Toy Time for My Love

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Carrie had driven me crazier than I have ever been just a few nights before. She teased me mercilessly and made me watch her play with herself until I simply couldn’t hold back anymore. It was the most intensely sexual experience of my life and now I was determined to give her the same excitement and pleasure she had given me.

Carrie loves her toys. We have used them several times and it is always fun to pick them out with her. Recently Carrie was looking at some different types of toys on line and I paid close attention the the ones she really seemed the most interested in. She has had a bullet vibrator which she loves. We have used it outside on her clit and also pushed it inside her, sometimes combining it with my licking her clit as the bullet sends pleasurable waves through her. Carrie is very sexual and very sensitive to my touch. She can cum very, very easily and over and over. I am a VERY lucky man. She has also used a toy designed to stimulate her G-spot. It worked very well but we managed to leave it in a hotel room. She has also had a few rabbit type toys but we wore them out. She even had a small anal toy that we played with just a few times. I loved watching and helping her use all of them.

I decided I would surprise Carrie and I got on line and found a few of the toys that she seemed to be the most excited about. A few of them were expensive but seeing her have just one orgasm using a toy makes it worth every single penny. You see, Carrie is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on and when she is feeling pleasure, she becomes even more beautiful. It’s hard to explain but she has a glow about her and her expressions as she is having an orgasm are the most beautiful and sensual things I have ever seen. These looks alone make my cock feel like I can shoot buckets of cum in her and on her. It is that intense.

I ordered 5 different toys. The first one is a peach colored toy called that is designed mostly as a clitoral simulator but it has a unique design that allows the vibrations to cover the labia as well as the clit. Carrie loves having her outer lips touched and stimulated so I am sure she is going to love this one. It has multiple speeds and patterns which is a huge plus! The second toy is strictly a clitoral vibrator that is a teal color which I think is one of the reasons it caught her eye. It has two “ears” at the top that fit around her clit. The next toy is a purple and gold phallus shaped toy that is very much like the rabbit toys she has used before but this one has separate vibration control for the shaft and the clitoral stimulator. I am really excited about using this one on her. The next toy is simply a dildo that has a suction cup on the bottom. I just have a fantasy about seeing her fuck this toy in a lot of different ways. The last one is a small anal toy. We have played around with this but not very often. We are both curious about exploring this aspect of our magnificent sex life.

Our evening starts with me taking Carrie to dinner. I love taking her out and being seen with her. She is so beautiful and I always know that the most beautiful woman anywhere is on my arm. We go to dinner and just enjoy our meal and hearing her talk to me. I keep looking at how beautiful she is and my mind keeps wondering to the evening ahead and how, escort şişli in very short order, she will be naked, wet and begging to cum. I am going to make her crazy with the new toys as well as my hands, fingers, tongue and cock.

After dinner we walk to the car and before I move the car, I kiss her deeply, my hands in her hair and my tongue swirling around hers. The kiss is deep and passionate and very, very hot. My cock, which has already been swollen throughout dinner is now fully erect and throbbing hard. I take her hand and put it on my so she can feel. She strokes it through my pants, looking lovingly and lustfully at the shape of my cock through my pants. She then says, “I want it.” to which I reply, “You are going to get it and so much more.”

As we are driving home, I tell Carrie to pull her pants down so I can touch her as I drive. She does as I say and pulls them down, spreading her legs to allow me easy access. I want to work her into a frenzy but want to keep her right on the edge of her orgasm. I take my finger and slide it up and down her very slippery opening. I rub her pussy lips and then occasionally roll her clit lightly between my thumb and forefinger. Carrie is watching my hand with her mouth slightly parted and she is breathing heavier. I know she is close so I stop for a few seconds to let her collect herself. I am still bringing her to the edge as we pull into our driveway.

I lead Carrie by the hand to our bedroom and I undress her until she is completely naked.. I tell her to lay on her stomach for just a second and as she turns over I rub her ass and then spank each cheek a few times just to listen to her moan. When I spank her like this she goes from wet to soaked in a very short amount of time. I rub her pussy to feel how wet she is and then I tell her to lay on her back. At this point I use the same ties that she used on me just a few nights before and I secure her wrist to our bed and then I open her legs and tie her ankles to the bottom post of the bed. I undress myself and get on the bed next to her. I take my cock and rub it on her lips and tell her to stick out her tongue and I guide my cock so she can lick the tip tasting the precum that she has caused. I tell her to lick all over the head and then I slide down and take the head of my cock and rub it on one of her hard nipples and then the other. I straddle her face and tell her to lick the shaft of my cock and I watch with delight as her tongue slides up and down the length of my hard skin. I then tell her to close her mouth and I take my cock in my hand and rub t against her lips teasing her. I know she wants to open her mouth and suck my cock, she loves to do that, but I just want to tease her like never before.

I kiss down Carrie’s neck and across her collarbone and down to her breast where I spend a few seconds licking each nipple and teasing them with my fingers. Carrie’s sexy moans are all of the encouragement I need. I kiss down her stomach until I find myself between her legs. I lightly blow on her wet pussy and it sends a shiver throughout her entire body. She wants me to stop of fuck her with my tongue but I only linger between her thighs for a few second before I keep kissing down her legs that are held open by the ties around each ankle. As I get to her feet, escort etiler I kiss each foot and then I reach under our bed where I pull out the first toy. It is the peach colored one that is designed to focus on her clit. Carrie’s clit is very sensitive and I know I will have to control the speed and tempo correctly or she will cum right away. I pull it out and show it to Carrie. She smiles with the anticipation of feelings it. I turn it on very lightly and rub it briefly across her hard nipples. I slide it down to her pussy, being very careful not to tickle her. The face of the toy covers her beautiful pussy perfectly and she immediately jerks and raises her hips as the low vibration starts to work it’s magic on her wet mound. I hold it in place, the vibration level low but very effective. With my left hand and rub Carrie’s face and lips and she opens her mouth to suck my finger. When my finger is wet, I slide it to her nipples and rub them with the wetness of her kiss.

Carrie is having a very hard time staying still and is lifting her hips against the toy. I slowly increase the vibration level and Carrie tells me she can feel it all through her body. She is pressing harder against the toy and I know her orgasm is closing in at a rapid pace. Carrie ask me if she can cum and I simply tell her, “Not yet baby.” I slow the vibration level down and then stop it completely. I remove the toy and replace it with my tongue. I purposely avoid her sensitive clit and instead push my tongue inside her, tasting her juices as they flow freely from her. With my mouth and tongue covered in her juices, I kiss Carrie deeply so she can taste herself on my lips and tongue. It makes me crazy when we kiss like that.

The second toy I pull out is strictly a clitoral vibrator. The ears fit on both sides of her clit and I turn it on and watch as Carrie’s body shakes. I hold it at the top of her pussy and slide a finger into her. Carries gasp with pleasure as my finger disappears inside her and I begin to rub her gspot. I can feel how swollen she is and can feel the vibrations of her toy deep inside her wet hole. Her breathing is becoming much more rapid and, once again, I stop the toy and remove it from her pussy. Carrie’s face shows a little frustration because she wants to cum so bad but I am keeping her right on the edge.

I put that toy down and I place myself right next to Carrie’s mouth against and I again rub my cock on her mouth and lips. I stop and then reach up and untie her hands and then her feet. I tell her she is untied but she still has to do exactly what I tell her to do. I sit up on the bed, my back flush against the headboard and I tell her to sit between my legs with her back on my chest. I tell her to open her legs for me and she does as I ask. I reach both hands around and caress her breast and gently pull on her nipples as I kiss the back of her neck and run my tongue along her ears. She can feel my hard cock pressed against her back. She can actually feel it throbbing with each heart beat. I reach to the side of the bed and pull out the rabbit like toy. The head is thick but the shaft is a little thinner. I hand it to Carrie and tell her to rub the head of the toy up and down her pussy and get it very wet. As she does it I can hear her juices interacting with the toy. bayan escort taksim She is completely drenched. I put my hand on top of hers and together we push the toy inside her sopping hole, filling her completely.. Carrie moans, “Oh fuck baby, it feels so good.” As I continue to kiss her neck, we slide the toy in and out of her pussy for several seconds before I turn the vibration to just the shaft on. Carrie lifts her hips to meet the thrust of the toy stroke for stroke.

We push it in far enough that the rabbit ears are on her clit. I turn it on low and I watch as Carrie’s mouth opens slowly as she is sucking in air and making the sexiest sounds I have ever heard. I play with the different vibration patterns as we fuck her together with this very nice toy. Carrie tells me she feels so full and that the large head is massaging her swollen gspot and she is close to cumming. I tell her again she has to wait. I continue with this toy for a few more minutes bringing her as close to the edge as I can. I stop for a moment and remove the toy from her pussy and set it to the side.

Now, I tell Carrie to roll onto her stomach and I rub her ass only to spank it again. I spank her several times and then I tell her to arch her ass in the air. As she does, I lean forward and push my tongue into her pussy making her squirm against me and she begs me to let her cum on my face. Again, I tell her not yet.

I then tell her to get on all fours and turn her ass towards the headboard of our bed. I take the dildo with the sucking cup and line it up with her pussy and stick it onto the headboard of the bed. I tell Carrie to back up onto the toy and to let her fill her, just like I do. She slides back and takes the head of the toy into her hand, rubs it a few times along her wet slit and then slowly backs into it until it fills her completely.

At this point and I get on my knees in front of her and I tell her to suck my cock as she fucks the toy. Carrie smiles and takes my hard cock in her hand, my precum covering the head. Carrie is fucking this toy and has swallowed me deeply into her mouth. I know neither of us is going to last long. Carrie is fucking the toy much like she does me when I am behind her. Her mouth is working feverishly on my cock as I hold the back of her head. My balls are so swollen and I can feel my orgasm building rapidly. I can also tell that Carrie is close and she stops sucking just long enough to ask me if she can cum. I tell her she certainly can and then I tell her that I am going to fill her mouth with my hot cum. This only encourages her to suck me harder and fuck the toy harder. It is the sexiest visual watching the woman I love backing into this toy as she sucks and licks my cock for all she is worth.

I feel the pulsing sensation in my cock and I can tell that this orgasm is going to be powerful and plentiful. Carrie is now moaning and I can tell she is going to cum. Right as the waves of pleasure start to rifle through her body, I feel the rush of cum leave my cock and fill her mouth. She keeps sucking me wanting every single drop. Her body is shaking and so is mine. She sucks every drop of cum out of me until my body goes limp.and I lay on my back. Carrie leans forward and lays on top of me, nothing between us but the air in the room. Our hearts are pounding in a perfect cadence with each other. We lay there trying to catch our breath, exhausted from our intense and simultaneous orgasms. The room smells of hot and beautiful sex and the cool night air descends onto our skin as we rest for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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