Touring Germany

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Finnish cabinet ministers do it, Russian hockey players do it, Koreans do it on a first date. Social bathing—known as “naked communion”.

By tradition, not sampling the local bathing culture would be like not trying the local cuisine. Oh god, how I loved good food and the exciting sensations it left in my mouth.

Japanese only signs began appearing on bathhouse doors in the port of Otaru. The signs, which were posted in English and Russian, followed several incidents involving drunken Russian sailors. German thermes aren’t so different, being strictly a leisure focused oasis with a variety of different saunas, steam baths and tanning beds. If you want to blend in easily make sure you pay attention to certain unwritten rules like “towel only” or as it is more commonly referred to in German “Freie Kürper Kur” or FKK. Swimsuits are taboo. They’re denounced by purists as uncomfortable and unclean.

Europeans have a very casual attitude toward the human body; baring all is not seen as shameful or embarrassing. People stress out about the etiquette, but they don’t need to. Even when there’s a language barrier, basic politeness goes a long way—especially, it seems, when you’re naked. People want to help you. They’re flattered by your interest, and they’re curious about you.

I took the regional train out to Potsdam, just outside of Berlin and taken a cab. My heart was beating fast and I felt faint. I wasn’t sure if I could go through with my mission. This was my first time being invited to a private gathering. But I was enthusiastic and anxious as my pussy was getting feverish imagining my little panties being discarded on a whim. Not something a prudish American preacher’s daughter would confess to easily.

As I approached the vast private estate, things were leisurely and casual.

“Das wird 13.95 € sein” the cab said.

“Bitte schön,” handing him 15.

“Halten Sie das Änderung Ya schmutzige Tier.” We both laughed since he knew where I was headed. I don’t like calling names, but I was getting a bit frisky.

Walking up to meet my fate, I saw a middle aged lesbian couple kissing and fondling each other’s magnanimous breasts, then going about their days business. As if this was a normal every day affair. This thought shot me on fire. Could life really be this good? Could that be ME?

Entering… every thing was clean marble and hand made tiles. Done in classic Greek fashion white and blue. I was greeted by a host, with supple lips and a soft expression of welcome on her face. I handed her my invite and she lead me through some long corridors to the changing area.

The fun started in the unisex bath stalls. Every imaginable type of person had inhabited this gathering. Some with gorgeously inked skin, some hung and thick. Some full, ripe and bushy. Some delicately basking in the glow of their honey dewed skin. You could hear some sexual cries of passion through the fog, but nothing upfront… yet. They were quietly talking, leading each other to their private sitting areas. Some washing each other, combing their hair with the most loving strokes possible. It was one big … orgy. Everyone, everyone was completely comfortable and intimate with one another.

I felt the heat matting my cloths down. A strange sensation felt so welcome yet unfamiliar, had came over me. I had a pressing need to get out of my clothes. I stepped over to the second line of benches and started to undress. The pristine floor felt grounding as I vehemently peeled away the layers. I felt my long, chestnut brazzers brown curls hit the middle of my back and my pierced tan tits harden as my shirt rouched over my breasts. My derriere started perking up in back as I pulled down my pants. I moaned a little getting in role.

I looked around, there was a group of 3 Swedish men over one row, quietly laughing enjoying themselves. I caught one of them in the eyes, green and blue, like the supple water I was about to enjoy. His body tall and slender, but mature. Leaning back with a towel wrapped around, he smiled at me hard. I smirked back, before he returned to his grouping. Another woman on the end of my same bench was putting on her cloths with no underwear and walked by. Her natural scent wafted past me with intoxication as she ALSO admired, seeing me so bare.

Taking a moment to put away the last remnants of my identity, A woman wielding a bundle of leaves -a vasta- attentively came over and had me follow her to a massage table. She was pleasantly aged, with her dark hair tied in a top knot, turquoise eyes, towel around waist and topless. Her slapping, spanking and circular movements over every inch of my skin were unwinding me. Over the sides of my breasts, the dimples on my lower back, my upper thighs, my neck. I was sublimating myself into this new world. Every inch.

So much that I began leaking on to her hands as they massaged between my inner thighs. Lifting my head to look back at her, she gave a me a look of delight as my juices proved thankful.

I signaled her with my hand to come to me. She cupped my ass with one last firm grip before appeasing my wish. Turning to sit up on the table, she spread my legs and instinctively drew into me, breast to breast. We felt each other’s tension hardening on our soft and supple skin. Looking down on her, she reached up and gave me her hand to taste my mess. The act enraged my arousal so much that I immediately reached through her towel and hooked two of my own fingers into her deep hole. Pulling her in close to me with one arm and up on my hook with the other, she was forced to lift herself off the floor a bit to reach my hungry, sappy lips which she cleaned up so immaculate, before letting her off my snare of a finger trap. That first heavenly kiss lasted for an eternity before giving way to my bathing, the golden rule.

After my massage was done I found a wooden stool and bucket in the washroom by a tap. I languidly sat on the stool with my legs elongated, glowing with satisfaction. I gathered soap and began lathering my whole body. My rotund breasts were firming with each washing pass, sending sparks of electricity to my tits. I bent my legs up to splay my slit, to look at it adoringly. Paying particular attention to hold my plump checks open from underneath, I began shaving each side of this slick honey pot, but leaving a little landing strip. Washing everything down past my glorious ass and manicured nails, it took everything in me to not finger fuck myself before I even got started with my steam bath.

Wrapping a towel around my waist, I moved to the sauna. The vapors were infused with eucalyptus, mint, and sage. Walking, hips swaying through the billowing steam, I felt a new person emerging out of me.

I looked around and only a few people at the bottom left… so I go up top on the right corner through impermeable steam, the hottest place in the room. As I reach my seat the mist revealed an attractive single man. Smooth Olive tan skin, dark hair, trimmed mature beard. cuckold porno I sat down diagonally from him about 10 feet, and begin to relax.

I look around and didn’t see anything through the fog. I take in several deep calming breaths of warm heat, closing my eyes. My pussy lips had me at their beckon call now, and I wished to touch myself. My hands grazed the top of my towel and kept encircling the top over and over till it was buzzing. I let out a quiet moan. “Rrrrmmm” No one noticed. I was safe…

Seductively, I slinked back a bit and slowly peeked my fingers over the fold of my towel. Gripping my left leg with a firm hand, I began grazing my finger deep into the slit of my closed legs with the other. Threshing my hips a bit, I begin opening and drawing up my already profuse cum over my smooth palate. I start to use my other hand to finger my swollen yearning, while the other clasped my clit with its pinching and rolling.

“Mmmm,, rrrr. Ahhhhh…” I gasped in quickly starting to feel my orgasm come to a head. Like the crescendo of a high chorus, I start to spill over. My mess soaking over my towel.


Just then I hear someone say in a distinct American accent,

“Do you need some wat…errr?”

It was the sexy stranger peeking through the steam. He caught me in the middle of my act! Legs still spread eagle. ‘Oh no, what do I do?’ I thought…

His gaze was piercing and impressed.

He had met me at my most vulnerable point and I could tell he was hungry to contribute. His eyes were handsome. Hazel, deep set, wide brow. He had a distinctive smile on his face. The next words he said, I never thought to hear…

“DO YOU WANT SOME HELP??” Very clear and unmistakable.

“Are you my plumber?? Good lord! I’ve been waiting forever!!” I said remembering to keep a sense if humor and accept some teasing. I sat up, closing up, but my tits still flashing out in my minor exhaustion.

“Woah there princess. No need to worry. My name is Ray. If you just want to relax, that’s what we’ll do. But I must say, this is only my first time here and you’re just my type.”

I laughed a little nervously responding ” Yeah. It’s my first time. Honestly, I’m not used to all this. I really am just a Good girl coming out of my shell.”

Looking over at him now sitting next to me, I could see his big size. In order to shake the heat away from me I asked “Sooo.. Ray. What’s your size? You look like you could fill a girl up like a race horse!?”

I couldn’t believe my impulses to do this. Had I been repressed too long? Or had I become addicted?

“Is that an offer…?” he flashed a sexy smile of excitement at me.

Remembering to have fun I got back in my roll “Maybe. Depends in how good you can use your hands!”

“Mmm. Do I detect a challenge? Alright lay back honey.” With that he moved toward me with his tall frame. Gently pushing me back on my elbows, moving my butt closer to the edge. Looking over my hips and thighs, he got down on his knees in-between me. Ever so adoringly, he caressed my legs with his hands and kisses making me squirm for a moment.

Piercing me with his eyes again, he looks right at me as he enters two of his fingers into my delectable honey pot. I immediately see a soldiers tattoo on his arm and get a good sense of where this is going, reverting my stare right back at him seeing his already tight erection in his towel.

Hissing, I lightly seethe my tension through my teeth. “Tisssss. Ahhhhh”

He czech porno slowly starts making deep thrusts, making sure to come back and rub my little lady button with his thumb. Score. First base.

“Errrrmmmm. Yessss. Hit her harrrd”

Then he starts machine gunning me with his hand more speed and force making me start to whimper and he grunts a bit at my fervor. Score. Second base.

Gasping in breaths now, simpering in a breathless voice I cry out “Fuck it. Right there. Yuuuuuuuuess!!”

Next… next taking some of my jubilation of wetness he spreads it between my butt cheeks. Everything sopping wet. Then inserting all fingers to make me cumpletely full. He takes my breath away, continuing the fervor. Score. Third base.

As he keeps rocking me to my climax he looks at me and asks “Is this good enough for your first time, princess?”

“Gawd! Don’t stop doooont stahhhp donnnnn. Uhh uh uhh.”

I finally throw my head back, full flush, and arch my back to seize my legs, gushing out all my liquid in a final act of compliment. My heart and head are ablaze with a dizzy fervor I’ve never felt before. With that final act, my Kundalini rose into my gut and I stood to my feet to rise right in front of his face. Lapping in his adoration , I massage his head into me before lifting his hairy mug up to my inner lips. His warm, wet lips were enough to keep me contracting the last remnants of my love emptied into his mouth, as je swallowed it down with a thirst.

“Ahhh. Yes. Is that what you were looking for?” I sighed to my releif.

“We’ve been up here far too long. Come let me give you a shower.” I commanded.

Both of us getting up with our towels on, we head to the showers around the corner, forgetting we had company in the sauna. We receive a small applause from another couple, both smiling profusely. We both flash a smug smile back and at each other before disappearing around the corner. Walking down the marbled hallway, I lend my hand back, leading him on.

We find a private showerhead and tile bench. Impatiently he pined, “Turn around. I want to kiss your neck and pound up that perfectly wet ass of yours”

Coming on a bit aggressive. I like it.

“…but first, let me help slick you up…” I say with a wink. Assertively turning me around and pushing me up against the tile ledge, I slip him up in my ever present juices. I slide slowly gushing it on him even over his balls. He starts to roll his eyes back, getting weak.

Impassionately pained he said,

“Ahhh. I did that to you?”

I laugh a litlle huffy sigh of pleasure.

I pull off and let him have at it. He slams into my pucker of an ass a bit fast, but I can tell he’s having fun his first time…

It feels like a vice. Like a grip of tight latex wanting to choke out and drown every bit of cum from this very new, and very special stranger.

I brace myself against the wall, bent over, while he holds on to my hips, pounding away into my furnace with furor.

“Cum up in my ass like it’s the derby” I whimper as I reach down to get one more win in on that lady button.

First fast, now slow hard and deep.

Fwap fwap fwap. “Argggggh!! Keep coming baby. I feel it. I feel you sucking me up” Ray cried out almost on the edge.

Rocketing the pace we run it home, in full speed, until the walls of my putz seize up in a final orgasmic turmoil, so fast it takes a minute to slow down.

“God damn, good girl!!”

Giving a few final thrusts, he bends over and pulls me up, kissing me on my neck.

Almost out of breath, Ray askes “What’s your name princess?”

I respond “Becky”.

“Do you want to go for coffee now.. Becky?”

“I’d love to. Thank you. You are such a gentleman..”

And that was the beginning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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