Truth or Dare

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The week has been ripe with sexual tension. Whether morning or night, we’e exchanged knowing glances and flirtatious gropes because it’s Saturday, and you’ve planned a game to tease and delight us.

Just this morning as we cooked breakfast in the kitchen, I made you tingle to set tonight’s mood. Cutting fruit at the counter in your robe, I glide behind you to innocently ask a question. Slowly pressing my body into yours, I grind my hips against your ass. I can tell it’s working because your hands don’t move, and your torso eases back into mine. Casually reaching under your arms and to the front of your body, I squeeze both breasts for a moment. As I move backward, I see your right hand move down and behind you to feel my parts below. A soft fondle has me wanting to rip the clothes from your body. But, it’s only 9:30, and we have about twelve hours until our erotic journey begins.

With the sun long set and wine in our glasses, there is a loose and tender energy to our night. The kids are away at the grandparents’ house, and the quiet soothes us both. While you sit on the couch reading Lit on your iPad, I travel upstairs to our bedroom. In need of refreshment after the day, I fill the bathtub and consider the possibilities–could we start in the tub? Would you hear the water and know what I had in mind? I decide to build a mood around a bath for two.

I light a candle and turn out the lights, but I leave the fan running for good measure. I gather wash cloths, a bar of soap, two towels, and our robes. Arranged on the rug by the tub, we have everything we need for a fun soak. Curiosity hasn’t drawn you up yet, but I know you will be here soon, so I discard my clothes and slide into the bath. Easing my body, part by part into the hot water, I finally settle on the far end as the water reaches the middle of my stomach. With a warm and wet environment, I can see my manhood stirring to life, slightly swollen and eager for your perfect touch. I close my eyes and remember last weekend’s adventure, and the images bring a smile to my face–the back seat, walking from the car, kneeling and receiving oral pleasure, my tongue and hands satisfying all of your needs. I recall entering you from behind, and my body starts to feel electric. One final flash brings me fully erect as I think of the total body orgasm I had.

Opening my eyes, I see my full seven inches extend from the water, and I hear the door creaking open. Too turned on to be shy, I don’t hide myself when you walk into the room.

“Did you start without me?” you ask pointedly with your hands on your hips.

“No, just thinking about last week,” I say with a smile.
You head to the toilet and return in a moment to stand next to the tub.

“Good to see you’re ready,” you declare as you pull your shirt over your head to reveal a red bra. Your jeans come off one moment later, and I see the matching red panties. I can’t be quite sure, but it looks like a wet spot is in the middle, and I’m curious if your reading has brought forth the reaction. Undoing your bra and tossing it to the ground, your breasts hang lusciously, only a few feet away. Using your thumbs on the sides, you ease your sexy red bikini panties down your legs, and with your right leg, you give them a flick toward the dirty clothes basket. Not quite making it inside, you stroll over and bend to pick them up. My mind captures your movements in slow motion so I can savor them. Your lean gives me a small peak at your prize–tucked neatly under the shadow of your ass, I love to see your soft pink lips and imagine my hardness separating them.

Four quick steps, and you’re back at the tub, stepping your left foot in, then your right. As you squat to lower your body into the water, I slide back to give you more room. Now we’re both in the bath, facing each other from a slight recline. My legs are open, your are between, and I catch you staring at the stiff object protruding from my groin.

“So what do you have planned tonight,” I ask in an effort to see where we’re headed.

You finally glance up. “Truth or dare. I read about it in a magazine and thought it would be fun.” Then your eyes dart downward again.

“Ok, how do we play?” I am nervous but excited about the idea. What will I ask her? What does she want me to do? Are there new boundaries we will cross tonight?

“I get to start. Truth or Dare?” you ask, and our adventure is almost beginning.

“Wait. Are there rules or something?” I want to be sure I don’t cross a line or ask the wrong thing.

“The ‘truth’ questions are open to anything. The dares have to be reasonable. And safe. Nothing weird or creepy,” you laugh a bit as you say it.

“Ok. Now what?”

“Truth or dare,” you posit playfully.

“Truth,” I safely and confidently select.

“Um…what was your favorite part of last weekend?” A fair question, and one that doesn’t dig too deeply from the start.

“I don’t know. It’s Artvin Escort hard to choose one thing,” I’m stalling a bit to search for an answer that I think you will like. The anxiety and adrenalin coursing through my body have brought my parts to a flaccid state, not the impressive red rocket it was before. When you notice what’s happened, your feet inch closer to my body. My pulse races as I anticipate the touch of your toes, but they slide past my sex and up my stomach to my chest. A few gentle circles from your warm, pink toes has me erect again in a flash. You pause your movements and look at me directly, waiting for my answer.

“I had a great orgasm. All the things you did to me made my whole body shake. I had fun doing stuff to you too, but if I had to pick one thing, it would be the way you touched me at the end.”

You smile, content with my answer, and your feet start to play again. I enjoy the moment, but then realize what I need to do next.

“Truth or dare.”

“…………” I can tell you’re thinking, trying to decide if you want to take the plunge. “Dare,” you finally declare.

“I dare you to touch yourself while I watch.”

“Really?” I’m not sure if you’re disappointed or shy about the request.

“Yes, really. I love to watch you play with your own body. Start at your chest and then move between your legs.”

Surprisingly, you oblige, and quickly. Closing your eyes to concentrate, you bring your hands to your breasts and grasp each nipple. A slight pinch and then rolling them between your thumb and finger show me that you’re getting hotter by the second. It doesn’t take long for your desire to spread lower, and your right hand is the first to explore. A light caress with your middle finger along the slit and then a lingering circular motion at your clit make your breath grow heavier. I then see your finger between the lips seeking the opening near the bottom. One finger slips in, and you open your eyes–passion-filled and glassy, they lock on me to share you intimate moment. In and out, from the bottom to the top, you stroke and rub, bringing pleasure to us both. You drape your right leg over the edge of the tub, and your left moves to the windowsill. Your mouth open almost panting, you then plunge two fingers inside and stretch your tight hole. Two, three, four thrusts, then you withdraw to circle your clit again. Excited and unaware, I’ve been stroking myself as well, sharing the moments of self-pleasure.

Slowing to a light touch, you seem to have fulfilled the request and want to move on. “Truth or dare,” she offer while your face reddens with each minute longer in the bath.

“Truth,” I say, unwilling to take the plunge.

“Ok, but you’re going to have to play next time around, or it’s over.”

“Are you making up the rules as we go?”

“Yes! It’s my game!” you laugh. “You picked truth, so…….um……..what’s a position you want to do tonight?”

“I don’t know…….I guess……you on top?”

“That’s all?”

“You on top, but facing away from me,” I say to provide a better picture.

“Why do you like that?” you ask quizzically since it’s not a part of the standard positions we use.

“I have better control with you on top, and it will give me a good show to watch things.”

“Tell me more. What are you excited about seeing? What about it will turn you on?” you say in a push to get me to reveal more.

“You will be leaning over, which means I will get to see everything from behind. I love to watch me slide in and out of you, your pussy so wet and juicy. And I can touch your ass if you want. You will be able to touch yourself too, which will help you have fun. I think we will both like it.”

“Mmhhmmm,” you moan in agreement, and I see your hand at work again. It’s clear you enjoyed the sexy talk, and now my turn has arrived. “Truth or dare.”

“Dare,” you are losing all inhibitions and have a glimmer of adventure in your eye.

“I dare you to give me a blowjob.”

You roll your eyes, sit up, and scoot forward. “This isn’t very original, but I’ll play along.” I guess you were hoping for something more dynamic, which means I need to start thinking about more elaborate dares. Meanwhile, your hand wraps around my shaft, and you begin stroking to bring about my full erection. In a matter of seconds I’m standing tall, protruding from the water, the veins throbbing and the head turing reddish and purple. You lick your lips and descend upon my member without hesitation. Rather than start with gentle kisses or a teasing tongue, you’ve started to suck vigorously, your mouth covering the tip and first few inches. After a moment or two, you pause to keep me inside your mouth, and I can feel your tongue rolling around, its soft and slippery underside sending shivers through my body. You inhale me once more, this time taking more of me into your mouth until I feel the tip of my cock Artvin Escort Bayan reach the limit of your mouth. And then you take me deeper. For a few seconds I feel you swallowing me whole, the full length of my sex in your mouth and down your throat. The tight, wet sensation is amazing, and if you don’t release me, I might send something more down your throat. You finally withdraw and breathe deeply after your hard work. Coming up for air, you lean toward me and kiss me gently, just open lips to start, until I bring my tongue to your mouth to share a lasting, passionate kiss. Satisfied, and perhaps a little tired, you recline again in the tub, and offer the nexts round of options.

“Truth or dare?”

I guess it’s my turn to be bold. “Dare.”

A smile grows on your face, and I’m dying to know what you have planned. Leaning back, you open your legs, hoisting each on the sides of the tub. “I dare you to play with my body. Touch me and turn me on.”

I’m a little relieved because it seems like a regular request, and I waste no time setting my hands in motion. My left hand roams up and down your slit, hovering for a moment on the bump that needs more attention. Despite being under water, I can still feel your special, slippery juices as a finger on my right hand searches for the deeper prize. Finally at the door, I slowly insert one finger while my other hand continues to rub gently above. You slide you bottom forward, giving more access to your body, and your hands clasp your breasts. With three of your spots fully stimulated, I keep the pleasure steady with circular motions and a rhythmic fingering.

“Oh…..oh…..oh….ohhhhhhh,” I hear you moan, and I know your passion is growing. Not sure if you’re interested, I slide a finger down below and begin lightly touching the soft flesh of your bottom. Your eyes part just a bit, and I think I see you nod your head, so I start rubbing purposefully around the tight muscle until I feel it relax, and then the tip of my finger peeks inside.

“OHHH,” you gasp as my hands continue to work. I remember that this is supposed to be foreplay, so I slow down the pace and start to remove one hand at a time. You relax a bit, though your chest and face show the pink glow of success.

“Truth or dare?” and I wonder what could happen next.

“The truth is, we need a break. Can we wash and get out of the tub?”

“Ok,” I say, more than willing to move to the bed for the next adventure. We both sit up, and you grab the soap from behind you. A quick lather, and you are cleansing your body–your arms and shoulders, then your breasts, which you circle many times with your foamy hands to my delight. Down your stomach and to parts below, I can hear the swish and squish of your work. You reach behind and under to clean one more special spot, and then begin rinsing off. I’m quick to follow, although I pause for a few extra strokes when cleaning myself. You pull the plug and the water drains, so we stand to get towels and robes. Seeing your body and sensing your passion, I lean down to kiss you, a simple kiss with just enough tongue to say I love you and I want you.

Out of the tub, drying off, and quickly under the covers where you struggle to shake the chills. I move in next to you and huddle to create more warmth. We kiss again, this time a deep, long kiss that doesn’t break or pause. Our tongues dance together for hours, it seems, until we cease and come up for air.

“So it’s your truth or dare still.”

“Oh, right. Ummmmm…” you are thinking, considering the options, deciding what pleasure path we will take. Our bodies are warm, yours feels soft against my skin. Savoring the moment, I see you pull away from me and turn over to face the other way. You inch back towards me, so we are spooning, and you reach to pull my arm around you. “My dare is spooning foreplay.”

“How much? Or what do I…?” I’m unsure what exactly you expect me to do, although the sensation of your soft bottom pressed against my loins has me filled with lustful joy.

“You know what to do. I love it when you touch me like this.” Hearing you say it sends a jolt through me, and I withdraw my hand from your grasp to caress your back. Up and down I rub and lightly scratch, trying to relax you. I ease down to your hip and feel your goosebumps rise, which gives me a smile. Still taking it slow, not inching toward a more sensitive part, I focus on your back, your side, and the top of your behind. I think your frustration must be growing because you slide your arm forward to give me access to your breasts. Tracing the tips of my fingers over your side to your stomach, I can feel you breathing deeply in anticipation. Moving in circles, I inch up your chest to reach your left breast. With a feathery touch, I gracefully drag my fingers across it, barely touching a firm nipple as I pass.

Back down your stomach to your belly button, I Escort Artvin still rub in circles to bring the pleasure higher. Your body rolls back toward me a bit, which gives me full access to your chest. I respond quickly, sending my hand to greet them with the a gentle but firm squeeze–first the left, carefully kneading your flesh from the sides, and then the right with the palm of my hand covering the nipple and rubbing all around.

I’m so turned on and want to give you more, so I start rubbing my body against yours, noticeably moving my erection to the soft space of your ass cheeks. Still playing with your chest, I slide the throbbing member up and down, and I can feel you pressing your ass against me. The heat is building, and you ache to be touched Sliding a leg up and bending your knee finally opens the door, and my hand moves directly below to your warm and amply wet pussy. Separating the lips, getting my hand lubricated, then I start to circle your clit.

“ohhhhh….” you moan and turn your head to kiss me. Your hips move slightly to force my fingers deeper inside you. Breaking from our kiss, you turn away and your hand reaches back to find my hardness. Only a stroke or two before you angle it down a bit, below your ass, to the opening that wants to be filled.

Pulling my hand back from your sex, I concentrate on the work at hand as you grind yourself against my shaft. Using your fingers to press it firmly against the surface of your pussy, your body slides against the thick veined cock. At any moment I could plunge deep inside you, as I have so many times, but then I remember the game.

I pull away, roll on my back, and exhale as I say, “you did say foreplay, right?”. You roll over to face me, a red flame in your cheeks, and you smile. “I guess so. But that means it’s my turn, right?”

“Right,” I say, more than curious about your plans.

“Then Truth, or dare,” you add.

I could answer truth to give us a little break, but I’m too horny and ready for more fun.


“I dare you to try the position you mentioned in the tub.”. With that you climb on top and lean down to kiss me. My hands grasp your breasts, and yours check to see if I’m still hard. Finding it firm and willing, you swing a leg over and begin to position yourself facing away from me. You straddle my waist, and inch a bit lower to make sure our bodies meet in the right place. Then you raise up and lean forward, giving me a full view of your gorgeous pussy and ass. I grab my cock and send it to meet the wet lips that yearn for penetration. You start to arch up and sit down on top of me, sliding my hardness gently inside you.

“Oh, fuck……ohhhhh,” I moan as you start to move up and down on me. I have the sexiest view of the act–a primal, lustful scene of cock and cunt, like my own private movie–and it drives me wild. I survey the rest of the area to notice the sides of your breasts bouncing with each thrust and your right hand seems to be down below, working to keep your clit engaged in the stimulation.

“Uh…oh…Oh…OH,” with each movement you let out a bit more noise to demonstrate your pleasure. You are pushing down harder, sending me deeper into your cavern. I see your white cum rolling down my dick, and I rub my thumb across to get it wet. My next move parts your ass cheeks to expose your glory hole. I go to work right away, rubbing firmly and then pushing inside. It’s more than you can take as you exclaim, “Oh…feels so good…keep fucking me….oh god!”

In a matter of seconds I feel your insides clench, and one more deep thrust is all it takes. Pushing down hard to take all of me inside you, I’m buried deeply, the head of my cock grazing your cervix. A few wiggles back and forth, and your hand in a blur between your legs, I know you are ready to explode. A moment later, your body starts to shake, as you exclaim, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The gush of your climax has soaked my groin, and it cools my body just a bit. Keeping me inside, you slump forward onto your hands, then elbows, finally pulling off of me to lie on your stomach, still panting to catch your breath. A shiny hard, red cock stands ready for more attention, but not quite yet. A few deep breaths starts to relax it a bit, yet my balls are aching for release.

Your legs still extend over my body, toward my chest, and I take time to rub and massage them. A gentle caress of your toes brings you back to life as you turn your head to look at me–your hair tussled, your face flush and sweaty, your eyes glossy, and your mouth dry. A sweet smile shows me your unspoken love. You are the sexiest woman In the world right now, and my passion for you is endless. You inch your right foot backward, gliding those succulent toes right to my mouth. I give them a gentle kiss, sliding my lips down and around them. Unable to control myself, I finally take them all in my mouth, sucking greedily, rolling my tongue between each one. Wracked with pleasure, I glance to see your face again–mouth agape, eyes open, looking turned on again. Feeling a little awkward, I finish my feast of your feet, and I slide my body back a bit.

“Now what?” You ask innocently, but with a hint in your eyes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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