Trent and Tylee Revised

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This is the story of Trent and Tylee.

Trent is a thirty-six-year-old single man who works in construction. He is a true adonis, being six feet in height, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a firmly chiseled body. Yet he never found the “one”, that one woman that made him feel whole. He has a number of dating relationships and enjoys the fruits of a woman with a keen appetite for good raw sex. However, he has a secret.

Trent has an eighteen-year-old daughter, Tylee.

Tylee is a product of an incestuous relationship between Trent and his mother. He was eighteen years old when he had a single night of incestuous love with his grieving mother.

Tylee, who we will call Ty is an eighteen-year-old blonde with blue-eyed beauty. She is five-foot-six with curves in all the right places. firm and athletic, having competed in track, hockey, and basketball. Ty is Trent’s daughter but known to all authorities as his sister.

Her mother died in the hours after her birth, leaving her orphaned as a baby and raised by a very good foster family who adopted her and gave her their last name.

She had a picture-perfect childhood and knew the stories of her mom, who died giving birth to her, and her dad, who was killed in a car crash just months before she was born. At least this is the official story known by the authorities, her adoptive parents, and her.

Trent is the only one that knows the truth. He and Ty spent a lot of time together over the years. Trent would visit his daughter, bringing her toys and gifts.

Everyone thought it was so nice for her “brother” to be there for her through her school events and birthdays.

Had the truth ever become known, they would never have been allowed to establish a brother-sister relationship.

Trent loved watching his daughter grow into an amazing young woman over her first eighteen years.

Now, Ty has left her childhood home to move to the city and stay with him until she can find work and get a place of her own.

Trent purchased a small home in a quiet neighborhood that has three bedrooms. It was natural that Ty would move into one, and he liked the idea that he could better protect and help her.

Trent şişli escort had a small personal gym in the basement where he would often work out for hours to distract himself from his very sexy daughter. The more he thought about her, the more he worked out.

Ty thought her brother was the greatest and eventually started hanging out in the basement while he worked out. She would admire his highly developed and chiseled mussels. One day, as he was bench pressing weights, she walked in to see his penis peeking out of the leg opening of his trunks.

She felt a rush of heat. It traveled from her crotch to her face. She was intrigued by its size, curious and embarrassed. She thought to herself, “he’s my brother.” She turned and left, going for a jog to clear the thoughts from her mind.

Of course, any time two perfectly healthy people live in close quarters with one another, there are accidental discoveries and exposures of each other’s bodies in various states of nakedness or near-nakedness. This situation is no different.

Ty couldn’t shake the vision of her brother’s cock dangling under his trunks. She would often walk past his bedroom door, peeking in to see his naked ass, torso, or cock. She often stops to get a real eyeful before slipping away to go into her bedroom to quell the fire in her pussy. With her fingers rubbing her clit.

He would often see Ty coming out in the morning dressed in yoga pants and a blouse that clearly showed her feminine charms in all their arousing detail.

Sometimes he catches her coming out of the shower with nothing but a towel covering her very curvy, sexy female body.

A sight that would have him retreating into the guest bath to quickly relieve his raging male hormones or to the basement to distract himself while his raging hard cock subsided.

Unknown to Trent, Ty was fixated on losing her virginity to him. Yes, she knew it was wrong, but she felt so strongly attracted to him. She couldn’t explain it, but she also couldn’t chase the thoughts from her mind.

Ty started a campaign of near-exposures and naked mishaps to get her brother’s attention. She would often see Trent ditch into the bathroom mecidiyeköy escort and come out about ten minutes later looking flush.

She’d smile, knowing he’d just finished jerking off because he saw her ass or tit.She even went into the bathroom after him to try and find evidence of his masturbation. Tent was always careful to clean up before leaving the bathroom.

She started leaving her bedroom door slightly open at all times.

She started sleeping naked or letting the door ajar when she was getting ready to go out for a jog or work.

She knew her brother was watching whenever he could.

Trent also never completely closed his bedroom door and often masturbated at night, under the covers, after Ty went to her bedroom. Unknown to him, Ty would often watch from the hallway while diddling her very aroused clitoris.

Tonight, things will change. They were both out for dinner. They both had a few drinks. Neither was officially drunk. However, both had greatly reduced inhibitions.

Ty stood outside Trent’s door staring while rubbing her hot wet horny cunt as Trent lay in bed stroking his hard cock. She stopped long enough to slip off her nighty shorts and quietly entered his room.

Tonight, Trent didn’t cover himself as he stroked his large hard cock. Approaching him, Ty reached down and pulled her nightie up and off, exposing her firm, pointy, creamy white tits.

She then climbed up on the bed, straddling her brother while reaching down to grab his cock. In a moment of shock, Trent rolled her off of him and they began to struggle.

Trent exclaimed, “We can’t” while Ty was wrestling him, rubbing her tits and body all over her brother, slipping down and capturing the head of his raging hard cock in the apex of her legs at the entrance to her vagina.

They both stopped for a moment. They looked into each other’s eyes as she pushed down and he thrust his rock-hard cock into the virgin cunt of his daughter.

She cried out in pain as she felt the searing tear in her hymen. She sat there impaled on his penis as she became accustomed to its length and girth.

She then started moving slowly, feeling his meat fill her, istanbul escort sending ripples of pleasure through her young body.

Trent reached up, grabbing Ty’s tit and rolling her onto her back. He then started fucking her in earnest. He kept pounding away at her, giving her multiple orgasms and screaming out, “I’m cumming.”

I’m cumming in your cunt. I’m filling you with the cum that gave you life. The cum I filled our mother with eighteen years ago.

“Ty, you are my daughter,” he said as he collapsed and rolled off, both enjoying the afterglow of the experience.

Both were troubled by the event. They sat in silence for a few moments that felt like an eternity.

Ty spoke first. “Why, how, were you fucking our mother?”

Trent told her the story, elaborating on how it was an isolated event that resulted in their mother getting pregnant.

He described how their mother and he had agreed that he would live his life as her brother and never reveal to anyone that she was his daughter.

After their conversation, they both showered and sat and talked more about what had just happened and how they felt.

He had on a pair of trunks and she had on a nightie top. They sat side by side, thinking: where do we go from here?

Ty was cuddling up to Trent. Her nightie did nothing to cover her ass and cunt. Trent looked down, seeing Ty’s exposed vagina and once again getting an erection.

Ty reaches down and starts jerking him off. He pushed her down on her back and penetrated her hot, wet vagina once again.

Over the next few months, they used her adoptive birth certificate to legally get married.

Tylee’s birth certificate was a state-issued adoptive certificate, and by law, any reference to her birth parents was not listed.

They now fuck as husband and wife whenever and wherever they want in the house, the woods, neighboring farm barns, and ponds.

Ty would often meet her father and husband at the door naked.

She would stay naked unless they were leaving the house. She would never wear any undergarments unless she was having her period.

They would go out to dinner every week and stroll in a park or go to the theater, not to enjoy the park or a movie but to fuck in a public setting, which added to the excitement of their incestuous sex.

Ty is now three months pregnant with her father’s baby. This will be the first of three babies born out of their incestual love.

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