Trans Guys Gay Awakening

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I’d been driving for miles along a long stretch of road, it must have been 60 or so miles to the nearest small town and I decided to speed up a little to try to get to my destination faster. As I drove with my foot down I hadn’t been aware of a cop car in the distance. The same car that was now getting closer and closer to my vehicle. I slowed down and hoped that it would pass me by. I guess it wasn’t my lucky day because the cop car pulled up in front of me and flashed his lights, warning me to pull over.

I pulled over to the side of the dusty desert road and turned off my engine. Then I watched and waited as the police officer got out of his car and made his way over to me. He knocked on my car window.

I pulled down my window and looked up at him as he stood over my car. He was tall, handsome, muscled, tanned with rough stubble shading his face.

“Any reason you were driving so fast sir?” He asked as he took out his notebook and pen.

I looked sheepishly at him, “Well look there was no one else on the road and I’m miles from nowhere so I thought it was safe enough, I’m kinda in a hurry to get to my motel before dark.”

“Uh uh,” he said looking down at me, “Step out of the car slowly Sir.”

I laughed a little nervously, surely a little speeding wasn’t cause for this much concern, “Sorry officer I promise I’ll stay within the speed limit if you let me get on my way.”

“Sir, I said get out of the car slowly, now,” he repeated with a forcefulness in his voice.

I did as he said and closed my car door behind me. He then quickly put away his notepad and pen, then grabbed his handcuffs. I looked at him alarmed, “What are you doing?”

He grabbed my arms and handcuffed my hands behind my back, then he walked me to the front of my car and pushed me down on the bonnet roughly.

“What the fuck are you doing, I havent done anything wrong!” I called out in fear.

That was when he held me down with his left hand and with the right he unholsted his pistol and shoved it against my ass. I felt him run it up and down my crack.

“Do you know how long I’ve been driving, boy?” He said menacingly, “ten straight hours in the desert heat and for the past hour I’ve had a hard on I just couldn’t get rid of.”

“Let me fucking go!” I shouted but he just shoved me down harder.

“Don’t fight it or it will be worse for you,” he warned me. He removed his gun and then I felt his hands all over my ass feeling me up.

Then he turned his head and shouted to his partner in the cop car, “Hey Roger, come over here and help me get his clothes off. I got us someone to fuck.”

I tried to struggle but it was impossible to get out of his control. The guy had some serious muscles.

His partner joined him shortly and pulled down my black pants, taking my underwear with them, he shoved them down trapping my ankles. The other cop whistled as he took in the sight before him, “What do we have here? I have two holes for the price of one!”

His partner starred at my bare naked ass, “Well fuck me if it aint a trannie. Look Roger, we can have a hole each and an added bonus. A little tight cunt to fill too.”

Roger unzipped his pants and I presume he took out his cock, “Must be our lucky day eh,” he laughed.

I was seriously scared at this point, especially when the cop ran his gun up and down my slit, he pushed the gun between my cunt lips. For some odd reason I felt some kind of crazy thrill when he did that. I’d never been touched there by anyone but myself. I was a straight trans guy who really, really liked to fuck women with a strap on. But they never were allowed to touch me, not there.

“Fucking beautiful,” he said then moved away and holstered his gun, “but I wont be needing this, I have something much better to shove up there.”

“Please let me go, I promise I wont say a thing, please,” I begged desperately, I did not want to get fucked, get raped, who the fuck would.

“Fuck no,” the officer replied and slapped my ass hard, then I heard him unzip his pants, “I’m gonna get me some pussy, maybe some ass too. It’s been a long time since I’ve had some ass, my wife wont let me fuck her there.”

Roger wanked his big cock to hardness to one side so I could see him, gaziantep rus escort while the other officer pulled my butt cheeks apart with his big rough hands, “You gotta nice ass but that pussy is sweet, I’m gonna rape that first, hold on tight cos I’m not gonna be gentle.”

I was shaking by this point. The fear was so much. I’d never had a cock in my front hole. I didn’t have time to contemplate what it would feel like because he pulled my pussy lips apart with his fingers and thrust into my tight hole.

“Arrggg fuck,” I cried out.

“Fucking take it like a man,” he grunted as he thrust his hips, pushing his huge thick cock inside my cunt. His partner came up then and shoved a leg between mine, spreading me apart.

“Thanks mate,” the officer currently riding my pussy like a beast said. Then he shoved his cock in deeper and started to fuck me harder against the car, “So tight, feels so fucking good roger, you need to have a go after me. Trans man pussy is real good.”

“I will, but first I’m gonna finger that other hole a bit, get it ready for fucking too,” he said sticking his wet finger up my ass, “Hmm I think we need another finger, really spread you out good cos my friend here as you can tell as a really big cock.” He shoved two fingers in my ass and stretched them inside me making me feel weak. I could barely stand with two fingers spreading my ass and a big cock fucking my pussy. Both holes had never been penetrated before. The nearest I ever came was sticking fingers in my pussy when I masturbated alone.

His cock filled me as he rammed it in and out, hard and fast. It felt like forever but it must have been about five minutes that had passed of him fucking me while the other cop fingered my butt.

I finally felt some relief when the big cock left my cunt, he hadn’t cum and I was glad about that. The last thing I wanted was a man’s cum in my pussy. He pulled me up and undid the cuffs, but held me tightly so I couldn’t escape. Roger grabbed me too and they manhandled me over to their vehicle shoving me on the back seat on my hands and knees. Roger walked around to the other side and opened the back passenger door. He had one hand on a gun pointed my way with his hard dick sticking out of his unzipped trousers. The other cop was taking off his trousers, then grabbed my hips and shoved his cock back inside me. So hard I fell forward on my elbows.

Then Roger pulled me up and lined up his cock right in front of my lips, “Suck it, suck it good.”

I shook my head but he grabbed my hair and forced his cock down my throat. I gagged because he was so rough, then he pulled out to let me breathe. Meanwhile the other cop was pounding my pussy hard and grunting.

“So fucking good, I’m gonna shoot my load soon, hope your ready,” he said as he thrust in and out of my aching front hole again and again, deep hard thrusts that left me breathless. Then I felt him finger my ass as he continued to rape me, shoving a finger, then two as far as they would go.

“You know on second thoughts I’m gonna seed that ass of yours.”

He then pulled his cock out of my pussy and shoved his big hard throbbing cock in my ass. Tears streamed down my eyes at the pain as he thrust himself inside me. He didn’t care how much it hurt, he just wanted to get off.

“Please stop!” I cried out, “It hurts.”

“Then I’m doing it right,” the cop grunted as he pumped in, pulled out and pumped in, over and over again. After a while It wasn’t painful anymore and I hated it but it felt good and I felt my hard mini dick throb as I got more and more aroused. I was wet too now, I could feel my arousal dripping from my pussy as he pounded my ass. The cop had fucked me so much that my body had responded to the pounding I was getting in both holes and I felt horrified.

Roger shoved his cock back in my mouth then and slowly fucked it, “Oh yeah so good, take my dick, all of it, gonna cum in that sweet little tranny mouth of yours.”

I cringed at the name calling, I always hated that derogatory term and it made me hate my rapists even more than I already did.

He tasted of salt and sweat as he used my mouth to get him off. His cock was not as big as the other officers thankfully. That was my only blessing right now as he continued to fuck my face and moan to himself. Obviously I had never tasted cock before, never wanted to, I was straight for fucks sake. But right now that big cock in my mouth was making my body react even more. I could tell I was getting wetter and my mini dick was hard.

Add to this my ass was being spread wide by that other big cock right now, I was being thoroughly fucked up the ass by at least ten inches of solid hard thick cock.

“Hey Ben,” Roger then said, “I’m close to cumming, get ready to shoot your load so we can move on.”

That was the first time the other officer’s name had been mentioned, so now I had two names at least when I made a report, if I got out of this alive.

Ben’s balls bounced against my ass and seemed to get tight, “I’m gonna fucking explode inside your ass now boy,” he groaned. He tightened his grip on my hips as he thrust deep inside me, then he came, “Oh yeah, take all my cum,” he grunted as his cum painted my insides. Warm thick spurts. He shoved his cock inside me a few more times, pushing the cum deeper before pulling out and as he pulled out the other cop tensed up and pumped my mouth, “Get ready to swallow… my wife never lets me, so you’ll be the first,” he warned before cumming down my throat. Thick creamy white cum filled my mouth. When he took out his cock he grabbed my face, “Swallow it!” He said as some cum dripped from my lips.

They both left me drained and exhausted in the back seat of the car then. My shoes had come off somewhere along the line, along with my underwear and trousers, my tshirt clung to my sweat covered body. I could hear them talking to each other and laughing as I lay there scared for my life. After about five minutes I guess, Ben who had just raped my ass told me to get out the car. I slowly got out and stood, sweaty and exhausted. I was completely defeated with nowhere to run, so I just waited and hoped they would both let me go.

I was surprised when Ben offered me a bottle of water, “Here,” he said, shoving it in my hand, “drink.”

I drank, well gulped it, it was getting close to sunset hours but it was still incredibly warm out here in the arizona desert.

When I had finished he took the bottle off me and dragged me over to the side of the road. Roger was close behind him.

Then Ben threw his jacket on the ground and Roger started to undress. I looked at them both with wide eyes, I had been very mistaken to think it was all over. Ben grabbed at my tshirt and pulled it over my head. I had chest surgery some years before and was fully healed with a good patch of hair covering my scars. I stood there completely naked in front of the police officers. I was no longer embarrassed, I just felt ashamed. Mostly because when Ben was pounding my ass I had orgasmed without any warning. I couldn’t believe that man had made me cum against my will. I wasnt gay. How could this be happening to me?

“Not a bad looking body you got here,” Ben looked me over, stroking my chest and then started to lick my nipples. It did nothing for me thankfully because I had lost all sensation in them after surgery.

I looked down to see Roger still sitting on Ben’s jacket stroking his cock to hardness. Roger watched Ben molest my body as he pleasured himself.

Then Ben stopped and faced Roger, “Go sit on that big hard cock with that nicely stretched and cum drenched ass of yours,” he ordered me.

I reluctantly walked over to Roger with his hard cock in the air and facing away from him I lowered my ass onto it. His cock went in easily, right to the hilt and he thrust upwards, “Fuck,” he groaned and began to thrust in and out of my ass. I hated to admit it but this time it felt good. He thrust up and down into my dripping ass, moaning as he did so, “Man I love me some trans ass,” he laughed as he carried on fucking me.

Ben started to strip off his clothing until he was completely naked and towering above us. His cock was already hard again and standing to attention, ready for me. I wasn’t sure which hole he was going to fill but I hoped it was my mouth at this point. My pussy had escaped their cum so far.

Ben’s muscles rippled in the remains of the sunlight, he was so fucking hot and I hated that. How the fuck did I end up getting raped by two men who could be models. I guess you never could tell by appearances. And why on earth did I find him hot? I was fucking straight.

Then Ben got down on his knees in front of me and spread my pussy with his fingers, “Well look at that, you got a mini dick, looks real turned on too,” he said pushing two fingers in my soaking wet hole, “oh yeah I turned you on real good didn’t I?” He fucked my mini dick between his big fingers and stroked it a little. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips when he touched me there. It felt so fucking amazing being touched by a stranger, I never would have thought it would feel that good.

He eventually took his fingers away, grinned and tasted my juices on his fingers, “Tasty too, if we had more time I would eat out that pussy of yours,” then he took his cock and started to give it a few tugs before slowly teasing it at my entrance. Roger stopped thrusting but stayed inside me, I was about to be double penetrated. I’d seen it in porn movies but never thought it would happen to me! Slowly his big hard cock slipped through my folds and sunk inside me with ease, “Fuck you feel so good, so fucking ready for me too, you little slut. You’re so wet, jeez man, you’re making me even harder…”

Ben started to thrust in and out then and I completely lost myself in the feeling of being filled by two hard cocks. It felt so good, so fucking good damn it. I felt my little dick agree with me as it hardened. And each time Ben thrust into me he hit my little dick on the way with his cock making it even worse, or better depending how you look at it. At each pass my own dick was aroused and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to having another orgasm.

“Take that you little slutty whore,” He grunted as he spread my legs wide and fucked my cunt. Roger started to thrust too. I was being fucked in both holes at the same time and it felt incredible, so good that my walls started to contract around the officers hardness and I couldn’t hold back any longer, I came, my juices flooded my pussy and covering his cock.

“I knew you fucking liked it you little whore,” he laughed as he ploughed into me again and again. Then I felt Roger shudder beneath me and felt his cum dripping down my ass cheeks.

“Fuck yes!” Roger grunted as he came inside my ass.

Ben got spurred on by us both cumming and started to really ram his big cock home, he moaned and grunted and fucked me harder, “I’m cumming, fuck I’m gonna fill that pussy of yours right up.”

He ground his cock deep inside me at every pass, his balls smashed against my soaked cunt lips and he finally let go, “Urrgg,” he grunted, “take that big load in your trans pussy,” he kept fucking me and fucking me until every last drop of cum was buried inside me. Eventually he breathlessly pulled out of my wet sticky hole and stood up.

After a minute he held his hand out to me, “Take my hand boy.”

I took it and he pulled me off Roger and to my feet. Then he let me go and went to put his uniform back on.

Roger got dressed too, he smiled at me, “Thanks for being such a good sport,” he said and walked back to their car. I was left naked and afraid with Ben with a gun in his hand.

“Get dressed,” He told me as he pointed the gun at me.

I scrambled over to get my clothes, hoping he wasn’t going to kill me. After getting dressed I started to beg for my life.

“Oh, I’m not going to kill you,” He said putting the gun away casually, “but if you ever try to report what we did to you, I will hunt you down, rape you again, then kill you. Just be aware of that.”

I gulped, “No officer, I wont say a thing I promise.”

“Well get on out of here boy before I change my mind,” He told me.

I ran to my car as fast as I could, cum seeping from my holes and sticking to my trousers. Then I got in and revved up the engine and got out of there as fast as I could. And on the long drive to my motel for the night all I could think about was being fucked in both holes by those two cops, I even dragged my finger through my slit and got some of their cum on my finger to take a taste, I got a thrill and my mini dick perked up again. It sure had made me think about a few things and that I wasn’t as straight as I once thought I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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