Times of Discovery Pt. 03

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To any new readers. You may want to read the first installment of this narrative to get more details about the main characters.

After going over some reader comments about my efforts, I see where I didn’t explain some things well enough. Yes, Evan had remained faithful to Jill all through their marriage. Is that so hard to believe? Regarding Nan, she had been a more impulsive person earlier in life and a chance to indulge once again had been made available. Remember, she was in a relationship with a fellow who wouldn’t make a real commitment to her. I think I handled Jill’s point of view fairly well. She feels time running out. Her desperation may be misplaced, and she had a lot to work out emotionally. As far as Nan tossing Drake out, it was the drugs and all the lies that had reached a tipping point, not so much finding him with a younger girl. As far as the age of the main characters, from my point of view, they’re young. So, guess how old I am.

So there you go. It’s a fantasy. Like real life, things don’t always go the way you think they should. If you want the perfect story with the perfect ending, just write your own, submit it here and see what others think of your efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and comment on what I have done so far.


Evan had just left for home and Jill was still holding a much calmer Nan. Before leaving, he had checked all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked. The women would be alone in the house and he wasn’t sure if Drake would try to come back.

The women were on the couch in the front room of the now-quiet house and an occasional sob would work its way through Nan as she recalled the events of the last few hours. She was sure Drake wouldn’t make a clean break from the relationship they had shared. She knew that throwing him out was not really the end with him. Just the beginning of having to deal with pleading and more empty promises.

Jill could feel Nan slowly relax in her arms and knew it was better to remain quiet for now. When Nan was ready to talk, she would be there to listen and make every effort to support her. All she had to offer at the moment was the comfort of a warm embrace.

As she sat there holding Nan, her thoughts drifted to the events of the last few days. She had to sort out and analyze every aspect of the situation she had played the leading role in creating.

First, to remain married for around thirty years and raise two boys who never caused any real trouble was a pretty good accomplishment these days. What she had just concocted this past weekend could have put that in jeopardy. She had to figure out why she felt so desperate to rekindle the fading fires of sex in her marriage. Maybe a feeling of running out of time was starting to weigh on her.

Thinking about the past weekend gave her a warm feeling inside, but when standing back and looking at it in a more rational light, she started to see just how juvenile her actions were. No doubt it had been lust-filled and extremely thrilling, but were the potential consequences worth it? Even in the midst of manipulating the situation that led to Evan and Nan being alone together, she had questioned herself and experienced doubt and some regret over her actions. It was still hard to believe Evan didn’t cross the line she had at first drawn.

Recalling her actions of the previous day brought on a spreading tingle centered in her loins. It thrilled her to think of how she had acted with Nan at the boutique.

Then there were the ultimate acts of intimacy. No doubt, the wildest thing she had ever done was when she eventually guided Evan’s cock into the woman next to her. And she would never forget the feel and taste of her first experience of exploring sex with another woman.

Jill held Nan a little tighter when she felt another shudder pass through the warm body in her arms. Now that Drake was possibly being removed from her life, Nan would be making some major adjustments in the near future. There was no doubt, that in time, she would work things out, but for now, Jill felt a need to do something more for her. She finally came up with an idea to at least distract Nan a little and help her get through this first night without Drake.

“Come on Nan, let me draw a nice hot bath that you can soak in for a while. You’ll fell a lot better.”

Nan stirred just enough to turn her face up to Jill. After getting a light kiss on the forehead, she agreed with a sigh. “Yeah, that sounds pretty good right now.”

They helped one another up from the couch and ended facing each other just inches apart. One look into Nan’s eyes and Jill knew it was the proper time for a meaningful kiss. She reached for Nan and pulled her closer. As their ample breasts pressed together, they both looked down at the bulging mounds competing for space and smiled. The kiss was gentle and warm while they both rested their hands on each other’s hips. Their lips slid apart halkalı escort and Jill found Nan’s earlobe in easy reach. After lightly nibbling it and feeling a slight tremor course through Nan, she whispered, “C’mon, let’s go get you that bath.”

Jill took Nan by the hand and led the way down the hall, through the master bedroom, and into the adjoining bath. The room was almost out of place in the somewhat modest home. Actually, it was quite luxurious. Much nicer than the guest bathroom she had used on previous visits. The main feature was a beautiful old claw foot tub. The other fixtures, such as the shower stall and double sink were all of high quality, and the whole effect was very pleasing. Jill had Nan sit on a small bench in front of a vanity table and instructed, “Okay, just wait right here while I take care of everything.”

Nan quietly watched as Jill rummaged around locating towels, bubble bath soap and a lightly scented bath oil. After everything had been selected, Jill spotted some CD’s on a small shelf, but the player was missing. No doubt, it was among the things that had been recovered from Drake’s car. While getting the water temperature just right, she noticed some candles and lit them to enhance a nice relaxing mood.

Jill stopped the water when the tub was about half full and had a thick layer of bubbles. She turned off the overhead lights, then focused her attention on Nan. Extending a hand, Jill helped her up and had her stand near the middle of the room.

Facing each other, Jill started working the hem of Nan’s shirt up and when it was high enough, Nan raised her arms to allow it to be removed. Jill drew in a sigh when she was presented with the sight of a full pair of breasts held high in a well-fitting bra. Looking into Nan’s eyes, she hooked her thumbs under the bra straps and held them aside while Nan worked her arms free. She then reached behind Nan to release the catches of the bra.

Leaning close brought their breasts into contact again, so Jill took her time at her pleasant task. When the catches were undone, the bra couldn’t fall away as it was trapped between their bodies. Pulling back slightly, Jill lowered her gaze to watch as she slid her hands around beneath the material to free the proud mounds. She briefly explored the weight and texture of the fine pair of breasts and felt Nan’s nipples harden under her touch. She tossed the bra aside, then massaged Nan’s shoulders and neck for a few moments before bending down to finish removing the remaining clothing.

Jill offered a hand to steady Nan as she climbed into the tub and when she was settled in, the bubbles covered her up to her shoulders. Jill knelt on a folded towel beside the tub and had Nan lean forward to wash her back with a large sponge. With that done, Jill positioned another towel behind Nan’s head and had her rest on it. She then proceeded to continue with what turned into a very erotic bath.

Starting with the nearest arm, Jill soaped up and massaged offered limbs as they rose up out of the concealing bubbles. When legs were attended to, the hidden massaging of the upper thighs had Nan squirming by the time Jill was done. It was now obvious what remained to be bathed would be a lot more personal. Nan had been enjoying the feel of gentle hands on her arms and legs and was looking forward to experience whatever Jill would do next.

Nan reclined against the towel behind her head and closed her eyes. The bubbles had been slowly diminishing and the swell of her glistening breasts were being revealed to Jill’s lingering eyes. Using the somewhat rough texture of the sponge to tease Nan’s flesh, Jill started at her shoulders and slowly began a journey down the lush body that was available to her. As the sponge was moved low enough to encounter her full breasts, Nan smiled as she pushed her chest out and up to expose all she could to Jill.

Jill lifted each firm globe in turn to make sure the sponge dragged across the hard nipples that crowned them. Soon, the sponge was left to float away while Jill used her bare hands to explore and caress. She spent a lot of time on the womanly flesh beneath her touch. Pinching and twisting the hard nipples caused moans and hisses to escape into the dimly lit room. Both women thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the attention paid to the now heaving mounds. Retrieving the sponge, she finally moved her hand lower, but the bubbles blocked the view as she closed in on the junction of thighs and pelvis.

The lower Jill went with the slightly abrasive loofah, the wider Nan allowed her legs to part. When progress to her intimate flesh was hindered by a lack of room, Nan drew her knees up and rested her calves on the rim of the tub. She wanted to be touched, so Jill took full advantage of the access and pressed the scratchy material directly against the length of Nan’s swollen pussy and ever so slowly moved her hand in tiny circles.

Seeing and feeling Nan start şirinevler escort to move her hips, Jill let the sponge float away again so she could cup her bare hand over Nan’s mound and press her fingers against the tender pussy lips that were anxious for a more intimate touch. She found the flooded opening that was ready for a probing finger and pushed. With the swollen pussy eagerly accepting the invading digit, she inserted her middle finger as far as she could and held it motionless to feel the hot flesh gripping and pulsing around it. She turned to look at Nan and saw an almost pleading look on her face. Moving closer, she kissed Nan and slid her tongue between parted lips.

When Nan started sucking her tongue, Jill began slowly moving her finger in and out of the quivering flesh under her touch. As cruel as it seemed at the moment, she decided to stop and have Nan turn over so the bath could proceed. She had yet to bathe Nan’s bottom. With both the finger and tongue being taken away, Nan groaned and almost pleaded for Jill to continue.

Jill reassured her by explaining that she didn’t want to leave any part of Nan’s body unwashed. “Turn over and get on your knees so I can finish what I started.”

It was all Nan needed to hear. She eagerly turned around and stuck her glistening ass up out of the water. A moment later, she felt soft hands gliding over her flesh to push bubbles away while getting closer to where she really wanted to be touched. The feel of fingers sliding along the crack of her ass caused her to push back as they neared her puckered anus.

Before she got any more intimate, Jill found the sponge and did a very thorough job on Nan’s backside. Bathing and kneading Nan’s ass and upper thighs were also affecting Jill. Seeing Nan squirm under her touch continued to warm her own pussy.

She rinsed off a few remaining bubbles and squeezing the sponge, drizzled water directly into the crease so she could watch it run down to drip off the swollen pussy lips below. Almost a loving form of water torture.

Discarding the sponge for the last time, Jill teased the flesh beneath her hands by not quite getting to those sensitive spots. Using both hands, she got a firm grip on the soaked globes and spread them wide to blow warm air over the exposed pussy and ass. She watched as Nan tensed and relaxed repeatedly. She leaned in and started kissing the supple flesh until her tongue was sliding deeper into the crease that was open to her. When she got to the puckered ring of wrinkled flesh, she lapped at it and felt Nan relax and push back again. Jill could feel the tension of the muscles ease as she licked and kissed the hot flesh.

Jill pulled back and placed a finger against the relaxed opening to massage it. The saliva that was left there from her tongue proved to be just enough of a lubricant for her finger to easily enter. The sound of a moan coming from deep within let Jill know Nan had been holding her breath in the hopes of just such a touch. She slid the finger in and out several times, going slightly deeper with each inward stroke until she could easily embed it to the second joint. Nan started purring as Jill continued the stroking for a short while before deciding to stop the teasing and give her friend the best orgasm she could administer.

As she withdrew her finger from the tight opening one last time, she told Nan, “Turn back over.”

When Nan was once again reclining, Jill moved up to kiss waiting lips. The two women were soon taking turns sucking on tongues sliding as deep as possible into hungry mouths. Breathing through flaring nostrils as the passions from the kiss climbed higher, Jill returned her hand to Nan’s waiting pussy. When Nan felt the approaching hand, she parted her legs to allow Jill full access to the sensitive area. Seconds later, two fingers were busy spreading her open. She moaned into Jill’s mouth when she felt them finally enter and start stroking in and out.

Nan took full advantage of the hand and fingers that were working to give her the release she needed. Her pelvis was now fucking back in a rhythm that matched the stroking fingers. The two women never let their lips part as the climax Nan was headed for rushed to take over her body. When it hit, Nan’s mouth opened wider to scream, but Jill’s tongue and lips muffled the cries of joy. As the waves of pleasure crashed through her, Nan’s entire body tensed for a moment, then went into nearly uncontrollable spasms. Water was splashed out of the tub from the intensity of the contractions.

Holding her fingers motionless in the clutching tunnel, Jill was in awe of the power of the climax she had just witnessed. She waited until Nan was finished and breathing somewhat normally before gently extracting her fingers. She then held her hand against the length of Nan’s pussy to feel the last of the tremors recede. With eyes half closed, Nan rested her head back on the towel. All she could escort istanbul manage was a satisfied smile.

With her body practically numb from pleasure and enjoying the afterglow, Nan’s lightly hummed while she recovered.

Jill rose to prepare for a shower. Through the clear door of the shower stall, she could keep an eye on Nan to make sure she didn’t fall asleep while in the tub.

She stood in the middle of the room and watched Nan watching her as she got undressed. Feeling naughty and caught up in the moment, she decided to put on a bit of a show for Nan. Turning and posing while disrobing gave her a chance to let Nan eye up the body slowly being exposed.

Once the water temperature was set, she stepped into the shower stall and spent plenty of time soaping up her body. Standing out of the spray of water and facing Nan, a lot of that time was spent on her full breasts. With Nan intently watching, she slid soapy hands all over them and felt her nipples grow harder from the attention. She pinched and pulled at the slippery nubs until they were standing proud.

Her hands traveled lower to lightly cup warm and tingling pussy lips. A finger slipped between them momentarily for a light stroke, but she decided to hold back for now and went on to finish her shower. She slowly turned to rinse away the soap and when she was again facing Nan, her glistening body was on full display. A wonton tingle passed through her when she saw Nan lightly biting her lower lip.

Jill turned off the spray of water and exited the stall to gingerly walk over to Nan still soaking in the tub. Her feet were wet, and she certainly didn’t want to slip on the tile floor. She bent to pick up the towel she had been kneeling on while bathing Nan and spread it out to stand on. She also retrieved the one Nan was resting her head on, laid it next to the first one, then helped Nan out of the tub.

Nan had been watching closely as Jill approached and thoroughly enjoyed the swaying of full breasts and the glimpses of fleshy pussy lips grinding against each other. Now that she was out of the tub, she turned to face Jill and their wet bodies melted together. The kiss they shared was long and deep with the promise of much more intimacy to come. With the pair of them being wet, the cool room air soon raised goose bumps over their bodies. The blend of the erotic kiss and cool air added up and a slight shiver ran through Jill.

They dried each other off, dusted on some powder, and wrapped their bodies in fluffy robes. Both realized how hungry they were and decided to head to the kitchen to find something light to munch on. They had not eaten since before noon, and it was now around nine in the evening.

As they neared the kitchen, Nan heard her cell phone chiming in her purse. With a pang of dread in her heart, she looked at it and sure enough, it was Drake. Unsure of what to do, she showed who was calling to Jill and said, “Well, we knew this was going to happen and I’m surprised he waited a couple hours. Do I answer, or what?”

Jill reminded her that if she took the call, it would most likely end up in a heated conversation that would put her back in a bad mood. For now, Nan put the phone back into her purse and hung it in the hall closet.

A casual look through the pantry and in the fridge turned up some crackers, cheese, grapes and some light wine. Perfect. They made up a plate to share and took it along with the wine and glasses into the living room. With only the light from the kitchen trickling in, they settled in on the couch with the plate resting between them and poured two generous glasses of wine. Lifting their glasses, they toasted the future and after a small sip, relaxed as best they could while they picked at the snacks.

The robes they were wrapped in were only loosely tied and when one of them would reach for a snack or sip of wine, plenty of thigh or the swell of a full breast would be exposed for a moment. At first, they were constantly readjusting the robes to exercise a bit of modesty but after a while they pretty much gave up and let the material fall where it wanted.

After one lingering sip of wine, Nan looked into the glass and muttered quietly, “Well, this has been one hell of a day.” Looking up at Jill she asked, “Where do I go from here? Drake isn’t just going to let go. I’m…”

“Listen honey, you’re not alone. You need to stay calm and really think things through. I’ll be here when you need to talk, and I’ll help any way I can. You know that.”

“Yeah, thanks, I know. I just thought I could turn him around. I knew about the drugs shortly after we met. But now that I really think about some of the things he did, it’s plain to see he wasn’t good for me. Not at all. Maybe I was too desperate. I just don’t know.”

“Look, I know it’s lame to say it, but you just have to learn from what happened and move on. You’ll be fine. You’ve got us to help you put your life back together. And, speaking of putting things back together, are you going to need help hooking your stuff back up? Your computer, stereo and TV’s are all sitting in the garage.”

“Um, yeah. That is a mess, isn’t it? Drake got it all working. I don’t know a heck of a lot about how that all works. Should’ve paid more attention.”

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