Torturous Boots

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Big Tits

A story about perverted revenge

Pete wasn’t your average 19 year old boy. Unlike hanging out with guys and chasing girls Pete enjoyed dressing up in women’s high heel boots and wearing sexy feminine leather. He was very much into the whole fetish S&M scene and enjoyed purvey nights at domination clubs and fetish balls. Pete lived with an old lady called Sally who gave him not only a large room with low rent but also allowed him to do what he wanted around the house, which meant brining home perverted male slaves to worship his high heeled boots. It was a Saturday afternoon and instead of preparing to go to a fetish club and have fun with some pervert’s at a fetish club Pete was at a funereal. Sally was attacked by a local gang of thugs for her handbag and as she fell she hit her head and died before the ambulance came. Pete was devastated. He lived with Sally for 3 years and loved her like a grandmother.

Standing in a black suit and flat male shoes which he hated Pete knew of the gang that attacked Sally and was bent on making them suffer for their crime because the police had no evidence that it was them and their was no eye witnesses. Pete knew it was them and was already planning to extracting revenge on each of them one by one. There were five of them all together and they were all in their early twenties. As Pete remained by the grave and some of the people began to leave then a male cop called Bradley who was well known in the area approached him. Bradley was in his early forties and had been assigned to intestate the murder.

“I understand you are grieving right now Pete and I don’t want you to do anything stupid and let us handle it,” he said.

Pete simply ignored his words and stared at the casket,

“Look if you hear anything let me know,” said Bradley as he slipped his card into Pete’s pocket and left.

Pete got home and already had plans for the gang members, he had female friends he could use to lure them and there was an empty factory not far from his house where he could take them.

Three nights passed and one of the gang members called James was in a bar drinking, he was a 26 year old whom never worked and made money by dealing drugs, he had brown hair and always wore his blue jean-jacket. A hot woman approached him and they began chatting. James really enjoyed the attention he was getting from this woman but didn’t realise that his drink was spiked by her as they spoke. The lady offered James a night at her place and he excitedly accepted. They got into her car and James suddenly felt light-headed and within seconds of driving off he passed out. James woke up in an empty factory tied to a chair, he realised that his blue jean jacket was missing but most importantly his trousers and under pants were removed. James was left with just his white t-shirt and was shocked that his penis was exposed. Then the door at the end of the warehouse opened and Pete appeared! He was wearing a black leather tight fitted dress with long black shoulder length gloves, a tight fitted corset and a luscious pair of black leather thigh high boots with 4 and half inch stiletto heels!! Pete was leathered up in his element and slowly began seductively walking toward James. Pete walked like a pro, he strutted in his high heels like a woman on the catwalk and the sound of his clicking heels filled the warehouse. James didn’t know what to expect, it was the first time in his life he was a boy wearing such leather and high heel boots! Pete continued to strut and stood before James,

“Who the fuck are you?” said James.

Pete didn’t say anything and instead licked the leather forefinger finger of his right hand slowly and rubbed against James cheek to anger him. James was furious at that action,

“You fucking faggot what the fuck are you doing!” he said aggressively.

Pete gave a little sissy giggle then stood over James and licked the entire Bostancı Yabancı Escort leather palm and rubbed it against James cheek

“Hmmm, wet leather!” he said then began to repeat his action.

James was livid but helpless and Pete soaked his leather gloved palm with the spit from his tongue and continually wiped it across James’s face. Pete really got into his actions and started sucking each of his leather fingers and rubbing the finger on James’s cheeks one after the other and after doing all four of his leathered fingers he resorted back to his palm. After repeating his actions enough times Pete stood off James,

“So much aggression?” he said, “I think we need to make you a little bit horny don’t you?”

Pete placed his sexy booted foot on James’s penis and began to rub it whilst standing on one foot,

“There you go, my soft leather boot against your penis, how does it feel?”

“Fucking stop that!” yelled James but Pete slowly caressed the penis with his booted foot and slowly James began to get hard.

“Ahh you like that!” said Pete as James got fully hard from the boot caressing, “Hmmm someone likes my boots!!”

“Stop!” begged James whom couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as well as anger. He was not gay and was furious at what Pete was doing to him but Pete’s boots were women’s boots, sexy stiletto’s pointy-toes and made of tight fitting soft black leather so he could not help but feel aroused as they caressed his penis.

“No, look how horny my boots are making you!” said Pete as he continued to caress with his boot, “Look your perfectly hard now!”

“Fucking let me go!” yelled James.

Pete kept giggling like a little spoilt girl as his booted foot did all the work but was now ready for the next step and stopped. He then pulled up a chair so he could sit directly opposite James. With a girlish grin Pete placed both his booted feet onto James face so they were pressed up against his cheeks,

“Sexy aren’t they?”

James did not respond,

“I bought them from a shop that specializes in kinky boots, the owner is an old perverted man who always loves to zip them up for me and give them a good feel while I stand and pose in the mirror, then when no-one’s looking he gives them little kisses which turns me on!’ Pete said then slowly began using his boots to caress James’s face,

“Hmmm, how does that feel? Hmm? My sexy leather boots on against your skin? You like that?”

“Stop you sick fuck!”

Pete giggled and continued. The sound of leather sounded in James’s ears as Pete’s high heel boots stroked his face, he was angry and horny and could not free himself.

Pete placed his right boot closer to James’s mouth.

“Ohh, now lick them!” Pete demanded but James refused.

Pete took his left booted leg away from James’s face and placed the high heel stiletto against his balls and pressed hard. James was in pain.

“I said lick them!” Pete said forcefully and because of the pain the stiletto heel was causing James, he slowly turned his head so Pete’s leather boot was against his mouth and stuck out his tongue and soon as it made contact with Pete’s boot Pete let out and incredible moan in pleasure,

“Ohh, lick it! Lick my boot!!” he said and pressed his stiletto heel hard so James would.

James began lapping Pete’s booted foot and Pete was in sheer ecstasy.

“Ohh I can feel that tongue against the leather! Lick it! Lick my boot!”

James’s tongue slurped against the soft black leather or Pete’s women’s boot and run up and down the side of the foot and pointy bootip! Pete then placed his long stiletto heel against James’s mouth,

“Oh suck the heel! Suck my long stiletto heel!” he demanded and James opened his mouth and Pete drove his high heel into it and James started sucking it.

After a minute of sucking on Pete’s stiletto James Bostancı Yeni Escort had no idea that the worst was yet to come.

“My sexy boots have made you so horny and now your gona have two instead of one!” Pete said as he withdrew his long sexy heel from James’s mouth and now placed both his booted feet on James’s penis so it was sandwiched between his boots.

James was stunned as Pete now began to slowly began to give him a boot job!

James continued to moan in anger and pleasure, he could not help it, Pete’s sexy leather boots made his cock throb and was being jerked off by a pair of women’s high heel boots worn by a guy!

“Yes, enjoy the soft black leather,” said Pete as his booted feet slid up and down against James’s cock. “Look how hard my boots have made you!”

Pete was an expert at giving boot jobs! He always gave them to the perverted men at fetish clubs and knew exactly when to slow down the jerk hard again!

“I want you to cum on my boots!!!” he said just when James was getting close to ejaculating.

Pete’s booted feet rubbed hard and fast and James exploded a large dose of white cum all over his black leather boots. Pete was excited as his boots were now soaked in white cum. James was relieved that he had cum but angry that it was Pete and not a woman wearing the boots and jerking him off.

“Why do you wear women’s boots?” James asked.

“Why is not your concern right now but I’ll tell you later,” said Pete who sat forward.

“Wearing women’s high heel boots may be strange to you and many others but before I go into that I want you experience just how twisted I really am.”

Pete dipped his first two fingers into the white cum on one of his boots until he had a decent amount and then leaned forward toward James and slowly wiped the cum on his left eye.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” yelled James with his eye soaked in his own cum

Pete giggled like a girl and dipped the same fingers and scooped more white cum form his leather boots and leaned forward again and rubbed it on James’s right eye,

“There you go, your own cum,” Pete said and he wiped the cum in James’s right eye.

James was fuming and tried desperately to free himself but to no avail, Pete on the other hand scooped all the remaining cum from his boot and wiped down James’s nose. With no cum left Pete was ready to move on, he sat back and pulled up his leather dress and pulled out his own cock, he held it with his leather gloved hands and began jerking himself off. He was hard within seconds and sat back in front of James Jerking himself off. The feeling of his soft leather gloved fingers against his own cock was wonderful. After a couple of minutes he was close to ejaculating so he leaned forward off his chair so he could cum on his own boots and within seconds of doing so he exploded all his white cum over his black high heeled boots! Quickly sitting back up so the cum wouldn’t spill onto the ground Pete tucked himself back in and had more cum to play with. Dipping his fingers into his own cum Pete scooped a large amount and leaned forward toward James again, to James this was going to be ten times worse then his own cum. Pete slowly began wiping his own cum on James lips! James was livid but could not do anything as his lips were dripping with Pete’s cum. Pete really enjoyed massaging his cum all over James lips!

“Yes how do you like cum lipstick?” he said as wiped.

Pete then scooped the remaining cum from his boots and wiped a bit on each of James earlobes.

“It’s almost like you are wearing my cum as lipstick and earrings!” said Pete with a girlish giggle.

James was in hell, he was made to lick woman’s boots worn by a guy, he was jerked off with the boots by the guy, his own cum was wiped in both his eyes and on his nose while the guys cum was splattered over his lips and earlobes! Bostancı Masaj Salonu Pete stood up and admired his work, James’s face was a mess but Pete was still nowhere near finished. He strutted behind James and picked up a syringe. Walked back around to face James and showed him the syringe.

“What the fuck is that?”

Pete slowly licked the needle of the syringe,

“Oh just a little something to make you really weak and unable to move properly,” Pete replied.

“Where did you get it from?”

“With a bit of money you can get anything you want.”

Pete then ejected the substance into James’s arm and within minutes James was feeling the effects of the injection. Pete and pushed his chair forward so James fell off it and unbound him. James was free for the first time but was unable to get up. Pete stood over him in his sexy stiletto heeled boots and ordered him to lick his boots again.

“If you don’t want anymore pain I suggest you lick my fucking boots!” said Pete and James helpless lowered himself onto his chest and began lapping up the pointy toe-tips Pete’s boots.

“Ohh that’s it, lick my pointy tips!” Pete said the drove the entire pointy tip into James’s mouth, “Yes suck my boot! Suck it!”

James was sucking on one of the pointy toe bootips of Pete’s boot and when Pete got board he stuck the other tip into James’s mouth. Slowly James worked his way to the instep and around the sides of Pete’s boots, his tongue massaged the leather and Pete was so turned on that he pulled out his cock from under his leather dress again and began jerking himself off yet again.

“Ohh your tongue is caressing my boots! I can feel it!” Pete said as he jerked himself and James’s then licked his long stiletto heels before sucking on each one.

Pete was in ecstasy and James’s worked his boots slowly but surely, he slurped the ankles and worked his way up Pete’s leather booted calves and really lapped at them. James’s had no choice, he would have rather licked Pete’s boots then be hurt or cummed on again. But he was in for another shock Pete was too horny and knocked James onto the ground so he was lying on his side, Pete was ready to cum again and sat on James and was ready to jerk off on him. Pete aimed at his left ear and ejaculated another host of cum into James’s ear. Pete let of a moan of pleasure as his cum sank into James’s ear and James was angered but to weak to do anything. Pete remained sitting on James watching his cum sink into the hole of James’s left ear, he was admiring what he had done. After a couple of minutes he got up and walked over to one of the corners where there was a cane and returned. He then hit James on the rear to remind him that he was not yet finished and ordered James to get on all fours. James refused but after a few whacks he obeyed. Pete then got on James like a horse and demanded that he rode him around the empty warehouse. James slowly moved but Pete was enjoying himself.

“Giddy up horsey!” he kept saying and occasionally used the cane.

James was helpless and Pete raised his legs from the side forward so they were in James’s face,

“Lick my boots while I ride you horsey!” Pete said and James responded.

Walking around the warehouse James began licking Pete’s boots again and Pete started getting horny yet again to a point where he pulled out his penis again and began jerking himself off again. The ride went on for long and it was taking Pete longer to reach the ejaculation point but with his boots being lapped again by James as he rode him like horse ensured that he would cum again. Once Pete had finally reached that point he withdrew his legs so they were by James’s sides again ejaculated on the back of James’s neck, even though there wasn’t much cum it was still enough to run across the neck. Pete was spent, he had cum three times and had enough. He got off James and went to get another syringe, this one was to make James unconscious. He injected James and minutes later James was out cold. Pete had done so much to James and enjoyed every second of it, the other gang members were next on his list and Pete was ready to do more perverted things to them as revenge too.

(to be continued)

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