Three Become One Ch. 14

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All characters are 18 years of age or older.


Gabi showed zero signs of hesitation as we approached the door to the bedroom. The girls had left the door wide open, and as I peered into the room I saw all four teens standing at the foot of the bed: Amber and Tiffany both stood at the right corner while the twins both stood at the left. As I carried Gabi into the room and walked between both pairs of girls I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the middle of some sort of lewd ritual; like the type that took place within royal families before DNA testing was a thing.

I knelt down on to the edge of the bed and gently set Gabi down. She turned her body accordingly as I laid her down in such a way that her brunette head rested gently atop a pillow. With her naked body now gracefully lying across the length of the bed I now leaned down over her and stared into her eyes.

I saw movement happening around us as Gabi and I met each other’s gazes. The twins came around to the left side of the bed while Amber and Tiffany came around to the right. With Gabi and I now surrounded by four other female bodies as we lay, sprawled across the bed naked as the day we were born I felt even more like I was taking part in some sort of sexual ritual or something.

I turned my head to the left and looked at the twins.

“Girls,” I said. “Maybe you should take Amber and Tiffany downstairs. I think it would be best if Gabi and I did this together…by ourselves.”

“No, please don’t!” Gabi said, turning to the twins briefly before turning back to me. She looked at me with begging eyes. “Daddy…”

“Yes, Gabi?” I asked.

“I don’t want them to leave. Please don’t send anyone away. I want them to see me.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

Gabi nodded her head.

“Yes, I’m sure.” She said. “I want them to see that I can do this…just like they can.”

I nodded my head at her slowly in response. It seemed as though Gabi felt like she had something to prove. I did not find that hard to believe in the slightest. Gabi was much smaller than the other girls by a landslide, and even though her body was capable of feats the other girls hadn’t yet accomplished they still seemed to treat her as an inferior. I wasn’t sure if this behavior on their part stemmed from feelings of jealousy toward Gabi or if the other girls simply felt the need to keep her down in order to keep themselves up. Either way I was sure that I held Gabi in high regard, and I had absolutely no problem with showing the other girls that — especially the twins.

“Okay.” I said. “If it means that much to you then the other girls can stay.”

Gabi smiled up at me.

“Thank you, Daddy…” she said.

My hands now roamed up Gabi’s thighs and up the sides of her small yet curvaceous body. My fingertips traveled the swell of her bosom and soon I was filling my palms with her 32DDD breasts. She wore a smaller bra size than any of the other girls in the room, yes, but the small frame of her body made her already large tits seem even more outrageously so. Even though she was wielding cantaloupes while the other girls were hoisting watermelons she was definitely on par with the rest of them. In fact, I thought that having such big tits on such a tiny body was one of the reasons why she was able to train her body in ways the other girls could not.

I leaned my head down and pressed my lip against hers. She eagerly accepted my kiss and returned with her own. As we repeatedly pressed our lips against each other I felt her tongue invade my mouth. I thought it was a little over-eager of her, but I decided to encourage her behavior and began to bat her tongue with my own. Before long she was moaning as our tongues caressed each other in a sensual waltz.

“Mmm….mmmm! Mmmmm…..” she moaned.

I finally broke the kiss and made my way to her neck. I began to kiss her there; gently and lovingly. She writhed and arched her back at the sensation of my lips and tongue on her bare skin. I could tell she was, indeed, a virgin. It was blatantly obvious that she had never been kissed in such a way before, or even experienced anything close to this. She was like a person taking their driving test for the very first time; nervous and scared, but desperately eager to claim their license at the same time. I recalled the twins giving off a similar vibe the first time they and I had had sex. Unlike Gabi, however, the twins had shown willingness like nothing I had ever encountered in my life. This was one of the many things that set the twins apart from the current trio of girls, and anyone else I had ever met; for that matter.

Gabi’s breathing now took a more sensuous tone. Her breathing gradually became more and more heated. As people we tend to think of these types of breaths as sexual in nature, but the truth is that it isn’t very different from the way we breathe when we, say, work out or take part in other physically strenuous activities. I wondered if this was how Gabi breathed Keçiören Escort Bayan when she practiced gymnastics, and whether or not I would ever get see just how limber and flexible she was in person.

I kissed my way down her neck and slid my tongue over the upper slope of her breasts; her DDDs buoyantly pressed back against me as if teasing me and inviting me to do more. My tongue slithered down to the peak of her left melon and I flicked her nipple around swiftly. This took her by surprise and she yelped both in pleasure and shock.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Mmm!” she moaned.

I grew more confident with myself and my actions after hearing her verbally express her satisfaction, and so I decided to take things a bit further. I clamped my lips down over that same nipple and began to suck on her melon as if trying to suck the juice out of it. Again, she yelped. But this time it sounded much more orgasmic after the initial surprise wore off.

“Mmm! UH! UH! MMM! UHHHH!”

I pulled back and reluctantly took my mouth off her succulent orb. I immediately leaned down into her right tit and began licking and sucking away at her other nipple with more lust than I had shown previously. I did this as a means of gauging how she would react, and she did not disappoint: she enjoyed it.

“Mmm! Yes! MMM! That feels so good! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I alternated between squeezing, licking, and sucking away at both of her luscious tits for what seemed like an eternity. It went by fast though, I think, due to her utter enjoyment of having her boobs played with. When I had finally finished assaulting her rack with my mouth I pushed myself up over the bed and stared down at her. She had had her eyes closed in ecstasy while enjoying the sensations I was filling her with, but now as I halted my actions she opened up her eyelids and looked back at me with those beautiful brown pools of hers.

We stared at each other; breathing heavily and basking in each other’s presence. Our auras were beginning to align, and I think we could both feel that this was something we were going to remember for the rest of our lives. I could feel the warmth coming off her body in waves; crashing down on me and drowning me in their heat. Looking down at her beneath me I’m sure she must have felt intimidated, fearful, immeasurable nervousness. Here she was: a teenage bombshell much smaller than the average teenage girl. And here I was: an encasing wall of muscle by comparison old enough to be her father. There was something incredibly forbidden about the entire affair, and even though I had gotten used to the age-difference dynamic of my relationship with the previous four girls (thanks to the twins) I think that this first time with Gabi was probably the moment when I finally made peace with the concept. Gabi was the personification of the age gap itself; unlike the other girls she acted precisely the way I envisioned a girl in her position would act in my mind. She wasn’t as strategic or as willing as the twins had been. She wasn’t as self-conscious as Amber nor as naïve as Tiffany.

In short, when she referred to me as “Daddy” I felt as though I could actually fulfill that role…for real.

I moved down along the bed as I started to kiss even further down Gabi’s miniscule and young body. As I made my way down her tummy she began to shiver as the realization of where I was heading finally hit her. At the same time I heard a unified gasp come from the twins, and this sparked interest in both Tiffany and Amber at the other side of the bed. I could sense all kinds of emotion spewing out of the twins. I knew they were burning holes through me, and their spirit was so red I could almost feel it searing my skin. You see, I had rarely ever gone down on the twins. I rarely went down on women, period. I did this as a way of showing a woman how badly I wanted them in that moment, and so I hadn’t done it very often throughout the course of my life. I’d done it a few times with the twins, and they immediately understood the meaning behind it despite the fact that we’d never actually openly discussed it. But now as they watched on while my mouth made its way to Gabi’s crotch and virgin pussy I knew they were feeling anger and jealousy. I also knew that they were powerless in this particular situation. There was a small part of me that felt this could backfire; after all, I was using the twins’ idea to bring together and start Fuck Club entirely against them. But overall I knew that if the twins were truly my own personal sluts they would have no other choice than to let me have my way…no matter how they felt about it. Asserting my dominance over them is something I’ll never tire of doing.

Gabi gasped and held in a breath as I pressed my lips against hers…and not the ones on her face. I turned my head sideways and pressed my lips against them the way I had done with her other pair of lips previously. She squirmed under me, and when I finally shoved my tongue into her she finally let her breath out — loudly.

“Uhhhh…..uhhhh! Escort Eryaman UHHHH! UHHHH! UHHHHH! FUUUUUUCK! FUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed out.

My tongue trailed along her walls as I circled around her repeatedly. With my nose now digging into her mons roughly I was practically pinning her down as I dunked my hungry tongue into her over and over and soaked up her taste. Her writhing reached a fever pitch, as did her screaming, and before I realized what was happening (and that’s saying something) she was gushing juices all over my face.

“UHH! UHHH! FUCK! FUUUUCK! YES! YESS! YESSS!!!” she called out.

As her feminine fluid flowed all over me I could sense the smallest bits of admiration coming from the twins. Amber and Tiffany seemed to be more obvious in their on-looking, but their reaction was still very different than that of the twins. Despite all that was happening I managed to keep my attention focused on Gabi. I wanted her to be satisfied, willing, and eager for more; but (above all) I wanted her to be submissive. I somehow felt that if I could make her as submissive as the twins or even more so then both Amber and Tiffany would follow suit. The 34FF duo seemed more than willing to submit to me in any manner I deemed suitable, but I also knew that there were still things I needed to do with them before they were truly and undeniably mine. I needed to make Gabi an example, a beacon; a light for all the other sluts to walk toward. For if I could make Gabi my own then there wasn’t anyone else I couldn’t do the same with.

I pulled my head out of her crotch and pushed myself up off of her. My arms flexed as they supported my body and held me up. I was certain Gabi could feel how tense the muscles in my arms were on either side of her body as my hands pressed firmly into the bed. She was still coming down from her orgasm, and as we both basked in each other’s presence once more I felt the twins approach me at the same time.

“That was great, Daddy!” they said, smiling and chipper. “You made Gabi cum so fast! You’re such a stud, Daddy!”

I didn’t say a word; I was much too out of breath. I barely had as big a reason to be as Gabi, though. She was breathing much heavier, and I felt fairly certain that she had just experienced her first real orgasm.

“Well, Daddy…” the twins said as they caressed my arm simultaneously and looked up at me. “Do you want to rest now? You can take a nap while we make you a nice dinner! We’ll even cook you something fatty and greasy, if you want! C’mon! Let’s go cook for Daddy, girls!”

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Gabi shouted.

This took us all by surprise. Gabi seemed barely able to breathe, let alone yell. Yet she had managed to raise her voice loud enough to overpower everyone else in the room. This seemed to irk the twins a bit.

“What?!” they said as they turned down to Gabi. “Are you disobeying us??! Are you disobeying Daddy??!”

Gabi turned to look at the twins, but said nothing. She simply breathed in an effort to catch her breath.

“Girls…” I said to the twins having finally caught my own breath. “She’s not disobeying anyone. She’s welcome to say or do as she pleases. Let’s hear what she has to say.”

“Fine.” The twins said.

I looked over at Amber and Tiffany for confirmation. They were predictably silent. I briefly contemplated whether they were being quiet for my sake or Gabi’s…but then I realized they were keeping their mouths shut for fear of upsetting the twins. It suddenly dawned on me that there was a sort of hierarchy within this group. I suspected that as leaders of the cheerleading team the twins had a certain amount of power over the other girls. Amber and Tiffany seemed to be onboard with that. Gabi, on the other hand, had a tendency to vex the twins and almost challenge their authority. She could, after all, perform gymnastic feats that the twins couldn’t. She was also constantly doing things that grabbed the twins’ attention in an almost negative way. I think this was one of the things that attracted me to Gabi all the more.

At this particular moment, for some reason, Skaycee came to mind.

“Daddy…?” Gabi said.

“Yes, babygirl?” I answered her.

“Daddy…if you want to leave or sleep or whatever…then of course I won’t stop you…”

Her words were reminiscent of the twins’ own. It was almost as if she was giving me a choice even though she already knew what the choice would be. Or, at the very least, maybe she was just simply prepared for whatever choice I might make…

“That’s good to hear.” I said. “But…?”

Gabi hesitated for a moment, and then turned away from me as she spoke.

“But…I want you to…” she said, her lip quivering.

“Want me to…what?” I asked.

“I…I…want you to…you know…take my…my…”

“Virginity?” I asked.

Gabi nodded, and then turned to look me straight in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck me!” she said. “Just like you fucked them! I want them all to know that I can handle you better Sincan Escort Bayan than anyone! Please, Daddy!”

I was speechless. I looked down at her and saw that her eyes were starting to water as she shut them. Gabi was clearly on some kind of path to show the other girls that she could be every bit as, I don’t know — feminine? slutty? — as the rest of them. This was important to her. I could see that. And I was more than willing to help her in her cause.

“Are you sure?” I asked, gazing down into her eyes.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Yes, I’m a hundred percent sure! Please, Daddy! Please fuck me! Please put your cock inside me! Please?”

I sighed. Deep down I had known that I would be here, in this exact moment. I’d also known I’d have the same mixed emotions I was feeling at that point in time. What I didn’t know was what I would do. Normally when women begged me to fuck them I knew exactly what to do. But with Gabi it was different; just as it had been with the twins. I had given in to both Amber and Tiffany almost immediately, but only because I did not feel that I was taking anything from them…yet. Gabi was a completely different story. I truly felt that if I went through with this there would be consequences; and that was a commitment I wasn’t sure I was willing to make. There was responsibility involved. And even though I had a somewhat stable goal for the future it was also one in which several routes could be taken to get there. It was like looking out a translucent glass to what you knew was paradise on the other side…as opposed to viewing it through a transparent one.

“Alright.” I said. “You’re already wet, and I’m already hard. If you really want to go through with this then I’ll do as you wish.”

Gabi smiled up at me.

“Thank you, Daddy!” she said.

At this the twins gave a very short-lived huffing gesture. But they submissively stood at the side of the bed and resumed framing Gabi and myself along with Tiffany and Amber on the other side. While the four pairs of teenage eyes roamed all over us I reached down to my cock and took hold of it around the base. I was already at full erection, or at least as full as it was going to get after having cum twice already. One of the reasons I had saved Gabi for last was because I wanted to make sure I had the stamina to actually please her, but judging by how fast she had cum already I was beginning to think that wouldn’t be much of an issue. It was almost like Gabi was a firecracker whose fuse had been lit years ago and had been waiting to explode until now. I wondered if she knew how much of a minx she really was, and as I guided the head of my cock to her soaked pussy lips and pressed against her I saw glimpses of that minx pour out of her just as I had seen moments ago.

“Mmmp! Mmmm! Uhhh! Oh…godddd!” she moaned out.

I asserted myself harder against her and my bulbous cockhead started to throb against her smooth, shaved skin.

“Mmmm! MMMM!” she moaned.

The bed squeaked as I slowly but forcefully knocked at her front door. I had managed to separate her lips a few times already, but I was having trouble keeping my cockhead locked inside her without pushing too far in. I didn’t want to upset her by shoving too much of myself into her too fast, and as a result I kept slipping out of her before I even truly made it in. Gabi was moaning each and every time I almost penetrated her, and although I didn’t want to admit it I could feel myself growing tired from the added and prolonged physical strain on my body.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a hand take hold of my dick. I looked up to see the twins on the bed next to me. They silently gestured to me with their eyes, and I took the hint immediately. I let go of my cock at once and allowed them to hold it in place for me as I steadied my posture and took a more comfortable position. I leaned down over Gabi until our noses were almost touching and shut my eyes as I pushed my pelvis toward her. My cock slid through the twins’ hands and I felt Gabi’s lips spread apart once more. This time, however, the twins did not allow my cock to slip out. I continued pushing forward, and as my cockhead finally penetrated her the twins simultaneously released their grip on my cock. Gabi took in a deep breath and held it for what seemed like several moments, and then all at once she let it all out in the form of orgasmic squeals.


I continued to slide my cock into her, and soon I had half my cock in her before I felt what seemed like unbreakable blockage. Her walls were hugging me like a vice; I was beginning to sweat as it felt like my cock was in a sort of lewd chokehold. Gabi was all but cutting my circulation off as she screamed out repeatedly.


Amongst her screaming I could hear various gasps and sounds of awe coming from the girls around us. The twins were the closest to me, and I felt one of them hug my arm as I slid my dick out of Gabi and slowly shoved it back in. Even though I took notice of the other girls my attention never once left Gabi completely. Every gasp she gave as a result of every movement my cock made was only spurring me on and encouraging me to let go of my restraints and fuck her as hard and as mercilessly as I could.

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