Tucker’s Studio Ch. 08

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Big Dicks

I have a whole series of these stories written. They work pretty well as stand alone stories, all revolving around Tucker Sims and his porn studio, but some things will make more sense if you read them in the order they were posted. I hope you enjoy them. As usual, the people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


The Silver Fox

Tucker had been wanting to add a gray haired pro to his stable of men for quite some time. Over the years he’d had a few amateur women request a ‘daddy’ type man, and unless the woman was barely legal none of the men he worked with fit the bill. Finding a seasoned pro who wanted to work in Tucker’s wintry, down-on-its-luck city proved difficult, so he’d been keeping his eye out for a promising amateur to bring into the fold.

At his favorite blues bar he’d noticed a quiet loner at a few of the shows. Tall and fit, with none of the paunch of a typical man in his fifties, his roughly cut gray hair and trim beard gave him the look of a college professor. It was clear to Tucker he was interested in women, but he seemed to be shy and only admired them from a distance. No wedding ring, a noticeable lump in his slightly tight jeans, a moderate, always under control drinking habit and an easy-going politeness were all plusses. Tucker decided to talk to him.

“Good show tonight, huh?” Tucker said.

The band was taking a break. The two men had a casual conversation about music as Tucker sized things up. Dave was the man’s name, and Tucker liked him. A nice guy with a winning smile, Tucker was sure women would like him too.

“So this might sound nutty coming from someone you hardly know, but I’m in the porn business and I’m looking for a guy your age to do some work,” Tucker said. He handed Dave his card.

“The porn business?” Dave said, looking confused. “I guy like me? I think maybe you had too much to drink tonight!” he laughed.

“It’s for real. I know it’s gonna sound crazy until you think about it some, but after you mull it over tonight, if you’re even a little bit interested, give me a call and come down and see the studio. I’d love to show you around. A lot of the people I work with started as amateurs. It’s really fun work. You can probably imagine that, right? And the money’s good. It’d just be a once in a while thing, a nice sideline for you to make some extra bucks.”

“Wow. You’re serious?” Dave said, looking at the business card in his hand again. “Right here in town you’re makin’ porn?”

“Yup. Do me a favor and keep it under your hat. We like to keep things under the radar.”

“Oh yeah, sure,” Dave said. “I’ll tell you Tucker, I’m gonna say no, because it sounds like a crazy thing for me to do. I’m not really a show-off kind of person, plus it’s just…”

“Crazy? Yeah, I know. Everybody thinks that, but once they try it they like it. Like I said, the majority of our work is with amateurs, most of them women who just come in for a one-time thing. Most of them are super nervous, and ninety-nine percent of them leave saying they had the best time. But I’m not gonna pressure you man. Just think it over for a few days and give me a call. Even if you don’t wanna do it stop down and I’ll show you around.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Dave said. The band started their second set and Tucker wandered off into the crowd. Dave looked at the business card again, shook his head in disbelief, and put it in his pocket.


Dave took another long look at the little white card when he got home. A nice gentle buzz from a few drinks and the good vibe from a good show made the whole idea seem almost realistic. He shook his head and tried to push the fantasy out of his head, but it was lodged in pretty good at that point.

The next day he loaded up his truck with supplies for the house painting job he had. It was a big Victorian that would take him a month, working alone as he did. After getting a start on it that morning he sat in his truck while he ate his lunch. Two bites into his sandwich he called Tucker. Everything Tucker had talked about was way too intriguing, and his dialing finger was not to be denied.

“I’m wondering why you would want a guy my age?” he asked, after the usual pleasantries.

“Some girls have daddy issues,” Tucker said. “I’m guessing most of the work for a guy your age will be with ‘daughter age’ women. There’ll be some older women too of course, but I think most would be twenty years younger or more. Does that sound appealing?”

“Ha!” Dave laughed. “If you’re playin’ me you’re doin’ an awesome job!”

“No man, not at all. I’m a straight shooter. You’ll find that out pretty quick,” Tucker said. “Just givin’ you the facts so you can make up your mind. Does the daughter thing bother you? Do you have one?”

“No, I’ve never been married. No kids.”

“How old are you Dave? Fifty…”


“So I guess the daddy issue girls would be eighteen to thirty-five, or somethin’ like that, right?”

“I guess!” Dave laughed. “Why does ataşehir escort this sound way to good to be true?”

“We’re in the fantasy business Dave. Why don’t you come down and see the place. It’ll help you with your thinking, won’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I am kinda curious…”

Dave pressed the button on the intercom later that afternoon, still in his work clothes. Tucker buzzed him in. He walked down the hall, pausing to look at the awards in the glass case. Tucker came out of his office to greet him.

“Dave! Good to see you man!” Tucker said. “That was a hot band last night, huh? Fuckin’ guitar player was on fire!”

“Yeah, it was a good show,” Dave said. He was thankful for the small talk to calm his nerves. “I saw ’em at Bluesfest a few years ago. Great band.”

“Oh, yeah, I was there. That was a good day. So, welcome to my little fantasy factory.”

“I had no clue you were here doing this. I did a painting job next door last year.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll have to give you a call when I need somethin’ like that. The place’s in pretty good shape at the moment.”

“Yeah, I’m impressed. I expected sleazy for some reason, but this is…nice!”

“So let me show you the studio. Not much goin’ on today. I’m doing some editing and one of the girls is here trying on some new wardrobe.”

“Oh, okay,” Dave said, excited he might get to meet one of the girls.

They walked down the hall to the big open part of the old warehouse. Tucker switched on the overhead lights.

“We’ve got some permanent sets set up — a bedroom, a living room, a hotel room. We modify ’em often to keep things fresh. And then we’ve got these open sets where we mix and match, and set up other kinds of things.

“This is the men’s dressing room,” Tucker said as they walked in. “I’ve got a stylist named Chip who’s been with me forever. Great guy. He does the men’s wardrobe, hair, makeup if it’s needed. On the girls side I’ve got Marsha. She works at Hair Factory when she’s not here. She’s been with me for a long time too. Works miracles with women’s hair, and she’s great with the makeup and clothes too,” Tucker said as they walked toward the women’s dressing room. “She’s not here today, but Molly is. I don’t know if you checked out the website yet. She goes by Donna Deeper on the site.”

Dave pictured what someone who called herself Donna Deeper would look like. Kind of ragged. Fake tits. Cocaine habit maybe.

“Molly, you decent?” Tucker asked as he knocked on the dressing room door.

“I haven’t been decent since I met you,” she said, opening the door with a big, beautiful smile on her pretty face.

Dave was shocked by her loveliness. And by her barely covered, beautifully natural body.

“Whaddya think about this ribbony stuff? I kinda like it,” she said, looking down at her outfit.

She twirled to show off the lingerie. A mix of white, black and pink. The pink was a garter belt made of satin ribbon, and there were pink and black ribbon accents laced through the little white bra and panties.

“Yeah, looks good. Festive, like for a special occasion,” Tucker said. “Molly, this is Dave. I’m tryin’ to talk him into doin’ some work with us.”

“Hi Dave,” Molly said, still smiling brightly. “Boy, you’re a tall one!”

“Nice to meet you Molly.”

Dave couldn’t think of much more to say. He’d never met a woman in lingerie before, and he was hard pressed to think of meeting another woman as naturally sexy as Molly. His mind was kind of blank, except for — damn those are some tits!

“So whaddya think Molly, ya think the girls’d like to have Dave around? I’ve been wanting a silver fox kind of guy for a while, for the girls with daddy stuff goin’ on in their heads, you know?”

“Oh I know,” she smiled. “Yeah, Dave, you’ll love it here. It’s really like a family. I don’t know much about you, but I have a feeling you’ll fit right in,” she winked.

“Well, that’s pretty much the tour Dave. It’s a pretty simple business. I can show you the editing room if you like, and I can screen some videos for you in my office. Wanna join us Molly?”

“Sure. Should I change first?”

“I vote no,” Tucker said.

The three of them walked through the empty studio to the editing room, and on to Tucker’s office.

“Beer Dave? You probably had a long day at work,” Tucker said.

“Oh. Okay,” Dave said, sounding a bit unsure of the situation.

“Have a seat you guys. I’ll get some for us,” Tucker said as he left.

“So you work construction?” Molly asked as she sat down on the couch, her stocking covered legs and barely covered tits vying for Dave’s attention.

“I’m a painter,” Dave said.

“Oh that’s good work. Everybody needs that, right?” she said. “Have a seat.”

She patted the couch next to her. Dave sat, giving her some space. He was a bit flummoxed by her. A porn star, but only eight or ten years younger than him, and way more ‘girl next door’ than he expected for someone who ataşehir escort goes by the name Donna Deeper. She was kind of stunning actually, in a natural kind of way. Someone he would love to have met in a bar, although he knew he probably wouldn’t have the nerve to talk to a woman as sexy as her.

“All right! Happy hour!” Tucker said when he entered with a cooler filled with iced bottles of beer.

He cracked open a few, turned down the lights and queued up some hot scenes on the big, wall-mounted TV. Dave was suddenly in fantasy land, drinking beer and watching porn with a barely clad porn star. Of course one of the clips featured Molly. Nothing that was happening was happening was by chance. Tucker had orchestrated the entire afternoon.

“That was hot!” Molly said as she watched herself. “I remember that night.”

Dave was slack-jawed at Molly’s talents on screen. She was with Billy Carpenter, giving the young man all he could take, and then some.

When they’d all finished their second beer the atmosphere in the dimly lit office was more relaxed. Molly had reclined languidly, her warm skin nearly touching Dave, and a lump had grown in his pants as the wicked hot scenes Tucker had chosen played out on the flat screen. Tucker knew it was time to try something.

“So here’s what I’m thinking,” Tucker said, breaking the horny spell. “How about if we shoot a scene right now. Dave, you’ll retain complete ownership, nobody’ll ever see it but you. I’ll draw up a quick contract right now to cover that. I’ll run the cameras. There’s nobody here, so it’ll give you a chance to get your feet wet without the pressure of a full production.”

“Good idea!” Molly said, sliding her bare foot over to Dave’s hip, and up onto his lump. “Wanna play honey?”

Tucker cracked open another beer and handed it to Dave.

“It’s up to you my man,” he said.

Dave’s old heart pounded, and he felt like all the gray hairs on his head were tingling. Molly’s little foot massaged his hardness through the tightly stretched white denim.

“You know you want too,” she cooed with an irresistible smile.

“I’ve never done anything with anybody watching. I don’t even know what it’s like,” he said.

“Oh, it’s so fun! I was the same way when I started. I thought it was gonna be super scary, but it was nothing like that. There’s only one way to find out though. Wanna fuck me honey?”

“I’ll be so wrapped up in the cameras I’ll hardly be paying attention, if that helps,” Tucker said.

“Nobody’ll see it?” Dave asked Tucker.

“Nope. I’ll edit it myself and burn you a disc. It’ll be all yours.”

“Let’s do it,” Dave said.

“Oh goody! You’re not old enough to be my father, but I love handsome gray-haired men,” Molly said. “Come with me.”

She got up off the couch, reached for Dave’s hand and led him down the hall to the bedroom set.

“We’re not waiting,” she said to Tucker.

“That’s fine. It’ll take me a few minutes to get set up,” he said.

Tucker went to the gear closet for the cameras. When he returned Molly was already on her knees and Dave’s paint splattered pants were down around his ankles. Tucker looked long enough to confirm his suspicions — Dave had a nice cock, and toned, muscular legs. So far so good.

The nice blowjob continued while Tucker set up a second camera, switched on the photography lights and adjusted the overhead microphones. He wandered away to switch off the overhead studio lights, giving the little bedroom set the ‘island in the darkness’ feel that his amateurs seemed to like. When he got back Molly was on her feet and her big tits were out. She and Dave were in the middle of an open-mouthed wet kiss, his rough hands getting the feel of Molly’s voluptuous softness while her hand stroked his cock.

“How do you find guys with big cocks?” Molly asked Tucker when the hot kiss broke off. “You got x-ray eyes or somethin’?”

Tucker chuckled. He was pleased with the look of it — circumcised, nice and chunky, just long enough. Molly lifted the white t-shirt over Dave’s head and sat him down on the bed. She unlaced one of his work boots while he did the other, and she whisked the pants and socks off of him.

Dave wasn’t an experienced lover. Molly could sense it. She knew his head was filling with nervous thoughts, sitting there naked under the lights, so she stripped off her panties, pushed him down and straddled his head. Best to keep him busy, she thought, so he didn’t have too much time to think. Molly’s pussy in his face was the sweetest all-you-can-eat happy hour snack Dave had ever had. He lapped up her juicy goodness.

“Oh that’s nice Davey!” she sighed. “Yeah baby. Eat me.”

She moaned and her hips swiveled like a sex Goddess, grinding her hot pussy against Dave’s warm tongue.

“Fuck yeah, I like that mouth,” she said as she pulled away. “Don’t move a muscle.”

She swung her leg over, turned herself around and remounted for a little sixty-nine action.

Tucker sipped anadolu yakası escort on his beer, pleased with how things were going. Dave looked terrific for a guy his age. He’d have to do a little manscaping down below if he wanted the job, but his chest was perfect — nicely muscled, with just enough gray hair to reinforce the ‘silver fox’ thing. Tucker snapped out of his critical thinking when Molly had a quick orgasm.

“Fuck!” she said sharply.

The staccato word echoed off the metal ceiling high overhead. Molly tensed up suddenly. Her body spasmed the way Tucker was used to seeing when things were going good. She only came hard and quick like that when she was really turned on. It was another good sign that made Tucker smile.

Molly rewarded Dave with a few deep bobs of her head on his hard cock, taking him deep in her throat each time, getting him good and slippery.

“You wanna fuck me baby?” she asked the wet cock, before plunging her head down on it again.

Dave had been pretty silent, a result of his inexperience and nerves, but he moaned deeply when he felt himself in Molly’s throat yet again. He knew he wouldn’t last long in her pussy, and Tucker would rescind his offer of work, but what the hell, you only live once and he was going out in a blaze of quickly ejaculating glory.

With cat-like movements Molly was on her knees next to him, her back deeply arched, ass in the air.

“Put it in me baby,” she sighed.

Dave’s eyes were closed when he sunk into her velvety heat. It was as deeply sexual a feeling as he’d ever experienced. His whole body was pulsing with energy. He opened his eyes and looked at the hottest ass he’d ever had his hands on, and watched his cock slither in and out of Molly’s pussy. It was too much. Way too much. He came with a grunting shudder.

“Sorry,” he said, looking upset. “I should have…I should have pulled out.”

“That’s okay honey,” Molly cooed. “I liked it. You felt so good.”

She turned around and took his cock in her mouth, but he was shriveling fast, even smaller than his normal size. He was as soft as a cooked noodle.

Molly got up on her knees and kissed him. A nice long kiss. She reached for his cock again but it was as limp as limp can be.

“It’s all right honey,” she whispered in his ear. “I know it’s nervous here.”

“Let me grab you guys a beer and we’ll take a little break,” Tucker said.

When he got back with three cold bottles Dave was sitting on the bed with his boxer shorts on, looking a little overwhelmed.

“Good start man,” Tucker said. “Editing works wonders. We’ll do some more and it’ll look great. Most guys have a hard time gettin’ used to this.”

“Really?” Dave asked.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Tucker said. “It’s not exactly normal is it?”

“No. It’s not,” Dave said.

He took a long swig of cold beer and looked a bit more relaxed. Molly had a sip and leaned gently against him.

“You got a girlfriend Davey?” she asked.

“No, not really. Not for a while.”

“That’s most of the problem right there,” Molly said. “When you fuck a lot you get better at it. How about if I…help you. We could practice some stuff, if you got some free time and want too.”

Tucker was intrigued. Molly was going off script, offering something they hadn’t discussed. Dave was silent. His eyes gave away his bewilderment. Was Molly really asking what he thought she was?

“That’s an awesome idea,” Tucker said. “Dave, are you interested in this work? Because if you are, that’s an offer that’s too good to pass up.”

“Yeah, maybe. I mean I’m, uh, intrigued by it, I guess you could say. I’m pretty sure I suck at it but…”

“You don’t suck honey,” Molly said. “You made me cum better than a lot of guys. And it’s not all about that anyway. You got a nice hot older guy vibe. That’s half the battle right there. Gettin’ the nerves outta ya we can work on, and boner pills work wonders. Even the younger guys use ’em.”

“Really?” Dave asked.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she said. “Don’t worry about that. If you’re interested we can get together every night for a while and work on things.”

“Work on things?” Dave smiled.

“Yeah,” Molly smiled. “Porn star 101. Wanna take the class? I always wanted to be a teacher.”

“I’d be crazy to say no,” Dave said.

“You gotta take the job here though. I’m not doin’ it out the goodness of my heart ya know,” Molly smiled.

“Deal,” Dave said. “I don’t know what I’m gonna tell my friends and family, but I’ll give it a shot.”

“Oh goody!” Molly said.

She kissed him and slipped her hand under the waistband of his boxers. His slightly chubby cock swelled again. Tucker took the beer bottles from them and stepped back into the shadows behind the cameras. Molly climbed onto Dave’s lap and thrust her big tits in his face. His hands held her ass, long fingers tickling her pussy. He was hard in no time. Molly reached under, pulled the cock out of the loose leg of his shorts and guided him into her steaming hot pussy. She rode him at a nice tempo while Dave sucked on her bouncing tits.

“Oh yeah. God you feel good,” Molly said as she rode. “You like my pussy baby? You wanna fuck my pussy like a porn star? Huh baby?” she asked breathlessly. “Wanna be a porn star?”

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