Trucker’s Weekend of Fun – Night 03

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An inhuman sound rippled throughout the room. It sounded like a cartoon witch’s laugh; comically loud or something done for a stage production. Nothing a real human should make. Yet, moments later the sound reverberated in the room again. My mind was hazy from the fantastic sex, the deep sleep, so it took a moment to realize what was happening. But as the crackle invaded my sanctuary for the third time in as many minutes, I solved the mystery: a drunk woman in the hotel’s outdoor bar was laughing. A quick glance at the tableside clock showed it was a few minutes before 3 a.m.

I shifted, extending my arm to see if the bed was empty, if Don had made promises he didn’t intend to keep. Warm, hard flesh greeted my fingertips, and it was no effort to smile. Slowly, my hazel eyes adjusted to the limited light from the street lights outside and the imposing shape of a man was easy to make out inside the soft blankets covering us.

Timidly, I trailed my fingers downward, feeling every ridge and bump of my trucker’s torso. When he was on top of me, Don’s chest hair felt coarse, rough but now as it moved slightly with his exhales, it’s downy and fuzzy. Catching a few between my fingers, I watch as the black fur straightens for two inches before gently folding into itself again. Mesmerized by this simple action, my body moves continuously, repeating a touch far too intimate for a hook-up.

But Don said he wanted more. Or at least, implied as such. I knew I needed to have that conversation, especially when he wasn’t fucking me, but my insecurities gripped me harder than I wanted to admit. If I could, I’d choose to never leave this night, to always be beneath Don with no real worries. The room was still dark when Don moved, sliding one of his tree-trunk legs against mine.

“I like you touching me.” It was a soft confession but I heard it clearly.

A muscled arm swung up and around, grasping my left shoulder tightly. Even laying down, I had to tilt up to kiss his soft lips. It was chaste, gentle. But my hand wanted more and without thought, I stopped Escort Fikirtepe petting him and glided down to the fly of Don’s grey boxer briefs. Already bulging, his hard cock was strong in my loose grip. The kiss intensified, my body pulled to be completely parallel against his.

“Baby, baby,” the plea hushed across my face and I didn’t even try to fight as Daddy pushed me downward. Slipping free of the fabric, Don’s fat dick stood like a victorious warrior ready for the spoils of war. Wet and dirty, spit slid from my mouth, covering every inch. He didn’t move, just placed a hand on the back of my head, letting me set the pace. Twirling my tongue kept him slippery enough to glide in and out easily.

“Oh yes, baby. So good to me. My perfect boy.”

I popped up to swallow a glob of built-up saliva and precum before quickly diving back down. It was an endeavor but I pushed past my limits to get him into my throat before the middle-aged man’s cock was too hard, too long to deepthroat. After a few bobs, I couldn’t move, my face fully buried in his crotch. Don’s strong hands had moved, one behind each of my ears and with little effort, he trapped me on his dick.

“It’s time we train that gag reflex out of you,” voice deep, I knew the gentle Don was gone. Replaced by a man who knew he was in charge and knew his desires were going to be fulfilled. “Ready slut?”

It was a question but I didn’t have a chance to answer. Moving roughly, the blankets tumbled to the floor as huge thighs encased the upper half of my body. Pressure behind my ears held me still as Don lifted his hips, fucking impossibly deeper into my mouth. The intensity of his thrust too much for me and soon the cacophonous echoing of my gagging filled the room, drowning out every other sound.

He moved with a speed I could never hope to reach, let only match, but I knew I needed Daddy to be happy. I kept my tongue float and out, letting the silva coat him from tip to base as he fucked my face.

“Yes baby, just like that.”

He plunged deep forcing Sancaktepe escort himself past my feeble resistance. If someone looked, I was certain they would see the outline of his cockhead bugling above my adam’s apple. Without pulling back, he shifted his body down, pushing me further off the bed. Hairy legs wrapped against my back, entangling us from two people to just one indistinguishable shape.

“I’m close baby, so fucking close.” Gyrating his hips, Don chased one final orgasm that night. “Here comes your reward, baby boy.”

I’d spent the last six hours on Don’s dick, swallowing more than one of his impressive loads. But here now, when I couldn’t withdraw, couldn’t let the excess splash on my face, I struggled to breathe and genuinely worried I might drown. I’d forgotten that my lover was a gentleman and before the night could turn dangerous, Don slipped out and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

“Drink slowly baby,” soft hands were cupping my face and I didn’t remember landing on my knees. After a few sips, the world expanded and I started to focus on the room again. The bedside lamp was on the softest setting and the mellow saffron glow backlit Don. With his large erection inches from me, it felt like being in the presence of a god. A merciful God that would push me into the depths of the deepest inferno yet always bring me back to heaven.

“I love you.” The words were soft but Don froze like he’d been shot. Worry and fear should have bloomed in my stomach, and yet, I felt lighter than I had in years. My truth was freed and there was no reason to regret it. Time stretched to eternity but I was still, waiting for a response.

Don slowly lowered himself, equal to me so we could be face to face. “I love you too.”

This kiss was different than anything else we’d share. It wasn’t a desperate need for pleasure or a prelude to fun. It was a promise, an answer to questions neither of us had asked. We broke apart but stayed close, breathing next to each other. “I want this,” He pressed closer to me. üsküdar escort bayan “I want more than weekends.”

“It’s not impossible, we can figure something out.”

The trucker didn’t respond, just leaned forward to kiss my forehead. “Let’s go back to sleep.” A strong hand lead me back under the covers but Don didn’t move away, just laid down beside me, his big fingers curling around my side. For the second time that night, I fell asleep smiling.

* * * * *

Eyelashes fluttering, the light was bleak but not dark; the jet grey of early morning before the dawn truly raises. Softness touched my lips for a moment and I opened my eyes to see a fully dressed Don leaning over me. “Baby, it’s time for work.”

“No… what? What time is it?”

“It’s almost six.” He stepped back, moving away, and a quick chill greeted me.

“What?” My mind was a disoriented mess, thoughts tumbling from a long, exhausting night. “The train comes at eight.”

The gravelly chuckle was loud but Don returned to my side. “It’s my work time, baby boy.” He leaned down again and kissed my lips once before kissing my forehead. I fall back against the pillow, keeping my eyes closed. His quiet steps faded in and out before one last time Don was kissing me. “I’ll text you.”

Time paused until the alarms on my phone buzzed repeatedly. Alone, the cold of the hotel room was unpleasant now, and getting ready and getting dressed seemed like more work than usual. Logically I knew being a trucker was important to Don; knew that he had to make money too. Yet, after the night we shared, the night I admitted my true feeling, I was hoping for some astronomical change. An impossible fairy tale ending.

The city was loud in the morning, indifferent to my annoyance at my place in life. The rush and hustle slowed to a halt as a crowd gathered for the incoming train. I could feel my brain going into hyperdrive; overthinking every sound, every movement of our interaction; convincing myself of mistakes. A loud beep startled me out of the spiral and glazing down saw a new message from Don.

“Two hours on the road and I already can’t wait for next time.”

The image attached was unmistakable. Center perfectly against the steering wheel of a cargo truck was my daddy trucker’s thick cock, hard as a rock. “I’m saving this for you, baby boy ;).”

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