Tied Up and Taking It from Behind

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It’s been a busy day for you – you have been out running errands, and calling me up, directing me to make reservations for dinner, updating me on what time you would meet me.

We finally meet and enjoy a quiet dinner, and a couple glasses of wine.

We are all over each other as soon as we get home, holding each other tight, and kissing each other. I lift you up, and take you to the bedroom, and waste no time in taking your clothes off, one by one, till you are in my arms naked, your big beautiful breasts crushed against my chest, your hips against the hardness in my pants.

I push you off now, and turn you around by your shoulders, and push you on the bed, as you fall face down. I take out the wedge pillow I have been planning to use on you, and puts it on the bed, asking you to lay on it.

Your upper body is now flat on the wedge, your face down on the lower side, and your ass up in the air. The wedge extends flat from your head, where I lays your arms, and strap them down to the wedge. I come back to your feet, and straps them down too, 3 feet apart, so you cannot move at all.

I pull you up a little by your hair, and then with the other hand, run it down your spine, ending up in the crack of your ass, teasing you a bit.

Your big breasts are flat and peek from the side, making me turn harder for you, and your ass sticking out, waiting to be used by me.

I take my clothes off, as you wait, the anticipation building in you. I come up behind you, one hand going over your back, the other touching you all over your ass cheeks.

You feel my hard, big hands on yourself, and wonder what I’ll do next.

“Take me baby”, you say.

“Not yet”, I replie, and smack your ass hard, as you scream. Again and again I go, after pausing for a while each time. You hurt each time, but each time you get a little more wet, your heart racing faster, your hands trying escort bayan to get out of the clasps, but you cannot.

Now I feel your outer pussy lips with my fingers, and with my forefinger and little finger spread your lips apart, and insert two fingers inside you. Your pussy grips me tight, but your wetness allows me to slip all the way inside.

You moan loudly as I twist and shake you from the inside, controlling you and your feelings.

I take my fingers out, and you feel me rub your thick pussy juices over your butt hole, and you try to relax as I push in – you feel the pain, but you feel a different kind of pleasure too.

I take my finger out, and leave you untouched for a while, and you feel your pussy throb, and your ass throb hard, itching for my cock.

You want me badly inside you now, so badly you beg me. I tell you to wait.

I go to your front, and lift you up by your hair again, and you look up at me, and then at my hardness.

You want to touch me, feel me, take my balls in your hand, but you can’t.

While I hold you by your hair, I come closer to your face, and lets my cock find its way inside your mouth.

You love the feel of me in your mouth, my cock throbbing, you hear me grunting – you know that for a moment you have control over me.

You enjoy sucking me, and taking me as deep as possible.

I holds your head with both hands, and then force you to keep my cock inside you, deep inside your mouth, till you gag and start choking, and then I let go.

With my cock now drenched in your saliva, I let go, and go behind you again, touching you over your ass, and thighs, my hands squeezing you.

I unclasp your feet, and then places them wider, and spreading your ass cheeks I watchs my cock enter your pussy, till it is completely inside you.

I am quick to start fucking you now, my cock sliding in and out görükle escort of you, stretching you, reaching deep inside with every stroke, throbbing inside you as I hold still, your pussy gripping me tight.

You moan loudly, shamelessly as my hips slap into your ass, your fists tightening each time to brace for my impact, your body slammed forward each time, the bed shaking with our fucking.

You can hardly say anything in the frenzy, but you manage to scream out “Oh God, I love how you fuck me so hard”, this turns me on so much, I goes faster and harder.

“Fuck me, oh God, fuck me hard baby” you scream, as I fuck you harder and harder, holding on to your hips with my hands, so you stay still, and let me get a smooth motion in and out of you.

I slap your ass, and pull your hair as I fuck you now. You look into my eyes, your eyes are begging me to not stop. I pull you up more and grabs your right breast in my hand, pinching your hard nipple, and you just let go.

Your body shakes, and you scream almost silently, and then start grunting as you cum. Your pussy juices flowing freely all over your thighs, as your orgasm takes over you. It seems to grip you for a long time till finally I let you go, and unclasp your hands, and you lie on your back, telling me how good that felt.

I run my fingers lightly over your skin, telling you how much I loved that, but you see that I am still hard.

You ask me what I want now, as you stroke me in your hands, finally getting to touch my rock hard cock …

You kiss me as I lie on my back, as you stroke my cock in your hand.

You straddle my face, lowering your crotch till my mouth is over your pussy lips.

I holds on to your thighs, as my tongue touches your open pussy lips, and you shake hard, as you feel my strong tongue set fire inside you, making you wet again.

You bursa elit escort hold on to my head as I lick deeper and deeper, stopping to flick your swollen clit with my tongue.

You reach behind to grab my cock, as I keep licking you, and as you hold me and I throbs in your hand, you want me in your mouth again.

You turn around, with your face towards my feet now, and sit your ass on my face, as you bend down to take me in your mouth.

I lick my tongue over your butt hole, and then back to your pussy, as you take turns to let my cock enter your mouth, and then stroking me with your hand as you try to suck my balls, and roll them inside your mouth one at a time.

You hold on to my thighs, as you start grinding your hips on my face. Now you just hold on to my cock, as I bring you closer and closer to another orgasm, and you just let go, shaking and trembling, as an intense orgasm takes over you, and you just collapse over me.

But I am too turned on to give you a break now – I want you badly – and I want to kiss you and look at you as I take you.

I turn you on your back, and then wrap your legs around my shoulders, and enter you again, this position allowing me to get even deeper inside you, till I can go in no further.

You look up at me, and I bend down to kiss you, and start pumping you, watching you toss and turn your head on the pillow, and your big breasts shaking with every impact.

You reach out and put your hands on my chest, and hold my head in your hands, as I continue to pound you, again and again, till the bed is moving with all my force.

You feel me throb hard inside you, as your pussy grips me tight, and you see me close my eyes, and feel my hot cum shoot deep inside you.

You cum at the same time as me, and I continue to pump till your own orgasm dies down, and I lie down, exhausted beside you.

You suck my cock dry as I lie, licking and tasting and swallowing my hot cum mixed with your own juices, and then get up to go to the bathroom for a shower.

I follow you into the bathroom, and you realize what a good decision it was to get a large two-person shower stand for our bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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