Tryin’ Ryan Ch. 09

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Linda had packed a small bag and was ready to go by the time Drew had finished his breakfast. She was headed into town to spend a few days with her mother. Ryan poured the last of his coffee down the drain. Heather took his cup and washed it, he nodded in appreciation. Ryan never had much to say to Heather. He thought she was a bit of an air-head. That really hurt her feelings.

Drew liked Heather; she was cute and sweet and funny. Actually she was more silly than funny. She wasn’t particularly clever and she laughed at some pretty dumb jokes, but Drew loved the sound of her laughter. She had the cutest giggle he’d had ever heard. At times Drew even got an erection from hearing her laugh.

Heather was quite happy that morning. She was down right giddy. She got excited as soon as she heard that Linda would be gone for a few days. That would leave just her, Monica, Ryan and Drew in the house. So besides Monica, she would be the only girl around. Drew knew right away what Heather was thinking. So did Monica and Linda. Monica saw the way Heather looked at Drew when she heard that Linda was leaving, and just rolled her eyes. Linda saw it too and shot Drew a disapproving glance.

Linda knew that if there was only one girl in the house, Drew was sure to try and fuck her. With Heather it would take little or no effort. Linda knew that he was bound to sleep with Heather, she just didn’t like him bringing other girls into their bed, if she wasn’t there. It was a bit different with Mae. Linda was still a little jealous, but Mae was Linda’s lover too. Heather was not.

The last time Drew had been alone with another girl there, it was Monica. It had been nearly a year before. That had been the last time he had slept with Monica. It had been very special. Monica and he hadn’t slept together for a long time. They’d had some sexual encounters, usually with one of her models, but hadn’t really slept together.

Often, right after a shoot, it was difficult for Monica to restrain herself. She usually had a crush on her new models and at the end of the first shoot, Monica often had to fuck the girl right then and there, at least in the early days

It was a marvel to behold. It would typically be just the model, Monica and Drew. That was before Linda joined them. Things changed after that. Once he got everything set up, he would just stand back and become invisible, until Monica needed something. As Monica photographed these beautiful young girls, she seduced them. She coaxed and pleaded with them to undress. She told them how gorgeous and sexy they were. She told them how hot they made her feel; how much she wanted to touch them, how she wished she could kiss them.

Some girls responded to that more than others, but they all seemed to respond. If that wasn’t the right approach, she told them how they were affecting Drew, and that he wanted their bodies.

If the girl was responding to Monica’s come on, she would slowly strip down as the model did. It made the girls relax a little and it usually got them turned on as well. You could see in the girls’ faces, a look of desire and passion, which looked especially good in the photos. They knew that when the work was over, Monica was going to take good care of them. Other times, Monica would have Drew stand next to her as she worked. She would have him strip down to his shorts and she would stroke his body from time to time.

Sometimes she would stand behind Drew, both of them half naked, and take her shots from behind him. He would often kneel down as Monica took shots over his shoulders. They paused from time to time and kissed. They ran their hands all over one another.

Monica would stroke Drew’s obviously hard cock through his shorts and look over at her model as if to offer it to her. It was a silent offer. If Monica’s girl didn’t want to sleep with Monica, she was welcome to sleep with Drew. Some chose Monica, some chose Drew. Others chose neither of them. Monica respected that. Of the ones that chose either Monica or him, must got both of them, separately or together.

Monica’s studio was the converted dining room of her old farm house. It was one of the biggest rooms. It suited the purpose very well. The windows and walls were covered with rugs and tapestries. The doorway that led to the parlor was a double wide opening with just a curtain to separate the rooms. Monica didn’t feel that her studio was an appropriate place for sex, mostly due to the lack of privacy. Only foreplay was allowed in the studio.

Monica made exception to her rule on a few occasions. In the early days, there was often no one else in the house and they would get it on right then and there. There were other occasions when a girl would drop to her knees and take Drew’s cock into her mouth. Monica seldom interfered, rather she would step up close and watch, often fingering herself just inches away from the girl as the model sucked Drew’s cock, sometimes offering the girl a taste of her finger. Monica would kiss Drew and caress him as her model went down on him, never taking her eyes off his cock.

Monica almanbahis loved to watch Drew have sex, even though it made her jealous. She said that the jealousy added to the intensity of her pleasure. Monica was his first. She kept him close and was very possessive of him when he was young.

Monica told Drew that when she let her models have sex with him, she was offering them the greatest gift she had; him. She said she liked to watch them please Drew, knowing that none of them pleased him as well as she did. She had quite an ego. She said that she loved to watch him give another girl an orgasm, knowing that after that little girl had come and gone, he would still be giving his Monica plenty of orgasms.

Drew loved to watch Monica have sex with her models and later watched her have sex with other guys. It was really difficult at first, seeing Monica with another guy. He didn’t view the jealousy thing the way Monica did. She would give him looks though, that drove him wild. She would look over at him, as she was taking a big hard cock into her pussy, or with a dick in her mouth and it was, as if it was all a show for him. He got off more than once, watching Monica get fucked or sucking cock, without even having to touch myself. She would usually get Drew involved with her and her other lover, in one way or another.

Drew let all those thoughts swirl around in his head as he finished his coffee. He kind of wished that it could have been just Monica and him in the house for a few days. He would have loved nothing more than to spend some quiet time with Monica. He thought about how great it would have been to sleep with Monica in her big bed. Her bed was as big as Drew’s. He needed to talk to Monica. If there was anyone that could help him sort out the Ryan situation, it would be Monica.

Drew realized that Monica was sitting there with him, sipping her coffee and staring at him. They were alone in the kitchen. Ryan had gone out into the yard and started some sort of chores. Drew thoughts turned to an image of Heather and Monica, half naked, in Monica’s great big bed. That was a definite possibility. Drew had been staring at Heather’s pretty little face for half a minute, when she said, “Penny for your thoughts?”

“I was just picturing a beautiful, young blonde girl,” Drew said, “with a pretty face and a gorgeous body,” Heather giggled, his cock throbbed and he went on. “She was lying, half naked, on a huge bed, with another gorgeous girl, a red-head. They were calling me to the bed to join them.”

“Then what happened?” Heather asked me.

“Then I heard someone say. ‘Penny for your thoughts,’.”

“I’m sorry. I wish I knew how that ended.”

“When I find out, you’ll be the first to know.”

Heather giggled and asked, “So, do I know that pretty little blonde?”

“Yes, and you know the red-head too.”

“And you think the blonde is gorgeous?”

“I certainly do,” Drew said and stared into Heather’s big, blue eyes. She took on a more serious expression than he had ever seen on her face. She suddenly seemed more mature and even more beautiful than before.

“So, do you think, that if things were different; that if you and I had met under different circumstances; that if you weren’t with Linda…”

“I’m outta here!” It was Linda calling from the stairs. Heather gathered up Drew’s breakfast dishes and turned toward the sink. He watched Heather’s beautiful body walk away. He wondered if that shake of her ass was just natural or… She looked back over her shoulder at him and he knew.

Drew joined Linda at the bottom of the stairs. She peered into the kitchen, at Heather, standing at the sink, taking her time, washing Drew’s breakfast dishes, shaking her ass to some music in her head. “You behave yourself. You hear me?” He nodded. Monica was just a few steps behind her. He walked them out to the car.

Drew kissed Linda and held her close. He was going to miss her. He knew that it was just an indication of what was to come. Soon, she would be leaving, with Ryan, for ever. He didn’t know if he could stand it. He had to fight back a tear.

“See ya in a few days, right?” he said.

“Yeah, two or three days. I’ll call ya if its gonna be longer. Mom’s kinda blue and feeling all alone. Nicole is there, but she’s not, if you know what I mean. She keeps to herself. You know Nikki.” Linda stared at him as he nodded. Drew knew Nikki, very well. He had to wonder how much Linda knew about her little sister and him.

Drew loved Linda, but he actually loved Nikki even more. He had been involved with Nikki just about as long as he been involved with Linda. Linda was too young for him, but Nikki was even younger. Nikki and Drew had worked very hard to keep their relationship a secret. It seemed at times that Linda was aware that there was something going on and he was sure that Monica was on to them, but no one spoke of it.

“Give everyone my love,” Drew said. Everyone at Linda’s house, in those days, included Linda’s mom, Frances, and her little sister, Nicole.

“Oh, almanbahis adres I will,” she replied with a subtle hint of sarcasm. She knew that Drew’s thoughts were of Nikki at that moment. He kissed Linda again as she ducked into Monica’s VW. He walked back to the house, listening to Annie’s little bug putter down the lane. His head was full of thoughts of Nikki. He hadn’t seen Nikki for couple of weeks. He really began to miss her.

As Drew got back to the kitchen, his thoughts turned to more immediate things. He had expected to find Heather there. The room was empty. He was a bit disappointed. He walked to the sink where she had last stood. He could still smell her. The soap she used, he was thinking it was lavender, a gift from Monica, lingered in the air.

Drew looked out the window and he saw Ryan. He was chopping wood. They didn’t need fire wood. It was the dog days of summer. There was a enough wood cut, to last until November. Drew knew that he was chopping wood to relieve stress. He told Drew that he had done that at his brother’s commune. He would sometimes chop wood for hours, just to blow off steam. Drew wondered what was troubling him, although he had a pretty good idea. Part of it had to be the same thing that was troubling Drew. This relationship between the two of them was fucking up both their heads.

Ryan had other things on his mind as well. Drew wondered how Ryan felt about Mae. She had been his girlfriend for quite a while. Now he was going to the city to pursue his music career, and she wasn’t going along. She was going home to San Francisco. Did it hurt Ryan to lose Mae as much as it would hurt Drew to lose Linda, Drew wondered There was no way. It was not an even swap. As much as Drew thought he loved Mae, there was no comparison to Linda.

Linda had meant so much to Drew. Not only had she been his cousin all her life, she was his little buddy, when they were kids. She was his secret girlfriend, when they were teenagers. While Drew was in his band, she was his roadie, his groupie, his number one fan. She was his best friend, his assistant, his business partner. She was, and always would be, a part of him.

Drew was willing to let Linda leave with Ryan because he felt that Ryan deserved her. Drew wouldn’t have felt that way about any other guy in those days. If he had to let her go, better with Ryan than anyone else. He felt good for Linda too. He felt that she was getting a guy that appreciated her, and someone that would look after her. But to let that happen, He had to let them both go.

So Drew understood, for an instant, what Ryan might be going through. No matter what the outcome of our relationship, here on Monica’s farm. No matter how it turned out between Linda, Mae, Ryan and Drew; someone and maybe all of them were going to get hurt; hearts would be broken.

Drew watched Ryan, bare-chested, his long hair pulled back and tied behind his head, his sweaty skin glistening in the morning sun, his young muscles rippling as he swung his ax, and thought what a lucky girl Linda was.

Drew decided to put on some work clothes and go help Ryan. He was only a few steps down the hall when he passed the laundry room. The mechanical hum of the washer and dryer drew his attention but it was the glimpse of flesh and denim, that he caught in the corner of his eye, that brought him to a halt, just past the door.

Drew stepped back and peered around the doorframe to spy Heather, bending over at the dryer, leaning on the machine, reaching inside, with her plump, gorgeous ass hiked up in the air. Her tiny, cut-off denim shorts covered very little of her ass and none of her beautiful legs. He stood and admired the view of Heather’s southern exposure for several seconds before she looked back at him and smiled.

“Need any help?” he offered as he stepped into the laundry.

“Sure,” she said, staying bent over at the dryer, “Take these,” she started handing him the dry clothes she was taking from the dryer, “And give me the stuff out of the washer.” He did as she directed, scarcely taking his eyes off her striking body. Heather was the shapeliest girl that Monica had photographed in quite a while.

After loading the dryer, Heather stood up and reached across the machine and turned it on. Drew moved in behind her and pressed his body against hers. He pushed his denim cutoffs against hers, crushing his hard cock between his body and the softness of Heather’s plump, young ass. She stood up straight and leaned her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, took both of her breast in his hands and started kneading them. She laid her head back and moaned. Drew pulled her hair aside with his chin and kissed her neck. She muttered, “Oh, god, Drew,” and turned her face to kiss hm. Her lips were plump and soft; her tongue warm and smooth as it snaked into Drew’s mouth. Her mouth still tasted of the fruit she’d had for breakfast, oranges, pineapple and passion fruit. He wanted to eat her up.

Drew took his hands from her breasts long enough to drop his shorts almanbahis giriş to the floor. He pressed his body to hers once more. He felt the smooth flesh of her thighs against his skin. Heather’s shorts had ridden up and nearly all of her ass was exposed, the thin strip of denim between her legs had been drawn up into the crack of her ass and the slit of her dripping pussy. He rubbed his cock all over her ass and took her right breast in his left hand. She wiggled her ass left and right as she moaned, “Oh god. Oh, Drew.” He maneuvered his cock between her thighs. The top of his cock rubbed against rough denim, but the sides slid along smooth, tender flesh, moistened by Heather’s sweat and the dew of her twat.

Drew stepped back and loosened Heather’s shorts. She tried to turn, but he kept his chest against her back. He pulled her shorts down as she wriggled out of them. They fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. He slid his cock back between her thighs and felt the soft, warm flesh of Heather’s wet labia instead of coarse denim.

Heather moaned again and moved her feet apart. Drew moved in closer and his cock slipped up into her warm, waiting pussy. “Oh, my god Drew. Oh my, god!” she cried out. There was no one in the house to hear her, and he loved the sound of her cries.

Heather spread her legs a little wider and Drew raised up a little higher and he was soon all the way in. They held there for a while. She slowly swung her ass from side to side, grinding his cock into her pussy. He held still, feeling Heather’s twat, push and pull on his cock and the vibration of the dryer, as it passed through Heather’s body into Drew’s. He bent his knees and pulled his cock almost all the way out of Heather’s sweet little pussy as she rose to her tip-toes.

Heather dropped to the flats of her feet, just as Drew straightened his legs. He drove all of his stiff cock up into her. She gasped, and cried out, “Oh my god! Fuck me Drew! Fuck me!” and he did. He drove his cock up into her over and over, as she panted, “Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes.”

When Drew knew that he was within seconds of cumming he had to stop. He froze for a minute as Heather twitched and whimpered. He pulled his cock out and a disappointed moan escaped her lips. He turned her around and kissed her. She sighed. He threw a towel on the dryer and lifted Heather up and sat her on the machine. He looked at Heather sitting there, her beautiful breasts straining at her short, tight t-shirt. Below that she was naked. Her flat tan belly, her long, shapely legs, her creamy thighs and her hot wet pussy were all exposed to him.

Just as Drew reached to grasp her gorgeous breasts, she pulled off her t-shirt and exposed them to him as well. There she was in all her glory, looking sexier than she had in any of Monica’s photos. She was completely naked; her hair was tangled, her entire body dripping with sweat from the fire of their passion and from the sweltering heat and humidity generated by the washer and dryer running in that tiny room, on that warm summer morning. Her face was flushed and anxious. She was absolutely stunning. Drew was breathless.

Drew moved in and kissed each of her puffy, pink nipples. He sucked her titties for a minute as he gently stroked her pussy. Her cunt was quivering and sopping wet. It needed attention. He moved in to slip his dick back into her, but he was too low. Luckily he found an old fruit crate in the corner and stood on it. That was perfect. Heather leaned back and scooted forward. Drew leaned in and drove the old boy home. They held perfectly still a moment, enjoying the feel of each other and the vibration of the machine beneath them. Heather giggled slightly and the sound of it nearly made him cum.

They began to fuck, both of them dripping sweat, in that little sauna of a laundry room. Drew stared at Heather’s pretty face as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. He leaned down and kissed her. She might have been the most gorgeous woman he had ever kissed. There was something so exciting about kissing someone for the first time, especially someone that gorgeous. Her fruit flavored lips were delicious.

The pace of Heather’s breathing told Drew she was about to cum, but then the dryer stopped and she let out another disappointed moan.

“You were getting off on that vibration weren’t you?” Drew asked. He’d found it pleasant too, but Heather was really getting into it.

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I liked it. Didn’t you?” She giggled, and when she did, her abdominal muscles contracted, and the muscles of her pussy squeezed his dick. The sound of her laughter thrilled him, and the squeeze of his cock replaced any sensation the dryer might have offered.

“Ooh!” Drew let out.

“What?” She had realized that neither of them had moved. Drew touched his fingers to her ribs. She giggled again and cried, “Stop that!” The sensation was incredible. As she laughed, the muscles tightened around his cock and the sound of her giggles only added to the pleasure. He couldn’t resist the temptation to tickle her again. He did, and she giggled and squirmed, trying to get away from him. He fought to stay in her and feel the twitching of her twat and enjoy the music of her laughter. It only took a minute and he was shooting hot streams of cum deep inside pretty little Heather.

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