Tigers Eye

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She gazed at the necklace on the Kings muscular chest, mesmerized. Polished black stone with burnt orange swirls attached to a gold chain. Its beauty was alluring and magnetic to the eyes. She poured the wine into his goblet with quick short glances at the stone, then the cup. Slightly bent over she pulled her long, silken blonde hair to the side.

“See something you like?” King Torto asked lowly. Her eyes shot upwards to his then slighted him a smile.

“It’s very pretty,” she said shyly. Then stood erect after filling his silver goblet. She went to turn away and King Torto gripped her wrist lightly and pulled to get her attention. She spun back around in fear she may have upset him.

“Sorry sir, I was only admiring the stone,” she snapped with a hint of fear. She curtsied and lowered her head which was the custom of a servant in the presence of a King or Queen.

“That is quite all right fair maiden,” the King replied to ease her insecurities. What would you give me for it?” King Torto asked with a wicked smile.

“I have nothing of value sir, I really should be getting to my duties,” she responded in an attempt to flee. The King released her arm with a trickle of fingers along her hand sensually.

“What is your name?” He asked.

“Jasmine sir,” she replied with another curtsey. She gazed at the stone again only as a choice not to look the King in the eyes.

“Well Jasmine, perhaps we can strike a barter,” he said with his mischievous grin. The backside of his hand run up the side of her leg.

“Is there something wrong my King?” Asked the Queen which sat to his left. Leaning into her husband to see what was wrong. Her eyes shot to the servant with temperament.

“No my love, I was just telling our new server that the proper way to serve a king was to serve from the left, not the right. Isn’t that right, Jasmine?” The King smiled at both women.

“Yes sir, I shall remember this,” Jasmine said then whisked off to her duties of pouring wine to the guests. The Queen run her fingers along the Kings strong bare chest, then along the garnish of his tiger skin cape. The room was vast and lit by the many fires and candles. The occasion was his birthday and most of the courts council was there for the feast. The King turned and kissed his wife then drank from his goblet, with eyes that searched the room for Jasmine. She had sparked his desires and was not going to let her get to far away before the night was thru.

The Queen settled back to chatting with the woman to her left. King Torto watched the crowd with a smile plastered to his face. Then it grew when he saw Jasmine come from the kitchen with more wine and began serving again.

“Can I get you anything sire?” Darth asked, the Kings aid who walked up beside him, lowering slightly to be heard clearly. His tall, lanky frame towered over the muscular King, smiling.

King Torto nodded towards Jasmine and smiled then cautiously looked back at his wife, the Queen. She was engrossed in her conversation so the King turned towards Darth smiling with his usual mischievous grin. “You see her?” King Torto asked.

“Yes sire,” Darth grinned back at the King. Kadıköy Escort “The usual sire?”

King Torto nodded ‘Yes’ and turned to be sure his wife was still occupied then took a long drink of his wine as if savoring the maidens touch to his goblet.

The ‘usual’ meant after the guards shift change, at midnight he would be headed towards the ‘room.’ A room set aside where the King had many frolics, it was well known the king was a man of many desires but no one dared speak of it aloud. After the shift change meant the halls of the castle were mostly clear of guards going home, and those going to they’re post were settled into a game of stones and bones or falling asleep. Which ever the case, the timing was perfect for moving about the castle unnoticed.

The King slowly walked the corridor towards the ‘room.’ He opened the large wooden door with ease and stepped inside quickly, looking back to see who may have seen. Once inside he shut the door and turned to see Jasmine rising from her seat and apply the proper curtsy.

“Sire,” she said respectfully. “I wish not to–“

“I have two choices to give you Jasmine,” King Torto didn’t give her a chance to finish, he had heard such speeches before. Walking towards her till he was standing before her. His broad chest in front of her small rosy face. “I can take what I want, or we can strike an arrangement?” King Torto said sternly. Running his hand along Jasmine’s outer arm assuring her of his intentions.

Jasmine looked up slightly till she was gazing at the Tigers eye stone and necklace. Its worth was great for the times. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to talk the King out of his desires. She trembled a bit from fear and anxiety. “I don’t know exactly what you mean, sir?”

“Come now,” King Torto put his hand under her chin and raised her face to make her look at him in the eyes. “You know what I want, now tell me what you want.”

“I want to go home, sir,” Jasmine said with certainty. King Torto run his finger down her neck slowly and lightly. Toyed gently with her exposed collar bone then let his hand brush her chest as it fell even farther down her body.

“I will have you my sweet,” He said with a light tone in his voice. Bringing his hand back up to her chin and raising her face upwards as he slowly leaned in and began kissing her. Jasmine went to step back and the King gripped her shoulders and pulled her to him and he kissed her again. Leaned back and looked at her with a smile of delight. Licking his lips, tasting her flavor.

“So, I get this precious stone for my sacred virginity?” Jasmine asked in a sarcastic tone. Looking at the tigers eye stone at King Torto’s chest.


“I don’t know sir, I have no choice, do I?” She asked in hopes for an alternative. He released his tight grip and brushed her arms where he had held her tightly. He put one arm behind her and swooped with the other under and behind her legs. Picking her up and started walking towards the bed. He looked at her smiling. He wasn’t very patient but he was being more so with her. Perhaps because she had a beauty that sparked his likes.

Jasmine gazed Ataşehir Escort at the stone of black and orange while he laid her on the bed then rose up and unfastened his skins. She settled back and watched wide eye’d. His cock was swelled up a bit from anticipation as his clothes hit the floor. Her eyes fixed on his muscle that was slightly large. She had never seen such a sight and was curious as much as she was afraid.

“Remove your clothes woman, prepare to receive your King.”

Jasmine slowly sat up and pulled her clothes down timidly and shy. Trying not to reveal her nakedness. Once she was mostly free of her clothing the King pulled them from her and tossed them to the side. Jasmine reached up with her arms trying to cover herself. Her fair skin stirred the Kings desires even more.

He leaned forward and took her by the back of the head and pulled gently till she understood what he wanted. Putting his cock to her face and pressing her into it. She took it in hand and fondled with it. Checking out its shape and texture. Exploring while she moved her hand slowly across its features. The impatient King pressed her head into him and with one hand held his cock till it was fixed at her lips.

Jasmine opened her mouth slightly and began to lightly lick and taste him. Putting him in her mouth and rubbing him with her slender fingers. Her other hand cupped his balls lightly as she fondled them, finding some pleasure in her exploration. The king pressed the back of her head into him even more causing her to open her mouth wider. His cock went deep into her mouth and she gagged lightly. King Torto snickered and then pressed even more.

Jasmine pulled back fully coughing and licking her lips of the wetness that trailed across her chin. Wiping with her long fingers as the King pushed her backwards on the bed. She lay back and her hair fell all around covering the sheets under her. King Torto gazed at her firm perky breasts then lightly fell atop of her. Kissing her deeply while fixing himself for penetration. Jasmine opened her legs slightly, more for comfort than an invitation. Allowing the King to slide into her more easily.

The sting of first time bit between her legs. The widening of her vaginal walls caused her to bite at her bottom lip as she turned her head from the King. Her light moan came from his first thrust. His arms spread out with his hands at either side of her head supporting his weight. His bodies driving insertion caused her to cry out a bit more. “Ooo,” she whimpered.

The Tigers eye stone bumped into her chin as he began his pumping drives. His musk scent filled her nostrils as he filled her deeply. The stretching of her inner walls made her squirm while he pushed deeper and deeper.

“Aw, yes…Jasmine,” he moaned out as he began to hump feverishly. His thrusts rammed into her making the sound of slapping flesh. Jasmine opened her legs even wider in hopes of some comfort. Tossing her head back and forth in quick jerks while the king took stabs at her neck with nipping bites.

“Ohhh,” she moaned out in discomfort. Her cunt aflame from rubbing drives. The King panted short breaths and humped Maltepe Escort vigorously while watching Jasmine’s facial grits. Her eyes narrowed, her lips tight, her hair scattered, her rosy cheeks aflame and her nipples hard. Her breast bounced slightly from his motions but there firmness kept them mostly in place while her body gave way to his thrusts.

“Uhh…ooo..hummm,” the King moaned out as his cock stiffened fully. Filling Jasmine with warmness, deep with her while his orgasmic moan rang out. She bit at her bottom lip again while hoping he was almost through. His quick jerks of body muscle and short paced drives were her only sign he may be done. He finally came to a stop, still within her. Filling her in short squirts of warm cum. A wet sound sloshed between them as he slowly humped a couple more times then withdrew from her. He was hot and sweaty with tightened muscles. Droplets of sweat fell onto her bare flesh as he got up and stood at the bed’s edge.

Jasmine looked at his enormous cock that still rose high from his loins. Closing her legs slowly feeling the strain between them. Stirring slightly to find a comfortable spot to lay.

“You may lay here tonight if you wish my sweet,” the King said out of breath. He reached down and picked up his clothes and began to put them on. Jasmine pulled the sheets around her and settled into them. Watching his every move. Gazing at his firm muscular ass all the way till he pulled his bottom skins back on fully. The King turned towards her while fastening them.

“You are sweeter than a mountain flower, Jasmine.” The King turned and began to walk away.

“Sire?” Jasmine spat quickly. He turned back towards her smiling.

“I wondered if you would say anything.” The King reached up and yanked the necklace from his neck. Looked at it a moment then tossed it next to Jasmine on the bed. It curled up naturally on the sheet. She reached and took it. “Perhaps we can deal again?” He asked with his usual mischievous grin.

Jasmine thought of ways to leave the castle, never to return again. Looking at her payment, the Tiger eye necklace. Her mind swirled with thoughts as the King stood there waiting a reply.

“Perhaps, you have many more stones left after all your deals?” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. The King smiled at the first hint of fire from this maiden.

“I have even better ones my sweet,” with that he began to walk towards the door again, as he reached it he turned back towards her once more. “Is that a yes?”

Jasmine looked at the necklace and stone, long and hard then looked up at the King with a slight smile, “Its a perhaps.” She said with a mischievous smile and slight batting of her eye lashes, looking downward shyly. The King’s smile grew as he opened the door and peered out into the hall then left.

Jasmine laid back into the sheets and raised her hands up high with the necklace and pulled her arms out wider stringing the chain to its length. Her face cringed slightly as she could feel the soreness between her legs, slightly. Her eyes fixed on the stone and she curled up to her side and pulled the covers over her. Balled the chain up in her hand she lay there looking at her prize. Her thoughts went many places but her eyes stayed fixed on the black and burnt orange stone. Its polished shine reflected the fire in the rooms light.

Slowly she slipped off into slumber gazing at, the Tigers eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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