Together Ssn 06 Ch. 07 – Daydream

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***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

On a fresh morning at the offices of Cummings Enterprises International, Mia Milosevic, 19, sits in the office of Tiffany Bright, 24, where she works, typing away at a laptop whilst sat on the sofa, focus fixed squarely on the screen. The teen hears the familiar footsteps of her employer entering the office, listening as she invites an unseen guest to take a seat at the desk, introducing the teen to them, “This is my protege, Miss Mia Milosevic. Say hi, Mia,” orders Tiffany, prompting the teen to glance up from the laptop, struck into a stunned stare as Tiffany goes to introduce the stranger, “This is…”

Mia interrupts Tiffany, beaming as she gushes, “Cliff Reverie! From the band, Risq! I’m such a huge fan. I’ve listened to all your albums. I’m surprised, shocked, flabbergasted, ah,” trying desperately to maintain her composure as she blushes hot on her face, and her palms become clammy, setting the laptop down at her side.

Tiffany jokes to Cliff, “I’ve never heard her use the word, ‘flabbergasted,’ before. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it spoken out loud, but she’s obviously a fan of yours.”

Cliff relaxes into the chair beside the desk, looking up at Tiffany to reply, “I’m used to it. Comes with the territory. I’ve had many a young girl quivering at the knees at the sight of me,” looking Mia over, head to toe.

Mia fans herself with her hands, breathing deeply, desperate to cool down as she shudders and shakes aquiver as Cliff suggested, composing herself to ask the rock-star as Tiffany takes her seat at her desk, “Are you… So you’re… Fu-gosh… um, what brings you…”

Cliff calmly reaches out a hand to the teen, palm facing down to the floor, asking her to, “Just breathe. Take it nice and deep, and slow, and just let all the nerves lift away,” composing her to concentrate on regaining her composure.

Mia confusedly asks Cliff, “I thought you were against all this corporate stuff?”

Cliff replies, “There’s an element of truth to that,” lecturing the teen, “So many are willing to sacrifice so much just to follow a trend, or be cool, or be like everybody else, stifling any originality. I’m all about originality, like, we originally split up because we were just going through the motions to satisfy a contract, but we were churning out shit. I didn’t like it, the fans didn’t like it, so I called it. We reformed because we got talking and were bringing good ideas; new ideas, fresh, original. It wasn’t just for the sake of money, because, we already retired young with a solid fortune each, refreshed by royalties, but we did it because it felt good, and sounded good.

“Now, I’m not against good business, because we all need good business. Civilisation, going back thousands of years, has revolved around good business. The problem with good business is when something works, because that starts to get perpetuated, and repeated, and resold, again and again; formulaic, because, it works. It isn’t bad, but it’s iterative, and keeps working off that same model, that same pattern, that same formula, until everyone gets sick and tired of it. That is corporate. That is what corporate is. It’s when good business has gone beyond originality, because they know it will sell, and will do so until it doesn’t sell, or something better comes along that will make more money, because that’s what corporate is about; making more money, at any cost.

“Do you understand, Mia? Because, money doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t buy you happiness. It can make you comfortable by having it, because we all rely on it, but it will never satisfy you. Easy for me to say, right, sitting on a fortune sunning myself on white sands everyday, shade under palm trees, but, I was happy when I learned how to play piano, guitar, bass, how to sing. I used what made me happy to make me rich, and now I’m comfortable, but it wasn’t because I was good; it’s because I was lucky. Let me tell you, there are thousands of great musicians out there we’ve never heard of who are better than me, but they don’t get heard, and they don’t get my money. Fair? No, but I did it before the market became saturated, and made my fortune when it was fresh, original, instead of chasing after someone else’s coattails. I was in the right place at the right time.

“We are all at the mercy of corporate. It’s a living, breathing organism at this point; self-sustaining, autonomous. It doesn’t need human intervention, because the markets are all run by computers that will do all the work they are programmed to do, ad infinitum. Without corporate, we starve, we are homeless, and we die. We live at the whim and mercy of a God, or a Devil, depending on your viewpoint, but it dictates every facet of all our lives; everyone, everything. When markets increase in value, and we struggle to make ends meet, or when the reverse happens, and we are afforded a little more comfort each week, we are all of us dependant on it, praying that we will have more, to live better, bursa escort bayan every day. The problem is: not everyone can, only a few. As I said, I was lucky.”

Tiffany informs her protege, “Cliff is looking to work with us to reach out to the rich and influential across the world to fund an event to encourage efforts to raise awareness of environmental decline around the world.”

Mia asks, “That’s been done so many times. How is this any different?”

Cliff smiles, saying, “Good question, Mia. You see, I want to hold the rich to account, pledging their fortunes in the interest of funding hard graft, and fairly compensate people who will be working, around the world, to: regrow the rainforests and woodlands, to clean the oceans of our waste, to turn disused buildings in towns and cities into gardens like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Real work, and real change. How this differs from previous pledges to do this, is that rich and powerful corporations, celebrities, and politicians have been begging regular joes to pay what they can’t afford, when they have fortunes they aren’t ever going to need nor use, and very little, if anything, gets done. I want to stage a free gig, with Risq, and anyone else who wants to play, as a call-to-arms, rallying everyone to do their part, so, for once, after all the years of being told we should do something, we actually do something. I want to inspire lasting change, making the rich pay what they can afford so everyone can live in a better world.”

Mia reasons, “But, companies have already been planting trees for years. That whole, ‘Every time we sell, we’ll plant a tree,’ thing.”

Cliff argues, “Do you really believe that makes a difference? ‘Each time we make a sale, we plant a tree. Help us make the world a better place.’ Bollocks. It’s a marketing ploy, to get people who care about it to part with their money believing they’re doing something, like, ‘give us a like and subscribe and we’ll make everything all better,’ fuck off. No. If businesses cared, they’d just plant the fucking forest, but, for every tree they plant, they cut down more to make their products, because I know you’re talking about toilet paper. Where do you think the toilet paper comes from?

“How about all the waste that goes into the oceans? ‘Please, recycle, whilst we show you turtles strangled to death in plastic bags,’ like, regular joes don’t put their shit in the oceans, they sort it into bins, which are collected by councils, taken to waste disposal companies, who are only equipped to recycle certain things, and the rest is packed to be transported to be dumped into the oceans, and they say it’s the people’s responsibility when they’re the ones making the mess, not the regular joes.

“What about all the great and the good, trekking all over the world, but they fly everywhere on private jets, spewing shit into the atmosphere multiple times a week, and, if that’s not bad enough, they have a fucking space race, punching holes in the o-zone just to measure their dicks? They have the bottle to turn around and announce on social media, ‘look at me, I’m so green. I really make a difference. If you want to be like me, buy my new product made for pennies in a factory where a rainforest used to be by starving orphans,’ like, we have those privileged and influential telling us that we need to save the planet, then in the next breath, they do more than entire countries to fuck it up even more, and they make the regular joes feel guilty, thinking, ‘I need to do better. I need to use less energy and make less waste,’ being told they have to pay even more than they can afford to live, but aren’t ever at home because they work every hour to pay for the shit they aren’t even using. I’m lucky to be in the position I’m in, but, it’s pretty lonely at the top, because your only company are self-righteous dickheads who really don’t give a fuck, so, I want to really push for things to be better, instead of continuing to watch it all go down the shitter.”

Mia stares at Cliff with wide-eyes, taking in everything he said, feeling herself baptised by his wise words sinking in to her. She smiles at him, thirsty for more, telling him, “I want you…” Catching herself, almost feeling as if she wasn’t awake, as if in a dream, but composing herself to propose, “to, uh… I want you to tell me more about your thoughts… about our future… together… if you want?”

Tiffany giggles, saying, “I’m not entirely sure that’s appropriate, Mia. We have a lot to discuss and arrange with Mr Reverie.”

Cliff addresses the teen, “I’ll indulge in some light conversation, after our business here is concluded for the day, in the interest of building a strong rapport with each other.” He turns his attention to Tiffany to ask, “So, you were saying about your list of clients, including Vittore Tremonti? I saw him race once years ago, when he was starting out. Friedrick Hesse was way out in front on the Bavarian Ridge Pass, like he’d done many times before, untouchable on that circuit, then, the axel locks, something in the steering assembly, gorukle escort and he… off the side of the mountain…”

Mia picks up her laptop, resuming her work as she listens to Tiffany say, “1993. That was a big moment for Tremonti. Hesse was his hero, and he said it was an honour to race with him, wishing that things would have been different. He thinks about him even now.”

Cliff laughs, commenting, “You’re nowhere near old enough to remember that.”

Tiffany explains, “Big motorsports fan. I had, would you believe, a VHS of that race, because that was the only way I could watch it, on my parent’s VCR, and, that stuck with me. Vittore took me out to the Bavarian Ridge Pass, and we stood on the side of the road where it happened. It’s so peaceful. He told me, ‘It’s like I can feel him guiding me, every time I race here. Like he lives in my soul.’ I could feel it.”

Cliff enquires, “You’re really friends with Tremonti? I can see how much it means to you,” noticing Tiffany’s misty eyes.

Tiffany wipes her eyes, giggling as she replies, “It’s always nicer when you can make friends. I always try to make things work, because it all matters, and deserves everything I can bring to it, whatever it is. If something means something to someone, it should to me too. With Vittore, I was already a huge fan, like Mia is with you, so, I was able to connect easier. Also, it was harder for me to stay focused on work, getting carried away with everything, but, I do what needs to be done, and, he respects that.”

Cliff turns to look at Mia, watching as she works, asking Tiffany, “Does she have that same professionalism?”

Tiffany replies, “Mia hasn’t done this long, but, she shows a lot of promise. I’m hoping she will, in time, do everything I do, every bit as professionally as I do.”

Cliff looks to Tiffany across the desk, saying, “She’s really settling into her work. Don’t be working her too hard, will you?”

Tiffany giggles, remarking, “Too hard? We’ll see.”

As Mia continues to work on her laptop, Cliff’s and Tiffany’s voices sound more and more indistinct, washing over her, and she focuses on her work more and more, wanting to fulfil her obligation to her mentor, then spend more time in Cliff’s company.

The teen finds herself distracted in her mind by music performed by the band, Risq, echoing from deep within her psyche, ‘Devils don’t die, locked up inside, biding their time to return. Itching within, wait to begin, anticipation that burns. Making their work for idle thumbs, advocate their most evil thoughts, telling you to do with no shame, telling you to bottle the pain, telling you to give up all reason, committing treason, committing to do what you won’t with good intention.

“Licked with passion that burns. Know we’ll never-er learn. Hearts of anguish done unto, play with fire and receive what’s due. Make each promise a curse. Scorn me, empty my purse. Hearts of anguish done unto, play with fire and receive what’s due.”

A guitar solo echoes around Mia’s mind, repeating satisfying motifs and rousing fingerings of flurries of notes at blistering speeds. Lost so deep in her inner music, Mia fails to realise as Cliff calls to her, “You’ve done enough work for now. Let’s have some time to know each other better.” Mia looks up, noticing that she’s no longer in Tiffany’s office, but in a lavish hotel room, bathed in an orange glow from candles all around, and the sweet smell from rose petals fill the room, feeling the silky skin of the petals under her fingers as they rest on the bed beside her. Cliff poses a question to her, “How long have you been a fan of ours?”

Mia’s heart skips as she finds Cliff sitting with her at her side, handing her a glass of deep-red wine as she gushes with her reply, “I’ve always been a fan. Dad usually had your cassettes or CD’s playing when I was little, and I fell in love. The music was exciting, but I was too young to appreciate their meaning; meaning I would find through my years at school, pining for love, finding heartbreak and embarrassment, being bullied, wanting to fight back but being scared. I found comfort in your words. I was moved by your words. I never had the chance to see you live, but I want to. Seeing you in person just… It feels like a dream. So surreal. Like, I want to reach out and touch you.”

Cliff reaches out, brushing Mia’s hair away from her face, and leans in slowly, drinking in her full-bodied features, lapping up the taste of her lips and her tongue, so soft and unsure, but giving themselves over to the fantasy. Cliff peels away at the layers of the teen’s suit, undressing her with his eyes as he goes, staring deep into her eyes as he tells her, “I’ve done this many times, but never with someone as beautiful as you.”

Mia laughs, ashamed of how she looks in the godly presence of her idol, and brushes off the compliment, “I’m not beautiful. I’m so far from beautiful. I don’t believe you.”

Cliff stares straight into the teen’s eyes, laying her back as he undresses, sincerely saying, “You are the most bursa merkez escort bayan beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and I’ve met many people. It would be a miracle if someone were more beautiful than you. I’m taken by your body, so full and tender,” gliding his hand over her curves as he leans down over her, “I’ve never wanted anyone more. I envision you in all the latest fashions. When we’re done here, we’re going to tour all the premiere fashion boutiques in the world, and I’m going to spoil you.”

Mia’s eyes glitter and gleam, and she laughs a little, shaking her head, not believing in herself her worth as her idol described, but gives in to the fantasy, receiving Cliff’s kisses. As their mouths mush together, she feels Cliff’s crotch mush against hers, feeling his manhood engorge and grow readily and hungrily hard, brushing her hot, sodden, hairy pussy.

Cliff is felt to be reluctant to press his manhood inside of Mia, proposing to her, “I want the moment to be exactly right to have you. Someone as divine as you should receive my solemn vows to be my best for you.”

Mia enquires, “Is that a marriage proposal I hear?”

Cliff looks a little embarrassed as he says, “Someone so beautiful as you shouldn’t be enjoyed in sin.”

Mia thinks on the other times she’s been with a man, always so quick to get what they want, she’s moved by Cliff’s restraint and respect, especially feeling the head of his mighty manhood nestling in the entrance of her pussy. She is desperate for him to take her in this most vulnerable moment, but she decides, “Yeah, I would love to. We should announce our love to the world, parade me in the most beautiful dress before you make things official on our wedding night.”

Cliff kisses the teen, breathing into her, “I want you so bad, right now.”

Mia teases seductively, “I know how to be bad. I’ve done this before. I even have a daughter.”

Cliff acts surprised, “One so young already with a child of her own? I was hoping to be the first to deprive you of innocence. It’s such a thrill to take a maiden.”

Mia wishes, “If only I could take it back to have that time with you.”

Cliff echoes in her ear, “Mia?”

The teen gazes softly into her idol’s eyes.

Cliff calls again, “Mia?”

The teen’s eyelids fall heavy, closing.

Cliff calls louder, concerned but considerate, “Mia?”

The teen’s eyes flash open, in Tiffany’s office at work, with Cliff sitting across from her at the desk, and Tiffany on the other side of the desk staring judgingly at her. Realising her position, Mia hurries to apologise, “I’m so sorry. That was rude of me.”

Cliff jokes at the teen’s expense with Tiffany, “See? Working too hard.”

Tiffany giggles, and Mia flushes hot and red with embarrassment, breathing heavier as she looks Cliff up and down. Tiffany tells the teen, “Can’t say I’m any different. Though I’ve never fallen asleep in front of a client.”

Mia emphatically pleads, “I’m so sorry you had to see that, Cliff… Mr Reverie… uh, that was unprofessional of me. Sorry, um…”

Cliff assures the teen, “I really don’t mind. And, you can call me Cliff. It’s my name, but don’t wear it out.”

Tiffany says to Cliff, “We’ve got a plan of action going forward. Leave it to me to do the legwork, and I’ll be in touch to keep you appraised of our progress.”

Cliff gets up out of his chair, saying, “Sounds like a plan. I look forward to it.” He stands before the young teen, offering to her, “How about we indulge in some of that light conversation we talked about earlier?”

Mia asks, “Now? Um,” looking to Tiffany for permission.

Tiffany tells her protege, “Go on. Get out of here. I’ll look over your work, reviewed ready for your return tomorrow morning.”

Mia gratefully says to her mentor, “Thank you,” taking Cliff’s hand, helped to her feet, leaving the office hand-in-hand.

Out in an expensive restaurant in the heart of town, the couple are seated a table for two, brought a bottle of wine, which Cliff takes from the waiter to pour for Mia and himself. Mia feels underdressed for such a venue, despite dressed in a suit, swept up in the romance, asking, “Is this a date?”

Cliff asks in return, “Do you think this is a date?”

Mia asks another question in turn, “Do you usually wine and dine at a table for two?”

Cliff plainly answers, “When I’m with only one other person, yeah. You must know I’ve been married four times, with grandchildren older than you. I’ve been there and done it.”

Mia looks disappointed, hiding it poorly, saying, “I see.”

Cliff tells her, “I’m sorry if you had expectations, but, I don’t have an ulterior motive. I just like this place.”

Mia intuits, “You must want something though?”

Cliffs sips his wine, enquiring, “How do you mean?”

Mia notes, “I don’t imagine you take all your fans out to a fancy restaurant at a table for two to drink vintage wine. I imagine it’s usually more of a quick selfie, autograph, and that’s it; maybe allow a moment to gush about how they love you. You asked me out, and brought me here. You must have friends in the city you could do this with. Why spend this time with me? It can’t be a courtesy to a fan, because we could’ve had a quick chat, and a selfie, and an autograph, back at the office, which I wouldn’t forget, but you’d probably forget in a heartbeat. So, why?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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