Treat Night

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“Hi honey, all done the shower?”

I open the bathroom door to see you drying yourself off. I lean on the frame to admire my man, arms crossed under my chest. You smile looking out from under the towel drying your hair.

“Yeah baby, be right out.”

I step forward and take your hand as you step out. You finish drying quickly with my affectionate help, paying particular attention to some areas. Laughing I take your hand and the towel, leading you to our living room.

“So, honey I have a bit of a special treat for you tonight. Hop up on the couch.”

Smiling you lean back, towel still wrapped around you. I walk to the table and open the laptop I have positioned there. You look at the TV as I mirror the two devices.

“What’s up baby?” you ask as you see a familiar website pop up on the screen.

I bring the laptop back and set it beside you, leaning forward to give you a kiss. Your hands come up to cup my breasts in the sheer top but I pull away giggling. “No no, not yet honey.”

I take two pillows and position them on the floor between your legs as you smile in anticipation. “You’ve been good lately and I’ve been busy with work so I figured I’d give you a little thank you.” Your smile widens, “I’m going to be busy with some stuff here.” Bostancı Escort I kneel down and get comfortable on the pillows between your legs, my nails lightly running the inside of your thighs.

“Ha, ok then.” You say with a smile as you start moving the mouse on the screen.

Not looking behind me,” I want you to find your favorite images here and I’ll see if I can notice when you get them. Sound fair?” I look up at you between your legs, a smile on my face as I start kissing your thing and running my hands under the towel. This is a familiar game with us and you know the rules. You get to surf the web or whatever websites you like, watch whatever fantasy you desire as I enjoy your body. I pause a moment to slip my small egg vibe on my clit under my panties. Oh yes, right there.

I start to kiss my way between your legs, seeing the light change behind me but never looking back to see what you’re watching. It is part of the deal, I get to do what I want and you watch whatever you want without feeling embarrassed or judged. I pull the towel away and see you’re already erect, your cock bouncing on your belly, balls drawn up tight.

I kiss my way slowly, I want to draw this out for you tonight. My hand slides from the Bostancı Escort Bayan base of your sac, up your rigid cock as you let out a low moan. I breathe lightly on your balls, your eyes focused on the screen behind me. I lick lightly and your hips push forward as I hold your rigid cock, slowly suck one of your balls into my mouth and tongue flicking as I do. I caress your cock lying on your belly, not yet grasping it as I suck you, only teasing it for now.

You are breathing faster, the screen holding your attention. What fantasy are you watching as I pleasure you? Scrolling screen after screen, fantasy image after image. I grasp your cock now, oh so slowly stroke your firmness, feeling it swell with my attention. The images hold your eyes but I control your body now. The firm caress of my hand making you twitch and gasp like no screenshot can ever hope to do. I slide my tounge up your shaft, smiling as your hand comes down to grasp my hair. A kiss at the tip, run my tongue around the head of your cock, making your thrust trying to enter my mouth. But no, not yet honey.

I cup your balls with one hand as the other slowly starts to pump you. You feel so firm tonight, the wait has been good for you. I look in your distracted Escort Bostancı eyes as I flick my tongue on the base of your cocks head, licking round and round. I love the sound of your breathing, the light gasp as I take the head in my mouth. Gentle suction as I keep pumping you slowly. You’re so hard tonight I have to restrain myself from jumping on top of you. I turn up my vibe, moaning with the vibration on my sensitive clit.

I hold the base of your cock so I can slide my tongue up and down your shaft, stopping at the top to take the head in my mouth again as I pump you. Your twitching more, I can feel the pressure building in you. The screen behind me changes quickly and I know you’re looking for whatever image or video you want to finish with tonight.

Feeling you come close I take you in my mouth and start pumping faster. My other hand massages your balls, my thumb on that special spot at the base of your cock you like so much. I glance up to see you biting your lip and smile. Whatever you have on is something you like and I feel my own pleasure mounting as I keep working you.

Your hips start bucking and I lean back slightly, my tongue flicking the base of your head as I pump you. You cum hard, hips moving with each stroke as your eyes close and head rocks back. I feel your body relax and I slow down, massaging gently now as you soften. A final kiss on your cock as I use the towel to clean you up. Sitting forward I kiss your lips, loving how you grasp my hair to pull me forward.

“Oh wow,” you sigh relaxing.

“Your welcome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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