Timing Is Everything Ch. 01

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Last Saturday, it was made clear to me once again, that stalking has its benefits. I’m not some wacko who stalks a person relentlessly. I wouldn’t even call it stalking, really. I travel a lot with my job, and I have this simple hobby, which helps pass time, when I am in other cities. If I see a good-looking woman, in a car, I’ll follow her for a while. Usually until she gets to her next stop, or until she turns a direction that I am not interested in going. It’s just a game, really. That is, until one particular Saturday. I was waiting for the light to turn green when I noticed these two women in the car next to me. I was immediately taken with the simple attractiveness of both of them. The woman, who was driving the silver Lexus, was nice looking, with short blond hair. I guessed her age to be in the late twenties. The woman in the passenger seat looked to be a bit younger, at around 25 or 26 with shoulder length, light auburn hair. In the brief time I had to take a look, I couldn’t determine much else, other than the fact that I wanted to follow them to see where they were going.

When the light turned green, I hung back a few hundred feet and started playing my game. It didn’t take long to follow them to a parking lot where it was obvious that they were going to go inside a popular deli. As I watched where they might park, I looked for a place to park, as well. I got out and went ahead inside the deli, and stood in line at the espresso counter. By the time I got my mocha, and sat down at one of the tables, they were just approaching the same counter to place an order.

I figured that this was the end of my game, as usual, but I couldn’t help but notice what a fox the younger woman was. I was still thinking what her age was. She had to be 26 at the oldest. She was wearing a very short, navy blue skirt with a white, sleeveless blouse. She wore black high heel pumps, with no stalkings. Her well-toned legs had to be some of the very best legs I had ever noticed before, and I look at a lot of legs. Her stomach was flat, and she was definitely model material. Her measurements were about 35-23-34, and maybe about 105 pounds, and 5’5″ tall. She had a gorgeous face, and could easily pass for an Elizabeth Shue look-alike. The blond woman was also very nice looking, but she didn’t have the same affect on me since she was wearing nice slacks, instead of a dress. Don’t get me wrong, she was a knockout, but I was fixed on the legs and short skirt of the younger woman.

As I was eyeing up this fox, it seemed like time stood still. I was horny as hell by now, and I think that all of this actually had taken only a few seconds for me to take in. It was luck, but I was sitting next to a partition wall that separated some of the tables. Since the half wall had weird flowers, or some such shit, on top of it, they never did notice me when they sat down at the table on the opposite side from me.

It became apparent real fast, that they were there to meet someone. I couldn’t hear everything, but I heard enough to formulate my game a bit further. The blond woman was telling young foxy that she should feel lucky, because the other girls never had this kind of opportunity for their first time. By now, I had found out that the hot looking, younger woman was named Sandy. I suspected the older woman to be a manager of an esscort service. She seemed to be in charge, and kept giving Sandy advice and trying to keep her from being nervous. She kept saying stuff like, “don’t worry, it will be fine.” “You’ll do ok. The guy has a lot of money and influence, so try not to screw this up for us.” “If we can please Mr. Nelson, this could land us a lot of high dollar clients.” “Now try to keep calm, and keep your chin up and shoulders straight. You can do it.” “Now go to the ladies room and freshen up, hon. “Mr. Nelson should be out in the parking lot in about five minutes.” How are we supposed to recognize him, Sandy asked? We won’t, Debbie replied. “He said he will look for us, and that he wants to keep a low profile.” “We have already collected $1,000 on his American Express card, so everything on our end is set.”

Five mobil porno minutes huh? I suddenly wondered if I could somehow pull it off. Wondered my ass! Hell, I made a split second decision that I was going to make things go my way. Shit, if nothing else, I was sure going to have fun trying. While Sandy was going to the ladies room, I quickly slipped out. As soon as I got out, I noticed that there was an empty parking space close to Debbie’s Lexus. I hauled ass to my rental car, and at the same time I was looking for this Mr. Nelson motherfucker. I never saw anyone hanging out in a car, so my heart was skipping beats like crazy. As I started the car and headed for my new parking spot, I was fantasizing about what I might do with Sandy. If I played this right, I was looking at the possibility of having one hell of a good time, without paying for it.

For a brief moment, I was stricken with guilt for what I had been thinking and fantasizing about. What was I doing, I thought? I’m married and quite happy as well. Although my wife and I, both at age 32, had talked about fantasies like this, it wouldn’t be right to do what I was now doing. I was just about to abort the whole thing when I saw them again. Its amazing how the male hormones change the way a guy thinks, almost instantly.

I was just approaching the empty parking spot when they came out of the deli. My timing was slow to get to the parking spot, so I immediately changed my plan. As I pulled up close to the women, I hit the button to roll down the window on my rental car. It’s great having my company to pay for nice rental cars, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to afford a Lincoln Town Car on my own. Who knows how luck works? I was in the right spot, at the right time, with a real nice car, and I had the inside info by now to pull this off. The two women saw me, and they noticed my widow coming down, as I kept eye contact with them. Calmly, and with a smile, I said, “looks like my timing was perfect.” Debbie looked at me and responded by asking if I was Mr. Nelson? I answered her with a lowered volume, saying, yes, but I would prefer to keep a low profile. Debbie smiled back at me and said she understood.

She introduced me to Sandy at that point. It was interesting how the two women looked a lot alike, but I dismissed it when I again looked at Sandy. I don’t even know how to describe the effect she was having on me. Her legs, being so long, shapely and toned, had me. Just making eye contact with Sandy was getting my cock going. To make it seem even more like I was the right guy, I asked Debbie if there was anything else I needed to know before I left with Sandy? In a very polite voice, and with a smile, she reminded me that they had already processed my credit card, and that all I needed to do was to have Sandy down in the lobby of my hotel by noon tomorrow. I was suddenly nervous that I might mess this up if she knew which hotel I was supposed to be at, but I didn’t. I took a chance and just said, I remember, no problem; she’ll be there. Great, said Debbie. As Sandy was coming around to get in the car, Debbie reminded her to do anything and everything that Mr. Nelson wanted because for $1,000 he was now in our top five-customer list. Be careful, hon, Debbie told Sandy. I just nodded a knowing look toward Debbie, but in my mind I couldn’t believe this was actually going to work out. As Sandy got in the car, I glanced at my watch. It was 10:00am right on the nose, and I got this feeling that I should get the hell out of there before the real Mr. Nelson showed up.

Sandy was stunning, sitting next to me, with her perfume drifting my way. We were pulling out of the parking lot when I noticed a black Infinity car entering the lot, being driven by a guy who looked like he might be a Nelson type of person. At that point, I didn’t give shit. I was going to have the beautiful slut that was sitting next to me. We turned left, and right behind us, coming out of the lot, Debbie drove straight through the intersection. I decided that I now had it made. I had the girl and was on my way. Since Debbie went alman porno the other way, she would not know where to find Sandy once the shit hit the fan. Mr. Nelson was bound to be on the phone at any time. I had this sudden thought of how pissed that guy would be once he found out he had been screwed over.

laughed out loud and then quickly shut up, as I did not want to blow it in any way. I didn’t know how much Sandy knew about the arrangement, but we sure as hell were not going to whatever hotel Debbie thought we were. Sandy looked over at me and asked what was so funny? I was quick on my feet, and just said that I was just excited. Sandy looked at me and said that she was excited too. I looked her in the eye and made the comment that she seemed nervous, to which she assured me that she wasn’t. I casually told her that it was ok to be a bit nervous, and that Debbie had told me it was your first time doing this. I lied, of course. She had a look of surprise on her face and asked, “she said that”? Oh no, I thought. I hope I didn’t just screw up. Sandy then said that usually, the client never knows any details about the person they are buying. Trying to fix my fuck up, I looked at Sandy, smiled, and said that Debbie just cares about you and asked me to be careful with you, since you were new to this. That seemed to make Sandy feel good.

We had only driven about a mile from the deli, and I decided it was time to start getting what I paid $1,000 for. Ha Ha. I smirked to myself. I looked at Sandy’s legs. Goddamn, they were nice, and then I looked at her tits, and I nearly crashed. I had to stop suddenly for a red light. Sandy’s nipples were poking through the material of her blouse. I asked Sandy if she noticed that I had a hard-on? Her voice quivered slightly as she answered, yes. I told Sandy to shift her body more toward me, and to open her legs a bit. I said I want to see your panties. Its brief moments like this that reveals a lot about a woman. Her nipples grew instantly more erect, as she did what I asked her to do. She smiled, licked her lips, and asked if I approved of what I saw? Her legs were spread about 10 inches, which made her skirt ride up high. Her panties were shear, lacy, and white, except for the growing damp spot. I could tell, even with her panties still on, that she was totally clean- shaven. My cock began straining in my pants. I was suddenly moved back to reality again when the car behind me laid on the horn. I guess I missed the green light. Oh well. There wasn’t a lot that bothered me, at that point.

We had left Debbie about fifteen minutes prior, and I was just pulling into my hotel lot, at the Hampton Inn. This was a moment of truth. If Sandy knew this to be the wrong hotel, I would have to think fast. At that moment, I heard a pager. Sandy reached into her purse and retrieved a pager and silenced it while looking at it. She said that Debbie was paging her and that she should call to see what she needed. I reached over and gently took the pager from Sandy. I turned it off and looked at her. We are on my dollar now, is that clear? If Debbie needs to talk to you, she will need to do it tomorrow at noon. Sandy quickly apologized and said she had not meant to offend me, but that the pager is for emergencies. By now I had parked in the hotel lot. I calmly reached around Sandy’s shoulder and pulled her to me. I brought her face up close to mine, never breaking eye contact with her.

I kissed her softly on the lips, backed off a bit, and told her I was not offended, this time. I could sense that she was nervous, but excited as well. I moved my right hand from her shoulder up to her neck and ear, softly caressing her. At the same time, I reached over with my left hand, and slowly touched her thigh, and continued a slow caressing movement up her legs. I could feel her pulse on her neck, and she seemed to be trembling slightly. As my left hand reached her damp panties, she tensed slightly, closed her eyes, and let out a soft moan. I knew I had her now. I allowed my fingers to trace all of the bumps and outlines of her cunt, through alexis texas porno the panties, while at the same time, bringing her lips to mine again. Her mouth relaxed. My right hand was caressing her neck, cheek, and behind her ear, while I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I continued the mild French kiss and used my left hand to move her panties aside. I didn’t know how much longer I could take this as I slid a finger into Sandy’s cunt. She instinctively spread her legs wider and responded with her own tongue in my mouth.

She was wet, and getting wetter by the second. I pulled my mouth away from hers and looked into her eyes. She had a look of fear in her eyes, but she was also breathing very erratic and moaning to the movements of my fingers in and around her moist cunt. I pulled my hand out and away from her cunt while still looking into her eyes. I could tell her mind was going a mile a minute as I slowly brought my moistened finger up to her mouth. I think I like this, I thought. I mean, all of this mystery shit. She knows she is supposed to do whatever I want her to do, but at the same time, she is showing me that she is scared to death. I sensed her anxiety as I made her take my finger into her mouth. Slowly, she licked her own juices from my fingers. I asked her if she had ever tasted herself before. A soft “no,” was her only reply. I told her we were only just beginning to do a few things that she may never have done before. At that, I noticed that she got instant goose bumps on her legs and arms. Her breathing was heavy and her nipples were once again poking at her blouse.

I opened my door, got out, and went around to open Sandy’s door. She trembled as she got out of the car and began toward the hotel with me. I still had a hard-on, bigger than ever, and so we wasted no more time in heading to my room. Sandy looked at me, as we walked, and said that she thought I was staying at the Hilton. I did not make any reply, as I pulled the hotel room key from my pocket. Once inside the room, I pinned her gently to the wall with my body. Our eyes met and locked on to each other as I moved both of her arms high over her head. I could tell she was frightened as I held her hands to the wall above her head. I moved both of them to be held by my right hand, and I brought my left hand down to her tits. She was breathing very erratic but showed more fear. As I was caressing her tits through her blouse, she began to speak again. I shut her up by kissing her hard on the mouth. I pulled my mouth away from hers and took in her shear beauty.

Holding her arms up against the wall, over her head was a very sexy look. Her sleeveless blouse pulled tight against her full tits. Her underarms were clean-shaven and I leaned over and kissed and licked her left underarm. She got those goose bumps again and moaned slightly. There was still a quiver in her voice and her eyes were moist and I knew she was nervous about this whole thing. I think at that moment, she realized that she might be in trouble. I still held her to the wall, as I looked into her eyes and asked, “what were you saying about the Hilton?”

Her voice trembled as she looked at me. She said that she thought I was staying at the Hilton, and that it was the lobby of the Hilton where she was supposed to meet Debbie tomorrow at noon. I’m sorry if I have made you nervous, I said, as I let go of her hands and stepped back. She eased up a lot as I explained that in order to keep secret about my sexual encounter with her, I checked into this hotel for just one night. I told her that I still had my room at the Hilton, but that I did not want to run the risk of being seen by any of my other business partners. When we are done tomorrow, I will take you to the Hilton and let you off at the lobby before I go to the customer parking garage. She smiled widely and in a humble way, she apologized again for being nervous. I pulled her gently to me and hugged her. As we embraced, I asked her if she had any other concerns she wanted to talk about before we went any further? I told her that I could not go through with this if she could not trust me. I handed her the pager I had taken and told her that maybe she should call Debbie to see what she wanted. What a gamble that was. Oh well. Sandy said it could wait until tomorrow, as she found my cock and began to rub it through my pants.

Continued In Part

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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