Three Men, Three Ways

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A couple of months ago Paul, my husband, and I were in bed together, resting after a pretty hot session, when he told me that he sometimes fantasised about watching me with another man and that one day he might let someone else have me. Now that might sound strange, him ‘letting’ somebody have me, but he is very much the dominant partner in our relationship. I have a more subservient nature and I’ll do pretty much whatever he wants, and gladly. I’d better explain that it doesn’t mean that I want to be tied up and whipped, or anything like that, I’m not that sort of submissive. I just like him to take the lead and tell me what to do, or just do it anyway without asking. I can trust him because he knows me well enough not to force me into anything I couldn’t cope with – and he’s not usually very adventurous anyway. In fact I was surprised that he had even entertained such a fantasy, although perhaps I shouldn’t have been because he does like to watch me using my vibrator.

I guess I’m probably inclined to be a bit kinkier than he is and I’ll readily admit that I have sometimes wondered what another man would be like. In fact it was a dream of mine to have two or more men one after the other, which in a way kind of matched his fantasy. So even though I’d never actually looked elsewhere, if that’s what he said he wanted me to do then I’d happily go along with it. But that had been a while ago and, as he’d never mentioned it again, I’d more or less forgotten about it – until last night.

There was a football game on the television yesterday evening and apparently it was an important one, so I went around to see a friend of mine while Paul had a couple of his workmates over to watch it. As far as I was concerned it was a good deal, I enjoyed a damn good gossip, a few glasses of wine and, most importantly, I avoided the football. Some of the gossip, it must be said, got a bit risqué and that had led to a chat about sex in general. You know the sort of thing, were we both getting enough, did our spouse like it kinky, and so on, although strangely enough even talking about kinky partners hadn’t reminded me of Paul’s fantasy. But the result of the conversation was that by the time I was walking back home I was as horny as hell and looking forward to a good session. The game was well over by the time I got home, but when I walked into our lounge I found myself confronted by two men I’d never met before, and Paul was nowhere to be seen. I guessed they were the friends he was on about and I tried to be polite, even though I’d expected that they’d be gone by then and I had other things on my mind. Empty beer bottles told the tale of their evening.

‘Hello.’ I said, not knowing who I was talking to. ‘Where’s Paul?’

‘He’ll be back in a minute.’ The taller and older of the two replied. ‘He’s just gone upstairs.’

Even as he spoke I heard the elephant that is Paul thundering down the stairs and into the room behind me. He circled my waist with his arms and pulled me back towards him.

‘This is Lois, guys, my beautiful wife. Lois, meet Seb and Ryan.’

‘It’s Sebastian really.’ The younger, slimmer one advised me. ‘But I prefer Seb.’

‘Seb it is.’ I agreed, leaning back into Paul’s arms. His two friends were very different, Ryan, the older of the two by several years, was darker, heavier and a couple of inches taller, while Seb was fair haired and slim, and looked to be somewhere in his early twenties. They were very different, but equally good-looking

‘He said you were a stunner.’ Ryan informed me, grinning. ‘And he was right.’

‘Oh, he’s been talking about me has he?’ I chuckled. ‘Well thank you, but are you sure you haven’t had too many beers?’

It felt nice that Paul complimented me in my absence. I gave his hands a quick squeeze of thanks.

‘Oh, she’s a stunner all right, and sexy with it.’ His hands began wandering around my stomach, gently fondling me through my clothes. I could feel my arousal returning.

‘Stop it, Paul.’ I whispered over my shoulder. ‘At least until your friends have gone. You’re getting me going.’

He pushed himself against me from behind and his hands moved up until he was cupping my breasts in full view of Ryan and Seb. ‘What do you think you’re doing to me?’ He murmured back. I could feel his erection pressed against my bottom.

‘Behave Paul.’ I protested, gasping with surprise. This was so unlike the usual Paul. But it felt unexpectedly good to be touched with others watching and I didn’t want to complain too hard.

‘I am behaving.’ He assured me quietly. ‘I’m behaving just how you like me to.’

The trouble was that my wine and their beers meant he was only too right. I sighed softly as he gently squeezed my breasts; half wanting to press my hands over his but not wanting to restrict his actions. I stared across at the others with my arms hanging passively by my sides, daring them to comment. But they were just watching silently as if too surprised and intrigued by Paul’s actions Escort bayan to react.

For what seemed like ages we stood in a tableau, Paul massaging my breasts, with me meekly letting him and his friends just sitting and watching. And then, again without saying anything, he pulled my top clear of my jeans and pushed it up out of the way so that he could cup my breasts in my bra. I didn’t care, I was turned on and the whole thing was adding to my impatience for later, especially when one finger on each hand found its way into my bra and stroked my nipples. Roll on the time when we were on our own, but meanwhile I was enjoying what was happening and feeling secure in Paul’s presence.

‘Raise your arms.’ He whispered.

My mouth suddenly went dry and my heart began to pound with excited fear. I could tell what he intended to do and the idea made me tremble with trepidation. But I did as I was told, standing still while he pulled my top over my head and tossed it to one side before I lowered my arms to let him unhook my bra as well and push it from my shoulders. As my bra fell away only his hands, returning to cover my breasts, stopped me being naked to the waist in front of two other men, men I didn’t know. It was a hell of a thrill.

I stared defiantly at his workmates again, trying to look unconcerned by my state of dress. Ryan was looking maybe a little uncomfortable, but Seb gazed openly at the nipples I knew were showing between Paul’s fingers. I could sense Paul looking over my shoulder and smiling as he deliberately showed me to his friends, squeezing my breasts and tugging at the nipples he’d got sandwiched between his fingers. I wondered how we were going to get rid of them now so that we could get down to it, unless he intended doing it in front of them. Maybe he did. Then I wondered if he was really going to embarrass me like that, or if he was just unexpectedly getting a kick himself from exposing his wife. It didn’t matter because the illicit thrill I was feeling far exceeded any potential embarrassment, whatever he had in mind. In fact when he lowered his hands and placed them on my hips, allowing my breasts to be fully exposed to his friends, he gave me a bigger thrill than ever.

‘Ready to be fucked?’ He whispered too quietly for anyone else to hear. In fact for a moment I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly myself, but that might have been from sheer surprise. It seemed he really was going to do it with his friends still present.

‘You know I am.’ I replied, speaking just as softly. ‘As soon as they go.’

‘Don’t you remember what we said about me watching you?’ He asked with arousal very clear in his whisper. ‘Well tonight’s the night, if they don’t chicken out. I haven’t told them yet, but I’ve dropped a couple of hints.’

I gasped in astonishment as his stated fantasy came back to me. He wasn’t thinking of making love to me with his friends watching, he was going to let his friends make love to me instead while he watched. My mind was in a whirl, rebounding from sheer panic and disbelief to randy expectancy. Could I do it? Would they do it? I quickly looked at Ryan and Seb. I could see an eager intensity in their gazes that told me they had an idea at least that something was stirring. I don’t think they’d actually heard what Paul had said, but they seemed to know. But even if they hadn’t he soon gave them another hint when his hands found my belt buckle and unfastened it, pulling the two ends of my belt apart.

‘Want to see some more?’ He asked them.

Ryan nodded and Seb said a hoarse ‘yes’, both of them looking as though they weren’t quite sure they believed what he’d said, but hoping they did. I jerked back with instinctive alarm, briefly grabbing at his hands to stop him going further before letting my hands drop and surrendering to his actions.

‘You know you want to.’ He told me, gently kissing my ear.

I did want to, that was the problem. I wanted my husband to let me get a really good fucking right there and then. My only difficulty was that I’d never done it with anyone else before, and these men were relative strangers. I just wasn’t sure I had the nerve. But then that’s where my submissive side helped, I could just tamely let Paul start it and take the responsibility. I meekly allowed him to unfasten my jeans, pushing them down below my knees before hooking his fingers into my panties and pushing them down too. He crouched behind me and finished his task, working both over my feet so that Ryan and Seb were seeing me completely naked. Then he stood up behind me and held me by my arms, making sure I was facing his friends.

‘What do you think guys?’ Paul asked, his voice husky. ‘Nice?’

He was asking for, and expecting, compliments on my body. My face went red at his words, but it still felt good that he thought I was worth it.

‘You okay with this?’ Ryan asked me, looking uneasy.

I was pleased by his concern, but I honestly didn’t mind being naked; in fact it was making me Bayan escort even hornier, ready for what Paul wanted to happen.

I nodded. ‘Yes.’ I told him. ‘I’m fine with it. Do you like what you see?’

‘Beautiful.’ Ryan agreed. ‘Just as long as you’re happy.’

‘Whatever Paul is cool with, so am I.’ I assured him, smiling sincerely. ‘If he wants you to see me, then I want it too.’

‘Good girl.’ Paul’s hands slid around me, cupping my breasts as if offering them to his friends.

‘Nice tits, don’t you think?’

‘Very nice.’ Seb told him. ‘You’re a lucky man.’

‘You can have a feel of them if you like.’

I knew where things were headed and I wanted them to, but I still felt my body instinctively jerk with shock. Paul quickly grabbed my arms again, forcing me to stand and face his friends.

‘Let it happen.’ He murmured in my ear. ‘You’ll like it.’

I knew I’d like it; in fact I was so bloody horny I would have agreed to nearly anything. I genuinely wanted my boobs felt, and played with, and sucked and squeezed – and whatever else the two men wanted to do. I silently nodded my willing consent, and then I simply stood waiting for their hands to touch me, anxious but excited at the same time.

But it was Ryan and Seb’s turn to hesitate. Both of them took a half pace forward and then stopped, looking at Paul and me as if to check that they hadn’t misunderstood.

‘Go on.’ Paul encouraged them. ‘Have a good feel and tell me what you think.’ I couldn’t see his face but I could hear his breathing. He was as turned on as I was.

Ryan was the first to step up close, his hand closing over my breast and squeezing gently. Seb followed, reaching out so that he could enclose my other one, his thumb finding and rubbing at my nipple. I couldn’t help but gasp with the sheer weirdness of it. There I was, stark naked, being held out by my own husband so that other men could play with my breasts. It was kinky, but such a turn on, especially when Ryan gripped my nipple and pulled on it.

‘Well?’ Paul asked. ‘Are they good, or are they good?’

‘They’re more than just good.’ Ryan told him, making me gasp by tugging at the nipple until it slipped from his grip.

‘Turning you on, is she?’ Paul asked from over my shoulder.

‘Oh yes,’ Seb grinned at him, his hand cupping and lifting my breast.

‘What about you?’ He asked me. ‘Is this getting to you too?’

It was, the idea that he wanted his friends to have me was working its magic. ‘Very much.’ I told him truthfully.

‘Would you like them to do something about that?’ He asked, purposely letting them hear him.

‘Yes, anything.’ I replied, meaning it.

‘So, would you like to have her?’ He asked them. ‘I mean all the way?’

Both Seb’s and Ryan’s eyes widened as they suddenly understood what was happening.

‘You want us to screw her?’ Seb exclaimed, his hand instinctively jerking away from my breast.

‘If she wants you to.’ Paul answered, and then asked me. ‘Do you?’

There was only one answer he wanted to hear, and that was the only one I wanted to give. After all it was playing directly to that fantasy of mine to have multiple lovers as well as his fantasy to watch. ‘Yes.’ I told him.

‘So, do you want her?’ He asked them.

‘What do you think?’ Seb replied enthusiastically, answering for both of them. ‘Of course we do.’ He put his hand back on me.

‘Yes, but only if Lois says she really wants us to.’ Ryan was a little more cautious, even though his voice sounded just as eager. I guess he was being careful that there wouldn’t be any come back.

‘I really want it.’ I reassured him. ‘In fact I can’t wait.’

There was more truth in that than I’d have been willing to admit. Since Paul had whispered what he wanted I’d become more and more enthralled by the idea. Three men meant three cocks, and that sounded so good.

‘We’d better go upstairs then.’ Paul told us all.

I went up first, deliberately taking the lead so that they could all look at me from behind. I was doing more now than just entering into Paul’s game, I was actually encouraging it.

When I got to our bedroom I was in for another surprise. Our bed had been stripped of duvet and pillows so that it was just a flat platform, ready for sex. Now I suddenly understood why Paul had been upstairs when I first arrived home. He’d obviously already decided to share me with his friends and had got things ready in advance. I don’t know if either of them quite understood the implication of Paul’s preparedness, but if they did they didn’t let it show. I climbed onto the bed and turned to face them, kneeling with my legs wide apart and a smile of welcome on my face.

‘You see.’ Paul announced. ‘She really does want it.’

‘So, come on guys, let’s see what you’ve got for me.’ I was getting more and more excited.

‘You heard the lady, let’s get ready.’ Paul began to undress and, after only a few seconds uncertainty, Escort so did Seb and Ryan.

I was already familiar with Paul’s body of course, and so it was the other two that held my attention, especially Seb with his smooth skinned slight physique that made his slender, circumcised erection seem somehow longer. Ryan was a man’s man, dark, large, hirsute and muscular, and equipped with the sort of cock that made me long to get started. He was big, not stupidly big, not the sort of foot long weapon that people seem to think gives women more pleasure, but even at half mast it was noticeably longer and thicker than the average. The impending variety was making my mouth water, as well as other parts.

‘Come to the edge.’ Paul indicated with his hand.

I shuffled to the side of the bed, kneeling in front of him.

‘Show them how good you are with your mouth.’ He instructed.

I reached out to take his cock and guide it to my mouth, but he turned away.

‘Not on me, stupid.’ There was amusement in his voice, knowing he had fooled me. ‘Guests always come first.’

Was there a double entendre in that? I wasn’t sure. I looked around for whichever of the others was within range and both of them stepped closer. I did the obvious thing, taking one cock in each hand and playing with them gently while pretending to choose.

It wasn’t difficult, I chose Ryan’s. Releasing Seb’s somewhat reluctantly I leaned forward to Ryan’s semi hard cock instead, propping myself on one hand and guiding it into my mouth with the other, licking and sucking it until I felt it expand and lengthen to full erection in my mouth. I looked up at Paul, seeing him smiling happily down at me and grinned back at him around Ryan’s cock. I was doing as he wanted, giving him the kind of sight he wanted and enjoying myself at the same time. What could be better?

For a several minutes I sucked Ryan’s cock, letting my tongue swirl around its head, then listening to his grunts of pleasure as I took it as far into my mouth as I could, until eventually I could tell that he was getting close to coming. I didn’t want that, I wanted his cock fucking me when he came, shooting his load inside my pussy, and so I pulled clear, looking up at Paul for direction.

‘Good girl.’ He told me. ‘You shouldn’t spend all your time on one, there are two more yet.’ That was nice to know.

I turned towards Seb, who was pushing closer in excited anticipation, guiding his slimmer cock into my mouth. I must admit that of the two I did prefer Seb’s slim circumcised penis to Ryan’s extra girth and long foreskin, but I didn’t let my preference show. I did exactly the same with his as I had with Ryan’s, taking it deep into my mouth, licking its head, sucking hard as if it were a lollipop and stroking his shaft with my fingertips. I loved it. Soon I could tell by Seb’s reactions that he too could feel his climax approaching and so, with some regret, I released him to, turning towards my husband to do the same for him.

‘Finish me.’ He ordered as I sealed my lips over his familiar cock.

I looked up at him in surprise. He doesn’t usually want me to blow him to the end, preferring to be taken close, as I had with the others, and then to fuck me. Although sometimes he’ll let me take him to climax and swallow his cum so that we can have a long lazy session afterwards until he’s ready again. I hadn’t thought that this would be one of those times.

‘I’m not going to do it, they are.’ He clarified. ‘And I want to watch them doing it.’

I remembered then, that was his fantasy, to see me simply being taken by someone else rather than joining in. I didn’t mind too much, I could see by the looks on Ryan and Seb’s faces that they were only too eager. I wouldn’t go without; I would get the fucking that I was desperate for from them. I began to suck my husband’s cock, looking forward to a mouthful of cum and highly aware that other men, complete strangers before tonight, would be watching me getting it.

I’m used to blowing Paul of course. He’s usually pretty quick to come the first time, which is why we so often do it at the beginning of a session, just to slow him down. It didn’t take long to settle into my usual rhythm, wanking his shaft with one hand in time to my tongue circling his glans. I heard his breathing deepen and I knew I’d got it right.

A movement in the corner of my eye made me glance sideways to catch Seb unhurriedly playing with himself as he watched us. I looked the other way too, both of them were watching hungrily, waiting their turn with me. That is something I’d never experienced before, but the thought that men were quite literally queuing up to use me made my heart pound eagerly. If only Paul would let the queue be longer.

I was brought back to reality by Paul clamping his hand on the back of my head and starting to gently thrust his cock into my mouth. He doesn’t do that often, only when he feels he needs to assert his control, and I guess this was one of those times. I don’t mind, in fact I like it, I love the sensation of his cock pushing into my mouth and being unable to stop it. I also love it because I know it’s a sign of his imminent climax. I readied myself for the flood of cum.

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