Trip’s Welcome Home

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It was a hot, and sticky night in July. The moon was shining and the black sky filled with twinkling stars. When I stepped out into my backyard wearing nothing but a towel. My soft body slicked with a sheen of sweat. Sarah my girlfriend was right behind me. We both sat on the edge of the pool talking and dangling our feet in the cool water. “I need a swim,” I said as I dropped my towel and dove in. Sarah took off her towel and joined me.

I’m sure we looked a sight out there. Two beautiful naked women swimming together in the middle of the night. The pool lights illuminating our naked bodies as we swam.

Well, my boyfriend had been gone on assignment for eleven months. He knew I’d never cheat but knew I’d be lonely. So he gave me full permission to explore my BI side.

We had just talked a few nights ago so I knew he was due back any minute. I had planned this night for him.

Me and Sarah had met weeks ago so I knew what her tastes and wants were. “It’s been fun with you these last few weeks,” Sarah said as she swam up close to me in the pool. We hugged adıyaman escort each other close are breasts and nipples touching. Our nipples hard as her lips find mine. We kiss deep and sensual our tongues dancing as we fondle each other’s body.

Breaking the kiss I tilt my head listening. “I don’t want to get started to soon without him, but I think I hear a car,” I said to Sarah as I climbed out of the pool.

“Well, we can always slow things down or stop if we think we’re going to cum too soon,” Sarah said as she followed me up on the porch. Water sluicing down our bodies as we gathered up the items we needed.

Sarah spread a towel on one of the loungers and laid down as I grabbed some body oil. Crawling between her legs I poured some oil in my hands and started to caress her satin skin. Lowering my head between her thighs I licked along her inner thighs. Moving up further my tongue licks lightly over her pussy lips. “Oh God Jen don’t stop!” Sarah whispers breathlessly. My own pussy beginning to drip now. I slide adıyaman escort bayan my tongue between her folds and lick up and down concentrating on her swollen clit.

I slide my own hand between my legs and rub my clit. Her moans driving me wild as I lick harder on her clit.

Just as I’m sliding my fingers into her I jump and slide them in deep as I feel hands grip my own hips. I look back and whisper, “Trip.” Then I bury my face further in Sarah’s cunt as I feel him parting my legs further and lifting my ass higher. “Oh my God,” I groan as Trip slides his cock into my aching little hole from behind.

“Oh fuck!” I scream into Sarah’s pussy. As I feel Trip start ramming his cock into my tight little cunt fiercely. His balls slapping my ass as he fucks his throbbing cock into me faster and faster. I bite on Sarah’s clit making her yell out. Her pussy thrusting wildly at my face as she nears orgasm. I tighten on Trip’s cock and explode as Sarah’s cum creams my tongue. My pussy throbbing and pulsing as escort adıyaman I feel his cock jerking in me spraying his cum.

As Trip pulls out and I move away from Sarah I giggled, “Welcome home baby.”

“I’m not done yet,” Trip said as he moves between Sarah’s still parted thighs. He spreads her legs wider and pulls her pussy lips apart. “Oh yes fuck my wet little cunt,” she gasps as he shoves his still hard cock deep into her.

I climb over Sarah’s face “Eat me while he fucks you!” I said. She obeys and shoves her tongue up into my hole her fingers pinching at my clit.

“Oh God yes your so tight,” Trip groans as he drives the head of his cock against her back wall. Sliding the wet head of his cock up in her deeper. Sarah’s pussy gripping and fucking his cock as her mouth drives me crazy.

Trip reaches up and pinches her nipples as he thrusts his hips harder. Driving his aching swollen shaft up in her soaked little cunt. I hear him moan louder as his balls begin to tighten.

He rams into her cunt hard and explodes as he hears me scream and cum. Sarah’s pussy gripping and squeezing his shooting cock as she orgasms around him. Her juices dripping down onto his balls. My body shaking as my cunt spasms around her tongue.

We all get up and get dressed. I smile as I say to Trip, “Missed you darling.” We Both kiss Sarah good-bye and thank her for helping me welcome him home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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