Too Good to Be True Bk. 02

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This story is a continuation of Too Good to Be True, and it probably is best to read that story first. But for those who haven’t:

In book one, Jason is a forty something widower. He is seduced by Jess, an eighteen year old friend of his teenage son. Jess gets pregnant on purpose and then hides the pregnancy, but all ends well for everyone. (Jennifer was Jess’s best friend. The two girls had messed around together before Jason and Jess hooked up, and then once again before Jess and Jason got serious.)

Book II…

From the porch before I opened the front door, I heard Jess screaming, “You can’t do that. You fucking bitch.”

In the living room, Jess had Jennifer draped over what was basically a fat padded sawhorse with padded ledges for her knees to rest on. Jennifer’s ankles and wrists were strapped to the fuck horse. I had no idea where Jess had gotten the damn thing. Jennifer had a ball gag in her mouth, and Jess was beating her pale fat ass with a leather belt while screaming, “You can’t do that to Daddy. I’m his wife.”

With Jennifer’s big naked body strapped down and her mouth gagged and her pale fat ass waiting to be slapped and rode, my cock became like a rock.

Jennifer hated pain and from the looks of it, hated being whipped. She struggled against her straps. She definitely didn’t let Jess put her there, knowing a whipping would be coming.

Jess had one hand under her large round belly while she beat her friend’s wide fat ass with the black leather belt. I could see a welt already on Jennifer’s soft pale flesh.

Jess jumped and her eyes got wide when she saw me. Jennifer looked relieved, but she continued to struggle to free herself. Jess looked panicked for a second then she looked like she was about to cry, just like our daughter always did whenever she got caught misbehaving. Jess came to me and dropped the belt on the way. She hugged me while she tried to speak.

I thought my wife had lost her fucking mind; I blamed myself.

A week and a half earlier…

Jack had lined his stuff up by the front door. He was only taking the important stuff with himself to college-his Xbox, skateboard, laptop, a giant duffel bag, Jess’s giant rolling suitcase.

His black mountain bike, and the bundle of gifts for his girlfriend, Heather, were already loaded in my SUV.

Pumpkin pulled her rolling Hello Kitty suitcase, a hand me down from her mom, next to Jack’s stuff. She had emptied it of her dolls and stuffed animals, the usual occupants. She climbed in the little suitcase; it had just enough room for her to scrunch up in.

“Bip me up Daddy. I’m ready for collag with Jacky.” She looked at me with her mother’s fierce green eyes. Jack laughed at his little sister scrunched up in the small suitcase.

“Pumpkin, Heather’s parents might love Jack to bring you, but Heather would freak if she had to share him with a cutie like you,” I told her. “Besides, you still have pre-school to start here.”

Supporting her big belly with both her hands, Jess stood next to me. Her belly was huge, despite being only six months along. “Jacky looks like he has too much stuff to take already, sweety.”

I unpacked Pumpkin, picking her up from the suitcase. I held her in one arm. Pumpkin’s real name was Allie, after my first wife, but she’d been Pumpkin to me ever since she was twelve months old and removed a small pumpkin pie from the refrigerator and sat on the kitchen floor and ate the whole thing, except for some of the crust. She ended up with pie all over her face, hands, and shirt. She’d reminded me so much of her mother.

Jess reached down, keeping one hand under her belly, and pulled Jack’s skateboard off the pile, “You don’t need most of this stuff.” Jess looked back at Jack. “Between school and Heather, you won’t have time for any of this.” Jess put the long wooden skateboard down, held her hands out for Pumpkin.

I sat Pumpkin down on the board. Jess lined her up and gave the board a push, sending her rolling across the hardwood floor until she rolled to a stop on the thick white rug in front of the couch. I grabbed the board and pushed Pumpkin along to the kitchen before circling back with her to the living room where I lined her up and gave the board a push towards Jess. Pumpkin skirted the rug this time as she giggled. Her little fingers tightly gripped the edges of the wooden board as she rolled to her mom. Jess stopped Pumpkin and the board with her foot while still holding her belly with her hands.

“You can leave this for Allie,” Jess said. She smiled at Jack.

“It’s Jacky’s skatebor mommy. You’re a goof,” Pumpkin said. Jack scooped her off his board.

“Yeah, you tell mommy.” He dragged the word mommy out like he always did, the rare times he used it for Jess. Jack threw his sister in the air, catching her and flinging her up high again, her escort gaziantep bayan reklamları head almost reaching the ceiling. Jess cringed the whole time.

Jess put her hand on Jack’s forearm before he could throw her up again. “Why don’t you take Allie to the park while your dad loads your stuff. It’ll be your last chance for a long time.”

“We can’t let dad do all the work can we?” Jack asked Pumpkin. She shook her head up and down, smiling the whole time

“Yes. Park,” she said.

“You should get a move on it though; you got a long drive,” Jess said.

“Mommy’s in a hurry to get rid of me,” Jack said to Pumpkin. “I think she wants my room. It’ll be all covered in pink by the time I move home.” He was right about that; she would have covered our room in Pink if I had let her. The giant bubble gum pink comforter and pile of hot pink pillows was where I’d drawn the line.

Jack never did move back though, only came for visits.

Pumpkin ran off to the park with Jack chasing behind. Jess had both hands under her baby bump and a huge frown, “She’s going to be sad in the morning, when he’s not in his room.”

“Probably, but after that she’ll be OK.”

“Yeah?” Jess didn’t sound so sure. “While their gone, I’m going to go fuck myself. My husband’s always too busy to do that.” She smiled playfully. She hiked her red maternity dress up and rubbed herself over her red panties. They were soaked; it was still a couple hours to noon, and she was already on her second pair.

I was cramming the giant duffel bag behind the front passenger seat when Jess came out of the house rolling her old giant suitcase. “I thought you were going to take care of yourself?”

“I figured the faster we get Jack on his way, the sooner we get Pumpkin down, the sooner my husband can do his job.” She smiled and supported her belly with her hand.

I laughed. “Pumpkin ain’t napping anytime soon baby.”

“I know, but Jack needs to get going. He’s got a long drive,” she said.

Jess helped me pack the rest of the SUV. Then she sent me to get Jack, so he could be on his way. He did have a seven hour drive back home to where we used to live, to where his girlfriend still lived, and to where a year after he graduated from high school, he was finally starting college.

In a couple of weeks, Pumpkin, Jess, and I were going to make the same drive and leave him Jess’s Camaro. Then rent a trailer and haul Jess’s mom’s last load back from storage.

Jess’s mom had moved to be near us a month earlier after she remarried to an older retired lady. The new wife had mellowed Jess’s mom considerably, and Pumpkin loved having her aunt and uncle and plump “chocolate gramma,” who always sneaked her candy, living close by; she liked having Jess’s mom around too.

At the park…

Jack pushed Pumpkin on the swing, and when he saw me approaching, he walked around to the front of the swing, letting Pumpkin fly into him, kicking him with her legs. She was ruthless. Jack flailed and fell.

“Hey, you mean little thing.” Jack got up, and her return swing brought her feet into him again, landing square against his chest, knocking him back flat on his ass; Pumpkin laughed the whole time.

“Sorry Jacky.”

Jack got up and turned towards me, leaving his butt in perfect range for her. Pumpkin had her legs tucked under her and kicked them back out to pick up speed; her feet hit Jack in the ass, sending him sprawling into the bits of bark that lined the playground. “All right I’m out of here. She’s all yours.” He got up and backed away from his sister and the swing.

“You were just as mean and happy to knock me down over and over again.” Pumpkin was still laughing, and the little boy swinging next to her was still laughing too. “Alright Pumpkin we got to go.”

“No daddy.” I pulled her off the swing. “Daddy, please?”

“No, we got to go, but if you beat me and Jacky home, I’ll get you ice cream.”

“What about mommy?”

“We won’t tell her.” At that Pumpkin was off and running with Jack following close after her. It was less than a quarter mile home, but it was nice to have Jack chase after her instead of me. I took my time and followed behind them.

Pumpkin was waiting on the driveway with Jack when I got home, “Daddy, ice cream, I won.”

“We’ll have to wait till mommy takes her nap. After Jacky leaves. OK?” she shook her head up and down.

Goodbyes and a new nanny…

Jack had just finished hugging me goodbye when Jennifer pulled up. She had an older Camry. The paint still held its red color well, but she had a white door on the passenger side, making the car look junkier than it really was. She got out, carrying a package escort gaziantep resimleri in red foil wrapping paper.

“I was afraid I’d miss you,” Jennifer said. She handed Jack the present. “Tell Heather it’s from you.” She hugged him, squeezing him to her breasts. “It’s a vintage pink leather jacket. She’ll fucking love it.” Heather had been Jess and Jennifer’s friend and had been a bridesmaid at our wedding.

“Sounds expensive,” I said. Jennifer frowned at me.

“Alright daddy,” she said, mockingly. “You shouldn’t complain. You should’ve bought some expensive things too. The way you made him abandon Heather and everybody, just so wifey could be a star.” She smiled like an LA girl. Jack didn’t say anything. He never really had a problem following me and his sister.

“Jess bought a bunch of expensive things for her. I’m sure you were in on that.” I frowned at her. She smiled back, more naturally. An admission of guilt.

Jennifer looked at me. “I couldn’t resist it, but I can’t zip it.” She put her hands against her large breasts and smashed them in a little. I stared at Jennifer’s chest, her cleavage revealing plenty of naked flesh. Jack stared at me like a disapproving parent.

“I need to get going.” Jack hugged her again.

“It’ll fit Heather perfectly, though,” Jennifer said to Jack. To me she said, “It’s from a thrift store.” I knew what thrift store-the place that sold vintage concert t-shirts starting at two hundred bucks. Jess loved that place.

Jack got in the SUV. He waved goodbye through the open window as he drove away, his bike tied on top and the back packed so full his view almost blocked. Just as he was out of sight, Jess came waddling out of the house with Pumpkin. After hugging and kissing Jack goodbye, both had to pee.

It was summer, but the sky was overcast and grey. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I asked Jennifer.

“Auntie,” Pumpkin yelled and ran and jumped into Jennifer’s arms.

“Allie bear you’re getting heavy. Did you grow last night?” Pumpkin shook her head up and down with a big smile on her face.

Jess waddled up, “I thought you worked today?”

“I was supposed to, but somehow I woke up late in Calabasas.” She smiled at Jess. “I wanted to see Jack before he left.” Then to me she said, “They’ll be fine without me.” She shot a glance at me and then smiled at Jess and rolled her eyes.

“Auntie can we go to the park.” Pumpkin gave Jennifer her cute little smile, the one she wrapped everyone around her finger with.

Jess put one hand on my lower back. Her other hand rested on her belly. “Allie you just got back from the park.”

“I’m not doing anything. If you want a break, I can take her.” Jennifer smiled at me.

“OK.” I jumped at the offer. Jennifer put Pumpkin down. She ran to me, pulled me away from her mom, and pulled me down to whisper in my ear, “Can Auntie get me ice cream.” She looked over at her mom.

“You can ask her, but wait till you’re by the park,” I whispered back. There was a Baskin Robbins around the corner from the park. Jennifer grabbed Pumpkin’s hand and walked her back to the park. My wife and I headed straight to our room to play.

When we got to the bedroom, Jess said, “You always make me the bad guy.”

“I’m not the one that makes her eat her vegetables.”

“You should be.”

“You used to be fun,” I said. Jess slapped me on my chest.

“I’m fun.” She pouted before she laughed at herself.

Recently, she was too much fun. She was starting to get insanely horny the way she did during her first pregnancy, but we didn’t have Pumpkin to take care of then. Jess got so horny she wanted to stay in bed and play with me and her toys all day and half the night. Things would have been OK if she could have just locked herself in our room with her toys and read her stories while I watched Pumpkin. But that’s not how it worked-Jess hated to be alone.

Jess didn’t jump up and down like Pumpkin and say-look at me, look at me. But she was just as bad with her need for attention. Need to be seen by me. Normally Jess worked hard to give me something to see, but she didn’t have the energy to put her usual shows on lately. I still loved Jess just being in my arms and seeing and hearing her while she fucked herself though.

And hearing Jess had started to become a large part of our fun. I don’t mean the moans and whimpers, or even the fuck me daddys. Those were nice. I mean the things she’d say. Jess was all talk, and she’d never actually do the kind of things she said. But she would say some nasty shit. She’d plug her butt, ride me, and say shit like:

oh daddy, his cocks in my ass. It’s so big; it’s so much bigger than yours. Can you feel him? He’s stretching my ass. escort gaziantep bayan sitesi He’s got to be knocking against you in my pussy. He’s gonna fill me with his cum. Oh Daddy, he’s coming in your wife’s ass.

Daddy, your nasty wife needs a cock in her mouth too. Oh Daddy, who’s that? Who else did you bring home to fuck your nasty wife? My god his cock is so big too. Yes! He’s going to put his cock in my mouth. Oh fuck, I love you Daddy. You give me everything.

His cock is so big. I don’t think I can take it all. But I need to taste his cum. Tell him to fuck your wife’s mouth. Tell him Daddy. Tell him to cum in your nasty wife’s mouth. Gulp, gul gul gul gul gul.

Yes, Daddy. Fuck me Daddy, fuck your nasty wife. Show them who owns this pussy. Oh, oh, oh, come on me Daddy. Come all over your nasty wife.

Most days when we could get away, Jess would make me hold her in my arms and watch and listen while she took care of herself. Sometimes she told me nasty stories while she played with herself. She’d always been good at playing with herself, but she was getting good with her stories too. Jess just needed me to be there and hold her and give her little kisses on the neck or tell her I loved her or encourage her by saying come for Daddy, and she’d take care of the rest. It usually wasn’t till night when Pumpkin was asleep that things got rough.

That day was fairly normal, except she was unusually quiet. No extra play by play or stories. After pouting for a second about me saying she wasn’t fun anymore, she stripped her wet panties and tossed them in the hamper. She climbed on the bed, pulled her dress up, and waited for me.

I stripped while she watched with her lustful smile. I loved how she still looked at me that way. I placed her toy box on the bed behind me, pressed my body against hers, and slipped a hand under her head and the other over her belly, under her dress. I loved to hold her big round belly and caress it.

With her dress pulled up onto her belly, Jess rubbed her hand over her wet pussy. She started slowly with her fingers, just teasing herself. I kissed her on her neck. Then, I whispered, “I love you baby.” She always loved to feel my breath hot on her ear.

When we could we liked to take our time while Jess heated to a boil, but we were on the clock, so I handed her the rabbit vibrator to move things along. She loved me to handle her toys like a caddie. My cock was hard and pressed between our bodies. Jess went right to work, with the rabbit in and on her pussy at the same time.

From there my job was simple. I just waited until her moans increased, until her body started to squirm. I encouraged her, “Make that pussy come…come for Daddy baby.” Jess loved to hear my voice, and it didn’t matter what I said, just that I was saying something. She loved to feel my breath hot against her skin.

I lubed my cock up, using the oily lube. It was messy, but the best to fuck her ass. I slid my cock in her ass, and I wiped my hand down my thigh. Then I slipped my hand under her dress and over her belly. I loved the feeling as my hand slid over her roundness.

I could feel the vibrations from the front. I fucked her ass slowly at first, enjoying the tightness and the vibrations. Then it became a race to see who came first. I rammed my cock into her ass, deep and hard the way she liked it, and she worked her rabbit against the inner wall of her pussy and on her clitoris.

“Come on Daddy, fill my ass with cum,” Jess said right before she orgasmed, and through the thin wall, I could feel her pussy spasm which made me explode and fill her tight ass with my cum.

“That’s the way to come for me baby.”

“Daddy how come you won’t clean your cum out my ass with your tongue. My ass is jealous of my pussy. Come on Daddy lick your cum out my ass like you do my pussy.” I laughed, even though she wasn’t joking.

I used a bathing wipe to clean my hands and wipe her belly, then clean the cum that dripped from her ass. Before I discovered bathing wipes, Jess had been taking several showers a day.

I had just finished cleaning Jess up when Pumpkin started wiggling our locked doorknob, “Daddy, Daddy,” Pumpkin whispered.

“Quiet Allie, unless you want to take a nap with mommy,” Jennifer said.

“Daddy said I could have ice-cream.”

“I’ll look, OK? Auntie’s sorry she didn’t have any money.”

“Don’t tell mommy, I haven’t had lunch,” Pumpkin said, sounding like they were walking away from our door.

“That was smooth about taking nap.” Jess still had her dress on, just pulled up. With Pumpkin mobile and always around, we’d gotten good about leaving as much of our clothes on as possible. “We should hire Jennifer as a nanny for Pumpkin,” I said.

Jennifer loved Pumpkin as much as we did. She’d helped take care of Pumpkin a lot while Jess was in college. I didn’t think it through. But at that moment, it seemed like a good idea, especially since Jess hated people she didn’t know. She took a long time to get comfortable around new people, and she’d never let us bring a stranger into the house to help take care of Pumpkin. She had pouted when I hired a maid, and that was for only a couple hours a week for the dirty work.

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