the tip. You can feel my muscles start to tighten as you keep moving faster and faster, your lips on my shaft feel amazing, whatever you do with your tongue leaves me speechless, as I near orgasm you massage my balls, and at the right moment you take me into your mouth as I explode. You clean me up, licking my shaft from the base to the tip, making sure you are very thorough

You take my hands and lead me to the couch where you had just been dancing and sit me down in the center, I feel your hands tugging at my shirt, pulling it over my head, leaving me naked waiting for you. I don’t feel or hear you for a couple seconds, and all of a sudden I feel you crawl up on the couch, standing, straddling me. I can feel the heat from between your legs inches from my face, as your hot, wet pussy nears my lips I stick my tongue out to taste you, but still blindfolded I miss. I slide my hands up and down your legs, from your ankles to your knees, feriköy escort back to your ankles, back up to your thighs, up to your waist and caressing your ass. Once I realize your panties are still on I feel for the waistband and slowly peel them off and get a scent of how turned on you are. Once your panties are off I caress your ass again, giving you soft little spanks on each cheek before pulling your crotch onto my face.

Licking and sucking at the wetness between your legs, flicking your swollen clit while I work my hands on your ass. I feel you grind your crotch into my face, loving every second minute of it I drive my tongue deep inside you, tasting you, you taste amazing. You softly moan and start to squirm while I caress your ass and flick your clit with my tongue, my hand slips between your cheeks, between your legs and starts stroking your pussy. You moan again while I slip a finger inside you, inserting my finger in and out slowly in and out until you get use to the feeling, I slide another finger in, still licking I stroke your pussy from the inside, feeling your muscles tighten your legs start to shake as you near climax, I stroke you a little deeper and suck on your clit a little harder, fulya escort you soon explode and climax onto my mouth and face.

Quivering and shaking from the ripples of your orgasm you remove the blindfold and kiss me deep, my face still wet with you all over it, I shuffle to the edge of the seat and you slowly lower yourself onto my, again, hard on. You throw your head back in pleasure once you reach the point where you cant take me deeper, you wrap your arms around my head, your hands grip my shoulders as you start to ride me slowly at first until you get use to the feeling of your tight pussy being stretched by my cock. You get this look in your eye, this fucking sexy look like you want it and your going to take it and you start riding me hard, bouncing up and down on my dick I can feel your muscles tighten as you climax again and again, my hands smacking your ass, spanking your beautiful butt as I try to catch your bouncing breasts in my mouth to suck on your rock hard nipples. Nearing my own orgasm I grab your hips and take control, thrusting upwards into you deeper than you were taking me before, your body starts to shake and quiver as your nails dig into my shoulders I push deep inside you, your body tightens up as you orgasm again. Thinking your almost done you give me that look again and you meet my body with your thrusts. Thrusting into each others bodies, harder, faster deeper, both our bodies tense up as we explode again, together

We both collapse into a pile, out of breath and sweaty as you kiss me deep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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