Traveling for Business

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“Traveling for business isn’t as fun as it sounds,” I say as I accept my drink from the bartender and hand him my credit card. “It gets very boring, really.”

You nod and smile and are caught in awkward moment of decision – to continue our already five minute conversation or take the conversation in another direction. You shift slightly and take your attention back to your friends. We’ve covered where I’m from, what I do for a living, how long I’m in town, now what?

“Do you travel often?” you ask, having made your decision. Your friends are talking about music, watching basketball.

“I do. Usually alone. This time with my boss.” I point to the cute, middle-aged guy sitting at a huge table, pounding away on his laptop.

You’re checking him out and I can almost see what you’re imagining I do with my boss on business trips.

“Do you have fun together?”

“We have a lot of fun together, but he is gay, so not that kind of fun.”

You blush slightly, give me a sly smile, and we laugh. I feel an instant attraction to you and a slight pool of wetness growing between my legs.

I excuse myself and take my drink to sit down at the big table with my boss. I know you watched me as I walked away. You watched the way my black dress hugs my hips, followed the line of my calves down to my black heels. Even though I wanted to look back, to watch you staring, I didn’t.

Thirty agonizing minutes pass as I review meeting agendas and the plans my boss and I have set for our meeting with our client tomorrow.

“You xnxx know what Bob, I’m going go upstairs for a little bit and make a few phone calls. Will you be here when I get back?” He nods, shuffles papers, and returns to work.

At the bar, I order a bottle of water, hand him my credit card and as you turn to say hello, I simply say, “1263.”

I hear you tell your friends you’re going to step outside and call home. Something about a leaky pipe, three phone calls from your wife, have to call before she gets mad.

It is a big beautiful lobby and I can hear your footsteps on the marble floor following a short distance behind me. We don’t acknowledge each other when you catch up to me at the elevator door. We step in and a little old lady catches the door and steps inside with us. I roll my eyes, smile, and look down to see a perfectly defined bulge through your jeans. Bigger smile.

Finally, the 12th floor.

You place your hand on my ass as we exit the elevator and follow me closely to my room. The door closes and I’m pleasantly surprised as you pin me to the wall. I like your aggression, your forcefulness. We’ll be a good match.

You kiss me hard as your hands move up my body, to behind my head, your fingers wrapping tightly in my hair.

“I’m going to fuck you, you know that, right?” I say as you pull away slightly.

You let out a low growl which sends shivers of pleasure through my body and you kiss me again. With one hand still in my hair, you quickly unzip your pants and free your bakire porno cock. As my hands move to touch you, I release a low gasp of sweet surprise at the nice, long, thick cock waiting for me. I smile through our kissing, and I shove your jeans down so you can step out of them.

We move quickly to the bed and without a word, I’m on top of you. “I want you this way”, I smile, lifting my dress over my head.

Your hands move to feel the fabric of my bra, your fingers tracing the curve of my breasts over the top of the cup and the way my nipples poke through the fabric. You slide my panties to the side and slide your finger up and between my lips, moaning a little at the amount of wetness you find.

“Off,” you say about my bra and panties, so I stand over you and remove them both. My breasts spring free and I enjoy spreading my legs for you as I step out of my panties.

I’m leaving my heels on. I love watching the look on your face as you take me in.

I straddle your legs and after a quick kiss, I work my tongue down your body. From your neck to your nipples to your belly, as your rock hard cock pokes me, begging for attention.

I kiss your hips, your thighs and with one solid lick, I move over your balls and up the full length of your impressive shaft.

My hand moves in sync with my lips as I suck the tip, and stroke your shaft. I’m purring loudly, gyrating my hips, wanting the lovely cock I’m sucking in my pussy. My eyes are locked on yours, and I’m glad you’re enjoying bedava porno it.

You pull my hair slightly to get my attention, and breathlessly say, “Fuck me.”

I move forward to position myself over your cock and, leaning forward, let you kiss and suck my nipples. I love the attention of your mouth as your hand leads your cock into me. I slide down easily and “fuck, yea,” is the only thing I can manage to say.

My back is arched, my head back and I’m grinding into you, feeling your balls pressed into me as I soak them with my dripping pussy. I love hearing the wet, noisy sounds of you filling me, withdrawing, and filling me again, the grunts and groans of pleasure coming from your mouth.

You sit up quickly, and attack my neck with your lips. I wrap my legs around you and the way your cock is moving into me, in short deep thrusts, is bringing me close to orgasm.

My arms and legs are wrapped around you and my tits are pressed hard into your chest. I pull you closer as I feel your balls tighten and that lovely twitch of your cock inside me. I’m instantly gone and let go to wave after wave of incredible orgasm. My muscles are squeezing and pulling your cock, milking it to release a full load of cum deep inside me.

And when you do, I move faster, cumming again, spurred on by your moans, your kisses, and your trembling, sexy body.

You lay back and I stretch across your chest for a few moments. I’m tired but energized. I kiss you sweetly and get up to get you something to clean up with. We’re dressed and ready to leave in just a few minutes.

In the elevator, I tell you I’m in town til Tuesday, and as you walk back into the bar, a little distance behind me, you rejoin your friends and I don’t look back to watch you watching me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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