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“OK class, that’s it for today. See you all next week.” The students of the upper level psychology class began simultaneously collecting their papers and belongings as the professor dismissed them from what had been another utterly boring lecture.

Mike gathered his notes and was looking down into his bag when he felt someone brush against his right arm. He looked up into the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “Um, hi there,” Traci said with a wide, sexy smile.

He first had met Traci during his freshman year at college when they had been randomly assigned to the same floor of the dorm. They met only a few days into the school year when the dorm held a social event for the incoming freshmen.

From the moment he saw her Mike had been infatuated with Traci. Her brown hair flowed beautifully off her head in gentle waves and stopped a few inches below her shoulders. Her captivating eyes were a light brown and her face had the most perfectly flawless skin he had ever seen.

Her beauty was almost intimidating and although she was always pleasant to him Mike could never gather the courage to ask her out. He spent much of his freshman year trying to convince himself he could do it only to lose his nerve at the last moment. Still, he enjoyed becoming, if not a close friend, at least a frequent acquaintance of hers.

Traci rushed a sorority at the start of her sophomore year and moved out of the dorm, so Mike didn’t see her as often as before. Happily, Mike and Traci had the same major so they still shared at least one class together each semester. During the more boring parts of these classes Mike often would seek her out in the room and daydream about her.

By coincidence they had both ended up in the same elective psychology class in the first semester of their junior year. “Hi Traci,” Mike replied trying not to get lost in her perfect face or glance at her ample tits.

Traci smiled a funny sort of smile and pushed her hands coyly into the pockets of her tight jeans. She began swaying from side to side in a cute, nervous little girl way that Mike found wildly arousing. “So, um, I hear that your birthday is coming up,” she said as she continued swaying hypnotically.

It was true that Mike’s birthday was about three weeks away, and he wondered how she knew that. “Um, yeah,” Mike answered.

“I was thinking it might be fun if we got together and celebrated,” she said.

“Great,” Mike replied trying to conceal his excitement.

Traci remained next to him and Mike became very aware that her thigh had started brushing back and forth rhythmically against his shoulder. “So have you seen the pairings for the group projects?” she asked.

Mike knew the professor had posted the pairings for the group project before today’s class, but he had been running late and hadn’t looked at the list before class. This was the second time so far the professor had done this sort of assignment. He randomly paired the students together, posted the list on Thursday, and then made the assignment due the following Tuesday. This virtually guaranteed that the students had to spend their weekend working together on the project.

The last time Mike had been paired with a guy who clearly couldn’t have cared less about the class or the project. In the end Mike had done all the work himself and had wasted much of his weekend hanging out with someone he really didn’t like. Undoubtedly he would again be paired with some loser and would end up doing all the work himself after being forced to waste his weekend with them.

“No,” Mike answered, “how about you? Who did you get stuck with?”

Traci’s smile got a little wider before she said, “Looks like we’re a team.”

“Really?” Mike asked trying to hide his excitement.

“Yep,” she said before poking him playfully on his arm. She then added in a teasing tone, “Now you’re not going to make me do all the work are you?”

“Never,” Mike answered still not believing how well this had turned out.

He and Traci talked and quickly made plans to get together and work on the project. She had other commitments that night so they decided to get together and work on the assignment Friday night. Normally, Mike hated doing homework on Friday nights but this didn’t seem like homework since he would be hanging out with Traci.

They said goodbye and Mike watched her ass as she walked out of the room. On his way out he stopped and picked up the video they were supposed to watch for the project. Their assignment was to watch a taped interview and then analyze it in light of what they had been discussing in class the past few days.

All day Friday Mike couldn’t believe his luck at being paired with Traci. His class load was light on Fridays so he spent most of the day looking forward to that night.

The second huge stroke of luck was that Mike’s roommate had already planned a trip home for the weekend, so Mike had the apartment to himself. Knowing this he had eagerly suggested that they get together and work at Şerifali Escort his place. Of course didn’t tell Traci that he did it because he knew they’d be alone. He reasoned it would be more comfortable than the small video booths they had at the library for projects like this and she said it would certainly be better than trying to work at the sorority house on a weekend. With that they decided to meet at Mike’s place.

He finished cleaning up about an hour before she was due to arrive and spent the rest of the time flipping channels on the TV. When she knocked at his door Mike hopped up and quickly opened the door to greet her. As she stepped inside he surveyed her outfit.

As usual, she looked stunning. She wore an oversized white sweatshirt that mostly masked her figure above her waist. She wore a tight black skirt that stopped several inches above her knees. Her smooth, creamy thighs and lower legs held Mike’s gaze for a few moments before he noticed that she had finished her outfit with simple tennis shoes and short, white socks. As he expected, her hair and face looked fabulous. Her hair was down and her light makeup perfectly accented her natural beauty. Traci always had a way of looking stunning even when she didn’t “dress up”.

Mike offered her a drink, which she accepted, and they sat at his kitchen table talking for a bit. “Where’s your roommate?” Traci asked looking around the place.

When Mike told her his roommate had gone home to visit his parents he thought he detected Traci making a small smile. Surely she must now know that this why Mike had suggested they met at his place. For a moment Mike felt silly and a little embarrassed but Traci changed the subject and they continued talking.

After a while they decided it was time to start their work. Traci took a seat on the couch and started pulling out some of the notes and paperwork they were supposed to refer to as they watched. Mike put the video into the VCR and turned to see that Traci had left him a spot on the couch right next to her.

He quickly moved to the couch and sat next to her hoping his haste hadn’t made his excitement too obvious. He could feel himself getting nervous at sitting so close to her and scolded himself for being so juvenile and silly.

The video was really pretty dull despite the professor’s warning that it might be “disturbing”. They sat quietly and watched it all the way through before briefly discussing it. They talked about how they could analyze it and decided to review a couple of sections again to take some detailed notes.

As Mike rewound the tape they talked about how the video was different from what they expected. “I didn’t think it was nearly as creepy as he made it sound in class,” Mike said.

“Yes,” Traci answered before pausing and adding, “but I’m glad you are here. I think if I had to watch it alone it would creep me out.” Mike felt himself swell with happiness at hearing her say she as glad he was there. There was something else, though, about how she said it that made his cock jump to life.

As he hit the play button he immediately noticed that Traci had shifted and was sitting closer to him than before. He leaned toward her slightly and soon their torsos were lightly pressed together as they sat. They both commented on various things in the tape, but Mike had a hard time focusing on the tape as he very distracted by being so close to her.

Mike figured he might regret this decision but he knew he would never have a better time than this, so he lifted his arm and brought it down around her shoulders. He half expected her to protest or ask what he was doing but instead she leaned into him even further as his arm settled around her.

Their discussion soon ceased and they sat silently watching the video. Mike’s heart was thumping and his cock was stirring as he felt her hair and the soft skin of her neck on his arm. He couldn’t believe what was happening and wondered what must be running through her mind.

The quickness of her movement surprised him as she moved out of her sitting position. The next thing Mike realized she was sitting on his lap facing him with her legs straddling his. The suddenness of her movement and the intimacy of the position left Mike stunned as he looked up into her face.

Without a word she lowered her mouth to his and they met in a slow, soft kiss. Mike eagerly responded to her kiss and wrapped his arms around her back as they pulled even closer together. Before long he felt her lips part and her tongue brushing against his lips. He immediately opened his mouth and they fell into a hungry kiss with their tongues eagerly dipping into each other’s mouths.

Mike ran his hands up and down her back savoring the feel of her even if it was through the heavy sweatshirt. Traci had her arms wrapped around his head and shoulders and occasionally he felt her fingers running through his hair.

Before long he slipped his hands down her sides and over her hips. He moaned from deep in Şerifali Escort Bayan his throat when his fingers touched her thighs. He finally caressed the legs that he had fantasized about for nearly two years. They felt exactly as he had dreamed. They were soft and creamy smooth and he tried to memorize the feel of her as he stroked his hands up and down her legs wantonly.

Mike could have happily stayed like this all night long and, in fact, he had no idea how long they had been kissing when Traci leaned back. She easily glided off his lap and stood before him “Let’s go to bed,” she softly said.

Mike quickly got to his feet and stared wildly into her eyes not believing she had said those words. He had fantasized about hearing those words more times than he could count and even as he took her hand and led her to his bedroom he couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

As soon as they reached his bed they immediately fell into another wild kiss. Mike’s lust was now in control and he no longer cared why this was happening. All he knew was that he was going to live out perhaps his number one fantasy and he wanted to make sure every moment counted.

After standing beside his bed for several long minutes wildly kissing, they crawled together onto the bed and continued their wanton embrace. He let out a moan when he felt her hands grasping his top and helped her as she pulled his top up and over his head. He lay back and savored the feel of her hand rubbing up and down his chest and stomach.

After kissing and fondling lustily once again Mike knew it was time to see more of his dream girl. He slowly and deliberately lifted her sweatshirt in the same way someone would unwrap a long awaited gift. He stared excitedly at her stomach as more and more of it became exposed to his view.

Once, they had attended the same beach party and she had worn only a pair of shorts and a bikini top. The vision of her in those white shorts and the black and white bikini top was something that had fueled many masturbation sessions for Mike. He knew that her body was hot, but he had never guessed just how hot she was until that party. Her tits were somehow even bigger in the bikini than they had ever seemed before and her stomach was leaned and toned.

That memory, however, was absolutely nothing compared to seeing her naked stomach just inches from his face. She sat up and pulled her top over her tits. She lifted her arms and he pulled it off completely before tossing it off the bed.

They sat on the bed staring excitedly at each other. Mike soon moved his gaze away from her eyes and stared wantonly down at her tits. She was wearing a black bra that cupped her big, soft tits perfectly and created a sexy, deep cleavage.

He stared at them closely for several long moments and tried to memorize every single detail of their appearance. When he looked up at her face again she gave him a wicked, sexy smile and bit her bottom lip softly. At that moment she looked hotter than any centerfold or model he had ever seen and he wished he had a camera to capture the image.

They fell wildly into each other’s arms and began another deep lustful kiss. Mike’s hands began caressing her back once again and started moving toward the clasp of her bra. He couldn’t wait to expose her tits completely to his hungry stare. However, before he reached the clasp he felt her hands running down his stomach on their way to the zipper on his pants.

He leaned back and watched as she smoothly unzipped and then unsnapped his pants. He stood up next to the bed and turned to face her as she sat on the bed’s edge and began to slowly push his pants off. Mike moaned when her fingertips caught the band of his boxers. In one movement she pushed them down his legs along with his pants. A few moments later he was standing completely naked before her with his hard cock pointing right at her face.

As much as he wanted to stand there and watch her fondle his cock or, better yet, suck it, he needed to see her naked and touch her body. He crawled back onto the bed and found the zipper on her tight skirt. He quickly pulled it down as she lay back and stared up into his face with exited eyes. He worked the tight skirt off her hips and down her legs and sat back for a moment simply staring at her. Under the skirt she had been wearing a black thong that matched her bra.

He let his hands roam over her for a while and tried to memorize how she looked and felt. Finally, he moved down to her feet and removed her shoes and socks. He lifted one foot to his mouth and began to softly kiss it. Previously the idea of kissing a woman’s foot never interested Mike, but somehow right now it seemed to be natural and perfect.

He slowly kissed his way up her leg until he reached up and grasped the straps of her thong. She shifted her hips allowing him to slip the thong off. He pulled it slowly down her leg and tossed it behind him before staring wildly at her exposed pussy. She spread her legs slightly Escort Şerifali and he noticed that her pussy hair was neatly trimmed into a tiny triangle that pointed down at her pussy lips.

He leaned down toward her intent on sucking on her sweet pussy for as long as she would let him. However, before he could reach his destination she pulled her thighs together slightly and stopped his face with her hand. “Not yet,” she whispered, “you haven’t finished unwrapping your present.”

As she spoke she shook her shoulders from side to side causing her tits to wobble teasingly under her bra. Mike watched excitedly as she reached behind her back and opened the bra. Mike reached out and pulled the bra off her before immediately lowering his mouth to her bare tits.

They were the perfect combination of soft and firm. They felt feathery and delicate under his lips but seemed to hold their shape perfectly despite their large size. She moaned softly as he continued to lavish his attention all over her tits. He kissed and licked her all over her soft skin and then concentrated on sucking and licking her nipples until they were standing out hard and tall.

He continued sucking and licking at her tits for a long while and loved the feel of his hard cock rubbing against her bare legs and side. They stayed like this until Traci sat up and they rolled over until Mike lay on his back with her sitting over him. Mike lay flat and stared up at her face and at her tits as they hung down temptingly over his chest.

He moaned when she leaned down and began to kiss his neck teasingly. She continued kissing and softly licking him and began to slowly move down his chest. He groaned at the feeling of her lips and hands as she caressed him and also at the way her tits felt as they brushed over his stomach.

Traci moved to his nipples and began to lick and suck at them. Mike groaned at the surprising sensation this generated for him. He had never really though of his own nipples as an erotic area before but now with Traci’s mouth wrapped around them he found it wildly exciting.

She continued kissing and licking her way down his stomach and stopped only when her lips reached the edge of the pubic hair surrounding his hard cock. Mike groaned in anticipation of her taking him into her mouth and was surprised when instead she sat up and looked down at him with a wicked smile. “Want to try something really kinky?” she asked.

In this situation Mike would have agreed to anything and eagerly answered yes. “Great,” she said as she moved to the edge of the bed and stood up with a sexual grace that Mike found hypnotic. “Don’t move,” she teased as she disappeared from sight.

She was gone for a while and Mike could hear her moving around in the apartment. His mind was reeling trying to guess what she had planned. Was she going to come back with handcuffs or in some sexy lingerie?

When she did step back into the doorway she held one hand behind her and smiled wickedly at him as he stared at her in wild anticipation. “Help me take off the sheets,” she said as she walked to the edge of the bed. Mike got up and when he turned and looked at her again she had already set down whatever she had been holding. Together they pulled off the sheets until nothing covered the slick, shiny material of his mattress.

“Perfect,” she purred as she crawled back onto the bed. Mike followed her and they met in another wild embrace. Traci parted it and pushed Mike down onto his back. “Ready?” she asked.

She didn’t wait for an answer and leaned down to retrieve the item she had brought in. Mike stared excitedly as she lifted a bottle of cooking oil and began to unscrew the cap. “You game?” she asked as she shook the bottle teasingly before him.

“Yes,” Mike gasped. Seconds later she began pouring the oil onto his stomach and chest. She set the bottle down and began rubbing the oil all over his torso until it was coated with a slick layer of the oil. She repeated the treatment on his legs and arms and then rolled him over and stopped only when his entire body was coated in a healthy layer of the glistening oil.

“Your turn,” she said as she handed him the bottle and they traded places.

Mike instructed her to roll onto her stomach. He wanted to start with her back so he could finish the application by massaging the slick oil all over her tits. He poured a large amount of the oil in a line up and down her spine and started to enthusiastically massage it all over her. He loved feeling her soft, smooth skin under this fingers as a thin layer of the slick oil coated her. His fingers seemed to glide along as if guided by their own lust as it seemed to take no effort at all for his hands to pass over her.

When he finished completely coating her back with the oil he asked her to roll over. The top of the mattress was already heavily coated in oil, and Traci slipped some as she rolled over. Mike also slipped as he started to massage her shoulders and arms.

Instead of this lack of control being frustrating it only further added to the erotic scene because whenever they slipped their bodies would rub together. As exciting as feeling her with his hands was it was nothing compared to how her oily body felt when it rubbed against his chest or when his hard cock rubbed against her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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