Together, Again

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As the water rushes over my body, it feels like thousands of your fingers caressing every inch of me. I cant help but think of the last time we were together. The way our bodies moved together, the way that you and I knew exactly how to pleasure each other. I look forward to tonight, feeling your arms wrapped around me, your lips all over my body, your cock which fits so perfectly inside my body. Feeling the water of my shower starting to turn cold, im quickly brought back to reality and finish.

I rub my body down with a fluffy towel and my skin turns slightly pink from the pressure. I make sure that I am completely dry. I rub a lightly scented vanilla oil over my skin. I close my eyes as my hands run over my body, wishing my hands were your hands. I rub the oil over my arms, then my legs feeling how soft they are after just being shaven. Next I run a little oil over my chest, gently massaging it in. My nipples harden as my hands pass over them, stopping quickly to play with my nipple rings. I hold my breath as I tug on them gently. Next I smooth more oil over my stomach, and then slowly make my way down to my freshly shaved pussy, I rub the oil in every direction to make sure that there is no stubble and that everything is perfectly smooth. Still wishing my hands were yours, I slide a finger between my pussy lips and I feel how wet I am. Before I get to carried away, I stop, or I will never be ready when you get here.

Frustrated, I walk from the bathroom to my room. On my bed lays a black silk dress. It has spaghetti straps, a low cut front and stops mid thigh. Next to it lay my black thigh high nylons, a black lace garter belt, black strapless bra and a leather thong. I love the way leather feels next to my freshly shaved pussy. On the floor next to my bed are my 5″ black stiletto heels. I put on my thong first, savoring the way the leather feels as it slides over my legs, and finally into place. The feeling of the leather over my pussy drives me wild and gets me even more ready for you. Next comes my garter belt. The feeling of leather and lace on my body at the same time makes me smile. It makes me feel naughty and sinful at the same time, but I love every minute of it.

Now, the nylons I could do without, but I put them on just because I love the way it feels when you take them off me. I fasten them to my garter belt. Next comes my bra, and I hate these things. If it were up to me they would be outlawed, but again, to have you pressed up against me, fumbling behind my back makes it all worth my wild. Even though im only half dressed, I head back to the bathroom to do something with my hair. Since it is so long, I decide to do something very simple. I just use a clip to hold the sides of my hair back. I make sure I have a few bangs down, and decide that’s good enough. Even though I don’t wear make-up, I put a little powder on to cover up my small flaws. I don’t put any perfume on, I figure ill let the smell of the vanilla oil drive you wild for a bit.

I head back to my bedroom and put on my dress. It slides easily over my skin and feels good. I grab my shoes and head out to the living room. In keeping with my love of leather, I sit on my soft, supple leather couch, and put on my heels, fastening the ankle straps around my ankles.

Normally I can hear your footsteps coming to my front door, but tonight I don’t. I am caught off guard when I hear your knock at the door. Leaving the couch, I make my way to the door and open it for you. Then I see you, my prince charming, looking oh so beautiful in your black jeans and white polo shirt. Even in my heels you stand a couple inches taller than me, and I lean in for a kiss. I feel your arms slide around my waist and pull me close to you. I kiss you passionately, our tongues dueling for dominance. While im pressed up so tightly against you, I feel your cock harden like a rock as it’s caught between us. I break our kiss and gently pull you inside so I can close my front door.

Grabbing you by the hand, I pull you over to my couch and playfully push you down onto it. Facing you, and deciding not to be ladylike, I straddle your legs and sit on your lap. Leaning forward, I kiss your lips softly, and then kiss my way over to your ear. I nibble on the lobe a little and then make my way downward to your neck. I kiss, nibble, suck and give you little love bites all over your neck. I feel your hands slide under the skirt of my dress and your fingers run across the top of my nylons. Your hands reach further back and feel my bare ass cheeks. Then you discover my leather thong, and I can feel your cock throbbing under my pussy, separated only by my thong and your pants. I look you in the eyes and tell you how much I missed you and how much I love you.

I lean in for a kiss and feel your fingers tracing the lines of the back of my thong. When I feel your fingers close to my pussy, I whisper in your ear that we better forget our dinner reservations because we wont make it there in porno izle time. I can almost hear your smile, but I know that your reaction is a good one because you grab both my ass cheeks and pull them tight to you. You know how much I love the feeling of leather against my pussy, so with your hands on my ass, you move my cheeks in circles, pulling them apart, then pushing them together, and pulling them apart again. Doing this wedges the back of my thong tighter against me, and the feeling of your cock under me drives me crazy. I swear I must be dripping with excitement.

When I feel that I cant take anymore, I rise up off your lap. I walk over to the stereo, which by chance already has an Enigma cd in it. I turn it on, and turn back to you, and ask you to dance with me. I want to feel you close to me, I want to feel your hands on me, I want to feel the warmth from your body. You walk towards me and take me in your arms. Together, we start to dance. I run my hands up and down your chest, lightly pinching your nipples through your shirt. Occasionally I slide my hands down your back, and grab your ass. Then I turn around so your chest is to my back, and we dance that way. Running my fingers through my hair, I reach back and place my hands on the back of your neck, and pull you closer.

I love the way your arms feel when they wrap around me, and your hands caress the bottom of my tits. I take my hands from your neck and put them over the top of your hands. Moving both our hands together, I place them entirely over both my tits. Pushing on them just hard enough to make me stand back, and press my back against your chest. Next I move our hands over my stomach, and down to my crotch. Together we gently rub my pussy through my dress and thong. Wanting you to know that im really enjoying this, I press my ass against your cock. I feel it jump under your pants, and then I slowly turn to you. God, I want you so badly.

Watching you watch me, I reach up and slide the straps of my dress off my shoulders. As if reading cue cards, you walk over and sit on the couch. Still swaying to the beat of the music, I slide my arms out of the straps. I reach back and start to undo the zipper of my dress, and also turn around, with my back to you. I want to give you a good show, so I keep my legs straight and slowly bend forward, exposing the backs of my thighs and part of my ass to you. As I lean forward, I hold my dress to my chest, not wanting it to fall just yet. Standing up straight again, I start to peel down the top of my dress, partially exposing a bra clad breast, then covering it back up. I do the same with the other side. Then deciding the hell with it, I let the top half of the dress fall. I run my hands over my chest and play with my nipples through my bra. I slide my hands down again, over my stomach and grab my pussy through my dress. Im so wet I have got to be dripping or something. Sliding my hands back up, I catch the dress at the waist and turn to slide it down over my ass. I want you to watch my ass as its coming out of my dress, with my thong planted tightly between my cheeks. I wiggle my hips a little, and the dress hits the floor. I turn to face you again and to see your reaction to my little dance. I see your cock straining hard to get out of your pants. Good, just the way I like you. Stepping out of my dress, I gracefully walk back over to you.

I stand in front of you, facing you. My legs spread some, and I ask you to feel how wet my pussy is. I close my eyes just as you reach up to slide your fingers just past my thong. I moan slightly as I feel your fingers separate the leather from my slick, wet pussy lips. I open my eyes just in time to see your face when you feel how wet my pussy is. It’s a look mixed with pure lust, and pure love. Then I swat at your hand to keep you from going any further and you pull your hand away. Quickly I grab your hand and bend down to suck my juices off your fingers. I watch the lust build in your eyes. I gently grab the collar of your shirt and pull you up from the couch. The smell of leather is becoming intoxicating to me. As you stand next to me, I untuck your shirt, and slide my hands under it. With a slight roughness, I drag my nails down your chest to your waist, where I unfasten your belt. Next I lean forward and place kisses on your chest and tummy, on top of your shirt. I undo the top button on your jeans, and bend down to undo your zipper with my teeth. I get part way down and can smell your manly scent. It drives me wild with lust. Instead of getting you caught in the zipper, I finish the rest with my hands. You spring out as I get past the base of your cock, and I gently stroke you through your boxers. My fingers slide through the hole in the front to spread your pre-cum over the head of your cock in small circles. Then I let go of you all of a sudden and walk away.

I walk towards my room and finger for you to follow me. As I walk, I roll my hips forward instead of side to side, amatör porno this pushes my ass out a little more for you to watch. I hear you following me, and softly smile to myself. As you get to my bedroom door, I ask you to stop. I continue to walk in, crawl up on my bed, intentionally sticking out my ass and my pussy. I get comfy and tell you to take off your clothes, SLOWLY.

First you start with your shoes, pulling them off into a corner by my dresser. Next comes your shirt, and you take it off in a way that just teases me to no end. I see you standing there in your jeans, with your boxers poking out the top, and I realize just how badly I want you. You slowly slide your jeans down, and I watch your body intently as you step out of them. Next comes your boxers, but I ask you to stop. I don’t want you completely naked yet.

I ask you to come over and take my shoes off. You fumble with the buckle on the ankle strap just a little, but get the first one off easily. I feel your hands slide up my leg, over my nylons, and then move to take my second shoe off. With the utmost care, you put my shoes together and place them next to my bed. You run both hands up my legs till you reach the tops of my thigh high nylons. I want them to come off so badly. As if you read my mind, you unhook the front fasteners on my garter belt. You do this with such ease. You cant reach the back ones, so you flip me over onto my stomach and pull me up on all fours. I can feel you running your fingers down the back of my thong, between my ass cheeks, and then you move your hands away right before you get to my pussy. I moan as you nibble on my ass cheeks, and you unhook my back fasteners from my garter belt.

Then you do something that catches me completely off guard. You pull my legs right out from under me and I land on the bed on my stomach. Before I can object, your on top of me pressing your boxer covered cock against my ass. God, you feel so good. You push so hard against me that it hurt, but it just gets me hotter. While you have me on my stomach, you lick, kiss, and nibble in my back. I moan loudly, that is something that drives me absolutely wild. You unhook my bra easily and run your fingers down my back. I shiver, but it feels damn good. You ease up off me, and pull me back to all fours. You reach under and grab my bra off the bed and then play with my nipples which are as hard as rocks. You flick the rings around a little bit, and then give both tits a firm squeeze.

Next, you turn your attention to my thong. You trace all the lines of it with your tongue. Your fingers gently grab the top of it, and start to pull it down over my ass, licking as you go. Instead of just pulling it down, you wiggle your fingers in to separate my thong from my pussy. You bite my ass as you quickly slide 2 fingers into my pussy, then pull them out. Im left gasping for air, but you return to puling my thong down to my knees. Once its down as far as it an go, you lick from my sopping wet pussy lips, over my asshole, all the way to my lower back in one lick. You ease me back down to the bed and roll me over.

You finish taking my thong off and put it next to my shoes. You return your attention to my nylons, which you grab at the top and roll them down my legs, one at a time. It feels so good to have them off. When you get to each foot, you place a small kiss on the bottom of my arch. Then you stand and look at me, laying on the bed, wearing nothing but a garter belt. Teasing you, I run my feet up the sides of your legs. I grab the hem of your boxers and try to pull them down, but the waistband gets caught on your cock. You look at me and back up. I know this hint well, and sit up and pull your boxers down. Quickly I take your cock in my hands and smear the precum around the head. Then, while looking you in the eyes, I take almost all your cock down into my mouth and throat. I hear a cry escape from you, and I continue to deep throat you. My hands reach up and play with your balls, rolling them around and massaging them. You slowly start to pump into my mouth. When I feel your cock getting hard as a rock, I pull back and slide further up onto the bed.

I watch you standing at the foot of the bed. I spread my legs wide and start to play with my clit. Not being one to miss anything, you start to stroke your cock. You start to stroke faster when I do. I watch you so intently, while you pleasure yourself. I slide a finger into my pussy, then pull it back out and suck the juices off. This is just too much for you and you cum. You squirt all over me and all over the bed. I reach down and get some of your cum on my fingers and start to play with my clit again. I close my eyes and feel you lay down on the bed, between my legs. I feel you slide a finger into my pussy while I play with my clit. I moan loudly. Soon I feel a second finger pressing in. I don’t think I could possibly get any wetter, but I do. I gasp when I feel your lips replace anal porno my fingers on my clit. I think I must have died and gone to heaven. To have your lips on my clit and two fingers in my pussy is amazing. I roll my hips back and forth to the rhythm of your thrusting fingers. You slowly slide your fingers out while still sucking on my clit, trace down my perineum, and slowly press both fingers into my ass. You let me work my way down onto your fingers, going at my own pace. Then, as I come to rest all the way down on your fingers, your quickly slide your thumb into my pussy, and suck harder on my clit. This sends me completely over the edge, and I scream as I begin to cum. My hips buck wildly, but you keep me down with you fingers in my ass and in my pussy. You keep even pressure on my clit. Its like the orgasm with no end. I just keep cuming and cuming. I ride your fingers until I cant cum anymore. My orgasm was so strong it felt like I was run over by a Mack truck. Once I calm down a little, you full your fingers out, and lay down next to me, your chest to my back in the spoon position.

We take a couple minutes to just lay there. You hold me and tell me how much you love me. You reach down and rub my pussy, loving the fact that there is no hair there. To give you a better reach, I push my hips back against you, and put my top leg back, over your legs. I feel your cock growing again, and poking me in the back. You slide 2 fingers into my pussy again, and I moan loudly. I reach down with you, and we both play with my pussy for a minute. You scoot down a little, grab your cock, and start to rub it across my pussy. From this angle you cant quite get it in, but it can get soaking wet. In one swift movement you roll over onto your back and take me with you, since my leg was over yours. We are almost joined, but I wanted something different. Keeping my back to you, I get up on my feet and squat over your cock. I stroke you to make sure your nice and hard. I raise up just a bit and rub the head of your cock all the way up and down the length of my pussy, from my clit to my ass. I make sure your nice and wet with my juices. I position the head of your cock at my pussy and very, very slowly push down. I can feel you stretching me out and the head of your cock is just barely in. I feel your hands on my hips guiding me. I stay there for a second, us joined together just by the head of your cock. I reach down and play with your balls for a second, and without warning, sink all the way down onto your cock, till its completely buried deep inside me. You and I both gasp at the same time.

Completely connected, I grind my hips against yours, making sure to get every centimeter of you inside me and sopping wet. Then I start riding you. Raising and lowering myself onto you, feeling you go deeper and deeper each time I go down. Your hands pull my hips down hard, making sure that you hit the back of my pussy, and that I groan each time. From your view, you see my back, you see my ass, and you see your cock disappearing into me completely. I ride you that way till my legs get tired.

Staying completely joined, you pull me to you, and we roll onto our sides in the spoons position, and then further over until im on my stomach and you are on top of me. Then you raise yourself up, pulling me onto my hands and knees so you can do me doggy style. I relax and let you pound away. You fuck me hard, just the way I like it. You grab my hair and pull me back making sure that I cant get away. When my hair doesn’t work anymore, you put your hands on my shoulders and pull me back against you. I scream out as your cock tears in and out of my pussy, fucking me hard and fucking me good. I reach under myself and start to play with your balls the best I can. You slow your strokes, you go really slow coming out, but slam back in hard. I grunt and groan, getting wetter and wetter. Then you slam yourself back in and grind your hips against me. I use my hand that was playing with your balls to play with my clit. You grind harder and harder, and I rub faster and faster. You put a little bit of spit onto my ass and work it into my asshole with your thumb. With your thumb in my ass, and my fingers on my clit, you fuck me nice and slow again. Letting my orgasm build. It doesn’t take much slow fucking before I am moaning because im cumming again. My pussy tightens around your cock and you can feel my whole body shaking. Your cock and your thumb can feel the quakes that rattle through my body. You keep up the stroking, riding out my orgasm, making it last longer and longer. Your not even close to cumming again, and enjoy making me cum over and over.

You lean forward on me, pushing me to the bed. You pull out for a brief moment while you flip me over onto my back. You put my legs up onto your shoulders and settle back down between my legs. You tease my clit with the head of your cock, You poke at it, you rub it, and sometimes thump it with the head. Then you decide to tease me some more, you slip just the head in, then you pull it back out, then you stick it back in, then push it all the way back into me, then pull all the way back out. I beg you to fuck me again, to make me cum, to let me cum all over your cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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