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Thunder resonates throughout the night. Lightning flashes and I suddenly wake. My skin is on fire and I push back the sheets. I lie on my back and my fingertips trace the lines of my collarbone, brushing the thin strap of my black nightgown off of my shoulder. I turn on my side and the hem slides up my thigh. I hear the rain, cars splashing by, speeding through the night. Where are they going? I wonder.

I close my eyes and watch the lightning flicker through my eyelids. Suddenly, I know I am no longer alone. I hear my door open softly, and see a shadow enter slowly. You walk without hesitation towards my bed where I remain frozen. My heart is pushing hot blood into my veins and adrenaline is coursing through me. I can’t believe you are here. I blink, expecting you to vanish, but you continue your determined path towards me.

Before I have time to think you are on top of me, pinning my slender wrists above my head and crushing me with your weight. Through the thin fabric of my nightdress I can feel your hard chest, your heart beating into mine. Your breath and lips are burning into the hollow of my neck and I release a moan as you sink your teeth into my skin. Hard enough to leave a mark, but still gentle because you would never hurt me in a way I didn’t ask for.

You slide your hands down my arms and over my breasts. bursa escort You can feel my sweet little nipples grow hard under your warm hands and you smile. Pulling my straps down over my arms, you expose my tender, pink breasts and immediately enclose my right nipple in your mouth, sucking and licking gently and urgently. My fingers find their way into your hair and then down your strong back, digging my nails into the soft cotton of your shirt. You pull away from me suddenly and we sit up, though I am still underneath you. I lift your shirt over your head and throw it away, running my lips, my tongue, my hands all over your perfect skin. With a few sharp tugs, my nightgown is over my head and on the floor, and I am clad only in a small pair of sheer black panties…already moist from your touch.

Pinning me back down on the bed you attack my mouth with yours and I eagerly respond, tasting you deeply. I take my time with your lips, and you moan into me. We have waited so long for this, too long for this. Our bodies know one another, though they have never met in this way until now. I reach for your belt, and my nimble fingers have you released from your clothes in seconds. I slide your jeans and boxers down over your hips and off onto the floor. Taking control, I flip you onto your back and straddle you, my thighs bursa escort bayan gripping you. There is but one layer between us now.

I bend into your chest and inhale your scent. Your hands are sliding over my satin-like skin and I make my way down your torso with my lips. When I reach your hip bone I use my tongue to trace the lines of your muscles. I reach for your cock and it is hot and hard in my hand. I look into your eyes as I lean down…you are burning for me. I place my lips on the tip and circle my tongue around the head. With one more glance at you I slide you into my mouth in one fluid movement.

Just as quickly I am gone, and you watch me stand beside the bed. “Watch”, I say. With one hand hanging by my thigh, the other traces a path over my chest, down my flat stomach, and slides into the top of my underwear. Using both hands now I slowly slide those black panties down my hips, thighs, and calves until they drop to the floor. You watch their journey with amazement, and then focus on my naked body.

I am everything you want. I turn slowly, so you can see my finely sculpted back and perfectly round ass. I climb back onto the bed and with one swift movement you have me pinned again, this time with every inch of my skin touching yours. “Take me”, I whisper, and that is all the encouragement görükle escort you need. As the lightning flashes again you slide your hand slowly down until you are parting the lips of my pussy with your fingers. You feel the wetness, you can smell my scent and spreading my legs with both hands you can see me, waiting for what you know I need. As you slowly slide your thumb up and down my clit, I beg you to fuck me.

You guide your thick cock to the entrance of my pussy and slowly slide in. I am so tight, so warm, so wet. You completely fill me with your cock, and I moan with ecstasy. Suddenly, you flip me over so I am on top of you, and I take this as an invitation to pin your arms above your head and put my skin flush with yours. I slowly slide you in and out of me, letting you feel every inch. I find your lips with mine and one hand grips your back, my nails digging into your tattoo. You grip my hips and guide me upright, letting me feel your cock pushing into me. We make music, rhythm with our gleaming bodies.

I sit on top of you and you take in my high breasts, my shining eyes and dark hair. You watch me slide two fingers down to caress my clit while I ride you. Your fingers dig into my ass, bruising the flesh. I know you are about to come and I feel myself coming with you. I slam onto your cock and feel you explode inside of me as I convulse and writhe in wave after wave of long-awaited pleasure. I collapse onto your chest and my lips rest on your neck. You wrap my hair in your fingers and I let our hearts find the same beat, just like I knew they would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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