This Ass Will Take It All

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“Bend over and spread your ass cheeks” he told her. She complied. He started licking her asshole and shoving his tongue deep into her ass. He was using first one, then two fingers to help stretch her asshole open. “Tonight Daddy wants to see you take many things up your ass like a good little girl. First, we will start with one of these taper candles”

He then proceeded to slowly ease the slender candle into her asshole. “Oh, yea. Relax and take it for Daddy like a good girl. She loved roll playing and calling him Daddy was her particular favorite. She loved being his little girl. He continued. “Let’s get you nice and wet so you can take another one right next to it, ok?”

He then slowly pumped the candle in and out of her asshole until it was nice and dripping wet. “Ok, here comes number two” He then took a second candle and slowly eased it into her asshole right next to the other one. Then he started to pump her ass like a piston. First, one candle in and the other out and then reversed. Then he pumped them together in and out. “Oh, yea that’s it. That’s Daddy’s little girl. Take those candles up your ass like a good little girl. Let Daddy fuck you with the candles. You would let Daddy fuck you with anything he wanted to up your ass, wouldn’t you? O.k. now Daddy is going to add another one. Relax. Spread your ass cheeks for Daddy so I can tell that you want it.” She pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as she could.”

“Yes, Daddy. I want to take whatever you want to give me. Look at me spread my ass cheeks for you Daddy. I will pull them as far apart as I can so you can fuck me in my asshole with whatever you want to fuck me with.”

He then brought a third candle to her asshole and slowly eased it in next to the previous ones.

“oh, Daddy, yes. It feels so good to have you fuck my asshole like that. Look at me how I spread my ass cheeks wide open for you. Oh, yes please Daddy give me three candles up my ass.” There she was face down wit her ass up in the air and her hands reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks wide with three candles lodged deep in her ass side by side.

“Okay. Now I just want to sit back and look at you for a bit. I want to see you sitting there with your ass propped high and just holding those candles in your ass. Sitting there with three candles shoved up into your asshole until I decide to remove them, work them, or add to them. Oh yea, look at my baby girl sitting there like a good girl with her ass up in the air for her Daddy. Taking those candles up her ass for Daddy like a good little girl. Just because you have been so good I’m gonna let you take another Sivas Escort one. Daddy’s gonna give his little girl a fourth candle up her ass. ”

He then took another candle and inserted it into her pussy which was now dripping with her hot juices and he lubed the candle up real nice. “ Ok, relax, This might hurt a little but you take it up your ass real nice for Daddy just like the others. Relax and let Daddy fill you up. Here it comes” He then put the candle next to the others at the opening of her asshole and started to shove it up in there. She cried out a little “Ohhhh Ahhhh yes, Daddy give it to me. Make me take another candle up my ass for you, Daddy. Fill me up. Shove that candle up my ass. Look at me Daddy. I have four candles shoved up my ass just for you. Yes, open my asshole make it take whatever you want to fuck me with.”

He now had four candles up her ass and he started to fuck her with them in and out until she was gushing juices from her pussy. “ Now, he said I think you are ready for the next level. Daddy’s gonna take the candles out and move on to something bigger. He then went to the closet and returned with a baseball bat.” First, I’m gonna put the small end of this bat into your asshole. Then, I’m gonna take it out and turn it around and shove the thick end of this baseball bat up into your asshole. So relax and take it because it’s gonna get even bigger before the night is through.”

He then rubbed the small end of the bat all over her pussy and asshole to get it good and wet. “O.k. here we go, take it for Daddy” He then inserted the small end of the bat into her asshole. “Yea that’s a good girl. Take the bat. Take that bat up your ass for Daddy. Ooh yea let Daddy fuck you up your ass with the baseball bat.”

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me with it. Fuck me with the baseball bat, Daddy. Make me take it. Give it to me. Fuck me in the ass with the bat.” By now he was pulling the bat out and shoving it back in getting her ass good and wet.

“Ok. Now Daddy’s gonna turn it around and fuck you with the big end of the baseball bat.”

He pulled it out and turned It around. ”Are You ready, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m ready. I’m ready to take that big baseball bat up my ass for you. My ass is yours to do whatever you want to with it. Shove it up my ass, Daddy” He then pushed the big end of the bat up against the opening of her asshole. It slowly started to ease it’s way into her ass and he slowly eased it in more and more watching that big thick baseball bat disappear as her asshole swallowed it up.

“That’s it. Take it for Daddy. Oh yes look at that. Sivas Escort Bayan Look at you lying on your stomach holding your ass cheeks wide open as I slowly shove this big thick baseball bat up your ass. Oh, yea I’m gonna fuck your ass with this big fucking baseball bat. Yes take it. Swallow it. Lay there and take it while I fuck you with this fucking bat. Now I’m gonna stick my dick in your ass next to the bat.”

“No Daddy, I can’t take anything else, it’s too much. I’m so full”

“What did you say? Did you tell me no? Now that is going to cost you. He left the room with the bat lodged up in her ass and told her to lie there and not to remove the bat. When he came back, he was holding a soup can. Just for telling me no. You’re going to take this soup can up your ass with my dick instead of the bat. And if you fight me or tell me “no”, it will be a two liter soda bottle and my cock, Do you understand? She just nodded yes and started to whimper when he began easing the bat out of her asshole. He held the soup can in front of her so she could see him prepping it.

He took a jar of Vaseline and proceeded to spread Vaseline all over the can until it was completely covered. “O.k, now be a good little girl and take this can up your ass for daddy.” He then came around behind her and told her” spread those ass cheeks for Daddy. Hold your ass open and show Daddy that you want to take this can up your ass for him. Show Daddy. Open those cheeks, jut your ass up into the air and show me that gaping hole begging for me to shove this can up in there. “ She did just that. She spread her cheeks wide and jutted her ass up into the air.

“Please Daddy, give it to me. Please shove that big thick can up into my asshole. Make me take that can up my ass. Fuck me with it. Violate my asshole with that can, Daddy. Then shove your cock up into my ass next to the can and make me scream in pain. Fill me. Stretch my little asshole wide open and fuck me with that big fucking soup can. Fuck me in my ass, Daddy. Shove that can up my asshole. I’m ready. Give it to me. Daddy”

And he did. He eased the can, first one side and then he twisted it as if screwing it into her asshole until the top of the can was completely inside the opening of her asshole. “Oh yes, Daddy likes that. It looks great. Your asshole is stretched so fucking wide. Here it comes. Daddy is going to put the rest of this soup can into your asshole, baby.” Slowly he worked the can further and further into her asshole.

“ahhhh, oh my God, Daddy, She was clutching her ass cheeks and pushing back onto the can to show him she Escort Sivas was willing to take it all. “That’s it sit back on it. Come get the can, baby. Come take it from Daddy. Fuck it. Shove your ass down onto this soup can and swallow it up. Swallow this soup can up into your ass.”

And then she made one final thrust back taking the can right up to the bottom edge. “Ahhh yes, Daddy. I did it! I took this whole can up my ass for you, Daddy. Look at this can shoved up my ass for you!”

“That’s my Precious. That’s my baby. Daddy loves his little girl. Oh God that looks so fucking hot seeing that can shoved up your ass like that. We’re almost there baby. Just one more step. You gotta take Daddy’s cock up there, too. Now don’t be afraid. You can do it. Now get on your hands and knees. Daddy’s gonna lube his dick real well. Suck on it suck Daddy’s cock and get it nice and wet so I can shove it up your ass.” She took his cock into her mouth and sucked with all her might.

“That’s it, get it nice and wet” Then he pulled it from her mouth. “Ok baby. Here we go. Make Daddy proud.” He then went around behind her and put the head of his dick next to her ass and started to push against the side of the can and down towards her asshole. It slowly started to force her asshole away from the can and ease it’s way into her asshole next to the can. Slowly he forced his cock into her asshole down the side of the can.” Yes, oh God, yes baby. You are doing it. Take it. Take that cock up that sweet ass. Yes, daddy is fucking you with his cock and that big fucking soup can in your asshole.”

“Yes, Daddy oh yes shove your cock into my ass. Fuck me with that can and your cock. Make me take it. Fuck my ass. Fill it up. I’ll take anything for you, Daddy!”

He then forced the last of his cock in to the hilt in her asshole. “Oh yea, Now I’m gonna fuck you with them both. I’m gonna fuck you with the can and my cock deep and hard in your ass hole and shoot my cum all up inside your asshole.” He started fucking her hard, ramming his cock and the soup can into her ass. It started to get really wet and loose and pretty soon he was pulling them both out to the tip of her asshole and shoving them all the way back in.

“Oh yes, look at that. Look at my baby take all that for her Daddy. I’m fucking your ass with a fucking soup can and my cock and you’re taking it. Look at that gaping ass taking everything I give it. I love that ass. It’s my ass that I can fuck with anything I want. I’m coming, baby. I’m gonna shoot my cum all up in your ass. Yes take it. Take that fucking can. Take that up your ass, baby.” He exploded inside of her ramming everything with all his might deep up into her ass. She screamed as they came together in unison.

They both collapsed right there with her face down on the bed and him on top of her with the can and his cock still lodged deep up in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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