Tina’s Rewakening

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This story features a close friend of mine, Tina. She is about 20 years older than Tony and Karen, but she has kept in very good shape.


Tina was approaching 50, but she looked and acted over 10 years younger and had recently lost her husband to cancer. She became aware of her increasing desire for sex as the months past. She had mentioned this to Karen during one of their ‘girlie’ nights out. So Karen had invited her to a party at their house..

Tony had spent the evening chatting to Tina at the party, he tried to avoid mentioning her late husband. She now lived on her own a few doors down from Tony and Karen. Tony didn’t see her often, but tonight she looked very radiant and well dressed. Tony kept topping up her wineglass, and kept her chatting. He noticed that she was becoming very flirty with him, which he was enjoying.

Previously Tony had thought of Tina as a very quiet reserved person. But tonight she was looking very sexy in a low cut black evening dress that displayed her breasts with a magnificent cleavage. Tight around her neck she wore a black choker. Tony loved the 4″ high heels she was wearing as they emphasised her shapely legs.

‘You are looking very well Tina’

‘I have been going to the gym to get fitter than I have ever been, I’m feeling in great shape’ she replied.

She moved closer to him, he put his arm around her waist and drew her closer to his side. She placed her arm around his waist and hugged him. He let his hand trace up bare back. Tina had noticed that Tony had been with Tina most of the evening, but she was not jealous of Tony having his arm around Tina. She was pleased to see Tina happy, smiling, laughing and looking sexy.

Tony and Karen had spoken about having a threesome sometime, but Karen did not think Tina was quite ready for that yet. She knew that Tina wanted sex with Tony and did not mind when Tina asked Karen if Tony would walk her home.

Ted and Carol were entertaining Karen earlier in the evening.. She was looking forward to being with them later, and to leave no doubt about her intentions she was dressed in a very revealing sexy outfit.

Karen agreed to Tina’s request with a knowing look, they kissed and hugged each other. Karen whispered in her ear ‘Enjoy him, and tell him I am not expecting home before the morning’

Once outside she linked arms with Tony and they made their way to her house. Her perfume was quite strong and attractive to Tony. Tina invited Tony in.

After she hung up her fur coat, she said

‘Go in the living room and pour yourself a drink, I won’t be a minute, pour me a drink too, I am just going to slip in to something comfortable’.

She disappeared up stairs. Tony was sipping his scotch and admiring the pictures on the wall, when he felt Tina hands on his shoulders from behind him.

He turned around and she took his glass off him and placed it on the side table. Tina had quickly changed out of her evening gown and stood in front of him dressed in a silk gown.

‘You look good enough to eat dressed like that Tina’

He moved his hands down her sides drawing her close to him. They kissed passionately his tongue entwining with hers. Her hands found his belt and she undid it and undid the zip of his trousers, her fingers found his erect cock. Holding on to it she dropped to her knees.

‘Hmm this is what I like Tony, a nice stiff cock’

Tina looked up at Tony and licked her red lips before taking his cock into her mouth.. Tony pulled off his belt and let his trousers drop as Tina took topkapı eskort his cock deep into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock before taking it deep down her throat. She pumped its full length.

Tony groaned ‘That’s fantastic Tina, your such a slut when you want to be’

Careful to not let him come she greedily teased his cock with her tongue whilst her fingers played with his heavy balls and she cheekily played with his arse. She could sense he was close to coming but she didn’t want that just yet. She slowly down the pace again and got up and kissed him.

‘Oh I enjoyed that, but I know where I would prefer to have your cock Tony’

He undid her silk gown and opened it to reveal her black basque and stockings.

‘Oh Tina, the view just gets better, I love to see a woman in a basque’

Her basque was very low cut and her nipples were showing. He dipped his head down and took one in his mouth, licking at first then as it became erect he gently teased it between his teeth, before giving the same treatment to her other nipple. He teased her bare pussy with his fingers.

She pushed him back on to the sofa and climbed on top of him. Tina gently massaged his chest as she prepared to take his cock. She grasped it and teased herself with it before gradually pushing down on it. Tony was content to let Tina sent the initial pace to let her get used to his size. She used her hands on his legs to steady herself as she lowered herself down until she had taken Tony fully in to her pussy

Tony found her pussy very tight at first but as she worked up and down her own lubrication eased her a lot and allowed Tina relaxed and started to enjoy their actions. Tony reached up and teased her nipples as she bobbed up and down. Tina started to climax and her breathing became ragged. Tony managed to retain control, slowed her down, and then signalled that he would like to change positions. Tina lied down and Tony got between her legs and decided to tease her pussy some more with his tongue. He dipped his tongue deep in to her pussy which was rich with her juices, she shuddered as his tongue circled her clitoris and she gasped as he sucked on it.

He dipped his fingers into her pussy while his tongue was teasing her clitoris. He used his fingers covered in her love juices to tease her arse. His finger slid in easily. Tina cried out ‘oh fuck me please’ as his finger pumped in and out in a corkscrew twisting action.

She cried ‘Oh Tony that’s fantastic but please fuck me some more’

He lifted her legs up on to his shoulders and pushed forward until just the tip of his cock was in the entrance to her pussy. He gently eased in and out in short strokes, just letting the head of his cock tease the opening of her pussy.

She pleaded with him to push it all in and when he did it was in one long and continuos thrust. Her pussy was by now well oiled and he slid in and out with very little effort. His cock was hard and swollen, it filled her so completely that she almost cried with the overwhelming pleasure.

Tina was in another world and had never been taken to such sexual highs before. Tony was enjoying taking her to new boundaries. Her language was becoming extreme and she was amazed at his control. Again, he reduced the pace to maintain his control and allow her to come down slightly from her high.

He pulled out again and got Tina to turn over and get up on to her hands and knees so he could take her from behind ‘doggie’ style. Tina turned her head and looking him straight bayan escort in his eyes and urged him to

‘Fuck me harder, I just love what your doing and I want even more’ She pouted her lips and blow him a kiss, licked her red lips and sucked her finger in a very seductive and slutty manner.

He quickly got back in to her and continued to satisfy her need, he sensed he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, so his pace became faster and the strokes more deliberate and powerful. Tina played with her own clitoris as he fucked her. Tina once more climbed to an all time high and then Tony cried out as he exploded deep inside Tina, he continued to pump in and out as he emptied his balls. Tina said she could feel him jetting inside her, and his spunk started to ooze out of her pussy and trickle down the inside of her thighs.

Tina and Tony lay on the bed for a short while in each other’s arms and chatted.

‘You don’t know how much I have missed a good screw. My grieving is over, it’s now time to live again’ she told him.

Tina reached down to feel Ted’s cock, which had slightly deflated since few minutes before. She wanted more of his amazing cock, she held on to it and moved around to take him into her mouth to bring life back into Tony’s fantastic cock.

Tina licked the full length of his cock, loving the taste of their juices. she pulled back his foreskin and swirled her tongue around the sensitive head of his cock. She felt his cock grow hard in her mouth as it slid in and out of her mouth

He got her to straddle his body so she could take his cock in her pussy, which was still full of his spunk and her own juices. She plunged down on to his cock, which was reaching parts of her pussy that she had never felt before. Tina gasped as she moved up and down as Tony lunged upwards to meet her. He reached up and massaged her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, she gasped as he manipulated them and flicked them with his tongue.

Tina was beginning to tire as she orgasmed yet again. She lay and rested on Tony’s chest, he hugged her and ran his hands through her chestnut hair and down over her back. She was breathing heavily as he continued to plunge slowly in to her pussy. He let the slower pace bring her back down.

‘So how was that Tina’ Tony asked,

‘It was fantastic’ she replied. He noticed a tear in her eye, it had been quite an emotional evening for her. He brushed her hair to one side, then pulled her towards him and their lips met for a long passionate kiss.

A few days later……..

Karen went around to Tina’s house to give Tina an all body massage. Tina had been having a back and shoulder massage by Karen for a few weeks to relieve stress and tension in her back. She was very good and Tina looked forward to their sessions together. Tina had become very relaxed with Karen’s approach and had become very fond of Karen. They were quite a contrast, Karen was always very sexy in the way she dressed and acted. Tina wore very expensive clothes with some very sexy underwear that she would wear frequently but very discreetly. She would occasionally reveal a stocking top or her ample cleavage at dinner parties, but in private, she was becoming very different and more daring.

Karen arrived at about 3.00pm and set up her couch in the living room, she drew the curtains to subdue the lighting and then put a smoothing music CD on the HiFi to relax Tina. Karen kissed Tina, she returned each kiss more hungrily than the last

Tina had showered and appeared in her towelling robe çapa eskort which she discarded and lay on the towelled couch and rested her face on her hands. Karen was wearing a very short white button up overall; she left enough buttons undo to display the delicious cleavage between her tanned breasts.

Karen turned and took some oil to put on Tina’s back. Karen got to work on massaging Tina’s back, which was very soft and supple. Working her way down adding more oil as she went. Tina closed her eyes and relaxed. Karen then moved to the end of the couch and started to rub the backs of Tina’s legs working up towards her arse, which she then took care in massaging

Karen dribbled some more oil in to the cleft of Tina’s arse; Karen gently parted Tina’s legs, which then allowed Karen to rub the oil down the full cleft of Tina’s arse. Her fingers sliding down and over her puckered arse which she circled with some oil. Tina let out a low groan as Karen pressed on her tight opening. Karen applied more oil to her finger and it slid in.

Karen then asked Tina to turn over. She felt her lips close over hers in a slow, lingering, passionate kiss. Tina moaned in hunger for more. Karen nibbled at her lips, touched them with the tip of her tongue, sucked on hers as it found its way into her mouth. She desperately wanted her hands on her . . . touching her pussy . . . but the only contact between them was at their mouths. She was so lost in the kiss that the first sensation of touch on caused her to gasp.

Karen got back to work on her shoulders before gently circling her breasts and rubbed her nipples, which became erect instantly. Karen carried on down Tina’s stomach and hips. Again, she moved down to her ankles working her way up to the top of her legs. Karen started to rub oil around Tina’s pussy, as she did so, Tina moved her legs apart to encourage Karen, she used her nibble fingers to find her clitoris and Tina breathing grew heavier. Karen produced a small vibrator, ‘size wasn’t everything’ she said, ‘it’s how I use it’ She used it to continue teasing Tina.

Tina reached up and started to unbutton Carols overall to reveal her breasts and a small white g-string. Pushing the overall to one side Tina teased her nipples. Karen reached down to Tina’s pussy, which she found to be very moist as she slipped her fingers in. Tina let out a groan when Karen’s thumb found her clitoris. Tina pressed back against Karen as her orgasm took over. Tina also turned her attention to Karen’s clitoris. Karen kissed Tina and was enjoying the attention she was getting from Tina.

Karen let Tina regained her control and bent over to lick Tina’s pussy, she groaned and climaxed as Karen licked and teased her clitoris, and she was using a small vibrator to probe her lubricated arse. She felt the orgasm start deep inside her and burst forth with a scream that was swallowed by Karen’s mouth that was over Tina’s. Tina lay trembling, gasping for breath, aching from the force of the pleasure

‘That was fantastic Karen’ gasped Tina as she got her breath back they kissed and Tina hugged Karen and thanked her for being so nice to her.

Tina had decided that she did not want to spend the rest of her life alone, she started dating men again, most of them younger than her so they had enough stamina to meet her sexual demands.

She also started dressing in a more provocative way; she has expensive tastes for the best clothes. Her small car has been replaced by an expensive German sports car. Karen and Tony still see her often for social and for sexy sessions together. Tina and Karen regularly swap stories of their sexual activities and have shared a few sexual partners……but that’s story for another day….


Don’t forget to keep sending me your feedback and suggestions for new stories.

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