Train Ride to Ecstasy

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I didn’t want to go visit my sister. School had just ended for the summer, and here I was, waiting at the train station to go to on a 5-hour train trip I didn’t really want to take. I wanted to go to the beach, but no, instead, I would spend 5 hours on a train with a lot of weird old people and then visit my sister in her crappy apartment.

The train had just pulled up at the station, and I sulkily picked up my suitcase and boarded the train, putting my suitcase on the rack closest to the door and taking a seat in a corner of a nearly empty car. I pulled my CD player and a book out of my backpack and put on the headphones, planning to relax to some Mazzy Star and get through some of _On the Road_. Perhaps I would even go get some apple pie later on in the trip.

I had been reading for about 15 minutes when I got kinda bored and my eyes started drifting. I noticed for the first time that there was another person in the car with me, right across the aisle. He was looking straight at me, and I couldn’t help but stare back. His eyes were capturing; they were a deep, deep gray color and set in the most handsome face I’d ever seen. His shaggy dark brown hair fell slightly over his eyes and solid jawline. Automatically, I knew that this train ride would be worth it. I smiled over at him and beckoned him over with a slight wave and a wink. As he smiled and stood up to approach me, I noticed how tall and nicely dressed he was, in a pair of dark gray slacks and a black shirt. He was, in short, very hot and I hoped he was as good a fuck as he was attractive.

“Hi,” I said as he sat down next to me.

He responded with a simple “hey” and once again fixed his eyes on me. I’ll admit, I’m not an ugly person, but the way he stared at me, his eyes focusing nowhere in particular made me feel very self conscious. I glanced down to make sure my nipples weren’t sticking out or anything, and seeing rokettube nothing wrong, just stared back. We sat, staring at each other for a good two minutes at least in silence.

Finally, I asked, “do you like what you see?” For what seemed like the first time, he blinked and smiled slightly. “Well,” I said, “I’m going to be on this train for at least another 4 hours… Want to make the trip worth it?”

With that slight smirk, he nonchalantly said, “sure” and rested his hand on my thigh, just high enough to slightly excite me. Stroking his hand gently with my finger, I whispered into his ear, “follow me.”

This was not my first train trip one-fuck affair. I knew just where the biggest bathroom was, since this train had no sleeping cars on it. I got up and made my way through train cars until we reached the handicap car and stepped into the bathroom with him following me. The bathroom was hardly big enough to fit a wheelchair in, so we had a bit of space, though not much. Locking the door, I turned to see just how tall he was. I’m only 5’3″ and he was at least a foot taller than me.

Putting my hand on his stomach, I said, “My name is Heather. What’s yours?”

He slipped his hand around my waist and pulled me closer, saying “Troy,” right before bending to kiss me. His lips were very soft, which balanced the force of his kiss; I could feel his tongue prod its way into my mouth and meet with my tongue, embracing in a slippery battle. I pulled away a bit to breathe and he pushed me against the wall; I could feel the bar on the wall cool against my back. His hands roamed down my back, to my butt and down farther to my thighs and under my short, denim skirt.

His hand gently moved to my butt again and I could feel his cool hand fingering the material of my g-string. Tilting my head back slightly, he began to suck and lick my neck, still exploring my bare ass. I moaned asyalı porno and ran my hands up and down his sides, slowly drawing his shirt upward and off. He had a bare chest, soft, warm and well shaped.

I gently nuzzled his happy trail and ran my finger along his pants line. He fumbled with the zipper on the back of my skirt and finally undid it, letting it drop to the grimy bathroom floor. The sudden draft hit my thighs and crotch with a surprising coolness and my nipples hardened under my shirt. I began to undo his pants while he pulled my shirt up over my head and threw it over his shoulder where it landed in the sink.

My nipples were very hard now, from all the drafts and as he undid my bra and dropped it aside, my nipples were pert and I had goosebumps on my arms, from anticipation or the cold wall at my back I don’t know. He had a massive lump in his pants, and this I massaged through his pants with my hands while he took off his pants. His cock was huge and already sticking out through the slit in his boxers. I pulled them down and kneeled a moment, nuzzling his balls with my nose and licking the length of his penis. It was about 7 1/2 inches long, and just thick enough to be a tight fit.

He reached out and started to fondle my C-cup breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers, exciting me to the point that I thought I would burst. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked with such gentleness that I almost fainted. Backing up into the wall again, he pulled down my g-string and reached down to my snatch, lubed and ready for a good, long fuck. He slid a finger along my lips and spread them, his finger wet with my juices. I grabbed his cock and pulled him towards me, standing on my toes as he squatted to enter me. As his cock slid into my hole, filling it up, I tilted my head back and moaned loudly.

He began to pump his azeri porno cock into me and I grabbed the bar on the wall just to contain myself, the friction in my cunt so tight and fulfilling. He grabbed my ass, grunting as his motions sped up and I continued moaning with the nearly unbearable pleasure that filled me. It was as he began to steady his pace, pumping at a constant rate but harder each time that I orgasmed first. I moaned loudly and could feel the walls of my vagina contracting against his hard cock. “Shit,” he said pulling out and turning me so that I faced the wall. Still feeling the last waves of my orgasm, I felt him put his hand on my back and bend me over the bar so that my ass was high in the air, and I was leaning against the rail.

He grabbed my hip with one hand, the other still on my back and forced himself upon me, ramming his huge dick into my cunt again. If there’s one thing I love, it’s being taken from the behind. I screamed loudly in pleasure, urging him to fuck me harder and harder. His motions got more violent and he reached for one of my breasts, fondling it and pinching it hard as the other jiggled with the fervent motions of our fucking. I could feel him about to cum, his penis clenching up inside of me as he continued to ram me harder and faster. I was about to go again too, and as I felt his cum start to spurt into me, I bit into the grimy rail to keep from screaming, as a more powerful orgasm spread throughout me.

The muscles of my vagina seemed to contract forever, drawing more and more liquid out of Troy’s enormously satisfying cock. Weakened by the fierce sex we engaged in, I slouched against the wall, trying to gain my composure as I felt Troy’s dick soften inside of me. Exhaling deeply, I stood, my legs slightly weak from the incredible workout. I walked to the sink, picked my shirt out of it and splashed some water on my face. Troy stood nude, head tilted back in ecstasy as I dressed and tried to make myself more presentable.

Looking at my watch, I saw that there were about 2 more hours left in the train ride. I figured I’d let Troy regain his power for a bit and went back to my seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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