Tina , Beth

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Tina & Beth By LorenwasLost

“It was Friday night and Beth’s friend Tina was sleeping over, They were a little drunk on the beer Beth’s older sister had left them when she went out earlier, they were on the couch watching porno and giggling when Beth’s sister walked in with Him, He was big and had long hair and tattoos! They laughed when they saw the young girls were watching a porno on the T V. “You two little girls need to go to bed now!” Her sister ordered. The big man just grinned at them with his hand moving up under her sister’s dress! Then he told them, “Your sister is going to be very busy, and little young things like you two would not be safe out here!!” “Hey! That’s not fair.” Beth began to protest to her big sister. But the big man took a step her way and growled “I said for you two to get outta here!” With a squeal of fear the girls were up and running for Beth’s room, Beth looking back to see her sister lifted up and tossed onto the couch.

Laughing & a little out of breath the girls fall onto Beth’s bed in the safety of her room. “I think your sister is about to get fucked, just like that girl on the porno!” Tina said. Moments later they heard her squeal and laugh as she was carried off into her own room, just down the hall.
The girls were excited by this thought and sat talking and giggling on the bed about her slutty sister. Beth had watched her sister making out with boys before and she was feeling brave tonight with Tina there. “You want to go watch them?” she asks. And quickly Tina agrees…

It seemed to go on and on and the girls watched it all with excitement and amazement. Beth had made herself come twice now watching the stranger cram his huge cock into her sister’s mouth and pussy. She could hear Tina breathing hard beside her as they sat in the dark watching from the bathroom that connected the bedrooms.

Her sister screamed and then collapsed on the bed beneath him, He stood over her, his cock still rock hard and a small cry escaped Tina’s mouth as she started to come. He turned and seemed to look right into Beth’s eyes, her hand was still on her pussy, He smiled.She grabbed Tina’s arm and pulled her out of the bathroom and into her room, quickly closing her bathroom door!!

“Did you see his cock?” Tina gasped “My god, He just kept fucking her like crazy, and she loved it!!” Tina gasped then said under her breath “I’m so horny now I don’t know what to do!” Shhhh! “He heard you Tina, and then he looked right at me and smiled!” Then touching her friend she whispers, “Oh god, Tina I think I want to get fucked like that.” Tina’s eyes got big as she looked at her friend, “He’s huge, I would be scared to death of him!”

Before either of the girls could say another word the bathroom door opens and he walks into the room and closes the door behind him. The girls are wearing nothing but T shirts and panties as he stands there and looks them over with a evil grin spreading over his face. With a tiny yelp Tina turns to run, trips and sprawls across the floor. Beth just stares in disbelief as fear, lust and teenaged hormones overwhelm her. “Be careful what you wish for” she thinks.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asks Beth, stepping closer to look into her eyes.
“What? I don’t …” Beth try’s to say before he stops her. “Don’t even try it little girl” he says with menace escort haberleri in his voice and quick as a wink he snatches Beth up by her shirt and pulls her close. “I know you little sluts were watching me fuck your big sisters brains out, hiding in the bathroom & stroking your hot little cunts.”

Beth cries out in surprise as he suddenly grabs her pussy with his other hand, forcing her legs apart he strokes her hot wet little snatch. “Oh no!’ Beth moans. “Oh Yes!, Your all wet little girl & I know just what to do with wet, horny young girls who like to spy on people. Now we are going to have some fun!”
He tells them before pushing Beth back onto her bed. “You stay there and be quiet” he tells her when Beth starts to get up.
While he had a hold of Beth, Tina had scooted back away from him and leaned on a chair in the corner watching everything and wondering what was going to happen to them. When he turned her way she lets out a small cry of fear then begins to cry when he moves to stand over her. Looking down on her he smiles, “I know you liked what you saw in there, I heard you moaning and crying when you started to come from watching me fuck that girl and rubbing your pussy.” Tina shakes her head no as she turns red from embarrassment but he just laughs.

Then he picked Tina up off the floor, and set her in the chair beside the bed.
“Aren’t you cute?” He asks and pats Tina’s exposed ass. “Now you be a good girl and stay right here and don’t move.” He tells Tina. “But what are you going to do with us??” Tina sobs.

“Do with you?” He smiles, I am going to fuck your little teenaged brains out!”

He turns to the bed and stands over Beth his hard on pointing at her face.

Tina is shaking with fear & excitement as she falls back into the chair while spreading her legs a little so she can slip a finger back into her pussy.

Beth looks into his eyes and sees the desire burning there. He tells her to stand up in front of him, He touches her face, brushes her hair back from her eyes and pulls her close. “Did you enjoy the show?” He asks. “Yes!” she whispers, looking away. Undress is all he says! She slowly strips for him then twirls around once to show him all of her tight young body.

Beth had just turned 15 the month before and she was a slim little brunette with a pretty face and big brown eyes surrounded by curly shoulder length hair.
She was only about 5 ft. tall and her young breasts looked bigger than they were on her slender little body. Feeling a little frightened and still very horny she pushed her chest out and looked up into his dark eyes.

“Are you going to fuck me like you did my sister?” Beth asks him boldly.

He looks her over and smiles, “Is that what you want?” She whispers… “Yes.”
Reaching out he pushes her back onto the bed. She lays on her back looking up at him but he shakes his head no.

“Turn over & show me that hot little ass of yours.” He says and she turns over onto hands & knees with her ass towards him. Then she gives a cute little wiggle as she lifts it up for him.

“Are you a bad girl??,you trying to be a slut like your sister?” he asks as he moves up beside her on the bed and grabs her by the hair!
“Do you want me to fuck you Beth?” he whispers in her ear. Oh Yes!! she cries. escort hikayeleri I bet you do! But first you need to be punished! He growls and smacks her ass. “Yea, I know what to do with nosey little sluts like you.” he says.

He spanks her again and again in till she’s crying and begging him to stop.
Then pressing her face down into the mattress he rubs & squeezes her perfect ass and pussy. Taking his time he works two fingers into her tight little pussy and starts to slowly finger fuck her.

Beth can’t believe what is happening to her & how turned on she is as she pushes her ass back onto his fingers, trying to get them deeper inside her.

Then suddenly the fingers are gone and he pulls her up by her hair turning her around and pushing his hard dick into her mouth. Tina is in the chair with her legs spread rubbing her hot wet little pussy! Shocked, scared and totally turned on by all she is seeing. He talks so dirty to her, telling her to suck his cock like a whore! His hands are all over her, squeezing her tits and smacking her round ass while she tries to suck his cock. This seems to go on forever, Then he grabs her by the hair and pulls her close and fucks her mouth hard, shoving it down her throat over & over making her gag.

This is all too much for Tina and moaning loudly she starts too come & come hard.

Finally he stops, pulling his cock from her mouth he pushes her back on the bed and stands over Beth. Gasping for breath with tears streaming down her face She gives herself over to him, his fingers push into her cunt and he sucks on her hard little nipples making her grind her body against him.
Then his mouth is on her pussy and soon she is screaming and thrashing under him as she comes hard again. The last thing she remembers is coming like crazy & trying to catch her breath when he starts to shove a finger into her tight asshole.

She must have passed out Her hands were tied up over her head and she was on her back, Her legs were spread wide and tied at the ankles.
He stood over her and rubbed her pussy with one hand while he pulled Tina over to him with a hand on her ass.

She was helpless!! He pushed his huge cock slowly into her tight young pussy and started to fuck her.

Tina was over her pushing her wet pussy down onto her mouth. He fucked her harder, and Tina rocked her hips to press her clit into Beth s mouth. He was kissing Tina now, his hands on her tits while he fucked Beth.She was overwhelmed now with sensation,
As she started to come, He rammed his cock deep into her and she was over come with another earth shaking orgasm.

He pulled Tina off her and she screams as he pushes her over on the bed and holds her down beside Beth, Are you ready? He asks her, then rams his huge cock into her young pussy in one powerful thrust. Tina cries out as she is impaled with his prick, Then he has her ankles in his hands, spreading her legs wide, And slowly he starts to work his cock in and out of her young cunt in till Tina is moaning with pleasure!
She is still shaking inside from her orgasm as she watches helpless while he holds Tina down on the bed just inches away and fucks her hard !!!

Tina is thrashing and moaning loudly beneath him now and he is talking dirty to her as he pounds her pussy with escort ilanları his hard cock, Yea, You like that don t you? You love to get fucked hard like this , you fucking little slut!! He tells her, as he rams the full length of his rod into her and holds it there while She screams and shakes and starts to come!

come on now, Beth, get up here he tells her pulling up off the bed .
Tina, slide up the bed Then he turns Beth around and pushes her over onto the bed . Get on your hands and knees slut That s right, now lick Tina s hot little hole while I fuck you from behind

Her head swam, He held her head down between Tina s legs in till she started to lick and suck her friends fresh fucked pussy. Then she felt his hard cock pushing into her cunt again, He was so big, and he forced it deeper and deeper into her , She felt like she would explode if she took any more.

Her heart was pounding hard and Tina had her by her hair holding her mouth locked to her pussy, She screamed into Tina s cunt as he stood behind her and slowly worked his dick into her with long deep strokes and spanking her ass hard with each thrust. Her ass was lifted high and her head was held down, the room started to spin when she felt Tina coming beneath her and then he was pushing his thumb into her tight little asshole and starting to fuck her harder and faster!

Oh Yea!! Beth Come for me you fucking little slut!! He Shouted stuffing his thumb deep in her ass and pounding her young pussy with quick strokes.
Come for me so I can Fuck your sweet young asshole with my big hard fucking cock in till I can fill your ass with my hot come!!

This was to much for her and she started to come , her whole body shook as she came over and over with his cock slamming into her .
Tina started to come and wrapped her legs around Beth s head & he pulled out and stood over her slowly fucking her ass with two fingers bringing her to the brink of another orgasm& .

Then she felt the head of his dick slide into her ass!! She tried to pull away but was held close ! He smacked her ass hard then slammed the full length of his cock into her asshole with one stroke!!

Oh God!! Beth CRIES OUT.. Before Tina pushes her face back between her legs, Shut up and keep licking my pussy, I want to come again while he fucks your ass Tina says

Beth was overwhelmed & His cock was huge in her , Her face was held locked between Tina s legs, mouth on her pussy!
Was this really happening to her?? Beth thought.

He slowly pulls out of her ass until only the head of his fat cock was inside her then holds her ass cheeks spread wide while she gasps and moans beneath him.
“Oh god please, it’s to much, don’t do this” she begs him in a hoarse whisper.

SMACK! He slaps her hard across her exposed ass! “Shut up & take it slut, You know I’m going to fuck your tight little ass and you know you want it, don’t you?” Grabbing her by the hair he pushes an inch or two into her throbbing asshole making her cry out, “ NO, I mean yes! Oh god please…”

“Oh yea!!, Fuck her ass baby!” She hears Tina call to him, stuff her tight ass with your fat cock & make her scream!!”

His big hands grip her hips, pulling her back as he slowly pushes his full length back into her ass filling her completely & making her head spin.
She tries to scream but Tina holds her tight with her face pressed between her legs. Completely helpless & totally turned on she lies beneath him waiting.

“Fuck yes!!”, he says and pulls slowly back then starts to fuck her, and Fuck her hard!!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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