Three Ages of Woman Ch. 03

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A couple of days later I was with Mum and we were getting down to it and her delicious dirty mouth was getting to work on my cock, when she suddenly stopped gobbling me off and got hold of my balls and pulled them and dug her nails in. Yeeouch…she was not just playing around…it fucking hurt!

‘What are you doing that for?’ I screamed.

‘I’m gonna ask you a question and you are gonna answer me. I want the trewf!’

Whatever it was going to take to avoid castration without anaesthetic, I would do it; except tell the truth.

‘Let go, you crazy bitch!’ I roared at her.

She didn’t, but she released her grip a little.

”Ave you fucked me daughter?’

‘What!’ I said, amazed; ‘no, of course I haven’t.

She let go and said, ‘I don’t believe yer, but that I can live with; but not me mum. If you’ve fucked that old ‘ore I really will rip yer bollocks off. And yer cock. And I’ll feed them to the fuckin’ dogs.’ Her voice was cracking and then she broke down.

I sat stunned. How did she know? What did she know? Or was she just fishing? Silence was my best defence until I knew more. I stayed silent.

She lit herself a cigarette and went and sat on the sofa. Her legs were apart and her pussy looked deliciously inviting, even then. She saw me looking and closed them and said, ‘there’s none of that fer you until yer tell me.’

‘Of course I haven’t,’ I lied.

She didn’t believe me.

We sat and silence and I tried to think clearly. Then I thought of something.

‘It’s strange what you said. Most women would rip a man’s balls off if he cheated on her with her daughter or her mother, or any other woman for that matter. What’s the difference?’

‘There is a difference,’ she said; ‘for us, anyway.’

I had pressed the right button.

I remembered what Daughter had said; family secrets, dirty little secrets. I was about to be told; I could feel it, and it was going to be big, not little.

Between sobs she blurted it all out. I had been right. She had had a chance when she had been young. She had a boyfriend. He had been from a different part of town. He had money and he was going to college and he wanted to take her with him. She would get a job in the city where he went to college. They would get married and live happily ever after. They had been together for nearly two years and it was a month before he would leave for college and she would go with him. One afternoon she came home early and found him sitting on the sofa. He was naked. Her mum was on top of him and his cock was right up her pussy. They were fucking. She later found out they had been doing it for a few months by then. She ran from the house, and as far as she was concerned her life was fucked. No more boyfriend and no escape. And all thanks to her own mother.

She told me everything; how she got a job working in a bar in town and before long she was one of the strippers and not long after that she was a prostitute. Stripping and selling herself had been her living. She did a bit when she needed to. And she still blamed her mother for ruining her life and neither of them had got past it. It was the answer to all of the questions.

I didn’t mind any of it; the stripping, the whoring, and it all fitted. She was the real thing; she didn’t just look like a whore; she really was one. It turned me on. I wanted her even more and my prick got rock hard again. She was amazed. We were still sitting there naked and she was telling me the horror story of her life and all I could do was get an even bigger hard on than usual. She seemed to be full of joy and full of anger and full of sadness all at the same time. I reached for her and held her to me, and we had sex again, but it was less wanton and more tender this time. I liked it, but I hoped we were not going to lose the wildness. I needn’t have worried.

All I said afterwards was that they needed to get everything sorted out between them. She said I was right and that she would talk to her mum. They had never discussed what had happened, just sniped at each other for years; so that underneath the happy family exterior, it was all resentment and spite and hatred.

After that, I didn’t see her for about a week. She said she would call me after she had talked to her mum about everything. Then the call came, and she seemed happy and she invited me over for Saturday night.

I knew something was going on even early on that evening. Mum and I had dinner and champagne, which she had asked me to bring; she was developing expensive tastes, and usually, once the meal was over, she would be on me like a wild animal. But that night, she just seemed to want to sit around chatting and smoking and drinking up the champagne and then move on to her vodka and Redbull. She just kept saying that nice things were worth waiting for. She had that characteristic twinkle in her eye so I knew she had something lined up. But I couldn’t guess what it was going to be.

At about ten, escort bayan there was the sound of a key in the door. It could only be Daughter and Grandma, or the pair of them together. It was the pair of them. I knew even before they got into the living room from their squawking that they were both there. I could hear what thye were saying.

‘Gran, you reckon they’ve already started. We might walk in and find ‘er suckin’ ‘is knob!’

‘Better not. I told ‘er to wait for the cavalry to arrive.’

Well, the cavalry’s ‘ere now, and I’m the general.’

‘Hi!’ I said, as they came in to the living room. Then I turned to Mum and asked ‘what are they doing here? You mean … no fun tonight?’

Grandma heard me and said

‘Nah darlin’ … more fun than you’ ever ‘ad before in yer life. All free of us, all night long and all day tomorra an’ all!’

‘What!’ I said, amazed. I was pleased too, but tried not to let that show too much.

‘You’ve ‘elped us to solve our troubles and tonight we’re celebrating our new ‘appy family. And we’re givin’ you a reward too; the kind of we know ‘ow to give best.’

Now, there are times when the word ‘surreal seems adequate. I looked at Mum.

‘You’re a man. You’ve already fucked the pair of ’em behind me back. You’ll do it again. An’ better ya do it wiv me own flesh and blood than some uvva ole ‘ore you picked up somewhere.

‘But, I won’t pick anyone up,’ I protested.

‘Ya picked me up, and I’m a dirty ‘ore. It’s what ya like. And I’m gonna be yer only dirty old ‘ore, but I’m gonna share ya wiv these two every now an’ then, so that I’ll at least know where an’ when ya getting’ yer extra cunny. Whenever I fink you’re looking like yer might stray, I’ll bring these two round and you’ll be so fucked by the time we’ve done with yer, yer won’t ‘ave to energy for poking any uvva ole slappers!’

Grandma grinned at her. Peace had been made and everything was falling into place, and as I glanced across at Mum, who smiled at me, and felt daughters young lips slubbering over my knob, and watched Grandma put on the cunt show of the century, I thought of all of the places my cock was going to investigate that night. Three mouths, three cunts and three arseholes, and I was going to fuck them all together.

I suppose it was inevitable really; so there I was contemplating the fact that what I fantasized that very first night was about to happen. I was about to have all three of them together. A lot of the bad blood between them had been let; as it should have been a long time ago. And I thought to myself that I deserved some credit for that. Ok, so I was the one who couldn’t resist sticking his dick in all of them, but well, problems need to be brought to a head before solutions can be found for them, and I flatter myself that my diplomatic skills, not to mention my penchant for self-preservation, helped quite a lot with that.

That said, I could not but be amazed at Mum’s capacity for forgiveness, let alone her willingness to share her goods. Thinking about everything that had happened, and the conversations we had had, and reading between the lines, I thought that I understood her. Her reasons were many and complicated and even, I suppose, contradictory. And I think they were motivated by a mixture of good hearted generosity, wise caution, and good old fashioned and prudent mistrust. And let’s not forget an endless desire for erotic depravity. She had never really hated her mum, and she had forgiven herself for being less than a good mum herself. As to me, I am a man, and she never was going to believe that there was a man on earth who could be trusted when there was a sniff of pussy on the air. And despite everything, they were a close family; three generations of woman in all her magnificent and contrary glory.

So how had she rationalized it all and made herself so comfortable that we were about to have the bizarrest foursome there ever was? She trusted me when I told her that she was the woman for me and even if I had the hots for other ladies, there were none that could take her place. Sex with them was just pleasurable recreation. And she figured that better with the devils she knew; and with her knowledge too. And there was too, I’m sure, a bit of keep your friends close, keep your enemy’s closer about it too.

And, and lets not be coy, she was not your everyday sort of lady (and neither were the other two), and any sexual experimentation she could not resist. Her appetite for carnal pleasures was limitless, and she had even got over, it seemed, her disgust at the idea of a sex scene involving all three of them.

I had thought of that too, and being a philosophical sort of fellow; as well as a cowardly one, I had wondered about the legalities. Was it incestuous for them to have sex with me, but not actually with each other, or would the mere fact of them being part of the same sexual situation be enough? One way or another, I thought I would be the one to blame.

I imagined istanbul escorts the scene, standing in front of the Judge.

‘You stand charged of mayhems and depravities hitherto unthought-of of by Man. You have wilfully corrupted these three innocent and vulnerable women, upon whom you have mercilessly preyed in pursuit of the satisfaction of your unnatural lusts. How do you plead?’

‘Not guilty by reason of diminished responsibility, m’Lud.’

‘What on earth do you mean?’

‘I mean, m’Lud, that once I sat down with the three of them that first night and they all seemed to have wicked designs on me, I was lost. I was mad with lust and desire…’

Without further ado, the revels began.

‘Be my guest girls,’ said Mum, with the smug assurance of one who knows who is really in control of things. ‘Age before beauty!’ announced Grandma and added ‘I’m aged and beautiful!’

Mum and Grand daughter nodded assent; showing the proper respect for their elders. They slithered around to watch and lit cigarettes as I got ready for Grandma. And as I did that, Grandma got herself ready for me. Off came the sprayed on leopard skin mini dress. Her underwear consisted on a miniscule peep hole string bra and the tiniest string throng you could imagine. The gusset, if so tiny a piece of string could be called that, was pulled deliciously between her plump and prominent fanny lips, as she sat down in the armchair and opened her legs as wide as she could.

Grandma spread open that extravagantly over used and magnificent old cunt of hers for my delectation. As I stared at that lewd and delicious old hole, with its great floppy and crinkly beef curtains that she was pulling apart as far as they would go, the other two fixed their eyes on my cock to see if I got hard. Of course I did, and Daughter screeched out

‘Look, ‘e does like ‘er ole twat!’

‘Course ‘e does!’ said Grandma, what man could resist such an expert and experienced old pussy as this. A man can see what a cunt can do for his cock and no one could look at this and not see that it’s the way to ‘eaven! And you fink it’s dry ‘n’ shrivelled up. Look ‘ow juicy I am! As she said this she rubbed her fingertips over her cunt lips, which were indeed glistening with her viscous lady juice. She reached towards me with her fingers, inviting me to taste her. I did not hesitate and leaned forward and licked her fingers and savoured the manna of mature cunt heaven.

I couldn’t help but think of that judge again, as I stared at that lewd old slapper as she peeled open that hungry old cunt of hers.

‘You claim that there was no actual contact between these ladies themselves, but do you mean to deny that when you were entering the daughter, there was not the vaginal fluids of the mother on your penis; not to mention those of the young woman’s grandmother. Surely you do not mean to attempt to persuade the court that you showered and refreshed in between your lewd assaults on these unfortunate women?

‘No, m’Lud, I can’t claim that; but as I said, I was mad with lust and desire…’

‘I bet ya can’t wait o get up ‘ere again!’ she said, lewdly staring at me.

‘Watch out!’ Mum taunted; ‘she could sharpen pencils with that old cunny of ‘ers!’

‘I fuckin’ could too!’ said Grandma, glorying in her depravity.

I stood up and dropped my trousers and my prick was as hard and long as a pole. She gazed at it as it came towards her.

‘Give me one of them fags too,’ Grandma ordered, asserting herself as well she might, ‘I like a nice smoke ‘n’ poke.’

This was her moment and she was going to milk it for all it was worth, just as her old fanny milked my cock of all the cum it had to dispense. She was the head of the family in the end and she was going to show the other two how things stood. Standing prominently erect at that moment was my tool, ready for the job.

‘Come ‘ere,’ she ordered, ‘I wanna suck yer knob. I’ll show these young sluts ‘ow a real woman blows a dick.’

What I get was a fabulous smoky blow job. She pulled all the tricks; sucking me off a bit and then stopping to take a pull on her cigarette and then opening her mouth and taking my cocking inside and exhaling the blue smoke around my shaft. The she would get back to her gobbling and then stop, take a pull and repeat the trick.

As her mouth worked its magic on my prick, I felt her sharp nailed finger slither its way up my rectum.

‘Careful!’ I told her, ‘you’ll make me cum!’

‘Not yet, yer dirty fucker!’ she roared, ‘me ole cunt and me shitbox need a fuckin from this dick first.’

‘We had better get to it then!’ I told her.

‘Right,’ she said, leaning back in the chair; ‘cunt first, then up me arse!’

I glanced over to see what Mum and Daughter were up to. They were both stripped down to their cheap slut exotic underwear from the one pound shop and seemed to be having a competition to see who could stretch open her cunt the widest.

I looked back at Grandma bayan escort prone in the chair and there was only one cunt I was interested in at that moment. The old slapper was pulling herself wide open too and she said, as I guided my cock towards that entrance to heaven

‘Mine’s the best; years more of experience and only a cunt as experienced as this really knows ‘ow to love a man’s cock. Come on, get it in me an’ fuck Grandma good ‘n’ ‘ard. My cunt can do blow jobs!’

I was all the up her in no time and she lit herself another cigarette from the burning stub of the last one. With me deep inside her, she was pulling away on her cigarette and pulling on her pussy muscles too, so that she was sucking on my cock with her fanny just as she was sucking the goodness out of her fag with her other set of lips.

The other two sat and smoked and played with their cunts and stared with feasty vulpine eyes at us and I knew that it would not be long before watching would not be enough, and sure enough daughter wriggled over so that I could reach her. Grandma was too far gone to protest. She opened her legs towards me and offered her pussy forward. I moved my hand towards her and soon my fingers were exploring her hot hole. Not to be left out, Mum stood up and went around behind me. She rested her chin on my shoulder so as to get a better view of me banging her mother and then I felt a little pushing and stretching sensation at my arse and soon her finger was worming past my ring and into my rectal canal. Just one of her fingers was enough to stimulate my anus and gave a piquant urgency to my thrusts into Grandma, who was heating up fast as my cock explored the inner reaches of her late middle aged vagina. I could feel her tightness hugging my shaft and every time I was in as far as I thought I could go, Mum would give me a little more of her finger and I would get a little deeper into Grandma.

Grandma’s tightness made an interesting contrast with Daughter’s more spacious chasm. With her help I had three fingers in her now, and she seemed to be able to expand herself as much as was needed to accommodate whatever took her fancy. I had fucked her before, and not noticed then how luxuriantly large she was in there; but now I felt like her young pussy was going to swallow my hand. That, however, came later.

I kept banging away at Grandma’s tight and juicy cunt for a good five minutes and all the while she told the other two what wonders my cock was doing to her.

She managed to awaken from her fucking trance enough to say.

‘Now me arse!’

All the while, Mum had gone on fingering my arsehole and my fingers had still been diddling about in Daughter’s twat. I had to stop that for a moment though, to get up Grandma’s bum hole. I pulled out of her cunt and she eased forward and lifted herself a little to make her bonus hole accessible. It was easy enough to get into her though, and I only needed to use the minimum of sphincter manipulation and her much visited back door was open and ready to permit me entrance to the house of pleasures.

As my cock pushed into her rectum she reached down and stretched her fanny open and rubbed her clit with her taloned fingers

‘Bleedin’ ‘ell!’ said Daughter, ‘be careful; you’ll do the poor ole cow an injury.’

‘No ‘e won’t!’ spat Grandma; ‘I’ve bin takin’ knobs bigga ‘an ‘is up me dirtbox since before you were born!’

Feeling the silky flesh of her tight rectal canal caressing my tool, I could well believe it. She was quickly relaxed and I was able to go at her arsehole just as I had at her pussy. She purred with pleasure and in the knowledge that for now she was queen of the castle.

‘Make sure ya shoot yer muck right up there!’ she cried out.

I was already close as I rammed in and out of her pooper, but the filthy words she uttered, and the look of abandoned slutdom about her as I looked down at her was more than I could resist and my cock spewed its goo deep into her arsehole.

I pulled out and she was on me, licking and sucking her arse dirt off of my prick. The she looked up at the other two as if to say ‘beat that!’

Daughter came forward first, offering me her young twat to finger again. I pushed a finger in and then another

Give his dick a good gobblin’ while I watch,’ she barked at her grand daughter. She looked triumphantly at Mum, but Mum did not seem to mind. She was leaning back into the corner of the sofa, smoking and gently wanking her cunt with her fingers.

I was wondering how many more than the three fingers I had given her so far I could get into Daughter’s young love cave when she said

‘Come on, fist me! I can take yer ‘ole ‘and!’

And she could too, as I quickly discovered.

‘Fuckin’ ‘ell!’ shrieked Grandma; ‘where the fuck did ya learn to do that. Looks well fuckin’ painful!’

Even as she said it, I could see her getting to work trying to fist herself. These ladies were still in competition with each other, even now. Daughter won the fisting contest though. Grandma struggled to get four fingers in and gave up, saying

‘Well, it just shows yer, even a few ‘undred cocks u there won’t stretch a lady where nature don’t wan’ ‘er to go! Anyway, me arse is better ‘an yours!’

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