Timestopper Ch. 13: Boyfriend

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At a glance Zach and Dion may’ve looked like two very good and very drunk friends, slowly walking back arm in arm to their frat house.

If you looked a little more carefully you’d see they were all over each other. Dion’s arm was around Zach’s shoulders as it often was, but his hand had slipped under Zach’s shirt and teased his nipple. And while Dion pulled him close and whispered sex in his ear Zach’s hand reached behind, gently massaging Dion’s boner and relaxing his whole body into Dion’s embrace.

And if you watched for more than 15 seconds or so you’d see the boys stop in their tracks, unable to stand even being parallel as their mouths turned to magnets, snapping their faces and tongues together while their hands explored deeper, as Dion reached under the thin fabric of Zach’s shorts to squeeze Zach’s small round ass in his wide hands, and Zach’s 9″s ached against Dion’s thigh and his tongue moaned in Dion’s mouth. You’d see Dion grip Zach’s long hair and pull back his head, Dion’s lips exploring Zach’s throat like some starving vampire before he abruptly pulled back, squeezed Zach’s cheeks and looking Zach in the eye spit into his open mouth, before grinning like a schoolboy and then his lips went back to making love to Zach’s.

And eventually one or the other of them would make soft protests through the other’s kisses and touches, and they’d slowly stop making out even as they couldn’t let go of one another, and they slowly started walking in the direction of the house again, at least until the whole process repeated itself.

They were near the house and on the tail end of another make out detour when Zach, his eyes closed as Dion nibbled his ear and his hands exploring Dion’s sides under his shirt, said reluctantly, “Can we like talk this through a bit?”

Dion smiled down at Zach and kissed him again while he pulled Zach’s waist to his and their boners rubbed against each other through their clothes. “Sure,” Dion said, “talking through,” Zach could feel Dion’s dick pulse against his, “shoot.”

Zach couldn’t help but grin like an idiot as he looked up at the junior, who was looking down at Zach with that intense mixture of attention and affection he’d sometimes get, a look that turned Zach into Dion’s whole world. Zach kissed Dion’s chin then said, “Like, how’s this actually going to work?”

“Uhh, like this,” Dion said as he held Zach by the throat and kissed him deeply, his tongue bathing Zach’s, “and like this,” Dion put his hands under Zach’s shorts and his finger explored Zach’s crack and then found his hole, “and this,” and Dion’s finger slipped inside Zach, his hole still wet from load Dion had pumped into him shortly before. Zach moaned and grabbed hold of Dion’s dick.

“And if that’s not clear enough,” Dion said, removing his hand from Zach’s hole as he leaned down and kissed him again before wrapping both his arms around Zach and holding him close, “It’ll work like we’re a couple. I may be a kinky fucker but I like being romantic, too.”

“Then how’s it work being a couple? I’m kinda a noob in that department,” Zach said almost shyly. Dion smiled again.

“Well, there’ll be some rope and gags and my tongue in your hole while we–” Dion whispered in Zach’s ear occasionally flicking his earlobe with his tongue, making Zach shudder as he playfully pounded on Dion’s chest to interrupt him, “I think you got the kinky fucking mixed up with romance.”

“Ah, shit you’re right,” Dion laughed pulling back and playing with Zach’s hair, “That can happen. So how’s it work being a couple? Well, to start off I’m gonna be thinking bout you all the time, which means I’ll probably be texting you all the time, and then while I wait for you to respond I’ll worry I said too much or not enough or that I’ve scared you off and just generally be an overthinking idiot. That shit is the foundation of modern romance,” Dion joked.

“But if you can put up with some more old fashioned stuff,” Dion continued, “I wanna take you on dates. I want to take you to beautiful places to see you look beautiful there. I want to bring you out to dinner and feed you the last bite of dessert and then kiss you and not give a damn about any of the old bastards watching us. I want to get you whatever little things I can afford that may make you smile, because I fucking love your smile. I want to go to the movies and not remember a single bit of it because we were only watching each other.” Zach blushed fiercely and bit his lip, barely able to stand how nice all those things sounded.

“And in terms of just day to day–you’ve got a standing invite to be with me. Anything I’m doing I’d rather do with you.”

“And how bout if you’re doing Kat?” Zach tried to ask it playfully but it came out embarrassed.

“Did I stutter?” Dion said with a smile, taking Zach by the chin and kissing him again. Then Dion went back to twirling Zach’s hair around his finger as he continued, “Zach, I told you Kat was my domme–maybe I should be more explicit about what that means. Like, the first week back at school, we were some of the last people Escort Yakacık in the library, and we were kinda tucked away on an upper floor. Kat told me to strip and I stripped. Then she just pointed down and I got under the table and ate her out till she came. She’s made me go months without cumming and she’d edge me every night. I haven’t even really fucked her since freshman year, she ties me up and uses me like a dildo, and if I cum without permission she’ll spank my balls till I’m crying. And I fucking love it.”

Zach grinned as he felt his dick leak a drop of pre, imagining Dion doing all these things. Even the thought of Dion naked in the library eating Kat out under the table turned him on, even if he could never think about eating a girl out himself.

“But Kat also loves watching me with guys,” Dion went on, “I’ve fucked a few just cause that was the quickest way for her to let me get off. And after that little show we put on Wednesday she told me she could watch you and me all day every day.

“So that’s all to say, how it works with the 3 of us is kinda up to you. Kat respects that you’re gay and we don’t want to pressure you into anything you’re uncomfortable with.” Then Dion reached into Zach’s shorts and wrapped his fingers around Zach’s balls, his thumb teasing Zach’s shaft. “But I also think you’re a kinky, horny little slut, and so long as we’re all open and honest with each other we could have a lot of fun together,” Dion said as he gently squeezed Zach’s balls.

Zach moaned and went up on his tip toes to kiss Dion, but Dion pulled him back by the balls and then teased Zach’s open mouth with just his tongue. “Yes, sir,” Zach breathed, clutching Dion’s chest.

Dion grinned and released Zach’s balls and immediately started stroking Zach’s dick, “Good boy.”

Zach raised an eyebrow as he thrust his dick Dion’s grip, “You know, there’d be nothing to stop me from teaming up with Kat. I told you I’m a switch, may like to see how ticklish you are when you’re all tied up.”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time, pledge,” Dion grinned. “And since we’re dating it’s past time I try to take this monster,” he added, his thumb gently rubbing under Zach’s foreskin as Dion spread Zach’s pre around the head. Zach shivered from the sensitivity. Dion withdrew his hand and put his pre covered thumb in Zach’s mouth, and Zach didn’t hesitate to suck it clean.

“You’re fuckin insatiable,” Dion laughed. “And speaking of,” Dion said as he took his thumb from Zach’s mouth with a pop, “You’re messing around with a couple other guys, right?”

Zach blushed, “Kinda.”

“Kinda, huh,” Dion said grinning incredulously at Zach, “I mean you did let Jack fuck you during the middle of poker night.”

“Sure, but that’s not like, an ongoing messing around,” Zach said, “Really the only person I’ve regularly messed with besides you is Dave.” Zach felt a little bad not saying anything about Mike or Nick, but he had promised Mike he’d keep it secret, and Nick–Zach had no idea what he could have said about Nick. It was too weird, too tied up with the watch, and no matter how amazing Dion was Zach knew he wasn’t ready to tell anybody about the watch. Maybe Dion least of all, what with the memory of Dave going full evil Bilbo still fresh in Zach’s memory.

“Fair enough,” Dion said, “Do you and Dave mess around a lot?”

“Only a couple times since I’ve started with you,” Zach said.

Dion held Zach by the waist as he bit his lip like he was thinking of how best to say what he wanted to say, “Zach, obviously I don’t think we need to be exclusive to be committed to each other, but…”

“But what?” Zach prompted him.

“But maybe I’m feeling insatiable,” Dion grinned, “maybe I want every boner and load you’ve got to give.”

Zach laughed, “You sure you can handle it? That’s a lot of boners and loads.”

Dion reached back into Zach’s shorts and started stroking him. Zach moaned as Dion’s hand and his dick got wet with his pre.

“I think I can,” Dion said and then kissed Zach, gently biting his upper lip. He kept slowly stroking Zach, getting him closer and closer, till suddenly his phone started ringing.

“Shit,” Dion said as he checked it, “Ethan’s ready to fucking kill me, I asked him to cover pledge patrol for 20 minutes and it’s nearly been an hour,” he took his hand from Zach’s pants, “we should head in there.”

Zach kissed Dion’s neck as Dion looked at his phone and he couldn’t help but hump Dion’s thigh as he was so hard and close, but eventually he calmed down.

“If you say so,” Zach said tucking his boner into his waist band, “and what’s the plan with the brothers? We trying to be subtle?”

Dion pulled Zach in to a long, deep kiss then said, “I’ve been subtle for weeks and I fucking hated it. If I’m with you I don’t care who knows it.”

Zach smiled at him, “Sounds good to me.”

“Besides,” Dion said, “the brothers will be totally cool with it. And to the extent some of them may not be it’s just cause they’re jealous. Jack may give you shit though, not much Atalar escort I can do about that but I think you can handle it.”

“You’re god damn right!”

Zach and Dion jumped in each other’s arms as Jack’s voice rang out a few feet behind them.

“Jesus Christ,” Dion said laughing and pulling Zach under his arm, “how long have you been there?”

“Long enough to jerk off twice to your public indecency charges,” Jack said taking a puff on a cig, “not that I did, I just would’ve had the time.”

“Fucking perv,” Dion said sarcastically.

“Not my fault you theater dorks put on such a good show,” Jack said, “Or that I had to go looking for you. Ethan is actually ready to kill you, he’s nearly sober.”

“Well, he can wait for a song or two,” Dion said and he took Zach by the hand, “come dance with me.”

Zach didn’t need to be asked twice and followed Dion down to the basement. Dion led Zach back to the bar and got them both jungle juice and they started dancing and drinking. Zach was parched after the walk and sex and heavy conversation, and he threw back his juice in no time, quickly getting back to as drunk as he’d been that whole day and loving the smell and touch of Dion as they danced and grinded and groped together.

Dion stayed for four songs, then he was getting a call from Ethan again and he had to go. Zach was going to go with him but Dion insisted he keep partying and he’d see him soon. Before Dion left though he wrapped his arms around Zach and kissed him long and hard in the middle of the dance floor, utterly unconcerned about the stares and cheers and catcalls from the brothers nearby. High off the kiss, Zach started dancing by himself as Dion headed out.

He didn’t know how long he’d been dancing when Sara came and hugged him before squealing, “You’re dating Dion?!?”

“How the hell do you know that?” Zach laughed, “I barely know that.”

“These frat boys gossip like girls,” Sara said, “Mike heard it from Nate who heard Eric saw you guys all over each other and kissing on the dance floor, so then Mike and I asked Brian who told us to talk to D but we ended up finding Kat first and then she said D was poly dating you two.”

“That’s so fucking complicated,” Zach said putting a hand on his head dumbfounded, “I’ve been dancing. And drinking!” But when he went to take a drink of juice the cup was empty and Zach dropped it to the ground looking disappointed.

“You’re ridiculous,” Sara smiled handing Zach the rest of her drink which Zach eagerly accepted, “You and Dion are gonna be a hot couple, though.”

“Saraaa,” Zach yelled pulling her in for a hug and spinning them around in circles, “I like him so much!”

Sara laughed as she pushed Zach off her, then she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, “I can tell, you’re glowing.”

“Well that may also be the juice,” Zach laughed sipping his drink.

“Speaking of ridiculous,” Sara said putting on her gossipy voice, “have you seen what they did to Jake?”


“Oh I can’t spoil it,” Sara giggled, “go upstairs and see for yourself, I need another drink.”

So Zach went upstairs to the common room and it didn’t take long for him to find Jake–he was on a chair on top of a table, naked but for a sheet wrapped around his waist and a raggedy dunce cap on his head, a whiskey tumbler in hand, a cigar sticking out the side of his mouth, and grinning ear to ear as the party went on around him.

Zach walked over to him and called out, “Jake, what’re you doing?”

When Jake saw Zach his eyes went wide and he started gesticulating wildly in some dyslexic attempt at sign language.

“He’s not allowed to talk the rest of the night,” somebody said to Zach’s right.

“Why?” Zach asked turning to them, surprised it was a brother he didn’t recognize–Zach thought he’d done a good job at meeting them all, but this guy must’ve been new cause Zach was sure he would’ve recognized him. A hot dude with a mop of mousy brown hair and a little taller than Zach.

“Frankie caught him fucking a tri del in his bed,” the guy said, “but apparently it was his first time so this is the celebratory punishment Jack came up with.”

“Fuck yeah bro,” Zach said fist bumping Jake, “knew you had it in ya.”

Jake cockily took a drag on his cigar, oblivious to the ridiculous figure he cut in the cone hat and sheet.

“I’m Zach by the way,” Zach said turning to the mystery brother.

“Chris,” Chris said extending a hand, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Well that hamster thing is a lie, but I can’t confirm or deny the rest of it,” Zach joked, “Do you live off campus or something? I’m surprised we haven’t–“

But Zach was interrupted as he heard Dion scream, “Christopher?!” And then like a blur Dion sprinted across the room to grab Chris in a tight bear hug.

“What the fuck are you doing here? I thought you weren’t getting in till tomorrow?” Dion asked breathlessly through a huge smile.

Chris was smiling back nearly as wide, “And miss the bid party? No way, I got up at 3am to make it. I figured Kadıköy escort bayan I’d surprise you guys but of course you were MIA when I got here.”

“I was–gah dude you look so good, where’d that baby fat go, you’re fuckin svelte,” Dion laughed patting Chris’ belly.

“Sweated it off the first month,” Chris said slapping Dion’s hand away then they started mock fist fighting before they hugged again.

“Zach!” Dion said as they separated again and Dion pulled Zach under his arm, “This is my best buddy, Chris. He just got back from his semester abroad in Argentina.”

“Wait, is this the friend with the pet squirrel? And the everclear fire?” Zach asked.

“It was more of a friendly squirrel,” Chris laughed, “And as you can see my eyebrows grew back fine.”

“Well, I guess I’ve heard a lot about you too,” Zach said, “And you’re the sound engineer right? The one Davidson keeps complaining isn’t around to fix the mics.”

“Good to hear things haven’t changed much,” Chris said.

“Sounds like you’ve met Zach,” Dion said to Chris and then he wrapped his arms around Zach and kissed his cheek, “and as of like 45 minutes ago Zach’s my boyfriend.”

“I heard, congrats,” Chris said.

“How the fuck did you hear you just got here! Jesus everybody is like ‘yeah, obviously I know that,'” Dion said half seriously.

“As if you thought going poly with a pledge wouldn’t spread like wildfire,” Chris laughed.

“Speaking of pledge,” Dion kissed the back of Zach’s head then turned him around and took his solo cup, “Sobriety check, stand on one leg put your arms out then touch your nose.”

Zach giggled as he tried to follow the instructions, but he could barely hold himself up on one leg and when he put his arms out he would’ve fallen if Dion hadn’t caught him.

“Alright, finish this,” Dion said handing him back the last of his juice. When Zach downed it Dion stuck a happy face sticker on his forehead. “And you’re cut off for the night,” Dion said before giving Zach a kiss on the lips.

“Is this brother taking advantage of you, pledge?” Chris asked sarcastically.

“Probably, but I’m enjoying it,” Zach laughed. Then for the first time Zach noticed an old upright piano in the corner of the common room, “Wait, does that thing work?” He asked Dion and Chris.

“Hasn’t been tuned in a decade probably but it should,” Chris said.

“Wait, do you play piano?” Dion asked.

“A little bit, yeah,” Zach grinned extricating himself from Dion’s arms and making his way over to it. He had to take a half dozen wounded soldiers off the piano, and when he lifted the lid there was a nice layer of dust he quickly brushed off the keys.

A month ago Zach had never played a piano. He’d never played any instrument. But he’d learned how to play in the last month. Zach couldn’t even begin to count the hours he’d spent in the music department banging away on keys in his timeless world, or the hours in the library or on downloaded YouTube videos teaching himself how to read music and then memorizing music and finally playing by ear. Hundreds at least. Maybe thousands. It was impossible to really say as it was so effortless to spend an eternity learning. But drunk and cut off from more Zach figured now was as good a time as any to show off what he’d taught himself.

Zach tested a few keys and the pedals. It was definitely out of tune but it’d do.

Zach jumped into Mozart’s Turkish March, his fingers daintily dancing along the keys. Zach could almost laugh at the juxtaposition of this delicate 18th century sonata in the trash filled and drunken frat house, but Dion’s open mouth made Zach keep the laugh to himself. A few of the guys nearby came over to listen, and Jake lifted his cigar like a baton and raised his pinky as if he were conducting.

Zach cut it off after a couple minutes and was met with scattered applause, but Dion and Chris were really into it.

“Holy shit man, you’re really good,” Chris said, “classy as fuck too.”

“Yeah, probably a little too classy for a night like this right? We need something more fun,” Zach said and then he blasted into the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

That got more people into the room to check out what was going on. Zach hadn’t been playing 30 seconds when a couple brothers brought out some wiffle ball bats and started wacking the shit out of each other.

When Zach was done Pirates somebody requested Star Wars. Zach didn’t notice Chris grab a pledge and head out of the house, until he came back an electric Fender in hand with the pledge holding a guitar amp. They set it up next to the piano and as Zach finished up Star Wars Chris tested out a few chords then said to Zach, “Let’s start with something easy,” and jumped into the opening riff of Sweet Home Alabama. Zach was quick to follow along.

Chris started singing with a pleasant gravelly voice, and soon the common room around Chris and Zach was mobbed, the crowd belting along to the chorus.

Dion wasn’t singing though. He was too busy staring at his boyfriend, at the way his long blond hair pushed back over his head framed his face, at his muscles flexing under the damp white pledge shirt, at his lips as he smiled while he sang. *How the fuck does this boy keep surprising me?* he thought, watching Zach’s fingers dance along the piano.

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