Trouble at the Walmart Pharmacy

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Between the inevitable health problems associated with aging and the ever increasing costs of prescription medications, I finally had to bite the bullet and transfer my prescriptions to the Walmart pharmacy located just across the state line. I knew there’d be longer waits in the lines to pickup the medications, but I never expected the transition to go so poorly. After dropping off a couple of new prescriptions and asking the staff there to contact the other pharmacy to transfer all my records, I thought everything was taken care of and would be handled in a professional manner. I was told that I’d be able to pickup everything the following day after 1:00 and I believed them. I mean, a licensed pharmacist is a licensed pharmacist and a computerized system ought to be able to keep due dates organized, but apparently that’s not always the case.

Just to be on the safe side, I arrived at the store a little after 2:00 the next day and walked to the waiting line for the pickups. There were at least ten people in line ahead of me and each one seemed to be having difficulty at the counter. For lack of anything better to do, I tried to focus on what was being said between the customers and the pharmacy techs but I was just far enough away that I couldn’t quite make out the conversations. After a couple of people left empty handed, I started to wonder what was happening and if I’d have the same problem. I checked my watch every so often. Time was ticking away although it seemed to be taking longer than my watch indicated. Finally, somebody got a bag of something and tried to pay for it with either a debit or credit card. I heard cursing and then saw the customer walk away empty handed. Not a good sign, I thought, because I planned to pay with a credit card, too.

At 2:30 the cashier left and was replaced by someone else. A pretty someone else. A pretty redhead with fair skin, big breasts and a curvaceous butt wearing a skin-tight top and jeans. I kept my eyes glued to her as I waited in line. When I was finally close enough to the counter to really see her, I discovered she had blue eyes, a light dusting of freckles and a visible panty line. I detected a lace trim on her bikinis and started fantasizing about what else I might find underneath her clothes.

When it was finally my turn I stepped up and read “Amanda” on her name tag. I was all set to turn on the charm when I saw her engagement ring and wedding band. Damn! I knew it was too good to be true. Besides, I was obviously much older than she and as usual had let my “dirty old man” mind get the better of me. I greeted her by name anyway, told her my name, date of birth (making it even clearer that I was too old for her) and how many prescriptions I was supposed to pickup. She first checked the bags hanging on the racks behind her and then checked the computer. “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing ready for you to pickup,” she said rather matter of factly.

I was ticked off because not only had I arrived an hour after I was told everything would be ready, but it was now close to two hours past the promised time. If I hadn’t waited in that line so long, I might not’ve been as upset, but I had and wasn’t at all pleased. “I know it’s not your fault, Amanda, but I was told everything would be ready by 1:00, and it’s nearly 3:00. How much longer do you think it will be?” I’d meant to be pleasant but as I heard myself speak, I knew I came across as an irate customer.

She checked the computer again and then asked me how many items I was supposed to get, looked back at the monitor, looked up at me, and then asked me to wait a moment. As she turned to go to the actual pharmacy area, my eyes focused on her butt again. She paused and spoke with the first pharmacist she got to, looked my way – and saw that I was staring at her – and then returned to the counter. I tried to keep my eyes up but couldn’t help myself, instead staring at her crotch and then up to her breasts which now had hard, protruding nipples, and as she started to speak, finally looked into her eyes.

“I’m not sure what happened, but only one of your prescriptions will be ready today, and it’ll be another 15-minutes. Would you like to wait for it?”

I said I’d wander through the store and then come back. I checked my watch and then walked away like so many of the others before me had done.

Thinking that 15-minutes probably wasn’t going to be an accurate guess, I waited nearly 30-minutes before I went back to stand in the line. Fortunately there were only a few people ahead of me and I could easily watch Amanda move about behind the counter. Although I knew it had to be my imagination, I thought I noticed her accentuating the movement of her ass when she walked. When it was my turn, I approached the counter and saw her nipples harden again. And then saw that huge rock sitting on her finger. What a tease – I’ll bet she does this to every man who comes in here, I thought.

She asked my name and date of birth again, sex izle as if she’d never seen me before. I told her again and as before, she checked the bags on the racks, then checked her computer monitor, and once again told me there was nothing ready for me to pickup. This time I was pissed off and let her know it. “I guess you don’t remember telling me about 45-minutes ago that I’d have one of my prescriptions ready in 15-minutes! What could possibly take so long?”

Amanda looked down, not at the monitor but at her feet, and then appeared to be looking at my crotch when she said, “I’m sorry, sir. Let me see if I can find out what’s going on.” She walked back to the same pharmacist and talked with her a while, and then returned to the counter where I was waiting. “She says she’s sorry for the delay and will move it to the front of the line. If you’ll wait here it ought to be ready in just a few minutes.”

I agreed to wait. “I’ll sit over there. Please call me when it’s ready.” I walked a few feet to a metal bench near the waiting area and sat down. I looked at products on the shelves nearby. I looked at some of the customers as they walked by. And I looked at Amanda. Every now and then she’d look my way. Normally I’d look away, but not today. My imagination got the better of me and I just stared back at her. When she looked away, I kept staring at her. I wanted to know what she looked like underneath her clothes and I wanted to do all kinds of things with her body, especially that beautiful ass of hers! Unfortunately, she walked to the back of the pharmacy and disappeared. I was forced to return to counting the number of boxes of various laxatives and stool softeners on the shelves.

A short time later I heard her call my name. I got up from the bench and walked to her. As she was telling me the price I asked when the other items would be ready. She told me it would probably be another couple of days but if I wanted, they’d call me when it was ready to be picked up. She verified my phone number. I swiped my credit card in the reader, and she handed me a small bag with only one thing in it. I left feeling extremely pissed off and incredibly horny.

After three days had passed I finally received an automated call from the pharmacy. All my medications were ready and the price to be paid was quoted. The cost was much lower than where I used to go so I thought that maybe it was worth the trouble. I decided to wait until close to 2:30 in hopes that Amanda would be there again. If she was, at least I’d have someone pretty to ogle while I waited.

When I arrived at the pharmacy I once again stood in the line at the pickup counter. There she was! My Amanda! She was once again wearing a skin-tight top and it showed off her ample cleavage, but today she had on off-white, dressier looking skin-tight slacks. When I got close enough to see better, once again I noticed her visible panty line, but today there appeared to be more lace in both the front and back. I imagined she’d chosen her wardrobe just for me. Yeah, right – how pathetic!

When it was my turn I walked to the counter. I decided to be friendly and said, “Hello, Amanda. How are you today?”

She asked my name and date of birth. Well, that was that, I thought. I’m nothing special. She just likes to dress provocatively. I stated my name and date of birth, she checked the bags on the rack and again turned around and looked at the computer monitor. She blankly looked at me and told me there was nothing ready for me to pickup today.

“What!?!” I practically shouted at her. “Three days ago you told me it would be a couple of days and I’d get a call when it was ready. Well, I got a call a couple of hours ago telling me everything was ready and even quoted me the total price. And now you tell me nothing’s ready? This is not good. I’ve transferred everything here and to be honest, I’m considering taking my business someplace else. This just stinks!” I wasn’t proud of my behavior, but I had a right to be mad.

Amanda looked down at the floor and apologized for the problems, and then asked if I’d wait just a moment. She turned and walked back to one of the pharmacists, then both of them walked back to where I was standing. The pharmacist told me, “I’m sorry. I don’t know why you would’ve been called. You’re not the only one, though. Several people have told me the same thing and I keep telling the home office something’s wrong, but apparently they don’t care. If you’ll give me about 20-minutes, I’ll try to get everything together for you. Can you wait that long?”

Still upset I replied, “I don’t have much choice, do I? If I leave and come back another time, I’ll have wasted even more time and the way things have gone so far, there’s no guarantee anything will be ready.”

The pharmacist apologized again and said she’d get started on it right away if I’d be kind enough to wait. I agreed and went off to wander through the store again.

After about 15-minutes fransız porno of watching the recorded programming on the many large televisions on display in the electronics department, I returned to the pharmacy waiting area and got into the line. Even though Amanda had treated me like just another customer, I started watching her again, imagining the things I wanted to do to her. When it was my turn again, I was asked my name and date of birth. Oh, if she only knew what I’d been thinking moments ago! I gave her my information, she checked the bags on the rack and again turned around and looked at the computer monitor. “I’m sorry but everything’s not ready yet. It shouldn’t be much longer.”

I asked what wasn’t ready and when she told me, I was mad again. “It comes prepackaged in a box! All she has to do is pull it off the shelf and slap a label on it! What is so difficult about that?”

Amanda turned and went back to the pharmacist to find out what was taking so long. They both came back to where I was standing. The pharmacist said, “I’ve finished with your things. What are you so upset about?”

I explained that no, she wasn’t finished with everything and wondered how two people using the same computer system could have different opinions about the same thing. She looked at the monitor as Amanda pointed to the unfilled prescription.

“Oh. Right,” she said. “Can you wait a few minutes?”

I asked how long and she said she’d get right on it. I said I’d sit on the bench and wait.

Ten minutes later and nothing had been done. I walked to the counter, stated my name and date of birth, and asked why I still didn’t have my box.

Amanda spoke softly this time and looked into my eyes. “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and I remember your name. Excuse me just a minute.”

At least she says she knows me now, I thought to myself. Maybe there’s hope for this place.

Amanda returned, this time holding the labeled box. She gathered up the other items and placed them into paper bags, folded the health warnings and pricing information neatly and stapled it all together in a neat stack. She then asked me to sign the electronic pad, and told me how much it cost.

“What? Wait a minute. That’s not enough!”

She laughed and said I could pay more if I wanted, but that was all I owed. I insisted she check to see if something was missing. She went through her neat stack of paper and pointed to the prices. After the second one she said, “Oh. This is a partial, so there’s no charge.”

Again, I was pissed off. “How is it that I had to wait three days and somehow I still got a partial? That’s just absurd!”

She apologized and said it shouldn’t be more than one more day, and that I’d be called when it was ready to pickup.

In a smart ass tone I responded, “Yeah, you mean like today? I don’t know how you can stand to work here if you have to put up with this every day.” I swiped my credit card, signed another electronic pad and left the store.

Two days later I received an automated call stating that I had one overdue prescription waiting to be picked up. I checked the time and decided to wait a little longer. If nothing else, maybe Amanda would be there and I could apologize for yelling at her before.

As luck would have it, Amanda was there when I arrived and nobody was waiting in line. I quickly noticed that she was wearing a skin-tight top and a short skirt as I approached the counter. She looked up at me and said, “Just a moment.”

“Don’t you need my name and date of birth?”

“She smiled and said, “No, sir. I’ve got that now.”

Since nobody was waiting behind me and the pharmacy area was deserted, I decided to apologize for my past behavior. “Amanda, I need to apologize for the way I spoke to you the last couple of times I was here. I’d also like to take you for a cup of coffee or an ice cream if you’ll have a break soon.”

Amanda held up the bag containing the prescription and asked me to sign the electronic pad on the left. “That would be wonderful. My shift ends in about an hour, if you don’t mind waiting. I know you have lots of experience with that, but I promise to make it worthwhile.”

I swiped my credit card and she handed me the bag. “Don’t I have to sign again?”

“No, sir. It’s under $50 so you don’t have to sign for it. Now, what about that coffee? Would you wait for me? I might even be able to leave sooner if my replacement gets here early.”

I gazed into her eyes and said, “Sure. I can wait. I’ll browse through the store and then come back and get you.”

With something much better than expensive medication waiting to be picked up, I found it much more difficult to kill time in the store. I wandered through the health section to the family planning department and thought about buying some condoms. After standing and looking at the amazing selection, I decided that was most likely unnecessary. There was that big diamond teen porno ring, after all.

After checking the prices on motor oil, browsing the cheap shoes and seeing what was available in the garden shop, I decided to go back to the uncomfortable metal bench and sit and wait. At least that way I’d be able to watch Amanda and let my imagination go wild.

When I got back to the bench, Amanda was sitting there waiting for me, her fair skinned legs crossed and showing off how shapely they were. “Susan came in early so I can leave early.” She uncrossed her legs, held up her hand and waited for me to help her up. Once she was standing she asked if I’d take her to the Starbucks a few stores up from the Walmart. “It’s within walking distance and there’s a corner in the back that offers some privacy.”

I kept the diamond ring in mind but placed my hand on the small of her back and escorted her out of the store. Once we were outside she took my hand and held it while we walked. I felt the ring on her finger and wondered what I was getting myself into. In another minute we arrived at the Starbucks. I opened the door for her and followed her inside. “What would you like?” I asked.

“I’d like to go into the back and talk.”

“Really? You don’t want something to eat or drink?”

“No, thanks, I just want to talk for now.”

I followed her to the back and sure enough there was a corner table that sat away from all the other tables, not that it really mattered since all the tables were empty. She stopped and stood by a chair. I wondered if she expected me to pull it out for her, so I moved closer. She took my hand and said, “You have no idea how I’ve wanted to be alone with you. That very first time you came into the pharmacy I saw you looking at me and it felt like you had laser vision or something. My pussy got so hot and wet I didn’t know what to do. When you were so stern with me, I practically melted into my panties. I was so afraid it would show through. I tried to remain cool, but I had to slip away and masturbate! I’ve never done that before. Even after you left I thought about how you made me feel. When I got home that evening I fantasized about you taking me and I masturbated again. And when I knew you’d be coming back I wanted to wear something to get your attention. The reason I decided to wear a skirt today is because I hoped I might be able to get together with you, even briefly, so you could feel what you do to me!” She pulled my hand underneath her skirt and placed it between her thighs. “Do you feel that? My panties are soaked! That’s what you do to me.”

After allowing my fingers to spread her lips through her panties, I thought about the wedding ring again. “But, what about your husband?”

She leaned towards me and said, “My husband? Oh, you mean the ring?”

“Yes, that.”

“Don’t you worry about that. I’ve been divorced for quite a while. I wear the ring to work to keep the creeps from bothering me.”

“Well, let’s sit down and we can talk a little more,” I told her. I pulled out the chair and then scooted it back under her as she sat down. “How long were you married?”

“Oh, I got married after my first year at college. I thought I was in love with a football player. When I wouldn’t go all the way with him, he gave in and proposed. The first few weeks of married life were great, but even after a few months, the sex got to be boring. I asked him about it and he said I needed bigger boobs to get him turned on, so I gave in after a while and he paid for my boob job. I have to admit, they do look good.” She giggled a little and then continued. “Shortly after I got them he decided he wanted to fuck them all the time, so I got no attention anywhere else. He didn’t even want to fuck me in the ass! I started complaining and he said he didn’t want to get me pregnant and he wasn’t going to use a condom. I refused to go on the Pill, so we finally decided I should have my tubes tied. While that was healing, he kept fucking my boobs, and even after I was ready to have him fuck my pussy, he just didn’t want any part of it. Well, to make matters worse, he bought himself an Xbox for Christmas and he stopped having anything to do with me. After a few more months we had a huge fight and I walked out on him, went to an attorney and started the divorce process. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the divorce laws here, but you have to be separated from your spouse for a year before you can go to court and have everything finalized. I was hurt and pissed off, and didn’t want to have anything to do with any man for many months after the divorce became official. So, I haven’t been with a man for nearly two years! And then you show up in the store and all I can think about is how much I want you to fuck me. Oh god, did I just say that out loud?”

I smiled and responded, “Yes. Yes, you did.”

Amanda blushed a deep red, cast her eyes downwards and then looked up at me sheepishly. “I hope I didn’t offend you. But it’s true. I noticed how you looked at me and hoped you felt the same about wanting me. Do you? Will you fuck me tonight? I have a condo just down the street from the store. We can walk there and we can spend the night together. Please?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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