Thirst for Women Power

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When she asked me what I wanted for birthday, I didn’t have to think twice to answer. It was she that I wanted.

She wore a red color top, white leggings and black panties underneath. She had come straight after bleaching her anus. I had only read about it online and wanted to see how it looked down there after bleaching. As though sensing my mind, she asked me if I wanted to see her bleached anus. I eagerly said yes.

She asked me to sit down on the couch and stood in front of me with her back just inches away from my face. Her perfectly round ass looked so fucking gorgeous in the red top reaching just below her ass. I could see the curves of her thighs meeting her ass through the large slits of her top. She slowly pulled the top up to reveal her flaring hips covered snugly in the white leggings. I could see her panty lines clearly under the soft material of her leggings. She paused a little and then slowly pushed the leggings down till it reached the top of her thighs. She then looked down at Bostancı escort bayan my face and smiled sexily. With that killer smile, she seductively pulled down the black lace panty that lay stretched over her perfectly round and supple ass cheeks.

She then asked me if I was ready to see the sight of my life. I mumbled something with my mouth dry. She looked me straight in my eyes and grabbed her ass cheeks with both her hands and pushed them open to show me her clean and gleaming ass crack. It was almost pink in color and was puckered slightly around the opening. It looked very contrasting to the fair skin of her ass and as she stood there with her ass open towards my face, I sat there and sniffed hard to get the sweet feminine aroma of her. I couldn’t and so she moved her ass a little more closely to my face and I could now smell heaven from her ass crack. I closed my eyes and inhaled deep. The hot and pungent smell of her divine femininity filled my nostrils to my lungs.

I Escort Bostancı couldn’t stand it no more and I plunged my face deep into the inside her soft and succulent ass. She held her ass open to fit my face snugly inside and without touching her with my hand, I started to lick her ass crack slowly with the tip of my tongue. She tasted so divine and I opened my mouth to lick her long and hard. I continued licking her anus for about six minutes before she grabbed my hair and pulled my head out from the inside of her ass.

She held me close, held my face in her hands and kissed me lovingly and passionately on the lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and down my throat. I hugged her tight and stood trembling as though on electric shock. After kissing me for a good couple of minutes, she pushed me down to kneel on the floor in front of her. I hugged her hips as it came near my face again and she stopped me to get out of her leggings. She now stood with her panties across her Bostancı Rus Escort thighs and the red top pushed up above her waist. Her fair skin looked so contrasting between the red material of her top and the black colored lace panties.

I pulled her panties down with both my hands and positioned myself between her legs with my head tilted up and my mouth open wide to receive the soft petals of her sweet pussy between my lips. Her pussy lips were so soft and moist that they felt like melting in my mouth. I grabbed her derriere with both my hands and started caressing all over the smooth skin her ass as I started to tongue her slowly and smoothly. Her sweet juices started to ooze down my mouth as she slowly gyrated her hips in tune with the movements of my face between her legs. She held my head tight with both her hands and locked me between her muscular thighs. I felt so comfortable inside the soft and smooth skin of her thighs and started working my way to giving her an exploding orgasm.

She grabbed my head tight and forced her dripping cunt onto my face as she shivered and let out her love juices in an earth shattering climax. I savored in delight the sticky feminine honey that she blessed me with. I thanked her by drinking it all down to quench my thirst for women power.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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