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This was shortly after I started dating Tina for the third time. Crazy? Maybe, but I was in love. I moved in with her best friend Sara as she prefers, and Sara’s husband Ted. The rent was cheaper and I would be closer to Tina. Tina was a pretty little twenty one year old. She was about five foot six and weighed about a hundred thirty. She had a smaller chest, a small B and a hot little ass.

We had been partying at our house and drinking a bit, and Sara told Tina that she should stay the night. She accepted. I was wondering if Tina would sleep in my bed, we had done so several times before, but nothing sexual had ever happened. Just then Sara piped up, ‘So Tina, are you going to sleep upstairs, or downstairs tonight?’

Tina answered, ‘I don’t know yet.’

‘I bet Jack (that’s me) would like it if you slept upstairs.’ Sara answered. She, probably the drunkest of us all right then, had no qualms with expressing what was on her mind.

Tina nodded and the conversation didn’t go any further. Eventually Ted got tired so he and Sara went up to bed. Then I asked Tina, ‘So, do you want to sleep upstairs with me?’

‘I suppose so. Do you have some sweats I can wear?’ she replied.

‘Sure, not problem. Let’s head up.’

We turned off all the lights and made our way upstairs to my bedroom. It was easier to see in there because the lights from the parking lot illuminated through the mini blinds some. I got Tina out some sweat pants and t-shirt, turned around, and said, ‘It gets awful warm in here, not like your room that’s always cool, would you prefer a pair of boxers instead of sweats?’

‘I suppose so.’ She replied.

I get out a pair of my boxers and handed them over to her with the t-shirt and proceeded to strip down to my boxer-briefs. I sleep either in my underwear or nude, but I didn’t want to freak her out. When I was done I looked over and saw she only had gotten as far as getting her pants off. Her beautiful legs glowed in the soft light let in by the window, and the sight of her in those little white cotton panties began to give me a huge hard on. She slid the boxers up over her hips and as she began to pull her shirt up over her head I made my way over to the bed and under the covers to hide the wood she had created for me. When I got there I looked back up again and my eyes trailed up along her sexy flat tummy to the light blue sports bra hugging her breasts. She pulled the t-shirt on and took her bra off covered.

‘That sucks’, I thought as she crawled into bed. We kissed for a minute or two and then she rolled over to go to sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all. My raging hard on tried to burst through the fabric of my underwear and my heart was racing. I moved over and put Escort Sincan my arm over her, to see if cuddling would help me fall asleep, but in fact that made things worse as she nestled back into me, her sweet ass pushing directly into my erection.

I backed away from her some and ran my fingers lightly over her back, just to give myself something to so… I was going crazy. I had to touch her. I gathered up my courage and slid my hand up the back of her shirt; her skin was so soft and warm. I was so horny at this point, but I kept this up for a while so that she got a chance to feel comfortable with it before I tried anything else.

After a few minutes, I slid my hand up and down her side a few times and then right over onto her tight stomach. I moved my fingertips over this area in lines back and forth, savoring the incredible feel of her. For a couple minutes did this and lightly kissed her upper back and neck before I slid my hand up over to her right breast. I gently brushed the under side of it and the snaked my hand up the left side in between both of her soft breasts. Then I slowly moved my hand across it, cupping it in my hand. I had never felt such a wonderful thing; it was the perfect size and shape. At this point my cock was throbbing. I had to do something. Up until this point she hadn’t moved or said anything, but just then she rolled over to allow myself easier access to herself. I moved up and kissed her mouth gently, alternately stroking and squeezing her breast. Her tongue slipped up into my mouth, exploring gently. I then moved my fingers down to her nipple. I pinched her rock hard bud and she moaned with pleasure, and then resumed her kiss with renewed intensity.

I readjusted myself on top of her and began to caress both of her breasts, and this happened to give her better access to me. She reached up and began rubbing my erection through my shorts. I wanted to make this special, being our first time at any of this I broke the kiss, slid down a bit further, and began to lick and suck her nipples. She clearly loved this and I figured now would be the perfect time. I slid my hand down her stomach and over the pair of boxers she was wearing. I slid my hand in through the hole in the crotch and began to rub her hot pussy through her panties. I slowly rubbed her swollen lips and slid my middle finger up and down her slit. By now the cotton of her panties was soaked with her cunt juice and I could feel it on my fingers. Curious, I pulled my fingers out and brought them up to my tongue. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. ‘How do I taste?’ Tina said, finally breaking the speechlessness.

‘Too good not to have some more.’ I said

I reached down and in one Eryaman Escort swoop I yanked the boxers and panties off her hips and she pulled her shirt the rest of the way off. Her beautiful pussy was finally out in the open for me to see; it was beautiful. Thick, dark curls of pubic hair covered her mons and lips and I could see the wetness on her slit gleaming in the soft light. I buried my face in her beautiful cunt, tonguing her folds, savoring her nectar. I explored every millimeter of her pussy with my tongue. When I ran it over the entrance to her tight hole her body shuddered involuntarily. After slowly licking all around I found her clit. She moaned as I ran my tongue there, so I continued and her swollen clit began to come out of hiding. She would moan louder every time I licked it, so I began to run it in between my tongue and upper lip. She began to roll her hips and push her pussy up towards my face. I took that as my cue and began to suck on the little organ; the harder I sucked the harder she pushed back. Moaning and muttering my name, I was getting a rush off of being able to do this to her. Just then, her whole body tensed and she arched her back up and screamed. She stayed in that position for several seconds and then relaxed, panting heavily. I kissed my way back up her body, stopping for several seconds at each breast, to her face. She looked back up at my face with a hunger in her eyes. ‘Fuck me.’ she said.

Hey, who was I to argue.

I got up to walk over to my dresser and get a condom when I noticed a pair of eyes peeking in through the crack in the door. It was Sara. I gawked in surprise, she stared back, and Tina saw what stopped me in my tracks. ‘Sara!’ she said.

Sara opened the door and walked in. ‘Sorry, I heard you scream and I came to make sure everything was ok. You woke me up.’ she said.

‘I’m so sorry’ Tina said, still buck naked on my bed, ‘Did I wake Ted too?’

‘No,’ Sara said, ‘He’s passed out drunk.’

‘Oh.’ Tina replied. ‘You should stay here and hang out with us then.’

‘Okay.’ Sara answered.

I stood there with my eyes hanging out of my head. I had no idea what to do anymore. Sara was not ugly by any means, probably about five three, a hundred and fifty, she had a pretty face, huge tits, and the greatest ghetto booty. Also, she was only nineteen. Currently she was wearing a thin nightshirt and I could see the outline of her bikini panties through it. ‘Keep on with what you were doing.’ Tina said to me, snapping me out of my stupor.

I closed the door and walked over and grabbed a condom. When I turned around Sara was stripping off her shirt and Tina was staring in our direction with a crazed look in her face. I hurried Keçiören Escort over to the bed and Tina ripped the condom out of my hand. ‘Strip!’ She demanded. I dropped trow and she already had a condom out of the wrapper. She reached over and rolled it down my stiff rod and proceeded to push me down on the bed. She straddled my cock and began to ride me. GOD was she tight. I was in heaven when Sara walked up, double D’s swinging, and stuck one out for Tina.

Tina grabbed it and sucked on the nipple greedily. She stopped moving to do this so I had a chance to catch my breath and watch my girlfriend suck on her best friend’s tits. By the way Tina expertly moved her mouth, I didn’t think this was their first time. I looked down and Sara was fingering her bald pussy. I had to taste that. As if Tina was reading my mind, she stopped sucking on Sara and told her, ‘Jack is quite a pussy licker, you should give him a go.’

Sara grinned mischievously at me and straddled my face. I began to lick away. She didn’t taste as divine as Tina but it was still good, and I was definitely into the shaved look. Tina began to bounce up and down my hard pole again. It felt like her tight twat was trying to suck the spunk out of me. Tina and Sara started in on some serious French kissing and obviously their hands were busy too. Every so often I would see Tina’s fingers show up right in front of my tongue, and I would move back a little while she fingered Sara’s hole, and then I would suck the juices off her fingers before resuming my work. Sara began to moan a little louder and her body started to tense up; then all of a sudden she screamed out, she was cumming. She arched back and her pussy filled my mouth with her juices. I could then see that Tina was fondling Sara’s tits as she came. Watching this wonderful sight my sack began to tighten up and my cock started to twitch.

I came harder than I ever had in my entire life. Filling the condom with blast after hot blast of spunk. After the second shot Tina began to moan and I could feel her pussy muscles start to clench and unclench rapidly. It was the most wonderful feeling ever and caused my orgasm to last longer than I had ever experienced before. I closed my eyes, spent, and felt a hand on my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down. Tina was pulling the condom off of my still hard cock. Once she pulled it clear she tipped it back and poured the contents in her mouth. Sara moved over and began to French kiss her, apparently to also get a chance to taste my cum.

After they had kissed for a while and all my spunk was swallowed, Sara got dressed and left and Tina cuddled up with me.

‘Did you enjoy that baby?’ She asked.

‘Oh yeah!’ I exclaimed. ‘But you two have done that before.’

‘Not that exactly,’ she responded. ‘You’re my first man, but yes we have had sex with each other before. Many times’

‘I could get used to this I thought’ and cuddled up with Tina. I had no problem falling asleep after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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