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I had met him, for the first time, several months previously on one of these short management courses. We had been isolated, along up with about 20 others, for five days, in a minor stately home turned into a conference centre, in the depths of the English countryside. The course itself was interesting, but he and I had early on showed an interest in each other. He was tall and well-built, and I found him very physically attractive. But I liked him more, because he was funny, and made me laugh, and did not take things too seriously. He had a winning smile, and his eyes twinkled when he was amused. He seemed to be amused quite a lot in my company, as his eyes twinkled a lot as we looked at each other. From a fairly circumspect start, as the course progressed, we began to seek each other out, in the coffee breaks, and sat next to each other at lunch time, and at dinner. We clearly enjoyed each other’s company.

On the last evening of the course, there was a gala dinner, followed by some dancing. I enjoyed myself, and flirted with several of the men, but shared an, almost secret, smile with him whenever our eyes met. Later in the evening, when free-flowing wine had lubricated all our social instincts, he came up behind me as I was talking to some people, put his arms around my waist from behind, and leaned his chin on my shoulder, before saying

‘I would like to dance with you.’

I smiled and moved to his hands away from my waist, while saying,

‘..I am sure that would be possible. Excuse me,..’

I said to the people I had been talking to. Although I thought that I was handling it very well, I was in a state of some shock and excitement. As he had he put his arms around me and leaned his chin on my shoulder, he had pressed his body hard against me and I had felt his big, and very hard, erection pressing into my buttocks.

We danced, and he held me close against him, my breasts crushed against his chest, and his erection pressing into my belly. He was making me very excited, and I was enjoying pressing my hard nipples against him and feeling my pussy blossom and to moisten as his hard cock pressed against me. After just one dance I was ready for adventure, but we were interrupted by our colleagues who took us back to play some game at the billiards table. The party got noisy and raucous, and then one of our male colleagues collapsed, much the worse for wear. This seemed to be the sign for the party to break up. He, and another of the bigger men, took it upon themselves to carry the victim up to his room. Others began to leave too and, after loitering for a little in case he returned, I also went to my room I was a little disappointed, but thought that perhaps it was just as well, as who knows what might have happened. As I undressed, I entertained myself with thoughts of what might have happened, and when I lay down I played with some of the scenarios, and came three times with him before I went to sleep. I did not see him the next day, and left without saying goodbye to him.

Several months later, one of the course participants arranged a dinner for as many of us as could to make it: to compare notes, and remember what we had done on our course. Although I held no expectations for the evening, I had enjoyed the company of most of my colleagues, so I went along to the dinner. He was there, and I was surprised at my own strong physical arousal, as soon as I saw him. When he saw me, across the room, he smiled broadly, and twinkled at me, and then deliberately, but greeting everyone on his way, made his way across the room to see me. He held me lightly at the waist, somehow managing to do get his hands under my loose blouse, and touch my bare skin as he kissed me on both cheeks.

‘How almanbahis giriş lovely to see you again,’ he murmured, as I was overwhelmed with waves of pleasure and desire, and I could not say anything except,

‘Yes, isn’t it.’

He let go of me, stood back, and smiled intimately at me.

‘Will you sit next to me at dinner, please?’

‘Of course,’ I replied, as lightly as I could manage, ‘I really want to know how you have implemented it all at those ideas from the course,’ and I smiled at him so that he knew that I was not serious.

He, on the other hand, suddenly looked a very serious, and said,

‘Well, there is at least one idea that I had on the course, that I have not yet implemented, but hope to do so is soon.’

Then he smiled warmly at me and moved on to talk to someone else, as someone else came to greet to me.

We did not talk again until it was time to sit down before dinner and he sought me out, and sat next to me on my right. We were surrounded by our colleagues, and the conversation was light, and we laughed a lot. At the end of the main course, while we were waiting for dessert, I was talking to the person on my left, and learning about life in or the media. He was talking across the table to the woman who was big in a merchant bank in the City. As we continued our respective conversations I felt his hand move across, and rest on my thigh, just above my knee, and below the level of my short skirt. I was wearing no stockings, and to feel his skin on mine, in a non public area, was a shock, but a very pleasant one.

Our conversations continued but to encourage him, I first squeezed my legs together so that his hand was trapped between my thighs, and then spread my legs more widely apart. While my mind remained engaged with my conversation, one part of it wondered what would happen next in my lower body. My body, on the other hand, was very clear about what it thought should happen next. My nipples hardened under my blouse and within moments, my tiny thong had slipped between the swollen lips of my pussy, and was rubbing against the wet stiffness of my clit.I reached under the table and covered his hand to with my own. I pressed down, and holding it, I encouraged its movement up the inside of my thigh. He began to stroke the inside of my thigh, up and down, and I got very excited, and shivered with pleasure, and my conversation with the person on my left faltered.

Luckily the desserts arrived at this time, and we were all occupied with eating that. I glanced to my right, and he smiled warmly at me and squeezed my thigh under the table. When I had finished eating I put my hand down, and placed it on his lap next to me. I could feel his long hard cock under his trousers, and I let out a small involuntary gasp and my buttocks clenched as excitement and desire pulsed through my pussy. He noticed my excitement and moved his hand up to the top of my leg and, moving my thong out of my dripping pussy, he slid two fingers directly into me. I tightened my grip on his cock through his trousers, finding it a very difficult to hide my desire and arousal from the rest of the table. Luckily conversations had to began all around the table and the two of us were left in a self-contained bubble of silence and desire.

‘I think, perhaps, you might want to see the garden,’ he murmured to me.

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘some fresh air might be nice.’

And we excused ourselves from the table, saying we were going to freshen up, and he led me outside into the garden. We walked around the corner of the building from the dining room window, but we could still hear the laughter and conversation within. He turned me and held me on almanbahis yeni giriş the shoulders and pressed me against the wall, his whole body pressed against me, his very erect cock pushing into my belly. He kissed me hard on the mouth and I responded desperately. I felt as if I was going to burst with desire and lust for him. His hand explored under my blouse, and lifted my bra over my big tits, so that they were free, my hot hard nipples pushing forward. He fondled my tits and began to play with my nipples as we kissed and I could not help but push back against him, my pussy and clit throbbing with need for him.

He moved away slightly, in order to move his head down to lick and kiss and suck my nipples. I moaned with the pleasure of it and, reaching across, I began to undo his belt, and unzip his trousers. As he kissed and sucked and nuzzled my nipples, I reached into his trousers, and his boxer shorts, and grasped hold of his hot, hard, and very erect cock. It was his turn to gasp. I pulled him towards me by his cock and he straightened up as I pulled my skirt up over my hips and guided his cock between my legs. I began to rub it on my clit as he pressed me against him, my naked tits rubbing on his shirt, his hard cock rubbing my clit. I leaned into his shoulder and came, big, with a sob and cry.

‘I want you inside me,’ I said, lifting my right leg and helping him to slide his hard cock into me.

I wrapped my leg around his waist, pressing his buttocks against me and felt all of him fill me up as he began to pump into me. He murmured inarticulate things to me and I lost myself in the pleasure of a big hard cock inside me, my tits pressing against his chest, and the frisson of being almost in public. It was the sound of loud laughter from the dining room which, with its reminder of where we were, and why we were here, brought me to my second big orgasm. He paused as I recovered, and then he whispered into my ear,

‘I’m going to take you home.’

I did not know whether he meant he was taking me to my home, or to his own, but I did not really care, I knew that we would be in a car together for a while until we got anywhere, and that was enough to sustain my lust. He slid out of me and, with some difficulty, he put himself back into his trousers and I straightened my clothes somewhat, though I did not replace my bra, or my thong. He kissed me passionately once more and then, taking my hand, he led me out to his car.

He opened the car door for me and I got in. Sitting on the seat, I reached up my skirt and removed my thong, though I decided that it would be too difficult to remove my bra. I lifted my bra out of the way. Beneath my blouse, therefore, my big tits and hard nipples swung free, and my short skirt barely covered my naked crotch. He got into the driver’s seat beside me, and smiled across at me.

‘Your place or mine,’ he asked.

‘Mine,’ I said putting a hand on his thigh, ‘it is quite close.’ And I gave him the address.

He did not say anything, but leaned across and kissed me hard on the mouth, his hand slipping up between my legs to my very wet pussy. He began to rub my hard clit and my hand slid up his thigh until I could feel his hard cock pulsing through his trousers. His kiss was sweet and the sensation of his fingers on my clit and in my pussy was soon overwhelming again, and I came, rubbing his cock hard through his trousers.

‘We’d best get going,’ he said, disentangling himself from me.

I said nothing, but reached across and began to unbuckle his belt, unzip his trousers, and release his long hard cock. As he pulled away from the kerb, I leaned over, and began to lick and kiss his cock, my head on his lap.

‘Ohhhh, almanbahis yes… yes…You are amazing. Suck me please.’

I did as he asked. Taking his cock deep into my mouth I sucked and pumped him with my hand and I heard appreciative growls and moans from far over my head. He was driving

reasonably slowly, and a fleeting thought crossed my mind that I hoped we did not get stopped next to a bus. My own clit was once again demanding attention but I was determined to concentrate on his pleasure for the moment. With my spare hand, I reached down and cradled his tightening balls, as I stroked his cock and sucked it hard. I could feel his hips thrusting involuntarily and his cock began to swell in my mouth. His scrotum tightened in my hand, and I felt his orgasm begin in his balls and travel past my pumping hand into the swollen head of his cock, and then, pumping out into my mouth. He seemed to come and come and come and I savoured the salty taste and then swallowed it all. Keeping his sated cock loosely in my mouth, I reached down and began to touch my desperate clit and with a few strokes I too came again.

Gently releasing him from my mouth I sat up again and realised that we were almost at my house. I showed him where to park and he did so

‘Would you like to come in for some coffee?’ I asked with a smile.

‘Why, eh, yes,’ he replied in mock surprise, ‘that would be very nice indeed.’

We adjusted our clothing sufficiently to make the short walk to the front door. When I had let us both in, and closed the door behind us, he grasped hold of my head, and began to kiss me passionately, pushing me against the wall of the hall.

‘I have been waiting so long to do this with you,’ he murmured, reaching up to squeeze my big breasts. I said nothing, but I silently agreed with him. Within a minute or so, I noticed that he seemed to have recovered his vitality, and I began to unbuckle his belt, for the third time that evening. Reaching in, I grasped hold of his, once again, hard, erect cock

‘I want to you to fuck me again,’ I murmured into his mouth as we kissed.

I pushed him gently away from me and moved out from the wall. There was a hall table next to me, which was high, and I turned my back on him and leaned forward on the table, my tits hanging free. I lifted my skirt to invite him in from behind. He wasted no time, and dropped his trousers and boxers to his ankles and, with a rub of the head of his cock around my pussy lips and on my clit, he slid the full length of it into me. I gasped with the pleasure of it and pushed back against him as he held my hips and began to thrust hard into me. He reached around with his right hand and found my clit, and pressed it hard as he pumped into me. The multiple pleasures of feeling his long hard cock thrusting inside me, his belly slapping against my buttocks as he pumped, the steady pressure on my clit, and the bouncing of my tits, soon became overwhelming, and I came, moaning into my arms on the table. He did not stop fucking me, and I reached down to squeeze my nipples and said

‘Don’t stop fucking me. I love your cock in me.’

He grunted and growled in acknowledgement and redoubled his efforts.

‘Come inside me. I want you to come inside me,’ I said to him, between my own moans of pleasure as my own orgasm built inside me.

I felt his change of pace as he crested the hill of inevitability and he pumped harder and faster into me, moaning and saying to me:

‘I’m going to come in you, I’m going to come…’

And, with a series of moans and jerks and deep thrusts, he came, hard and deep in my pussy. His pleasure, along with the multiple pleasurable sensations in my body, made me come as well as his orgasm was fading away.

He stood, leaning over me, his cock still deep in me, as he recovered himself. I gave him the moment or two, before I turned my head and to smile at him over my shoulder, and say

‘Perhaps you’d like to see some more of the house?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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