To Love, Honour and Oh Pay Ch. 05

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Lizzie woke up late the following morning. Glancing across at the alarm clock, she was astonished to see it was nearly ten o’clock and immediately felt a wave of relief that it wasn’t a work day. Alone in William’s soft, warm bed, memories of the previous night came flooding back to her. She had no recollection of him stopping or untying her which presumably meant she must have passed out with an overdose of pleasure. Or had it simply been a dream? Her mind immediately discounted the dream scenario; her stomach muscles were incredibly stiff from the number of orgasms she’d been forced to experience and overall her body felt as though it had run a marathon, which she supposed in a way, it had done. Her pussy also felt stretched, pounded and bruised, but in a good way…an exceptionally good way! Lizzie grinned broadly; that was no dream. On a complete high, she stretched luxuriously, eased herself gingerly out of bed and took a long, hot bubble bath.

Some while later, she sauntered downstairs, entirely unsure of the welcome she would receive. Having been blindfolded the whole time the previous night, Lizzie hadn’t actually laid eyes on William since he’d walked in on her masturbating. As she wandered into the kitchen, she caught sight of him across the room and her stomach immediately clenched with desire. He was stood facing away from her, making a cup of tea. Quickly grabbing her box of cereal and a bowl from the side, she scuttled across the room and sat down at the table, face aflame.

‘Good morning,’ he said, glancing around to look at her.

‘Morning,’ she mumbled.

Walking to the table, he put two mugs of tea down, as per their normal breakfast routine, as though absolutely nothing had happened between them. Sitting down, he then continued eating his own breakfast whilst flicking through the morning paper.

Lizzie resolutely tried to munch her way through the bowl of muesli, but found herself unable to stop staring at him. Initially, she was drawn to his long, agile fingers as they turned the pages of the paper; knowing how they’d entered her own body only hours before. How they’d teased her clit beyond comprehension and driven her through orgasm after stunning orgasm. Then her line of sight travelled up to his mouth and teeth that had been responsible for so much indescribable pleasure; pleasure at levels she’d never known herself capable of before. As he chewed his cereal, Lizzie noticed the quilt of muscles across his cheek. He’d clearly shaved this morning, but that hadn’t been the case last night. A shiver of longing darted through her body as she considered how her inner thighs still bore evidence of being in close contact with his stubble…very close contact.

As lust began to take hold, Lizzie grabbed her tea and took a large gulp, in an attempt to moisten her parched throat. The scorching hot liquid immediately made her cough.

‘You okay?’ asked William, looking up from his paper.

‘Yeah,’ she spluttered, wiping her watering eyes. ‘Thanks.’ It was the first time they’d looked properly at each other that morning and they both found themselves unwilling to look away. Eventually, William smiled, his eyes softening more than Lizzie had ever remembered observing before, causing a strong pulse to beat within her throbbing pussy.

‘Good,’ he said, returning to his paper, avoiding Lizzie any further embarrassment.

‘Where are Jeeves and Wooster?’ she asked, once her emotions were under control.

‘I told them we could manage on our own today,’ smiled William, turning over a page of the broadsheet. ‘What are your plans, by the way?’ Lizzie shyly glanced away for a moment, seemingly unable to stop acting like a gauche teenager in his presence.

‘Nothing,’ she mumbled, looking up at him once again.

‘Would you like to accompany me to lunch?’ he asked with a gentle smile.

‘That would be lovely,’ she mumbled, dragging her eyes back down to concentrate on her breakfast, in an attempt to hide her flushing cheeks.

‘Good,’ he replied and Lizzie could hear the smile in his voice. ‘That’s settled. Shall we leave here at about eleven?’

‘Sure,’ agreed Lizzie. Glancing up at him curiously, she was unable to prevent herself questioning his motives. ‘I thought you didn’t like venturing out, when you don’t have public engagements,’ she observed. He looked at her meditatively for a moment and Lizzie felt any bravery evaporating before her very eyes.

‘A guy’s allowed to change his mind, isn’t he?’ he teased. ‘On a Sunday, at least?’

‘He certainly is,’ she smiled approvingly.

‘As it’s a lovely day, are you happy to walk?’

‘Of course,’ she grinned, suddenly incapable of preventing herself from teasing him as some of her fighting spirit returned. ‘If you think you can keep up with me?’

For a long moment, William stared at her, his eyes narrowing slightly, an unreadable expression on his face. It wasn’t an angry stare but it was certainly a focussed one, which ramped up her heart rate, sarıyer eskort to the point that she could hear her pulse echoing through her ears. Lizzie licked her suddenly dry lips as, with a look of mild amusement passing over his face, William carefully folded up his paper. Standing slowly, he picked the paper up, walked around the table and placed it beside her.

Suddenly, Lizzie found herself without the courage to look back at him, instead keeping her eyes firmly focussed on the spoon she held in her gently shaking hand. Standing right beside her, he squatted down until his head was level with hers. The nearness of him was thoroughly intoxicating.

‘I would have thought,’ he murmured into her ear, his warm breath bouncing across her skin. ‘That I more than proved I am capable of keeping up with you last night.’ Lizzie reacted immediately, automatically spinning her head round to challenge him, only to find their noses almost touching. They gazed into each other’s eyes, neither willing to back down.

‘You said a gentleman wouldn’t speak of…what happened,’ she stated in an accusatory tone. She was so close to him that she could smell the aftershave which wafted from his warm body, immediately reminding her in glorious technicolour of what she’d experienced the previous night. Having been deprived of sight, the memories of her other senses somehow seemed in sharper focus and intensely vibrant. William cocked his head to one side, a lopsided smile on his face, as he continued to gaze at her, undaunted.

‘And I’m sure a gentleman wouldn’t speak of it,’ he agreed. ‘What I find so very endearing about you, Elizabeth, is that you still consider me to be one, knowing what I subjected your body to last night. By the way,’ he added in a low growl. ‘You do know that being a gentleman doesn’t mean I’ll always be gentle, don’t you?’

As he stood slowly, Lizzie’s eyes followed him upwards, drinking in his nearness. She wanted nothing more than for William to whisk her straight back up to bed and inundate her with the pleasure she knew he was so very capable of delivering.

‘I’m just going to book a table for lunch,’ he said, before strolling out of the room. The expression on his face as he left her suggested he was more than a little pleased with himself.


The rest of the day passed in a pleasurable blur for Lizzie. She spent the whole day with William, hiking around the neighbouring countryside, wallowing in the crispy crunch sound of Autumn leaves underfoot, the faint smell of wood smoke in the air. The local pub provided the perfect location for a long, boozy lunch during which they chatted non-stop, soothed by the muted crackling of the roaring log fire. It was as though the attraction they had always appreciated was lurking just below the surface had been allowed to flourish, following the events of the previous night. No longer were they trying to deny that a strong sexual attraction was at play; it was now quite blatant, for all to see.

Once back home, the two of them naturally migrated into the lounge and flopped down beside each other on the sofa.

‘Please will you watch a film with me?’ murmured William, his dark eyes sparkling in the firelight.

‘Sure,’ breathed Lizzie. Right now, she’d pretty much do anything he wanted if it meant they remained in each other’s company.

After the film was selected and the lights dimmed to the requisite level, William returned to sit down. Collapsing with a pleasurable groan, he put his feet up onto the coffee table, slung his arm along the back of the sofa and glanced cheekily across at Lizzie.

‘Want a hug?’ he asked with a smile.

‘Yeah,’ she breathed, wriggling herself beside him and placing her head on his gently rising chest. Once she had shuffled her feet up onto the sofa, so she was lying down horizontally, William clicked play on the remote control and dropped his hand down to her shoulder, caressing her gently.

‘Perfect,’ he sighed with a long breath of contentment.

‘Mmmm,’ nodded Lizzie, placing her arm around his lithe body and squeezing tight.


The film was a Romcom; one of Lizzie’s favourites which she’d seen numerous times before. This was probably just as well because every particle of her concentration was fixed on William; the movements of his body, his steady breathing, the glorious sound of his laugh, the numerous touch points which existed between their two bodies. She found herself studying him, drinking him in, barely able to breath properly herself in nervous anticipation of where the evening might lead. At one point, his fingers migrated to gently stroke the hyper-sensitive back of her neck, causing her to close her eyes and breathe noisily. There was no way William couldn’t be aware of the changes in her body, as a result of his touch, which might have explained why he stopped stroking her after a few minutes. His teasing presence had ensured she’d been feeling wet all day but escort now, Lizzie could feel hot arousal soaking through her panties.

By the time the credits eventually rolled, she was aware of her heartrate inexplicably ramping up once more.

‘You still awake?’ he murmured quietly, gently stroking her hair.

‘Mmm-hmm,’ Lizzie mumbled, not trusting herself to speak.

‘I’d better go to bed,’ he explained, his hand still stroking. ‘I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.’

‘Okay,’ sighed Lizzie as he shuffled to standing. Watching him leave the room, she suddenly felt a wave of cold as though a warm blanket had been removed. Stretching appreciatively, she collected their cups from the table and spent a few minutes tidying up the kitchen, to give William some privacy in which to get ready for bed. She followed shortly afterwards to find their bedroom light out and his slow, steady breathing the only noise in the room. After a brief visit to the bathroom herself, she climbed into bed beside him. Trying to ignore the almost painful feeling of longing she was experiencing, she closed her eyes and eventually descended into sleep.


Lizzie gradually drifted out of a very nice dream she’d been having, involving her naked body being entwined with William’s, on the sandy beach of a deserted island. Feeling very calm and serene, she gradually opened her eyes, only to discover it was the middle of the night. The darkness was evident behind the curtains and a glance at the clock confirmed her suspicions; it was a quarter past two and there wasn’t a beach in sight.

With a sudden surge of excitement, she realised William’s warm body was laying adjacent to hers. They must have naturally migrated together during the night whilst they slept, to the point that they were practically spooning. Edging her hips back very gently, she was fairly confident that she could feel his hard cock against the back of her thigh. She could make out his soft T-shirt against her back and the cotton material of his boxer shorts pressed against her ass cheeks. Lizzie lay there for a short while, trying to decipher whether her companion was asleep or awake. Deciding he was probably asleep as his slow, steady breathing had never once faltered, she daringly allowed her hand to migrate behind her, to try and feel him through his shorts.

‘What exactly do you think you’re doing?’ he growled. His hand snapped forward to imprison her wrist between their bodies. However, he didn’t attempt to remove her hand but rather ensured it continued to remain pressed against him. Lizzie dragged in a sharp breath, partly from shock, partly from intense sexual excitement. She wasn’t sure there was anywhere she’d rather be, than being forcefully held against this man’s almost-naked body.

‘Nothing,’ she breathed, her brain buzzing with sensations as he shuffled his body slightly closer to hers.

‘Believe me, this,’ he growled, lightly squeezing her wrist, ‘is not nothing.’

‘It must have happened in my sleep,’ she murmured, trying to prevent the wide grin now plastered across her face, from translating through to her voice.

‘Bullshit,’ he chuckled, shaking his head. ‘You are such a bad liar. I will definitely need to discipline you for that…’ Now that William was pressed up hard against her body, Lizzie was unable to prevent him noticing the shiver of excitement that passed over her and the loud gasp, which followed his threat.

‘I’ll scratch and bite,’ she warned him, daringly rocking her hips in delicious expectation.

‘You’ll crawl and beg too,’ he promised.

‘Fuck,’ she breathed, the tingling in her aroused brain making her feel dizzy.

‘You like the thought of being punished by me, don’t you Elizabeth?’ he growled, pulling her palm into firmer contact with the outline of his throbbing erection. Instinctively, Lizzie’s fingers curled around the straining outline of his cock as her eyes rolled back with pleasure. ‘Answer me,’ he groaned, dropping his teeth to her neck and clamping down sharply.

‘Oh fuck! Yes! I like that thought!’ cried out Lizzie, her body automatically curving against him as her pussy pulsed with longing.

‘Mmmm, good,’ he sighed. ‘Because I like the thought of that too. Very much. But after last night, I’m sure you’re pretty tender. So we’ll carry out your punishment on another day. Right now, I’d really like to make slow, gentle love to you.’

‘Mmmm,’ sighed Lizzie blissfully.

‘Would that be acceptable?’ he groaned beside her ear.

‘Yes,’ she breathed, her fingers continuing to stroke him. ‘More than acceptable.’

‘One condition,’ he stated simply, kissing a line across her shoulder, whilst his hand released Lizzie’s wrist. He smoothly pushed her camisole up her body and over her head to leave her naked, before returning his hand to cup her breast, kneading gently.

‘Mmmm?’ sighed a naked Lizzie, already halfway to paradise.

‘I’ll support you being as assertive, or career-driven, kağıthane eskort or as successful as you like in your everyday life, in fact I’ll actively encourage it,’ he explained before pausing. ‘But tonight, I’m in charge. You do as I say.’

‘Oh,’ she squeaked, as his thumb and forefinger clamped around her hardened nipple, encompassing it with breathtakingly perfect pressure.

‘Do you accept my condition?’ he demanded before biting down gently into her shoulder, the dual confinements of his mouth and hand making her body flinch in submission.

‘No deal,’ she gasped, slipping her hand over the waistband of his shorts and pushing them down to expose his rock-hard cock. Joyfully, she wrapped her warm hand around his naked length, revelling in the faster breaths and light moans he had started to make.

William shuffled out of the remainder of his clothing and then, with a roar that sounded like a wounded animal, Lizzie found herself being quickly flipped onto her back. Before she knew it, William had pushed open her legs and was kneeling between them, whilst he grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head. As he hovered over her, she felt fully exposed to him and melted pleasurably into the mattress at the thought of her position.

‘You’ve just earned yourself a second punishment,’ he growled before dropping his lips to her nipple and sucking and nibbling continuously, building up the pressure, increasing the blood flow, until Lizzie was howling. As her body twisted and curved beneath him, William quickly switched to her other nipple, ensuring it received exactly the same treatment.

‘You bastard,’ she groaned when he finally allowed her to rest, aware of her pussy now streaming with arousal.

‘Now your nipples will be ultra-sensitive,’ explained William with a smirk as he dropped his mouth back down to the original victim and bit down gently. Lizzie’s hips immediately and violently leapt from the bed and she yelped in response. Pleased with her reaction, William suckled a little more. Throwing her head back in submission, Lizzie could hear herself starting to speak gibberish whilst her swollen pussy throbbed hard in response. At last, he showed mercy and broke contact.

‘That wasn’t your punishment, by the way,’ he grinned, revelling in the sound of Lizzie’s gasping breaths as she tried to recover. ‘That was just evidence, if any were seriously required, that there are benefits to me being in charge.’

‘But you’re not in charge,’ groaned a determined Lizzie.

‘Don’t make things worse for yourself,’ he grinned, starting to rock his hips, occasionally causing his thick cock to slide against her wide open pussy.

‘Oh fuck!’ gasped Lizzie as the bulging head of his cock momentarily grazed against her slippery clit.

‘Do you want to know what your two punishments are so far?’ he growled, repeating the movement with his hips, whilst his lips dropped to her neck.

‘No,’ she sighed, partially dropping her head to one side. Her neck was an erogenous zone all of its own, as he had previously discovered. As such, her brain was in conflict; part of her wanted to allow him full access to enable him to deliver those high-octane feelings to her body of which she knew he was capable. The more stubborn part wanted to fight him. As his emerging stubble scraped up the side of her neck, she tried to wriggle away, without success.

‘Trust me, you couldn’t cope with me disciplining you in three different ways, all on the same night,’ he said coolly. ‘Give me your neck or face the consequences.’ Against her will, with a low groan, Lizzie reluctantly obeyed.

‘Good girl,’ he breathed, hovering above her, causing a myriad of goosebumps to cavort across her body, as his hips curled forwards once again. This resulted in the partial penetration of his cock into her hot, tight wetness, before he diverted straight up the length of her swollen pussy lips. Lizzie squealed in response, her pelvis automatically lifting to try and better position herself. ‘Now, your first punishment ,’ he continued, ignoring her cries of frustration. ‘I will be tying you naked to this bed, legs strapped as wide as you are physically capable of opening them. You will be blindfolded. Once I’ve teased you for a good, long while, to make you ultra-sensitive, I’m going to get a very fine artist’s brush.’

Lizzie groaned loudly at the image he was starting to paint, as his cock slid once more against her desperate pussy. Once again, she rocked her pelvis to try and direct his cock inside her and failed. He continued to hold onto her wrists making her feel entirely trapped. Biting her lip with the frustration of trying to control her arousal, she hooked her legs around his hips, trying to take matters into her own hands.

‘It is small but mighty,’ he grinned. ‘For every hair on that brush, there is a matching nerve that it wakes. It will feel like I’m discharging direct current straight onto your clit, but at a low voltage.’

‘Oh you bastard,’ gasped Lizzie at the image he’d planted in her mind. After all his teasing, he thrust his hips forwards, landing the wide head of his cock directly in the centre of her deep pool of arousal, maintaining pressure but never once entering her.

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