Truck Stop

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We were driving home for the weekend. As I drove, my hand could easily stroke your thigh. As the interstate was dark, you obliged by opening your legs more. By now, my fingers were running along your panty line. Slowly, my fingertips slid across the thin cloth of your yoga pants, stroking your lips through the material. For several miles, my gentle pressure on your pussy. Even in the dim light, I could your eyes flutter as I teased you.

“Wanna switch?” you asked, a coy smile across your face.

As we had driven this road many times, we knew there was a lit, but vacant truck stop coming up. I kept stroking as we pulled off into the abandoned parking lot. Before leaving the car, you reached over and my tented pants, stroking my stiff cock. As you came around the hood, I stopped you.

“How about we have a little fun…right here…” I suggested.

You looked around. No cars were stopping and we were far enough from the road.

“What did you have in mind?” you asked with mischievous look.

I grabbed almanbahis adres your hand and held it to my cock.

“Oh really?

“Yes please…then maybe we can give this hood a little use…”

With that, you unzipped my pants and unbuttoned my boxers. As my cock popped out, you stroked the underside. Pushing me against the side of the car, you squatted down. Looking up at me, you licked the end of my cock before sliding the whole thing into you naughty mouth. I watched as your head bobbed up and down, occasionally glancing around for any unwanted visitors. With a pop, you released my cock from your wonderful mouth.

As you stood up, you asked about the hood. Cock still in the breeze, I turned you and bent you over the hood. Breasts pressed against the warm metal, I revealed your ass to the cool night. A quick spank elicited a small moan. I reached between your legs, your pussy hot and wet. Pants at your ankles, I spread your feet wider. After teasing your wet lips with the head, I almanbahis yeni giriş slid my cock into your pussy. There, in an abandoned truck stop in the open air and starry night, I pounded you. Moans slipped into the night. “More” and moans were the only things to escape your lips. Your moans became near screams as the climax built in both of us. With a rapid serious of deep thrusts, I exploded into you. For a moment, you lay across the hood, pussy and ass still quivering. Getting fucked in public had only deepened the orgasm.

As you recovered and stood up, you looked down at my juice-covered cock.

“Guess we should clean him up…”

With that you bent over and sucked the juices off my limp shaft, the taboo nature of our fuck unleashing your very naughty nature. With one last lick, you tucked my cock back and zipped me up.

Still naked from the waist down, you asked about yourself. I asked how attached you were to your panties.

“Not very, why?”

“Take them off…”

You almanbahis did as request, standing half-naked in the middle of nowhere. With a naughty grin, I wiped you clean, then found an old trash bin.

“And now what?” you asked.

“You are going the rest of the way commando.” I said with a grin.

With a devilish grin, you slipped the thin pants back on. As we merged back onto the highway, you grabbed my hand and squeezed it between your thighs. My fingers rested on your still aroused clit and lips. About ten minutes down the road, you lifted your ass, pulled your pants down and rode exposed until our next stop. Either my fingers or your own were stroking your pussy or inner thighs the entire time. As we approached our next stop, you quickly pulled your pants back up. There was no need for others to see your bare lips in the light of street lamps.

As we pulled into the real truck stop for gas, you gave my cock a quick stroking. I watched your ass jiggle as you went for drinks and snacks. The wicked grin on your face as you walked across the lot, commando with the material teasing your still wet pussy, made my cock stiffen again. You left your pants on the rest of the trip, but you did have a little fun with the ice cold water bottle between your thighs for a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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