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There was nothing but the sound of our footsteps on the rocky dirt and the dry wind of late summer. We didn’t know where we were going but there was nothing else to be done. The sun lied to us over and over again as linear time slipped away. Past and future melded into one moment and we could see everything. We stopped only to converse, but we had lost sound long ago. We spoke with our eyes and agreed with our lips. You caught my windblown hair in your fingers and held it back so you wouldn’t miss my eyes changing.

The rocks caught fire as the sun fell behind them. I glanced back at you and felt your eyes grazing over my skin, hungry. There was nothing, no one, in the wavering distance. I stopped and turned to face you, there in the middle of an ancient desert, knowing this was the closest to home I would ever be. We made love with only our eyes until the sky turned pink and I was soaked between my legs. You walked toward me slowly with your hand on yourself to show me the outline of the hardness under the thin fabric of your pants. Your eyes never closed right when you first kissed me. Your dry, soft lips pressed onto mine and I could feel the warmth Antalya Escort of the dying sun left on your skin.

Your tongue moved slowly in my mouth. You slowly gathered the material from my skirt with the fingers of your left hand. A cool breeze swirled around my legs and inside me. You traced my inner thigh with your thickened finger tips. I opened my eyes when your hand reached the center, in time to see your eyes open wide. Feeling you react to what you did to me never got old. You very gently and effortlessly picked me up and I wrapped my legs around your waist. You dropped to your knees and lowered me to the hard-packed ground. The skin on my back was calloused from thousands of times before this. You never forgot to cradle my head in your hand as you lay me down.

The air was getting colder as dusk cloaked us in violet light, but I was warm from your protection on top of me. You kissed, licked and sucked both breasts until it was almost dark. You were still looking in my eyes when you slipped inside me, barely moving your body, knowing exactly where I was.

As the moon rose, giant and pulling above us, we rolled Antalya Escort Bayan me on top of you and I rode you that way, screaming inside, so wild I could almost find my voice. You filled me up entirely as I moved my hips in circles, my back arched against the moonlight. Time was meaningless now, there was no endgame. We stopped when we got tired. We walked naked, hand in hand, letting the night air cool our skin. We lay down between two rocks and covered ourselves with my skirt.

I awoke some time later, feeling you shift beside me. I sat up and took you in. Naked, bathed in the light of the moon, fully hard. You were dreaming of me. I followed the silhouette of my body on yours as you moved in your dream. I crawled over to one of the rocks and leaned up against it to watch you. Not long passed before your hand reached out to your right to find me where it always had and discovered my absence. You opened your eyes right away and found me sitting nearby, legs spread wide apart and my own hand between them, stroking in an upward motion as you stared. You watched me as you felt your own rigidity become painful. You came toward Escort Antalya me on your knees and paused before me, letting me continue for a moment while I decided what to do next. I reached forward and gripped you, gently pulling you closer until I could reach you with my mouth.

You leaned forward and braced yourself on the rock against my back, the muscles of your arms tight and hard. Eventually I rested my head back against the stone, and you leaned down to meet my lips with yours. One hand still holding yourself up, the other traced down my face, neck, chest, stomach, down between my legs to finish what I had started. Slowly, consistently, you brought me back to where I was and quickly to the end. You took my hand and pulled me up, where you wrapped your arms around me and held me under the night sky until my breathing slowed and I began to shiver. You pulled away far enough to see my face. Stars dead, moon bigger than it used to be, time slowing. You cupped my cheek with one hand and wrapped the other one in my hair. You pulled my forehead to yours and kept your eyes locked inside mine.

We became who we were the first time.

This is all there had ever been, from the beginning. And this was the last time.

You led me back to our sleeping spot and covered us again, where we intertwined our fingers and legs as always. I blinked sleepily at you until I slipped into oblivion, knowing the sun may not rise in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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